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Facts About Maryland, USA

Hello friends, we’re gonna look at the state of Maryland again this time we’re going to look at some facts the other video I just talked about my personal opinions but this time we’re gonna look at the actual historical significance of Maryland with some background footage so first of all we could start with the Maryland Gazette which in September 1727 the Maryland Gazette was founded and has been published ever since making it the oldest newspaper in the United States so when last have you read a newspaper I know everybody is about the internet now but I still love looking at newspapers.

Facts on MARYLAND USA Baltimore Aerial Views

So you know the USPS which in Baltimore Maryland in the USPS the office system in 1774 William Goddard established the first post office in Baltimore announced have you sent mail snail mail or packaged by the USPS system?

Uh so the first water company was established in 1792 right there in Baltimore it was called the Baltimore water company [Music] what are utility rates like for you these days you know when I was in Maryland was pretty high.

Of course, we’re familiar with the flag of the United States but in the top left corner you can see how it used to look during the time of the Civil War and during the War of 1812 Mary Pickersgill designed the flag known as The Star Spangled Banner.

And of course Francis Scott he created a poem which is now the anthem for the Star Spangle Banner [Music] it was named in defense of Fort McHenry and expresses that the flag was still there or after the battle the first Telegraph line in 1844 the only one that existed in the world was between Washington and Baltimore I can still remember the days when you would send a telegram to somebody that was like a big deal and somebody actually had to deliver it.

So the USS Constellation was The Last Ship that served in the Civil War and these ships based on the Royal Navy standard were considered warships because they had a single gun deck and it carried up to 18 guns I believe this particular ship was a Patrol ship.

Along with Annapolis is um basically the center of boating in the U.S and of course the U.S Naval Academy was founded there in 1845.

And in 1993 and they began to have their own Bachelor of Science degree Naval studies I guess anybody out there with that degree feel free to comment now with regards to living in Maryland real estate in Maryland is considered quite expensive like anything else in any way in the world you have both your good and bad areas but living there can be quite expensive even though 65 percent of the people do own their own homes.

With regards to jobs the government of Maryland aren’t afraid to publish the early statistics about the unemployment situation so it’s you know around four percent.

as far as I understand I mean getting a job is pretty a relatively easy in Maryland it just depends if you want that job other people have concerns about safety in Maryland there’s a lot of crime especially home break-ins and stuff but really I mean sometimes crime comes on to your the way you operate I’m not saying it’s always the case sometimes you you’re trying your best and you still become a victim but sometimes it’s just about your lifestyle where you are what you do you couldn’t be safe in Maryland if you take all the precautions necessary

So what do you think about Maryland if you haven’t seen my other video make sure to look for it and uh please do subscribe like and share thanks so much for watching appreciate it.

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