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Trinidad Carnival 2023 in the Raw

Hello Friends I am driving up a street in Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean and I am not going to show you Carnival because I’m not allowed to you can check my video on that if you want to know more.

But today is Saturday in the month of February and a lot of carnival celebrations and preparations and before we do anything make sure to subscribe it’s free, like and share it’s really appreciated so as I give it a short tour I’m just showing you what’s going to happen before Carnival actually kicks in it actually kicks in today with children.

CARNIVAL 2023 Preparations Port of Spain TRINIDAD and Tobago Caribbean 5.3K

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Homeless during Carnival

But you see that guy there he has no place to live he lives in a wheelchair he’s an amputee I see him regularly I have another video on him and yesterday or I should say this morning there was um two murders on Arapita Avenue people were liming and one British national who was here for Carnival was shot in her leg fortunate for her she didn’t die they say it was gang activity all part of the celebrations that’s a truck there with speakers that might be considered really big but that’s actually one of the smaller trucks they carry their music and people in costumes follow them you see there’s some vehicle had this big van that’s a maxi taxi and they carry passengers to and fro it’s like a big bus but a private bus so as we go around what is called Memorial Park on the right I have another video for that.

Police give a Carnival Bligh

Where you can see there’s a lot of cars around a lot of tents normally these things are not here but they are allowed to for the carnival celebrations that right there that’s the national uh Museum it’s closed right now for renovations so the tents on the left and the right people tend to sell drinks food whatever make a buck for Carnival and uh during these times the police doesn’t really hustle anybody because they know you know people come here to make a buck they come to what we call free up themselves in other words enjoy themselves.

Savannah during Carnival

Up ahead is the Queen’s park Savannah and within it they have they built up this part of it for a taste of Carnival as it were I didn’t attend it but people who wanted to know more about Carnival could enter there now we’re going around what is called the Queen’s Park Savannah and they have built these little Shacks or houses if you want to call them that on the right and those are also for Nationals to sell their products maybe you know locally made shoots crafts drinks food Etc.

Normally those things are not there either if you look at my Savannah videos You’ll see what it’s like without it those are steel pans they are fitted onto trailers and they’re either being or are they they’re to be picked up by a truck or there to be part of the parade of bands but I have the feeling it’s there to be picked up because yesterday there was a competition so we’re continuing around this one and all the Savannah is more or less one way it’s considered the largest roundabout in the world um around 2.45 miles to go around it.

However, uh during the time of Carnival the Carnival season especially beginning in the weekend is try to make this two-way traffic now interestingly enough I’m driving around here and I don’t see any indications that this is two-way traffic until uh where I get to this corner and then I start to see a lot of signs but I’m not sure how they worked it out because there’s a police car there and a sign indicating two-way traffic but yet the sign is blocking so I’m not sure if there’s a preamble to what’s to come or how they work it out anyway you can see where they put these cones in the middle and we are going one way and there are cars on the other side going the other way normally it’s not like that you could see a lot of um boards poster boards on the left and the right advertising Carnival on the right there normally this is not there that’s just been blocked off so people you know in bands pass they kind of destroy everything.

And that’s to stop them from destroying these shrubs there this build beautiful building on the left and most of the building said this is not their normal gate or whatever have you wall that is actually to protect the building and the grounds from Carnival bands passing like I said whenever they pass they kind of mess everything drop drinks and stuff anyway that’s my short tour of the preparation for Carnival please do subscribe like and share thanks so much for watching I appreciate it.

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