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Petit Valley, Trinidad, West Indies

Hello friends, we are going to look at a place called Petit Valley on the island of Trinidad. West Trinidad that is that’s pretty Valley there on the map, thanks to Google Maps. Petit Valley occupies the eastern part of a valley and the other side is Diego Martin. Which is a bit bigger or I should say a lot bigger but Petit Valley is one portion and right now we are starting on the Morne Coco road and this road would normally take you if you’re going in the other direction towards Maraval and Maracas. But we’re heading towards Petit Valley in fact we are in the valley right now. This part where you just tuned in here this is where the Maxi Taxis normally turn around in their trip to Port-Of-Spain, Charlotte St, AKA Chinatown.

PETIT VALLEY TRINIDAD and Tobago Caribbean Real Estate Road Trip
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On the left is the River on the right is a place called West Hills and we are on Morne Coco Road this would be heading west right now.

Basically I’m gonna start out by giving you a drive all the way through this road in Petit Valley, Morne Coco road goes on to Diego Martin but we’re not going on that part we’re just taking with Petit Valley today. And this is a long video because there’s a lot to cover in Petit Valley a lot of you may know Petit Valley from the main road which is this same road we’re on now. And maybe if you lived in the area maybe you know one part of Petit Valley but actually as you will see in this video there’s lots to it. Mountainous terrain, flat terrain, very established good looking houses and not so well established and not so well kept houses. It’s kind of like a variety in Petit Valley and such a contrast in the areas too as is with all of Trinidad you know basically you can go to an area within Trinidad, and some of it based on the street you’re on could be really nice and other parts not so nice within the same area. So it’s not like other countries where you know you expect whatever you expect from a certain community, no within a community it could have different, should I call it classes and this way class meaning economics, you know upper class, lower class, middle class Etc.

And um you’ll find that mixture right here in pretty Valley.

For the most part people will consider the pity Valley are more affluent area but really that’s just certain parts of it, not all of it.

But it is a nice place to live I like pity Valley for the convenience there’s lots of shopping around other groceries.

Easy access to the highway, to the sea, to Port-Of-Spain and besides this Morne Coco Road, it is relatively quiet for the most part not in certain areas but the most part. However this Morne Coco Road that we’re on is very busy, there’s a lot of traffic passing through here and although there is the highway, some people prefer this road. However this Morne Coco Road can be a disaster for driving because a lot of people speed on this road and um they don’t stay in lane. Which is evident in some of my crazy driving videos where you see me recording people just driving anyhow on the road, and Morne Coco Road have a lot of room for you know flexibility or space to give drivers who drive like that the ability to get over into your lane a bit, no. So it can be kind of tedious to drive here nevertheless this is Petit Valley only left with passion or church and that’s the health center Petit Valley Health Center only left as well.

A police booth, a representative for the area and most of this is residential areas, one of the popular places that most people know is Alice Glenn which is what we’re passing right now on the left ,then you have Massy Stores and a lot of other stores that do an insurance company Etc on the left as well.

Within this area is also schools that are fairly well known like Maple Leaf, Bryn Mawr and so forth.

Now I have been in this area since I was a child, one of the areas that I lived and um Petit Valley more or less keeps the same look. The only difference I could tell you of how it looks now compared to when I was young it’s just simply there was more green there wasn’t as many houses especially on this strip. This strip of land on the left used to be more green more, just mountain and hill as years go by you see a lot more people building up an encroaching on the road.

One definite modern look is this Private health center, Petit Valley Medical I think you call it on the right, we just passed it run by some doctors and that place is very well modernized. It used to be a pharmacy there and a tire shop at one time and now it’s you know a private hospital. Now if we went straight we would head hit the Diego Martin highway and be in Diego Martin so this sort of starts the tour from this end of Petit Valley and Hillcrest Drive going up. Now you will notice that a lot of the residential areas do occupy a lot of the mountainous terrain, where we drove is the flat part of the valley, and most of the houses occupy the mountainous or hilly part, And as you can see now we’re just ascending.

So as you leave the main road it’s one big ascent.

Now this particular area we’re in right now you can tell or maybe you can’t tell I don’t know which, but the houses are more upscale one big hint for that is the manicured Gardens and trees. You don’t see that in other areas and that’s quite a shame, I mean being another tropical island there should be trees and flowers everywhere but mostly the more affluent people do it.

The others don’t they just kind of interested in concrete and not nothing else much.

Which is quite a shame because I remember growing up on basically anybody from any part of society would be interested in plants and trees, but it’s not like that anymore. As we turn around here you can see how high up we are compared to the houses down there below and in some parts of this video we will go even higher this is like nothing.

Sometimes I’ll take these streets to kind of show you what’s around but not every street I will do that because sometimes as I pass I look into the street and see there’s nothing really remarkable there, you just see the same old same old as other places plus it might be very short you know it looks it looks from the camera like a whole Road there but really might be just a cul-de-sac. Kind of forms an illusion and I tend not to go into those roads because they’re going every little bit pity road that I pass by this video will probably be four hours, instead of two and a half or however long it is.

So usually I try to gauge which roads I will turn in, again on this one is a significant road so I go into it.

What do you like architecture, the trees, the flowering plants,the way people maintain their property here?

Feel free to give your comments in the comments area of this video on my YouTube channel JB’s man cave.

Maybe some of you have been crying out for long videos, well you know it does take quite a bit to make these long videos and as I’ve said in my previous video. If you saw the one of Buenos Aires to Fyzabad has gone through a lot of struggles and things that I had to do, and um so far I’ve more or less accomplished it. But it’s still continuing now I’ve had a little time where I can make this video and you can see by the length of this video and the time and effort went into it. If you so desire please do help me out by contributing monetarily if you can you can go to or and click on the donation link and make a donation show your support for what I am doing here because this is takes quite a bit of effort and I don’t know anybody else that does it in this format.

I do know there are Trinis going around to different areas and recording and most of it is just talking and these cameras shaking and stuff but to have continuous video for this for this long, I don’t think anybody else does that.

And nobody else probably explores in this manner they will just stick to the kind of touristy stuff, but I like the raw and I’m sure you appreciate that too seeing things as you would as if you were there with me in my truck. Now of course that road to I’m turning around now but you would have seen a road on it right, that road was too steep I mean not that the truck can go up there but it was too steep to have any real significance because it ended like in about 50 feet and I didn’t see any place visibly to turn around. In fact throughout this video you’ll see that I had a lot of struggles tuning around in certain places. Now check that foundation wall that is a significant wall, to keep those houses up there and in this video again you will see some very interesting architecture that I didn’t even know existed in Trinidad. In fact this video allowed me to, in the making to of this video it allowed me to see things in Petit Valley that I didn’t know even existed, so I’m sure you will also be equally amazed. Make sure to keep on looking so we are descending here and as we do so you can see some of the places on your right, and in your left it’s a different View.

Then when you are ascending you can also get a good view of Westmoorings up ahead Victoria Keys and so forth up any distance in the ocean.

I’m gonna turn right here and cover some of these streets.

So many streets you probably have never been.

It’s called Sea View Gardens which interestingly enough is the name of another place down in the on the west side.

I believe it’s in Point Cumana, also has a Sea View Gardens. Anyway you can see some of the townhouses there, it’s like a gated community up on a hill or mountain.

Some of these are fairly new, weren’t there when I was a child so maybe not so new but new for me.

The mountains weren’t so occupied

Be it squatters or you know planned houses.

I never saw so much stuff on the mountains, it was summer but mostly lower down but you know people keep building going up and up and up and it’s partially what causes a lot of flooding.

And you can see the mixture of houses again there isn’t as I’ve said in many of my other videos there isn’t a standard planning, for putting up concrete so you always get this wide variety of looks cosmetically.

Some of it could be eye candy or other not, some of you have expressed like like king big houses some like small houses medium size and so forth. But regardless to what place you have I mean having some green having a place kept clean, you know no garbage around things just lying around derelict cars and junk. You know nice and clean and clear, makes your place classy, not really the paint or the fancy work. Sometimes people put a lot of fancy stuff all around quote and quote “fancy” but it just looks cheesy. It doesn’t really enhance their home, to me a well manicured garden and a simple home is the best. The best is my personal preference, everybody will have their preference. So we’re back on the Morne Coco Road and we’re going to need the opposite direction and when we came and this will allow me to cover all these side streets and now I’m gonna cover as many as I can, on this side of some of these streets will have some very peculiar names and as we come across them you’ll see why I call them peculiar. A lot of these streets too also end, have a dead end they don’t continue and it’s always been like that it’s a bit windy and you could see the dust kicking up.

But fortunate for me there was no rain today, even though it looked like it was going to. You could see the wind blowing against the brushes there.

And as you can also see it’s very hard to turn around on these streets, my vehicle is long and really not meant to be in these tight areas because it’s not only that the street is tight but the there are cars or Vehicles parked alongside the street. Which makes it hard to turn around and then people have their you know their own private property so really you can’t mess with their place. That’s the Valley Medical Center I was talking about before.

And you can see so many long names of these places.

Maybe you’ll live here or once lived here and seeing Petit Valley again for the first time in many years you can feel free to comment and tell me how it looks to you today. Does it look like it improved? Went back in time? How was it for you?

So one of the ways as I was saying earlier in this video that you can support me more monetarily, but if you can’t and you still appreciate the work that I do please do like, comment, let others know about JB’s Man Cave let them know about this video it’s all appreciated.

Of recent I’ve been experiencing a lot of growth lots of views I think I hit the three million views mark, which is great to keep it going.

And the subscribers are going up but nowhere near where I want to be I’m still in the very little leagues, you have the little leagues and then you have the little Little Leagues within the Little League or that’s where I am somewhere there down below. And as I grow I hope to be big enough that I can have a significant influence online, not quite there yet but coming.

I did have some access of recent to a lot of my channel interface and I had put up a video about a good man that was walking on the streets and he noticed an old woman. That I referred to in the video as granny trying to cross the street but nobody would stop for her, and he took put out his hand to stop the vehicles, put out his hand so she could take it and hold and helped her cross the street as she was crossing very slowly, I was commenting that you know that’s what makes a man. You know doing good deeds being kind thinking of others is not about your bling and your vehicle and if you could wash it and you could wax it, and your house how big it is and you could flash money or you could use a Visa card. I mean that that does not make you a man what makes you a man there’s any way you treat others, your willingness to help on stand up and stand for what is right I mean he could have easily passed but he saw the woman struggling to cross and he put himself out there, stopped the vehicles and help her the cross you know those are the acts that make people have hope that all is not lost. You know we don’t have to be overridden by by crime and bandits and scammers and fraudsters but there are good people who still will look out for you, and you know that that is the case of Trinidad as well there are a lot of people that do good things, want good things and hope for good things. But it always seems like there are a lot of bad people that act like if they are the majority but they’re not the majority just that what they do is so bad sometimes that it looks like if it’s the whole nation sinking into a criminal element. A lot of you would argue that well there are a lot of criminals walking up and down and they don’t always rob or steal they commit other acts in a very friendly way, and I know about that I have encountered many scammers before but I’m a little more seasoned so it’s not easy to swing but I can easily see how in this digital age where a lot of people growing up now don’t have that, if you don’t have good communication skills that’s what that way or not socially apt about what could happen. I can see how they will fall free for something like that. We’re continuing in the valley you would have seen this slide of some of the,

names of the streets.

Some of them are kind of funny, more to come on that.

This is one of the streets some of these houses you know I’ve been around for a while others have been renovated or some newly built, after being broken down. However for these streets I really wish that anytime there’s a dead end that some sort of leeway be given for vehicles to turnaround.

Well I know some people argue well you shouldn’t have to turn around because this is ready for just residents and they will turn around in their yard, but as normal is the case that’s not practical or realistic because you know in any given area you have delivery trucks, you have people might get lost, need to turn around, you have visitors even. So it’s not practical to just say well oh it’s just rather than small there should be a facility where you could turn around at every dead en, some sort of circle or something.

Get a good view of the mountains, every time you turn around and you could see houses and townhouses up on the Mountainside.

And I know from this angle there’s not too high but those people are are pretty up there. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already done so make sure to subscribe like, and share with others so when I say share with others I don’t mean just take the video down and publish it elsewhere. I’m talking about sharing the link to this video with people.

Youtube gives you that option if you’re logged in.

You can see some of the two and three storey houses here, a particularly remarkable but something that didn’t exist long ago.

A street with another interesting name.

If you know the history of the street names feel free to chime in by commenting and make sure to always put a timeline, because I got in trouble where people comment but they don’t really see what they commented about and it’s kind of gotta try and figure it out.

Again another dead end to turn around.

If you are from abroad and you’re watching this you’ll notice that everybody has a wall, it’s not like for instance these states where a lot of the properties are open you know the there’s no walls surrounding a property so you could practically see straight into another person’s yard and practically walk within another person’s yard easily. That’s not the case here we follow I believe it’s the Spaniard’s tradition of a wall and that wall helps keep dogs in and pets in and hopefully criminal elements from um robbing your house or whatever, doesn’t always work but you know nevertheless walls I like walls. I don’t really like the idea that people could just walk up to your property and just do whatever.

How are you liking Petit Valley so far? Have you seen some of these areas? Make sure to let us know in the comments area, I always liked the video comments keep it simple don’t go on politics or any kind of crazy stuff, because in the end I will have to delete that.

Just keep it simple. So we go up with this mountain face and you can see how steep it is.

Unless I would have had to use my 4×4, I’ll see. Not always.

Sometimes if you see me stop it’s because I’m engaging 4×4, but in this case I didn’t stop because of that I stopped because that’s private property.

So you can always see the contrast of places.

Just me probably trying to turn around again you know escape this, and there isn’t already a place to turn around reasonably.

Leo Bass Ave, hm.

That’s one thing too if you plan to make your own road trip of Petit Valley be prepared to do exactly what you see me doing, turning around when you hit dead ends.

Takes a lot of patience on driving skills I wouldn’t drive up here if you’re new to drive in or inexperienced, because you’re likely to maybe have an accident or hurt yourself in some way you need to know how to drive well to come up here.

That’s funny enough is if you go high enough and one particular Road it often changes like how this is you don’t see any more asphalt, look at this it’s going to dirt and not continuing there because I’m more than likely to be private property.

So I’m just gonna turn around here.

Looks like the trash people don’t come here as often, if at all.

But there’s a spectacular view there as we turn around you can see it.

How are you enjoying Petit Valley so far make sure to comment let me know, is it what you expected? You didn’t know? You live in the area and never knew it had these places? Do comment but do keep it simple and always put what you commenting about in timeline, so look at that view across that mountain on the other side that’s Diego Martin, La Puerta looks like.

Now you can see this steepness or maybe you can’t depending on how you’re viewing this if you’re on a larger screen, you’ll be able to see it better but you can see how steep that descent as we continue down to the flats.

Now I want to say that I create a lot of these very long videos and some people will comment why don’t you break it up? Well really breaking up a video is more work for me plus I notice most people tend to get lost on YouTube, so if I have part one, part two, part three, part four of a video like for instance this is videos about two and a half hours long and let’s say I broke it up into five half an hour Parts. It’s very unlikely that somebody would be searching and hunting for part one, part two, part three, because um the way YouTube indexes its stuff it’s kind of hard to find things sometimes and um it’s very unlikely somebody will finish watching it. So I just keep the whole video long and as one and this is a big tip for those of you who keep telling me about why don’t I break it up well simple is that you just simply pause the video wherever you want to stop seeing it, and you could even make a mental note of where you left off or YouTube is supposed to remember where you last left off, if you are logged in. So if you’re watching this make sure you log in to your Google account so that it can remember the last place you left off when you was watching the video, and then when you come back and you’re ready just simply continue that’s all, there’s no need for me to break up the video to make it shorter.

Right? You just come and watch whenever you feel like. The same thing with people will say why don’t I keep the text on longer so that you can read it well it’s the same concept, um I don’t know but people don’t seem to realize that you can pause the video anytime you’re watching. So just press pause, which would be as simple as maybe like for instance if you’re using your phone just press put your finger on the screen, and press the video, and the video will pause and then you simply read and you can read as long as you like and then when you’re done you press play continue which would be another top only video. I’m spinning around this roundabout to give you an idea of what the area is like I like, when the neighborhoods like this have a roundabout they’re very handy and it helps you to get where you’re going. I wish we would have a culture here of having more roundabouts, they are very good at keeping traffic moving, and it helps also helps avoid accidents because you know coming around corner you can’t see anything but roundabouts takes that away.

You’ll notice some of the very interesting names especially on this side of Petit Valley. Some of it dealing with people in history someone dealing with the monarchy and other things, people I just don’t know and can’t be bothered right now to research but if you know the history of some of the names associated with the places we are visiting on this side of Petit Valley, feel free to comment and explain it.

And like I said in before you know it’s very hard to turn around here, so they don’t make Provisions for people to turn around here, so my truck is kind of long around 17 feet uh much longer than a car, so tuning around is a kind of a chore sometimes on streets like this even though the street is not too narrow.

Now the interesting thing for me about this part of Petit Valley is that a lot of back streets on side streets, I mean this is I believe the first time I’m coming on the side of Petit Valley because I never really had a reason for it, and I never on um realized just how many intertwined streets there are.

One thing I’m looking at the houses here and the houses like in another country like the states or England or whatever. You really realize that we really have a bigger or more freedom of expression with regards to the way we both design and keep our houses because, I have to admit that in the States the houses kind of look the same maybe they have a colonial lock or American Revolution look. Where it kind of looks like a dolly house look whether it’s French style windows and doors and stuff, but here you know you have a variety of looks and designs which I appreciate and I also appreciate more the way our houses are built with concrete and metal. Not a set of wood and stuff I mean they do use blocks, concrete blocks abroad and they use solid clay blocks but those seem to be only used on houses that are pretty more affluent. For instance they will build a whole house out of solid clay box if the person can afford it, but usually most people will just build with a concrete base and a wooden top. So the structure is made out of wood um for me I don’t understand that because consider any kind of elements in abroad I mean they have to deal with tornadoes, and all kinds of you know weather and different things, they should be more…

You know how to see it more proactive about the way they build their houses concrete and metal, rather than simply wood because what you know is like the story of the Three Pigs on the Big Bad Wolf, one who built out of wood you know was easy to blow his house down and that’s actually what happens when you see tornadoes pass through the states. But you know we don’t have big tornadoes here, I mean we get some out in the ocean but hardly on land and they’re more like water spouts or whatever they call them. However we do get storms every now and again and our houses always remain strong, earthquakes too, they stand strong because of the way they are built and that’s one thing I miss when I go abroad, seeing how our structures are. I think if I was ever wealthy enough and I was living abroad and I was going to build a house definitely I would implore um some of my knowledge of architecture, to design and make sure the house is built with materials that will stand, a lifetime. Yeah actually I did do some classes in architecture, so I have a little bit of knowledge on that definitely not an architect, but I have designed plans on stuff. One of the numerous jack of all trades kind of skills that I have master of none, kind of situation yeah.

So you know I’m just going around these different streets showing you you know doing it like this, I know is more of a sentimental value for somebody who may be interested in Petit Valley, and not you know this is not a tourist video it’s just highlighting the best I’m showing you all of Petit Valley.

And there’s still so much to see because I still have to go up on that side of the mountain up in the background.

So look at the name of this, Dr Jonas salks Avenue I mean who was that person? Do you know? You can always give the history.

Sometimes I’m in two minds the two normally streets but you know second time I want to do I like how this person keeps there Greenery and stuff around that’s very nice.

I wish we could see more of that. Actually Petit Valley does pretty well at keeping keeping it green and that’s all areas though, not just the upper class areas or the middle class areas but everywhere in Petit Valley there’s a lot of green. And I just hope it maintains that look that aspect because every day I just see more and more concrete and it’s not a good look.

Now, I want this video to reach at least 10,000 views and then I will release another. I have some other very interesting drives that I’ve done of this different areas but I won’t release it until this video has reached 10,000 views. So if you would like to see the next video after this one the next drive, help me to get this video to 10,000 views I mean I know it will reach 10,000 views at some point or the other no doubt about that. But um if you want to have it done faster make sure to let everybody know about this Petit Valley video so that they can view, I’m gonna reach 10,000 I’ll release the next video.

I’m doing it that way because people sometimes rush me to get more and more videos but don’t particularly watch the whole thing, or know that I have lots of other videos that they could watch and I really need to cover more than Trinidad. The problem is a lot of people I know a lot of Trinis on my channel but I you know JB’s man cave is not exclusively about Trinidad, and I think a lot of Trinis get wrapped up in a lot of the other Trinis that do YouTube and their focus is always Trinidad. but that’s not my sole focus you know when I’m here in Trinidad I focus on Trinidad and as a Trinidadian it’s kind of obvious that you will you know dwell on that a little longer, than other places but I I don’t want to do I need to do other countries as well, so when this reaches ten thousand I’ll release another video and so on. This place here it used to be that you could go straight up,

and pass that gate but you can’t anymore. Now it looks like if the gate is opening for me but it’s not there’s somebody behind me is going there, and um

you know as I’ve mentioned other videos crime and security and different things caused that to happen. Now that school on the left there there is a Canadian based School, Maple Leaf, and…

They carry on well the Canadian System including whatever culture surrounds it, I have no experience nor do I know anybody that attends that but you can always comment and let me know how it is. This here is Massy was formerly Hi-Lo it’s a supermarket has its own bakery and pharmacy.

Most groceries are like that now where they, and that’s not just garbage thrown about and those are actually bags with plastics or recyclables in it. That’s the place there’s just overflowing it needs to be picked up but it’s not garbage, yeah most groceries have their own Bakery, the pharmacy ,in addition to the regular groceries and sometimes they also have household items. So most groceries here now in Trinidad are like that you could get multiple things in one go, basically to keep you there and keep you buying from one place.

Now you see this apartment building on the left? That’s my kind of style it’s all modern it looks simple and modern I like that. This is Alyce Glenn, Alyce Glenn is a place that most people know for some reason or the other has been associated with Petit Valley I don’t know if it’s because of the ad that the Ministry of Agriculture put out every now and again about the giant African snail. One of the places that that’s snail, which is like a predator you know it just infects everywhere Like A Parasite, one of the places that that giant Africans still propagated a lot was right here in Alyce Glenn.

I don’t know how that came to be if you have a theory or you have knowledge on it feel free to comment on the area, but don’t mention any names locations or whatever I mean just keep it General please. Some of you all make some really nice comments but you go on into too much detail mentioning people’s name, and address and location and political affilations, you know all this kind of thing and I have to end up deleting it. I mean I really wish I could have edited that out and just keep your worthwhile comments but because you mix it with all that stuff I you know YouTube doesn’t have a facility for me to kind of filter all that. So I have to just delete it because then I I can’t have you put in people’s information on my channel, no advertise for any political party that’s not what JB’s man cave is about.

So if you would like to see your comments up here keep your general please. You have a theory, or a comment you have a something controversial, I don’t mind all those things but keep it General, keep the names and locations out of it.

And please also make sure that it’s related to the video because you know some people will come to a video let’s say like this Petit Valley, but speak about something else totally unrelated I mean I know it’s hard to communicate with me. But um when I say hard some people just use the videos to communicate other General things, but that I would ask that you kind of mix you know mention a video, whatever and then you could ask your off topic question or whatever then just make it completely about something else.

This particular part of the valley we’re going up here is really steep.

Some apartments, townhouses, whatever at the top there but when I spin around here you can see the view it’s very nice.

If this was a ski slope that would be very good for skiing.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the angle you could kind of judge it from the walls if you look at the walls you can see how steep it is.

Getting a slight hum, I’m wondering what they do I tried to ground everything off and I still get a hum I feel it’s my mixer is not that great. If I upgrad my mixer I will try to get something better maybe I should just be using my regular GoPro microphones in fact I don’t know why I don’t do that. Probably because I like the mixers abilities to change your tone and pick up X or Y but maybe getting rid of the mixer, would take away the hum do you heading home does it bother you let me know in the comments area. Please let me know what you’re answering because if you just say no or you just say doesn’t bother me, I mean I wouldn’t know what you’re answering. You know is it that Petit Valley doesn’t bother you? So please let me know what you’re answering or you can put a timeline so I can know what I was asking when you answered.

Trips like this take a lot of time, a lot of fuel, you can see how long I’m driving and I’m not driving flats, I mean I’m driving up so I’m serious inclines. It’s taking fuel, it’s taking pressure on the vehicle, I mean not too much because this is a 4×4 with a good engine but still it’s a work, and if that means anything to you please consider making a donation to help me out, all it will be much appreciated you can go to or

Some people will write and I guess quote and quote ‘haters’. They believe somehow that I am one of the well-to-do’s and really I am not. I don’t know what they use into judges if it’s my experience or my accent or whatever because some people ask, you know say I don’t sound like a Trini and I’m like what? I don’t sound like a Trini? What does a Trini sound? I mean I have to speak dialect? I have to speak broken English? I have to not pronounce my words properly? There are actually a lot of Trinis that song just like me and speak just like me, I mean maybe in whatever part of the country you are located people don’t speak like I do but that does not make me any less of a Trini. That you know it’s kind of silly however my point is is that no I am not affluent, I am not wealthy I am just a regular person trying to survive like everybody else, like the majority of people in this country and so making these videos and taking time to do this is in itself a sacrifice. So don’t think that oh yeah JB can afford this he can do this, no no no I do need your support and some of you are really good at supporting me I really appreciate it you know who you are some of you have given me monetary donations. That really help me to take care of some of the things that I need to do including the same things, that I mentioned put fuel back and even make repairs on my truck when I need to and so forth.

I didn’t continue there because I think that did I went there or it’s it was just a short space to a private property so I don’t bother with those.

You know nice bougainvillea right there, purple color it’s beautiful now. This part of Petit Valley Alyce Glenn I really like I have always loved living in the Mountainside because it’s quiet. You don’t get a lot of thoroughfare when you’re living on a mountain.

It’s just too much work for people to be walking up and down so you know you don’t see any people walking up and down like on the flats, as one of the big advantages of living in a mountain. So if you ever thought should I live on a flat or the Mountain? Well it depends on what you want if you want to see people walking up and down? Live in flat. You want it real quiet? Nobody disturbing you? Go for the mountain.

Now because of where these vehicles was situated, it made it really hard for me to turn around, you can see trouble because I’m tuned in here this would have normally been a 3 point turn but in my case it would be like a 8 point in because the road is narrow there’s a truck to my left blocking that turn. So you can see here where I had to stop that I couldn’t make that turn there I just didn’t know how to do it because again my vehicle is long, so in the end I just reversed back the way I came sometimes that happens.

And you can’t avoid it. See the thing is with a car the back wheel, the space between your back wheel and your trunk is short but with a truck the back wheel and the tray the tray extends beyond the wheel. So what happens when you’re reversing your tray tends to hit earth you know in this case the mountain side before you could even try to turn around that’s that’s usually this situation I have when I’m trying to turn around. I don’t have enough space to clear the vehicle and then if there’s Vehicles parked even worse because when you’re trying to turn around and then there’s a vehicle there anyway continuing on.

A lot of humps much and I mean I don’t like humps much but the fact that they would have humps all the way up here two in succession and on incline? Means that somebody had a bright idea that they were gonna race and that’s really silly.

Could use some humps where I live because the people fly past and they kill animals and stuff and you know who knows if it was a child or somebody crossing that they would be hit too. And sad that you know people can’t have a little bit of self-control to drive you know you’re passing through a community, a residential area not on a highway you know slow down. And a lot of times people reason to go nowhere they just racing to go to the grocery, racing to buy some doubles or whatever it’s nothing. It’s not an emergency nothing serious or whatever you know just racing all the time.

From this angle you can see the same modern building I was talking about across it says Morne Coco Road as I turn here I will be turning North and continuing.

So as I continue on this road I try to get all these streets left and right as many as I can. Not all, not every single one because some of them like I said kind of unremarkable and they are blocked in such a way that I can’t really turn around. So it makes no sense for me too go down there and find myself in a situation.

You can see how some of these roads communities had their prior security gate and whatnot and it’s no more. I think during crime waves of the early 2000s and so forth every community just started putting them up but putting them up illegally, you can’t just do it you have to get permission because you remember these are public roads they paid for by taxpayers so you can’t just up and say you know what let’s just barricade it or let’s just stop it. I understand why it is done but it has there’s a process to doing it I like how this community has their own little park there albeit by next to the highway but it’s nice when each community has their own little park. I find that should happen more keep the green and keep a place where people can just relax for a bit outside of their home

I like the choices of shrubbery and whatnot some people choose for their houses whether it be palms, poinsettias, bougainvilleas, crotons whatever have you.

Such a variety here and it’s a shame that people don’t utilize more of it, like the Hibiscus, something a plant that I used to see so much of when I was young and you just don’t see it anymore. I don’t even know if I saw a hibiscus in this video and I’ve been driving for about an hour now.

And because we don’t see it those hibiscuses you don’t see a lot of birds associated with that like the hummingbird, I mean they don’t only go for Hibiscus but that’s one of their favorite flowers.

The nectar this is Simeon Road on the left is our church and people are coming out of the church from attendance services. Now Simeon road is another road that is well known in Petit Valley but for good and bad there have been a lot of highlights in the news because of Simeon Road, and Sparrow Drive which we will go on just now most of it being crime related unfortunately.

It will be gang Warfare and different things but I mean for me coming up here I didn’t feel like my life was at risk nor did I feel like I was being watched or could be robbed at any moment. Sometimes a lot of crime happens because people are passing through an area rather than the area itself is, you know just full of criminals. It’s it’s more like you know somebody coming from some other place into this area and looking for trouble more than to say you know this is the way Simeon road is period. It’s not like that, now I can’t see for all the times because this is a daytime period maybe at night is not as safe, however if you’re from the area or familiar with Simeon road you can always talk about it in the comments here again keeping that General. This particular road as we are going up you can see it’s getting more and more steep and I’m trying to go to the max of it for your sake, so if you have never been up Simeon Road this far you get to see what it looks like, the view from here is spectacular however getting around these vehicles and stuff, wow this particular party I mean nobody should be parking here I just don’t understand it.

And I’m trying to go all the way up here, sometimes I don’t know where I’m going I mean when I said I know the this is Simeon road but I don’t know to what extent it ends and I could only hope that wherever I reach there’s some place for me to turn around or whatever. Now look at this absolutely nowhere for me to turn around so this is the end of the road as it were and I was like considering how do I turn around here boy? Because the the road is steep huh, and if you have a lot of experience driving you’ll know reversing no a steep incline or decline rather is not easy, you don’t have as much control over the vehicle in reverse you only have one gear to use and the ability to see is not good and as you notice there are vehicles on this road so me trying to turn around here, put both the my stress levels up and the vehicle a bit of strain the things, I do for you all.

again if you appreciate what I do you can go to, and you can hit the donation button, and give your support.

I can promise you nobody else makes videos like this about Trinidad but yeah there are lots of YouTubers there and they do their thing they do their thing well at showing certain points about Trinidad, but they don’t show the raw of areas and in as much detail as this so this takes a lot of time, a lot of editing, and so

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For my next Walkabout whenever that is, I had printed some cards this time and um I put the QR code, you know if you don’t know the QR code is there’s a white and black box with some,

strange looking blocks in it black and white. That are not readable to the human eye but can be read by computers, usually your phone or scanner and that gives the link to subscribe to my YouTube channel. So I put that only card as well as the links and so forth so this time when I walk about wherever that is or I go wherever I need to I will be sharing that.

Because people often ask me you know why what you doing what channel you have, etc, etc some people recognize the vehicle which is kind of odd because I’m sure the vehicle much. Maybe they picked it up from watching some of my trips some people will recognize me.

But you know those are people already familiar with the channel no, most of the people who don’t know about me I the cards will come in handy. Tell them about it so I can only imagine if another vehicle was coming up here at the same time, how hard this would be taken out but thankfully no vehicles was coming out.

And in descending I am taking my time because you know it is steep, there’s no reason for me to race down here and I’ll have to be wary that there are cars that can be coming up as well, and because there are vehicles already parked on the road. I would have to have a heads up of any vehicle coming and where they may be going.

So I was in one mind as to whether I should turn left here because as you notice I haven’t when going right or left per se, I said okay let me try this one, check those vehicles parked on top of there wow.

So I was going to turn here and then I was like what the heck?

I can’t even bend around that.

That was just that was just impossible, there was no way I was going to be able to turn there. Even with that car there that stopped there even if that car wasn’t there there was no way I could have just turned in easily. You know I would have to really be turning around so I kind of stayed here and if you notice there was a guy coming down the road. There he is, very helpful, he was giving me some pointers about where I pulled in because really this is somebody’s gate. And he was telling me I could attend here whatever and then this other guy who stopped there was also giving me some good pointers and I was asking him about you know what’s up there? You know is there anything worth seeing and he was telling me that some people actually stop here, and then they walk up that’s to tell you how

steep the area is and then he moved this vehicle see if that would give me some room. Which was nice of him and I continued see that was the only way I could have gone up there so if I wanted to turn here this is what I would have had to have done. But then I was looking at the actual road look at it.

There’s no way of wait there’s only one vehicle could go up there and I didn’t know what I was gonna meet there and I said you know what I might be going up there and heading for a trap so I just decided to back down and go back down.

But you know you got a general idea of what kind of roads and what to expect up here if you plan to make your own little tour.

Choose your streets wisely or use a vehicle probably an SUV that has the 4×4 but not so long my mine will be better.

That’s the thing with with trucks huh, I mean having a truck is great you have the space but trucks come heavy, the build up of a truck is different to a car. So it carries way more metal, heavier metal, it’s almost twice or more the weight of the of a simple car. So when you’re going up a mountain you you know it’s like a dragging two cars with you if you want to visualize that. That’s why sometimes when you go to get transport I know some people get angry at this but the driver will ask you are you living up a hill or a mountain and some people get annoyed especially if they have to say yes. Because they know more money is going to be asked and the reason for that is just as I explained trucks are built differently, the chassis is a much thicker heavier metal, all the bearings and everything is bigger and stronger because it’s a truck. It’s made to carry loads so it’s heavy and in going up on any kind of hill or Mountain it’s not only carrying the load of the vehicle but your load which you know take some doing. So that’s just my short explanation about why it’s not too easy now an SUV with 4×4 is lighter, it still maintains the dry formation of a regular car but because it has 4×4 and whatnot and possibly better stabilizers it can come up here real easy because it’s lighter.

Although I appreciate my truck especially if I had to buy between the two because from prices I see SUVs on trucks more or less cost the same and I’m like why would I want a SUV when I could have the ability to carry stuff?

It’s nice that our truck blue truck stop try to give me a space but really where he stopped there there’s no way I could pass there like I said these roads are already narrow, and then on top of that you have people parking on your road so it’s like wow, real navigational. Let me tell you eh I’m going up here and I honestly felt this was like Paramin and I can almost say at the top here I couldn’t go all the way to the top because it was worse than Paramin. If you ever get a chance to as a power drive tell me how you fared. Because for me it was like wow check that road coming up there see that small road? Look at how small it is and that is super steep I don’t know if you can tell but it’s like wow,

that had to be a 60 degrees honestly I could I can’t see it being any less than that. You could see the road is almost like a wall and it is so small I didn’t know what was up there if I would be able to turn around or whatever. So I said you know what I am not going all that way I’m gonna turn around right here and then trying to do that I also found myself in some difficulties because the road itself is so darn small!

So that’s one of the considerations you will have to make um if you decide to come up here what to do with

your vehicle and these small roads. Especially if it’s a truck so watch out for that so you can see me trying and struggling to find a way to turn around my vehicle because of these small streets and again you can’t tell from watching screen just how steep it is but add my son with me and he was literally bracing the vehicle that’s how bad it was. This looks like another road up there too but I wouldn’t have even there there go up there because I don’t know what the foundation is like it’s like a private road.

Again because trucks are heavy you know why as our car might go up there a truck, would probably disturb the foundation,

so now you can see what I was working with. Now I have to make a hard turn on the right to or to the right and bypass that black car in order to go down and that itself too was also a bit of a struggle.

Right, because this is a nice spectacular view from up here but wow certainly was took some doing to turn around there.

However you can always attempt it if you like if you can go all the way up you have a light vehicle. Feel free to comment in the area in the comments area of my YouTube channel in this video. Some people get mixed up with the videos and they comment on other videos within other videos, but uh make sure you’re commenting in the right video.

The way YouTube is right now the kinds of shoes you multiple videos at the same time and sometimes when you click on one it will put…

The video that you was watching down to the bottom of the Mobile screen so that you can continue hearing it while looking at other stuff but then when somebody finds other stuff they comment there rather than the video that they were already looking at. This is one of the side streets that I decided to take so you could get an idea of what the area is like again very small roads, comparable to probably Belmont but even Belmont doesn’t have as wide of a road as this.

And then again the problem is because parking on the road which for me is a real risk because I you know if I had left my vehicle on the road, even even my vehicle run any regular Road I it’s kind of like a worry for me because people can pass, hit your side mirrors your door scratch,, it’s kind of like when you go to the mall I just eat parking and malls because people just open their door and discriminately hit your vehicle and scratch it up and different things. So I know some people park outside of malls because of that they don’t park in the designated parking lots.

Some cats having a little fun there.

So I tried to get I thought I was gonna make a loop but then I encountered this which was kind of oddity for me. I don’t know if it was meant to be a bridge originally but it’s just some walking steps down to the other side with a shack in the middle I don’t know what the shack is for if it’s part of construction crew, or just somebody put it up there but that was kind of odd why not just continue the road?

Rather than put steps? But you know this is Trinidad of course so things have to be done differently. So that meant of course because the roads here are so narrow I had to reverse all the way back out until I could find a place to turn around,

and sometimes I have to angle my vehicle in order to do that.

Funny enough um if you’re following my channel you’ll know that I have my vehicle up for sale the same one that I’m driving in.

And um I may put up a actual video on it I don’t know but,

I got a lot of people interested but you know the one thing that caused them to back off of buying a vehicle? That surprised me well really it shouldn’t surprise me but yeah I was told it was unexpected is that this vehicle is a stick shift or a manual or operates by gears, so you have a clutch system that is not automatic therefore most people today especially a lot of young people interested in this truck, they can’t drive manual they can’t drive a stick shift, so they had to back down because they’re not licensed for that.

That was interesting for me how many of you could still drive or an action system how many of you are licensed to drive a manual vehicle? Gears? Comment in the comments area or are you just one of those automatic drivers?

When I was young I was really tempted to just get the automatic because because learning gears for me was like wow why is this so complicated? But I’m glad I stuck with it because you know gears gives you more control over the vehicle than automatic and you could do more with gears than you can with automatic gears. You could just jump start the vehicle, you can slow yourself down in case your brakes fail, and on so many things but with automatic you know once you’re dead you’re dead that’s it you have to stay right there.

So we’re exiting this place I think we’ve more or less covered the gist of,

Simeon and Sparrow and whatnot you know there are more side streets that I could take but they would more or less reveal more or less the same look on outlay as what you see in here. Which is a mixture of different houses on property and whatnot.

It’s a commercial enterprise on the left there, now I think it changed hands to different things I think there used to be a bottling company there if I can’t remember right, but now it’s like a storage company or something I’m not sure really what they do there. You can always stop in the comments area.

Most of the vehicles that run up here too as far as transportation goes are PB’s, PH’s taxis. I don’t think I’ve seen any H taxi weekend up here but,

if it is that you want to visit somebody taxis are parked always on the left here by this Petit Valley Health Center, that’s the Petit Valley Health Center on the left and those would be the taxis there.

Up ahead does that mountain that’s the um Diego Martin side just below it that will be another video that’s right again, I’ll mention it here before I release another long video this video would have had to have received at least 10,000 views when it reaches ten thousand then I will release another Trini Drive.

Instead of nagging me when am I going to release another Trini Drive? Look to see how many views this video has and then you will know. That’s my new approach because I I’ve been showing a lot of Trini stuff and neglecting a lot of other places that I need to cover,

and other places that I’ve been and I keep saying I have to do that and just never get around it because people will keep saying Trini, Trini, Trini yeah Trini fans I know you want to see your country but you know we need to keep space for other places too here on JB’s man cave. And I like this look here particularly the house or whatever but just the green one nice tall trees and whatnot make the place cool, somewhat inviting I just like that.

So this would be on the other side of Simeon, opposite Crystal stream which we’ll cover just now.

In fact I’ve always seen this road, passing here by Crystal stream and and seeing so I saw cars come in and out of it now and again but always wondered what it was and there it is I finally covered. Opposite there that’s a,

fruit and veggie mart. On the right there’s a bar that I’m sure a lot of people around here wish wasn’t there because it’s quite noisy in fact when I was growing up there wasn’t always commerce, this year all on the left and the right were just residential houses.

Here’s another um unique place the roads are incredibly small but yet still there’s a lot going on in the backyard as far as residential places go.

Alfred Drive condos.

Looks I don’t know that the look of it doesn’t um doesn’t hit me as as being condo, but okay that’s what it’s called. Anyway so continuing on the road this the interesting thing about is this the entrance to here is so small and yesterday there’s so much stuff that it covers but I never like the idea of one entrance and an exit to a place.

These houses are right next to the highway they go Martin highway I’ll actually see it when I bend this corner here see that’s the highway pass in there there’s always that flood alert sign, I believe when it really floods or it floods bad the water does come on the side I don’t know to what extent if the people here got flood out or not if you know you can always comment again specifying what you’re talking about in the comments area. But I think they get flooded out here, that’s when the Diego Martin river which is runs parallel to the Diego Martin Highway,

is overfilled with flood waters and starts extend to this side which is actually an elevated side.

So you see all that all those houses and they come from this one little road leading from Crystal Stream.

So I’m waiting for the cars to pass, opposite it’s a little mart, haberdashery and whatnot. On the right is the Crystal Stream government it’s a primary school,

the cause of a lot of traffic so at times when people drop in and picking up their children. And this road also runs near the highway and it’s kind of an odd road because it it goes to a dead end but from the highway you could see all kinds of changes constantly being made here, commercial that is because you would, somebody doing their business up ahead.

You would pass by and you will see one business and then some months later you’ll see another business on one month but I was never ever sure how you would get it but now you can see how you would normally get a place like this, it’s from right here via the Crystal stream secondary or not secondary Crystal stream primary government School.

So I’m just gonna turn around here and go back the other way. So just a reminder 10,000 views for this video and then I will release the next Trini video now this little place here is somewhere that you could see from the highway.

They always have something positive written there so that’s why I gave me a little glance of it sometimes they sell swimsuits and stuff, no affiliation I don’t know who they are what but I got some free advertising there. So that’s the Crystal stream Government Primary School on the right and if we were to follow this road right it would take us to the other side, into Diego Martin so I’m not going there go in this direction which would be East on crystal stream.

This is another road where because where they are not supposed to be parked but they do anyway because it’s so commercial, but it makes getting up and down here very difficult so often just as you see me here I kind of driving in middle road that’s what we have to do.

You can see someone in your apartments and townhouses on the mountain to the right there we’ll update earlier.

There’s a Roti Shop there, another bar lots of bars in that corner corner. A mini Hardware, tire shop, bakery. This Bakery is more or less famous

Getting that hum again, can’t seem to get rid of that hum.

Trying right now in the background to play with the wires a bit nothing seems to be working anyway this is Pinewood Gardens.

Pinewood Gardens is a little Community within Petit Valley again one entrance in and out.

All of the houses here are flat, that’s one of the unique things. Well they used to be you know one or two that have at least one storey now. But they still maintain that look from years and years ago when I was a child. This is a good little family spot when I say that I mean good for families to live.

That hum is becoming more apparent so I’m hoping I don’t have to stop talking here and restart. It looks like that’s what’s gonna happen.

So let me pause here. Okay back again, not sure if that did anything maybe a bit better now I’m not sure. Maybe I really need to re-evaluate my mic system here anyway continuing on our journey in Petit Valley, Pinewood Gardens.

I used to have a little bike that I used to ride up and down these streets.

I know you must be thinking those of you who are are fans, how you know? Because I would speak about certain areas and I would speak about that having lived there. Well remember I have been around for decades I’m not a young person so within those decades I have moved to various places, much of it mostly when I was in my youth so I didn’t have any say about where I moved to but we moved around quite a bit and because we moved around quite a bit I experienced more than one area of Trinidad. Lived in the west, lived in the east, the only places I really have not lived is down south and Central. But the west and the east I’ve lived up and down there and for me I wouldn’t mind the South to be honest I like this south.

So this is facing east going out of Pinewood Gardens.

Again you can you can see the difference with the amount of green right? The way at every house should be in Trinidad, green, lots of green.

In an attempt to get one of these side streets but I don’t think there’s anything remarkable here it kind of ends in a dead end.

Now if I was to look at this I would say okay this is probably a middle class community but for standards of Trinidad this would be an upper middle class community, and mostly because of the cost of living I mean houses in here I’m sure costs millions of dollars that’s right millions of dollars. You’re not seeing any Hollywood or spectacular but people here pay for the surroundings more than the actual house. The land the location of the land is very important so you know you want a nice secluded area that’s almost like a gated community, minus the gate. Where your neighbor isn’t going to be blasting loud music or sure in loud parties, then you would look for a place like Pinewood Gardens and you would probably be willing to pay more, than what is really worth in order to have that peace of mind.

So same of these side shoots here going up the mountain to give you a contrast of places.

I could have gone up there but I said nah what then and what? Try to find some place to turn around that I can’t or maybe have to reverse back down there so it doesn’t make any sense. Because it ended right there right where you saw his way it ended it will make sense to go all the way there. So you got a nice shot at the Bougainvillea instead growing on that, over that wall.

As I try to turn around here, and like I said it takes time because of the length of the vehicle and the roads are so small.

I don’t know what kind of planning went into the creation of these roads but I don’t know why we they couldn’t just start off with large roads period. I mean look for instance I’m on Morne Coco Road should be at least the amount of traffic that goes through there it should be twice its size.

Really, shouldn’t be so small. I guess in the old days they you know they just couldn’t foresee the amount of traffic that’s here. That’s one thing I like about the state of Utah in USA the people there had the foresight to make very large roads because they believe in the future, people would need them and they were right. So Utah has some of the biggest roads you could ever find and they need it, because you know population has grown so much and it enables people to get to where they’re going super fast.

Again moving on here you could see that some of these places in the background there’s a lot of traffic but a lot of roads that intertwine into these communities. You could see our security booth there that I guess at one point in time was operational but it’s been done away with.

Somebody collecting an order there so wait out for them.

Now this community it also has its own little park, again near the highway which I find kind of odd because you would think that for safety reasons you wouldn’t want that near a highway but it is. So on the right there there’s a little park area But the irony of it is that I see a lot of people from the highway because there isn’t any guard rails there. Again another reason why it’s kind of odd place to have it because anybody flying in through the highway could fly right into here, but anyway there are no guards rails there so people come off the highway and rest there and do the other kind of rest if you know what I mean. So it really should be blocked off walled off in my opinion, but I noticed a lot of construction going on there land clearing and stuff. So I don’t know what they deal with that but part of the community enhancement would to be make sure that that particular grounds there there’s kept for the people within the area and not just whatever.

Nice coconut trees there, I like when they’re short like that because at least you could get your ladder and pick it. You know when it’s on those really tall coconut trees I mean you really have to get a professional to go up that tree to pick.

That’s one of the reasons I like the Chinese coconut tree at least that’s what we call them here. I don’t know what’s this scientific name but they tend to be short and make a producer yellow nut, I’m not any coconut expert I’m just seeing from what I know you know. If you know you can always fill me in in the comments area make sure to explain what you’re filling me in about.

Turning around here.

Another dead end.

Maybe you once lived in in this part of um Petit Valley and this would bring back memories for you. Maybem maybe not let me know in the comments area again. Looking for 10 000 views before I create the next video, 10 000 views don’t bother to ask me when is the next video being released, the next long video for those of you who are staunch long video watchers. Just watch this video and see when it reaches 10 000 views and then you’ll know when the next video is going to come out. So if it’s 9996 no it’s not going to release until it reaches 10 000 views so, you want to see the next long video help me get to 10 000. Let your friends, your family, everyone know about JB’s man cave tell them to come on subscribe and watch.

This video is you know two and a half hours, that should last you all a while right? But for those of you who love the long videos I know that’ll be like nothing.

Make sure to subscribe if you’re watching this and you haven’t subscribed yet, free! Subscribe doesn’t mean pay for anything eh. There’s another security booth in the days when they used to try to block off streets but again that’s out doesn’t exist anymore, for some areas. Other areas have gotten away with it and I don’t know if I should call it gotten away but they have gotten permission to keep it to establish it and I don’t know how they go about doing that. Obviously permission has to be sought from somewhere, but they got their permission and they will gate that community. And this road almost looks like it’s gonna take you to somewhere right but it ends right there with that house, so I am going to turn around here.

And that’s only impossible because there are no vehicles right up on that corner, sometimes when people park on a corner that they don’t realize just how difficult that makes driving especially when it’s a dead end.

Again the other side where you see not Mountain that’s Diego Martin that’s another video.

The terrain is a bit different than here, here’s more commercial.

What am I saying? There is more commercial and here’s more residential.

There are some spots in Petit Valley where you could see is more commercial like Where Massy is and where the bars and stuff, but largely it’s more residential. Diego Martin however is always very commercial especially on the main road shops up and down there like Saint James.

So how long do you predict it will be before I get 10 000 views for this video? What’s your prediction.

Funny in saying that, I was doing the English Premier League 2022-2023 and just as the games were about to finish I was indisposed so I couldn’t follow up with it. But in any case I don’t know if I’ll be continuing with prediction videos simply because it takes a lot to maintain. Takes a lot of time and because my channel is not solely about sports, it’s just something more of uh quote and quote “hobby” by having us kind of fun just to try to predict which team will win and by how much. I don’t know if I’ll be continuing for the 2020 through 2024 season of the English Premier League tell me what you think? Do you think I should still continue or not? Creating those videos for each game, it does take a lot of work and I have so many other videos to show on. And you know that’s part of why I don’t think I will continue it coming over here put a bit of a strain on the engine as you can see.

and it turns wow the turns was incredibly sharp, especially for a longer vehicle but this road takes you up to these apartments here.

They have a really nice view, you’ll see part of that view just now.

Yeah you know creating a video for one game and then it’s not just a matter of creating a video too because I have to follow up with the game results, and all that you know and that took a lot of time and took me away from the time that could be created. Could be used to be created in other videos so I figured I would leave that out well, and just focus on my other video trends. That does not mean I’m getting rid of videos about sports huh, but I think I will just focus more on the Championships or the final games rather than the whole structure from start to finish. You know the tournaments in between the eliminations in between that type of thing just focusing on only finals.

So where we were was Hibiscus East now this is the west side we’re actually facing west and this is in the back of Hibiscus Apartments so a nice stylized apartment building, and um this is the back of it where the residents are.

And this this road actually acts like a shortcut to get to Sierra Leone it would turn right there, and that will take you to Sierra Leone road.

It’s a nice design of places here I was kind of impressed actually, especially these apartments these townhouses in the end here they look pretty good.

I like it I like to see finished places like this the only thing I don’t like about places like this, is the developer the property developer if you’re not as well try to maximize the amount of living quarters and sacrifice parking space. Because you know just parking is kind of dead right? But at the same time it be it now becomes like a tedious affair of getting your vehicle in an out, because there’s not enough room for people to park. So let’s say you’re coming home late at night everybody’s parked there you know you will have real difficulty and you have to hope that your neighbor parked properly as well. Because if they didn’t park properly that means you will now have difficulty parking you might end up parking outside just to save yourself headache, so I wish in their planning that even if you want to maximize space at least build in such a way that you could have the bottom part as for just parking. So one way you could do that is by instead of building to the ground build to the first storey.

In the other words I would you know instead of the person entering straight from ground level they would have to go up some steps. That way underneath is where all the cars parked. That would have more space for everybody especially if you have guests come in and I can also say that because you know in the amount you paying rent or a mortgage for those places wow, it’s incredible amount. So this is Morne Coco Road and I’m turning right because you know I passed in the back there, of that tall building on your right the Hibiscus Apartments and I felt maybe I missed something or some Street. And I figured you know I will tune and see what I miss and I thought of going in there but then I said let me check and see if I’ve missed anything, but really I didn’t miss anything because we came from Hibiscus East and we went across the road there to the West which is on the right.

So I’m just gonna turn around here and then turning around you will get to see you know some of the residents are wrong the houses and so forth. This one claims to be a clinic I don’t know for what purpose, but at least they kept a nice garden, lots of flowers, plants, color.

So that’s where we went across the road there to the other side but instead we will go this way on Morne Coco road, and try to cover some of the other streets.

Which have a new unique appearance and for all this talking I need to take a water brake so if you hear things going on any background noises that’s me taking my stainless steel oversized jug and drinking from it.

I drink a lot of water every day like hmm, like three four liters. The environment I work into the computers generate a lot of heat so even with fans and stuff and the humidity here too. Even when I go abroad I I know for some people when the cool air the dryness the lack of humility makes them feel like they don’t need to drink but I actually still drink there.

Um so that’s just me and my system keeping it cool. I may drink slightly less maybe just three liters instead of four but uh I still drink a lot of water and that’s the best thing every day you should have a good amount of water to drink. I would have eight to ten cups which to me is nothing especially in a hot Caribbean place but some people will calculate the liquid intake with soft drinks and juices and really that is not correct. Those things are in addition to the water intake you really need water just water no sugar drinks and stuff occasionally I might have just like a club soda, which only has um maybe a few salts on that’s about it. I didn’t want to go up here because you see how many cars on the road right? Turning around there would have been an issue probably to get to see at least what the road looks like this blue building on the right here is a well it used to be a pharmacy, here but now I see it’s a medical center places here change operations quite often especially when they’re private and not a franchise. Although I do see franchises moving around too now you see that building on the left there? Now to your center now too right that has been there for ages. It’s a bar slash restaurant.

There’s make Chinese food and stuff I don’t patronize there but I’m just letting you know that it has been there like a landmark it’s been there for a long time.

This is Sierra Leone road by the country.

And if we follow this road and we cross this will take us to Diego Martin which is right across those traffic lights there. We are not going to dig a water we stayed in the valley and this is St Lucien road but St Lucien road actually a long road but this part of that road is within Petit Valley, the other side goes into Diego Martin.

And you can tell by all the vehicles and stuff yep they fix and repair Vehicles her.e

I don’t know how good they are or what they do or etc but you got the tour.

Now there’s a huge drain there and there’s nothing to let you know that that there’s a big drain there so you can see you can see on the bottom left of your screen how tight that is.

You could anybody could go down and that’s ridiculous, local authorities should be covering that.

Should not have exposed drain or if you do railing or something to protect people from it, shouldn’t be open like that.

Yeah so this road that I’m on actually extends straight ahead.

But we are not going that way today, I’m actually gonna pass on that road later in this video but not right now instead I want to capture some of these roads on the left here.

It might take you to something unremarkable but um at least you get to see it especially if you are watching this video, and the anticipation of turning down one of these roads there you are. That one in particular was tight and now a place for me to turn around so keep on going.

This particular place is a good example of how concrete, takes over everything and because of that the green becomes less and less and less. While some property owners are doing their best to keep the green you can see that some properties are just all concrete and some people even cover their yard with concrete to ensure they don’t have to cut the grass. But you know it doesn’t look good, you know for that to look good it would have to be a commercial property and it would have to be well paved and tiled in some way but most people don’t go to the extent to me there should never be on a mixture of commercial and residential. Those things should be separate and have a designated area for it. Bothers me sometimes when I see a nice area and then boom some commercial enterprise there especially bars, I just don’t like them. How do you feel about that? Let me know in the comments area.

So back on Sierra Leone road checking out some of the other streets here.

Now I believe this road will take you all the way to the other side, which I believe it’s the Majuba Crossroad.

And you can see how small the road is right? Smaller I mean it’s long but very narrow.

So unlike other places I’ve recorded I don’t think there’s much leeway to park on the side here and you don’t see anybody parked on the inside there which is good and you can notice the amount of humps right?

Those humps someone can’t imagine anybody racing through here but yeah that’s what they do.

So this is like going around and this would be the other side of Saint Lucian Road in order to get another Petit Valley by the way is on the left and Diego Martin is on the right so to get this part of Petit Valley I have to actually come on this road in order to get it and access these gardens.

Trying to get to know as much as I can from all of Petit Valley.

And I’m really grateful that in all of my travels, the weather held up a little cloudy that’s fine still I had a good bright sunlight, no grey clouds and stuff to take away from the look and element.

Waiting for cars to pass.

To that other side that I would be officially Diego Martin.

So I would cover in another video, don’t forget 10 000 views in this video before I will release the next one.

Slow down a bit, because I wanted to see if turning in there was worthwhile obviously for me it wasn’t worthwhile enough.

And again that’s nothing to do with the people in the area or whatever that’s just time versus difficulty, at this point in time because I’ve been driving I mean if you notice I’ve been driving in real time here and just imagine me sitting on driving all this time here up and down turning around turn around turn around you know it weighs you down.

If you enjoy my work again feel free to go to my website,,, Press the donate button and donate.

If you can, if you can’t you know just simply like, comment, let your friends know about JB’s Man Cave so they can also subscribe it’s all free.

So I have been talking for more than two hours now tell me honestly, don’t you guys get tired of me talking I mean for this long?

Anything that you particularly would like to hear me talk more about, within these videos?

You may ask for history and stuff but to be honest I am not a historian I go by Layman’s knowledge. If you want to know about Petit Valley you know a lot of it was settled by a French colonists, who came here were given land, and had slaves working for them on plantations. That’s right a lot of the places here were once plantations of slaves and whatnot which are long gone now but it’s a sad part of history that we know. So that’s what Petit Valley the name I don’t know if it have anything to do with petite and Valley for sure this is a valley it’s a vast Valley actually, but the petite part maybe just because it’s small.

But nothing small about Petit Valley well it’s it’s a large area I’m not sure why the name if you know the name, feel free to comment in the comments area. This building on the left I used to be a grocery actually now I’m not sure what they do there there’s some streets on your right I wouldn’t bother to cover those because they are very short streets. So I’ll take you here you can see some of the houses on the side of the mountain to the base of the mountain.

You can see some of the trees, and the plants how beautiful it is people keep it in green.

Like always in my videos if you took away all the green the place would be like blah, right so the green enhances everything,

Going back down you got a nice view I like this particular part of Petit Valley it’s quiet I like all the houses are the roads it’s kind of wide it’s narrowing a bit now but it’s wide back there.

It has some nice trees and stuff just I just like the layout what about you?

Right now we head in back to Morne Coco road.

Now this particular part here, I always by the way and left it at Diego Martin really officially. That’s why I’m not going down there this particular part of where you turn actually just this road is the major road. So people coming from a Majuba Crossroads should wait but they often don’t fly across. That church daily Catholic Church I have a video specifically about our church in a better angle and detail you can always look for it on my YouTube channel.

I’m showing the poster for it. I have some memories that for some people know this is Quarry road. That’s a center a Community Development Center they put on the park.

And the name of this road is fitting because up ahead you can see well it’s over kind of overgrown now, but it’s a quarry up there and they have dug away from the surface of the mountain on the hill in such a way that it actually looks aesthetically nice at least it did not right now but it did some time ago when I was looking at it now it looks bad, trash and stuff lying around, bush.

Up ahead and on the other side is a place called Coco Jah which would be familiar to anybody from this area.

Whoever lives here obviously likes artwork and does a good job the entrance that has a statue, and this building here they they have this like a snack place but they also have some interesting designs in their place.

This is a snacket. Coco Jah by the way as we’re passing by extends up to the mountain but again that’s not a place I would want to drive up because it’s very steep and hardly any place to turn on in fact all these roads only right here that I’m passing are very Steep and that’s why you will notice I am not, taking them.

It just doesn’t make sense.

So normally you could go on Morne Coco road but this is like the back roads, and these backwards make up part of what will connect to some other road called Pioneer Drive which leads to even more stuff on the mountains. Now, the ones on the mountains on this side are less steep so I’ll try to show you them. See if I turn left I will go back to Morne Coco road but I don’t want to go back there yet so we’ll take a right here I mean these roads are steep but they’re not as bad as the ones that were that I pass by earlier.

whenn I pass through here as a kid all this was green look at how many houses they have up here now, some big structures too.

Another one on your right that’s huge.

And the irony about this road too is that it keeps on going it goes from asphalt to a dirt road where I guess they are continuing in construction but I didn’t go beyond that because one I was kind of getting ready to wind down. This road trip it’s been very long plus I didn’t know if I was encroaching on any private property and I didn’t want to do that so I just decided to turn around right here you can see where the road is not paved anymore.

And so that’s the end of that and to take our next water break.

You guys have me talking more than I’ve ever talked in my life.

Because I’m really not much of a talker to be honest I mean if you met me you’d find me a quiet person.

Not shy don’t mix up being quiet with shy I’m not a shy person but I’m just quiet you know like keep to myself, I like to observe things more on talk about it. I love and I also like to be discreet and blend into the point that I’m not noticeable and that might seem odd right but that’s just the way I am. Now only talk or do things whatever as necessary but I actually enjoy peace and enjoy more time, on my own more of an introvert I guess.

So we continuing in here on Pioneer Drive it’s a church down the left I believe it’s kind of how has Evangelical or Pentecostal or whatever but they do make a quite a ruckus at times there’s a park on the left, savannah.

Those large apartment buildings on to your left on the screen that is West Hills part of West Hills.

Some limers at the corner, never was a fan of limers.

So this is Chalkie Block it’s a strange name for a road right but that’s what the name of it is.

Up there there’s a dead end, see where that yellow car is, right just after that white van is a dead end so really there was no purpose of me going up there. But the odd thing about this road is up at the top there I know there’s like a garage or something kind of commercial place just kind of an odd place for that but anyway like how this house is designed, simplistic another nice little view from here too.

So that would be West Hills any distance those large apartment buildings and where that those apartments these are now used to be I know it’s called a horse farm but they used to have lots of horses running there there used to be a lot of green. It was so unfortunate when they sold it in order to build, I guess whomever owned it before you know got tired of that and sold it out and developers came in and put up apartments.

You can see the road all messed up because this is usually when WASA which is the local water and sewage company, they will come and dig up and cause this mess because all these broken on you see they don’t see about it right away. You know they come right away after doing this and pave to be good but it stays like this for a long time. Sometimes months, mashing up people’s vehicles, mashing up people’s property and so forth.

Again there are offshoot roads going on to the right, but I don’t want to cover those so I’m just doing a stick with the main road here.

These some houses and developments here have been here for quite a while not as many again, all here was mostly green but yet they have all been here for quite a while.

Now normally I would kind of fly through here and get past all of this but you know when when a person’s driving a car and they see all these rough roads and stuff, they tend to drive around slow. Which is understandable but for me you know driving this truck used to going through worse terrain on this and kind of like to breeze through here.

I am actually attempting because I’ve never come all this way and I’m attempting to again just like I did on Simeon road and those others see where this goes to the end.

The funny thing is I came in back here some years ago and don’t recall all these houses being here.

It was more green, look at how much stuff is going on in the back here now.

Now it’s going up.

The nice thing about when you go up is when you turn around the view you got a nice view so a lot of this seems to be still being developed.

And kind of like little dead ends so I’m gonna turn around here because there’s nothing more to see really.

So now you get a little view of the valley, Morne Coco road will pass over that mountain that you see any background that will take you to the other side which is maraval.

Some derelict Vehicles then when they start doing that that really puts down here I just don’t like seeing those derelict Vehicles, metal and trash and whatnot.

To get out of the area it needs to be more supervision of places by the authorities to make sure people are upkeeping their properties and public roads, because this is already public roads and you’re not supposed to be putting stuff here.

This goes for any area not just here and there are laws like that in other countries because for instance in Maryland, if you have a vehicle that vehicle has to be registered, license, if it’s in your yard, that’s right. If it’s not then it belongs on a dump, facts. You can’t just have a vehicle they’re just sitting down doing nothing because it becomes our eye sore, it becomes a derelict, a place for rats and whatever to hide and so forth. I was pondering going up there but then I said nah I started to take her right here instead this would take us to another part of the back here, ultimately Ravine Road.

But all these little side streets are like shortcuts to get to the other side because there’s a river here that you have to pass over and this kind of takes you over it.

The roads are very small as you can see very close to, the more inside so for instance see how this Maxi coming up here I would never be able to pass there with him there and he knows that so he come, he calls me forward.

I can pass now and you’ll see where we’re gonna go over the river via this bridge.

This small bridge here. And this is Ravine road now I could have gone right and show you more of that but there’s nothing remarkable up there really so what you’ve seen before is similar to what you would see in any other place, I can’t cover every little nothing cranny for Petit Valley just trying to stick to the major stuff.

It’s a community basketball place there.

I think it’s a church there’s a church on the right, some kind of restaurant I think up there a red building, little snackets and mini mart and stuff there on the left. This is where the Maxis turn around the beginning of the video I started off here remember that you’re not ending here yet we still have to see a place called Cameron Road. Cameron Road is somewhat infamous but it’s all part of the Valley it has a cemetery there and yet still off of Cameron road would have some really nice houses and stuff huh.

That’s Cameron Road there on the right when they were developing West Hills I remember there were a lot of complaints that there was a lot of mud and swampy areas being kicked up, and so many graves would would be disturbed and people said they saw skeletons and stuff. That’s there on the right, that green and yellow wall that we’re passing and if that still happens but people hear any area complaining that’s kind of creepy right?

Sierra Vista Garden.

So we’re coming back here and just taking in a bit of the surroundings, the greeny I like this particular part here because of the the cliff.

The mountain side this is like how it ends and the trees, I don’t know if you can pick up what I’m seeing but I just liked it. Ah there’s a nice Hisbicus plant, palms and stuff.

I’m just gonna turn around here you can see more of where we came from on the other side, we were on top of that mountain.

Just gonna go around here.

So as we come into the end and not quite yet but as we approaching the end of this video keep in mind what I said right 10 000 views, in order to go to the next video. It wouldn’t be just me releasing another Trini video just saying no no no once I’m satisfied people have really viewed this one. Then I’ll release a next on the next and so forth tell me what you think about that. Sounds like a plan? And I’m really happy about it you think I should be just releasing every day but then what about the other countries and the other videos that I need to do?

Kind of have to have a little bit of share and time on my channel right not just Trini stuff.

So this is Cameron and it takes you this this particular road bends in like a loop so I’ll go in the loop sometimes Maxis would come in the back here and drop people.

It’s an interesting sort of area, on the mountain face there it looks like the did some excavation in order to plant crops no you see all these containers and built up stuff here? That wasn’t always here you know, now I just find like every time I come in the back here there’s something new built up.

That’s what I’m talking about any right there with the excavation on the planting crops and stuff so this is part of the loop the roads here are quite narrow so if you see another vehicle come when you’re ready wouldn’t be able to pass.

Luckily that didn’t happen to me most people would make the same Loop that I did there.

So this is all part of Petit Valley and we have covered quite a vast variety of it has all kinds of places, flat, hilly, mountainous, eye candy, not so how much eye candy and vice versa it is everything for everybody here in Petit Valley. So next time you ask somebody where they live and they say Petit Valley you know now that you can’t just see one part of Petit Valley in your mind and think oh they probably live in there, oh or that’s what their place looks like. Because you can see now that Petit Valley is very big area with varying styles of communities and you will have to more or less ask them which part of Petit Valley to get a kind of a rough idea of where they live. It’s not so simple as they’re saying Petit Valley and you know which it’s a pretty big area.

I’m going to show you, give you a taste of West Hills which is here on the left which is a fairly new development, and they have a part to where there’s a commercial aspect right when you turn left and right you could go across a mini grocery, drug stores, mini mart and so forth. So I hope you enjoyed our long tour today remember 10 000 views and then I’ll create the next video, this is West Hills I really appreciate you coming here to watch JB’s Man Cave and my videos thanks so much.

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