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Ukraine Cost of Living for Single Person

Hello Friends! As you know I’m a big supporter of Ukraine and have you ever wondered what it would be like to survive there how much money you would need?

Well, Maria my friend in Ukraine, is gonna tell us.

How much MONEY to SURVIVE in KYIV UKRAINE? Interview 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraini!
Amount of money you need to live in Ukraine

Hi my name is Maria, I live in Ukraine.

JB asks… how much money should help a single person to survive in Ukraine during this war.

So let’s see the cost of living depends on the region you live in.

I live in Kiev where prices are a little bit higher than in most regions and prices for accommodation start from 80 dollars if you are going to live in a dorm…

and um for one room apartment we’re ready to pay from 150 dollars a month but keep in mind it will be old-fashioned flat with old furniture far away from the downtown.

Utilities usually are not included in the monthly rent and how much you will pay depends on the season and the size of your apartment.

It can be between 30 um 150 dollars a month for the electricity water gas and heating in the winter.

By the way, last year Ukrainian government imposed a moratorium on the rise and the cost of utilities.

But this year everything can be changed

Kyiv is a very big city to get round on foot.

Fortunately public transport in Kiev is the cheapest in entire Europe

A ride cost um about 50 cents in any direction

the next item is food if you cook by yourself expect to spend between 100 to 200 dollars a month.

in any other case um you definitely need a budget mark.

Examples: coffee costs from one dollar, milk from one dollar bananas or two dollars per kilo our chicken fillet from four dollars per kilo

Uh in Ukraine we used to eat a lot of Kasha porridge, cereal, potato it’s cheaper than vegetables especially in the winter so why not

In Ukraine also we don’t have any nightlife handling different kind of issues is our way of entertainment

For example Ukrainians got a new items of expenditures that is buying a lot of candles, batteries, generators, flashlights

last year most of us didn’t buy even some clothing we were not positive if we have any future

Now situation is more stable and we start to go into the cinemas

a ticket to the cinema costs are from four dollars dollar

the last one I watched was um Oscar nominee Ukrainian movie A House Made of Splinters.

I highly recommend you to watch it

To sum up everything I said before if you live modestly and save on everything you can survive on 450 dollars a month… so welcome.

The above was taken from this video on JB’s Man Cave. Other topics: End of the World. Will Ukraine Russia War End the World?

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