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Welcome to JB’s Man Cave, one site of many, that makes up a large network. Here, I will keep most of the articles I write which are largely based on the videos I create. The topics surround unrelated material such as: my Experiences as a former Missionary in the UK, Autism, Coding and RPGs, the Caribbean, T&T, Veganism, Health, Social Issues and Nissan Frontier Mods / Fixes. While each of these subjects are different they actually make up my life. If you are looking to know more about me, JB, as a person then I suggest my other site: JBorde.com.

The Matrix Resurrections Review

Fan Review of The Matrix Resurrections

Let's review The Matrix Resurrections. For those of you who don't know, I am a fan of the original Matrix ...
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Trini Politics

Trini Politics – Political Ads in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinis love to talk about politics and will often attempt to make any situation or event political. This channel is ...
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UFO Trinidad Tobago

UFOs, Aliens and Spacecraft in Trinidad and Tobago

Like most children, I've always been interested in outer space, spacecraft, UFOs and the concept of aliens. Science fiction many ...
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Trinidad Horned

Cheating Partners in the Caribbean aka Being Horned

Are Caribbean men and women faithful or more unfaithful to each other? Relationships in the Caribbean are like any other ...
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I am a realist, minimalist and vegan with something to say.