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Fan Submissions to JB’s Man Cave YouTube Channel

As you may know, JB’s Man Cave is a diverse YouTube Channel, encompassing places, peoples and opinions. I love raw interviews with people for JB’s Man Cave. Dedicated fans of JB’s Man Cave YouTube Channel want to see themselves in one of my videos as well. While, I can’t be everywhere to record everyone, there is a way you can be part of my Channel from your location.. Therefore, if you will like to submit a video to be used on JB’s Man Cave, then please thoroughly read the terms and conditions as well as follow the steps below.

Terms & Conditions

When you submit a video, that you have personally recorded, to Jean Borde, for use on JB’s Man Cave:

  1. You agree that I will have exclusive rights over the video. In other words, the video will belong to me, Jean Borde, and used on JB’s Man Cave in the best way I may deem fit.
  2. You agree that there are no royalties to be paid, fees or any monetary compensation to you for your submission.
  3. You agree that I decide the timeline for it to be used as well as how it will be edited.
  4. You agree that I can reject your submission at anytime.

How to Record a Fan Video

Before you submit your video, make sure to Contact JB first about your participation. Please ensure you will be able to meets these requirements:

  1. You will need a camera or phone that can video record at no less than 2.7K. If you have 4K, even better.
  2. Ensure you record only YOURSELF in a quiet place with little to no background sounds, movement or distractions. If you have a plain background even better.
  3. Your camera or phone should be still when recording. The best way to do this is use a clip or stand so it does not move. Do NOT ask someone to hold it for you or take it like a selfie as there will be lots of movement which will degrade the quality of production.
  4. When recording your eyes should be leveled with the lens. In other words, you should not look down or up but straight ahead.
  5. Always record horizontally.
  6. When answering the questions (JB sends this to you) read the question, pause and then give your answer. Remember, the question you read will not be used in the final video, it is only for me to know which question you are answering.
  7. Submit by uploading to the location that JB gives you.

When will I see myself on JB’s Man Cave?

I will make sure to contact you about its release.

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