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Ukraine War Short Videos

Do not forget Ukraine… men, women and children still bleed and die because of the Russian invasion. Some silly people will argue that Ukraine is corrupt… which country does not have corruption? Besides, is corruption a reason to bomb children? This is all about greed and power where one nation wants to bully its way into another sovereign nation:

More topics End of the World. Will Ukraine Russia War End the World?

End of the World. Will Ukraine Russia War End the World?

What if you woke up tomorrow and just heard that a global event will mean the END OF THE WORLD? What would you do? How would you react? In this video, I will share with you 16 specific ways in which the world might end. Don’t skip around, watch it all because each one will make you think!

END of the WORLD 16 Ways END TIMES Second Coming to UFOs to Nuclear War
The End of the World?

Also, please do not forget to SUBSCRIBE for FREE as well as like this video, thank you kindly. So let’s start the 16 predictions about the END OF THE WORLD starting with my own account from a real life experience.

When I was a teenager I used to work with missionaries to preach Christianity in my own country. Later, as an adult, I went to England and Wales to do the same. We would use such words as “What is the purpose of life?”, “…being in the last days”, “end of the world”, and “the Second Coming” …as a means to get people thinking beyond their day to day ritual.

Of recent, because of the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia in 2022, there has been a lot of talk of nuclear warfare and what that can mean as an end of life as we know it on this planet.

However, there have been many takes beyond Christianity and religion as a whole as to what will happen in the ‘end days’.Let’s cover the main ones starting with…

Number 1 Baba Vanga, the mystic.

Baba Vanga is allegedly a teller of the future with pretty good accuracy. According to Baba Vanga, she was accurate about the invasion of the Ukraine and that Russia would grow to an unstoppable power. But later in the year, our year, 2022, she claimed that there would be an alien invasion that may result in the aliens taking prisoners. You might think this is far fetched but listen on. In 2017 she was able to predict that there would be a visitation of an out of planetary object and this was verified by NASA.NASA said the first known interstellar object that was cigar shaped entered our solar system sometime around October 2017 and left as quickly as it came. NASA could not label it as an asteroid hence their saying it was the “first known interstellar object”.You can see that on NASA’s site, I put the link in the description:

According to Baba Vanga this object was sent by aliens to scout for other planetary life.

Number 2 – Nordics and the End of the World

Now, since we are talking about Aliens already let’s move to one of the next most popular predictions by those who have had encounters with Aliens known as the Nordics.

The Nordics are human like aliens that ‘watch’ over the earth. Many of those who had communication with the Nordics claim that these aliens are peaceful and will not allow nuclear weapons to destroy the earth but in so doing will have to disclose their existence to the entire earth.This will bring in a new age of the earth if this is true.

Number 3 – Aliens and World’s End

Before we leave the aliens there is yet another prediction about aliens that we should know about… aliens that are already here.That’s right, according to many who have either been abducted or communicated with aliens known as Greys, Reptilians and and other human appearing beings they are living on and within the earth.Therefore, while they do not meddle in the major affairs of man they would not want mankind to use nuclear weapons as this could affect them as well so they would stop it.

Number 4 – The Second Coming

The Second Coming, many also refer to this as the “Rapture” which encompasses end times. There are many prophecies in the Bible and other religious books about the coming of God. According to these prophecies God will intervene just before the world is totally overrun by the evil state in which it has fallen. For Christians, this means Jesus Christ will appear, but if you are a Buddhist, then Buddha will be the one who will interject. There are many religious predictions from Islam, Judaism, and even Rastafarians about the end time that cannot all be covered here but they all more or less say the same thing… good will triumph over evil.

Number 5 – Global Warming to World’s End

The other prediction are by those who are using science or in other words the scientists. There is global warming that will reach such a heated state that the world will become like Mars or to put it in better perspective imagine all the world looking like a desert.Even so, sea levels could also rise as the arctic ice melts causing a whole set of destruction of its own.Without enough drinkable water life on earth would become a struggle to survive with food shortages and fires everywhere. In fact, we can see evidence of this already… just watch the news.

Number 6 – Nuclear Destruction

If there was a nuclear war then the world would collapse and become a wasteland largely due to the number of nuclear weapons used around the world. While some privileged people may be able to survive below ground using bunkers one has to wonder for how long could they survive without sunlight, or the replenishing of food, and water.In other words, men would become like cave people or dwellers without the light of sun UNLESS they are within a facility that can generate electricity, farm production and so forth.While that is possible, again that would be reserved for a very small amount of VIP people.

Number 7 – Virus Wipes Out Humankind

A virus… we have seen how COVID-19 ravished human life on the earth but just imagine if there was a biochemical war that took all human life. There have been many movies about zombies and the like but it may be that people just simply die rather than rise up as zombies.

Number 8 – Asteroid Hits the Earth

An object such as a large asteroid or planetoid hits the earth. In such a scenario, even underground bunkers would not be able to survive.Everything, and I mean everything on earth would die.This is one reasons why there is a constant search for life beyond this earth or being able to live on other planets such as Mars or Titan.

Number 9 – End of the Experiment

End of the experiment. When I was in England I used to ask people the question… “What do you think is the purpose of life?” The answers, at that time, often amazed me but not so much anymore. Some of the replies I got would be that we are just part of a large scale experiment in which at some point there will be an end. You may laugh at that but many people believe that… if you saw the Matrix movies you will know that things can be twisted to seem one way and yet be something else. The main question would be who is running this experiment?

Number 10 – Gamma Ray Destuction

The sun, while it helps life grow can also emit gamma rays that can kill. While the earth’s atmosphere does a good job of dispersing the harmful gamma rays a solar storm could happen that would take out satellites, the internet, electricity and so forth sending us back decades or even centuries. This may lead to other global happenings including war. Can you imagine all those young people that could not get access to their phone for communications – how will they ever survive?

Number 11 – World Ends by Ice Age

While there is global warming there can also be the opposite: an Ice Age. If the whole earth were in a constant winter then that means there would be wide scale food shortages and other problems that would eventually lead to the death of life as we know it.

Number 12 – Anti-matter

In some parts of Europe and possibly elsewhere there are experiments with the God Particle, anti-matter and so forth using a collider. Many have said that these experiments could lead to the formation of a black hole right here on earth that could swallow us whole.You know, as lay people we really do not know what goes on in the world each day that puts the whole planet at risk. While we like to believe that there are responsible people who ensure our safety there can always be someone crazy out there that thinks otherwise.

Number 13 – Mega Earthquakes

If there were a major series of Earthquakes that happened across the earth or even one major earthquake that was powerful enough to blacken the sky then life could slowly die.On your free time you can always check some of the scientific predictions about the Yellowstone Park area’s possible major global earthquake.

Number 14 – Moon Moves

Similar to something hitting the earth, something large enough like a planetoid or asteroid could hit the moon and move it out of orbit or worst destroy it altogether. Many do not realize the dependence of the earth on the moon’s orbit. The moon actually stabilizes the earth and if the moon were to shift or move away or get closer to the earth that would cause global disasters like we have never seen before.

Number 15 – AI Takes Over The World

AI, which is short for artificial intelligence, could take over the earth. Everyday we are making computers, robots and machinery smarter to the point that it even predicts what we will do next. Suppose this AI gets to the point where it feels self-aware and has a need to protect its existence at the cost of human life.Many of the world’s best minds have made many predictions about how this can happen – we should be concerned about trying to place too much of our existence in the hands of AI.

Number 16 – Simply the End of the World

No matter which catastrophic event happens, whether it be nuclear, bio-warfare or global warming… it could be that when it happens and the planet dies then that’s it. The end. There is no intervention of aliens, God or anyone else… we just cease to exist. When a person dies in a way that is the end of the world for them because they can no longer experience life on earth.No one likes to consider death or the end of the world without having some kind of hope of a better outcome at the end. There must be hope because without hope where is life?

So how do you think the world will ‘end’ and what will be the outcome? Please tell me in my Youtube channel in the comments area. I know some of you like to contact me privately, but some of your responses are so awesome they should be seen by everyone so please comment in my Youtube channel.