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Welcome to JB’s Man Cave, one site of many, that makes up a large network. Here, I will keep most of the articles I write which are largely based on the videos I create. The topics surround unrelated material such as: my Experiences as a former Missionary in the UK, Autism, Coding and RPGs, the Caribbean, T&T, Veganism, Health, Social Issues and Nissan Frontier Mods / Fixes. While each of these subjects are different they actually make up my life. If you are looking to know more about me, JB, as a person then I suggest my other site: JBorde.com.

COVID-19 Trinidad and Tobago

Covid-19 Vaccine in Trinidad and Tobago

Saturday, my family and I went to NAPA to take the COVID-19 Vaccine. We waited until now so we could ...
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Natural Peanut Butter

Natural Peanut Butter in Trinidad and Tobago

Hello everyone. As you may know I tend to eat all things natural or in other words I eat the ...
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Fake Police Trinidad

Fake Police in Trinidad & Tobago

In addition, to worries about the tactics used by the criminal element in Trinidad and Tobago we also have to ...
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God is not a Trini

Is God A Trini?

I was looking at the destruction taking place in Haiti. Their president was assassinated. They just had a catastrophic earthquake ...
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I am a realist, minimalist and vegan with something to say.