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Welcome to JB’s Man Cave, one site of many, that makes up a large network. Here, I will keep most of the audio texts and articles I write which are largely based on the YouTube videos I create. If you are looking to know more about me, JB, as a person, then I suggest starting: HERE.

Wild Flower Park Trinidad

Wild Flower Park Trinidad

Hello friends we are in Port of Spain Trinidad an island in the Caribbean and we're going to look at ...
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Walking around the Savannah Trinidad

Walking Around the Queen’s Park Savannah Trinidad

Hello friends, I'm here at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain I'm telling my boys who I'm with ...
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Vegan Waffles

Waffles Vegan Ingredients

So this is my meal of the day we have lovely oats waffles that my wife made usually on my ...
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Suriname Dutch Speaking South American Country

So let's look at the country of Suriname which is located in south American. We're going to zoom in thank ...
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Most topics surround related or unrelated material such as: my Experiences as a former Missionary in the UK, Autism, Code as in Coding, RPGs, the Caribbean with an emphasis on Trinidad and Tobago, Veganism, Health, Social Issues and Nissan Frontier Mods / Fixes. I am a realist, minimalist and vegan with something to say.

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