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Drive to Toco and Sans Souci in the country of Trinidad and Tobago

Hello Friends! We are here in Valencia, Trinidad and Tobago and we are on our way to Toco and then on to Sans Souci. These places are all on an island called Trinidad which is part of a country known as Trinidad and Tobago we’re on the Camuto road heading north now Trinidad and Tobago as an island in the Caribbean is the southernmost islands in the Caribbean.

VALENCIA to TOCO and SANS SOUCI tropical Trini Road Trip TRINIDAD and Tobago Caribbean

So we are right next to Venezuela below us would be Guyana if you were to look on it on a map and to the right of us would be the Atlantic Ocean other islands that you may be familiar with like Barbados, Grenada, and so forth out to the North and North East of us and as you would expect from any tropical island it’s all green you see coconut trees you see lots of natural flora and fauna.

In the area we are in now is more or less like the countryside if you want to put it that way so you’d see more green than normal the trip to the place called Toco is a long Winding Road and I mean long this video goes on for almost two hours and while I would like to talk to you for two hours straight… that is quite an accomplishment I will try but I will go on and off I know lots of you like to hear me talk and Share My Views and talk about things but you know as a human I have to take breaks some time plus you know I’m recording in my home and I can’t ask everybody to just stand still while I talk on a video so if you hear background songs you understand we just turned right onto the Eastern Main Road which is a long main road that extends from the East all the way to the West in the capital of Trinidad which is Port of Spain and we are proceeding East right now the current government has plans to make it that you don’t need to take these main roads and small artery roads in order to get to Toco they plan to build a highway that leads from the current highway to Toco and we are actually gonna pass on some of the rough setting of that road because it’s not by anywhere near completion and you’re going to see that in some of this video anyway this is Valencia

we’re going east and the roads here are not too bad we have a Pitch Lake in Trinidad which is a natural resource and we are lucky to have that that’s what roads are made from pitch and yet still you know our Roots can be deplorable at times so when you get a good road like this to drive on you’re thankful

now if if this is your first time watching JB’s Man Cave I make hundreds of videos if you look on my channel you’ll see hundreds of videos and soon it will be thousands we create many channels uh so we have channels on various things this particular channel is more or less a personal channel of mine that features um my life basically so wherever I go I I will I normally record not only for safety reasons you know but specific road trips so usually I actually do have a camera on all the time as soon as I get in my vehicle I’m driving a truck it’s a D22 frontier with a ZD30 engine and I actually do cover um some items about how to fix to your truck and things related to this model of Nissan so if you have a D22

engine and you want to get some tips on it you can also check my channel for videos online I am not a mechanic by the way but I just like to know how to do stuff to do it myself I’m I’m big into doing it yourself because sometimes in my opinion doing it yourself gets it done right

now this is the main Center if you want to call it out of Valencia besides get a lot more traffic

but typically areas in Trinidad look like this you notice there’s no green and it’s actually the sad part of progress in Trinidad and Tobago for me and that when things started progress it just get rid of all the green I mean I recently created our Trotters video um I’m not affiliated with them but I was recently showing how they meant they were able to create their building and yet still maintain some green so it’s not just all building not just all concrete and I wish people would take that initiative you know you yes you have a house yes you have a business but you know have a little bit of green and it’s sort of like the house on the left you see how it has some green on it but after we passed that house there’s no green at all it’s just Street Building it’s like people have something against plants yeah I know real estate is that a prime but you know come on we need to

aspect it’s also good for your psychology now if we turned right we will head to um Sandy granny but going straight here will take us to the Toco area and this is Valencia Road by the way we just came off of the Eastern main road still going east

and sometimes you don’t know where one thing ends or begins this video also is unique in that it’s always recorded in 2.7 key uh which is 144 zero pixels I I believe that you know I can’t show or I don’t want to mix 5.3 K with with other resolutions and the reason for that is it it’s just you have to degrade or upscale and to me it distorts thing so what I did is footage where I’m driving I normally record in 2.7 key and footage where I pull out my GoPro I returned to record in 5.3 key and if it’s 360 5.6 key and so forth but um I tend to keep videos separate so when I’m actually driving the whole road trip is just me driving and when I stop I actually create another video for that stop and I will relate it somehow to this map so in this video when I stop I will actually show you what video you can look at to see the particular area in detail and that way you can see it in a higher resolution that will come up at some point

we’re still in Valencia and like I said the smallest Countryside so it’s underdeveloped there’s lots of green here that in years to come I’m sure you know watching this road there will be buildings on your left and the right and especially with the government wanting to put a highway through here which has pros and constant um there will be even more businesses more Commerce and so forth I just hope that in part of planning urban planning there’s some consideration you know kept for the green the animal life and nature and so forth

I also myself um You can call me JB if you don’t know again about my channel I’m over the hill guy that likes to remember things in the past and how it is now a lot of my videos tend to be talking about this is how it was in the past and this is how it is now unless it’s something I’m totally new to then well you know I can only talk about the present aspect of it but I like Nietzsche I am actually a vegan which means I do not harm animals I do not eat any animal products no milk no cheese no Dairy no meat and somebody would say in their mind well you know what do you eat well you’d be surprised how much stuff that you do eat is vegan fruits vegetables or starches potatoes rice peas and so forth are all vegan it’s when you add the animal aspect to it that you know you you take away from that

I wasn’t always vegan I became vegan due to certain things certain happenings in my life and I have other videos for that you can always feel free to look at that if you want on my channel

and if you see me um suddenly go silent and pause that’s simply because I’m making notes taking a break whatever you know like I said I can’t talk uh constantly in fact in my normal life I hardly talk in school growing up people always just wonder how I was so quiet by any chance I’m very conservative and very quiet and you may think well how could we you be conservative and quiet and creating videos like this and showing yourself and talking about stuff well actually when I first started this Channel I didn’t talk at all I created videos and I would use these text boxes to share information about why I was going you know for me hearing my voice was of no interest to me and uh you know if the idea was just to disseminate information well then I would just share a text box with the information but people kept nagging me to talk and and there were some videos where it was necessary to talk for instance when I was talking about um being a parent of special needs children I would talk about that you know [ __ ] you can’t use text boxes for that or my life as a vegan or whatever and um people realize oh so you do talk and they wanted me to talk on all my videos so well I started to do that it’s it is a lot more work to talk than sharing a text box because you know it’s easier to just you know throw up some music put a text block when when um there’s something relevant and move on from there but you know talking takes a quite a bit of doing especially from somebody that’s conservative and quiet so why do I talk besides people wanting me to well this video is for my children my whole channel is for the purpose of helping my children and so I do this for them and I am driven as a father and that’s your whole purpose in addition to that I like sharing uh where I go with you so you feel like you tag along with me and like it’s almost like we’re in this truck we’re driving on the road and you are there with me and we’re checking things out and we would be talking

so that’s kind of like how I create my videos on what my channel is about you can see this route is pretty good isn’t it

it’s because they’re doing a lot of preparation for the highway or whatever

a lot of good road here that did not exist before they have drainage only left

and so forth

Valencia is a bit hilly and where we’re going to talk is mountainous

ultimately I am actually going to this trip all the way to a place called Matelot which is as far as you can go uh driving north east and then headed back West I have other videos where I went from west to east using the North Coast Road but the North Coast Road has an end to it and I covered all of that so this is sort of like going around Trinidad to get to the other end that you can access now you may be wondering why did I go to the right well do as you can see the road on the left is not finished

and um because it’s cut out and there are a lot of homes I have to kind of go right to left right to left but don’t worry there’s no um there’s no I I well I shouldn’t say that no because because vehicle just passed but I can’t see vehicles coming from quite a distance and you’ll notice the road is very clear which I’m glad about so the route here is really bad and not simply because they are working on it

uh the part here I’m actually walking on a lot of driving on walking driving on a lot of um gravel and whatever base they use for the um Road and some points are not accessible so I can’t for instance turn left because turn left turn left is close the door is closed so I have to go wrong anti-clockwise along this roundabout so I guess when everything is finished then I will have it access accessible for everybody but right now it’s closed off so I’m on this side of the road

at some points of this road gets really dusty you’ll see that and some people will drive on it as do it was a clear paved Highway

you see that just now you can see how many potholes of Rockford is

I guess in future videos You’ll see here nicely pivot Highway all the way to Toco and um people in case you’re wondering why would they build a highway to a Countryside area well I believe the plan is is that once they get this highway to Toco then they can build a port for access to our sister Island Tobago

right now people in order to get to Tobago by ferry boat or ship they have to start out for the spin they have to go around the western side of Trinidad through a place called The Dragon mouth which is very very rough seas and then they have to go north east towards Tobago and it makes the trip really long so if some if people can’t drive to a port in Tobago then in Toco then to get it Tobago would you triple only be maybe 10 minutes 15 minutes oh probably that’s exaggerate maybe 30 minutes but anyway it would not be four and five hours of rough Seas

there were there was talk um

when a country was a little more uh how to put it wealthy I want to say wealthy but there wasn’t a struggle with money or cash flow um oil prices were very high uh there was talk about building a bridge from Toco to Tobago it has been done in other countries we were told by the government that that isn’t feasible the other the other the other considerations was a tunnel because you know you can while you building above water is one aspect but you can also dig a tunnel below ground but I don’t think that’s feasible either so it looks like fairies

shockers driving really fast and kicking up a storm look at it takes up my um visibility wow

now look at all five years huh she is whomever is driving not a driver’s side I tend to be he

say yes this road is really bad at the moment still under construction

but this cuts out a lot of other roads that we would have had to take if we wanted to get Toco and another Direction you you know passing through Sangre Grande and that would have been a longer trip but in another video on my way back from Matelot I will be passing through Sonic running so you get to um a different route to return to border spin so you can see where you going

now in case you don’t know about the islands of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago it was once a British colony it had a strong influence in past Centuries by the Spaniards from Spain by the French and the original inhabitants would Carib Indians there are wax as well

and throughout the centuries we’ve picked up a bit of everything from you know the Local Natives the French the English and the Spanish

however the British was the last to occupy owned an Administration around until we became independent

and after Independence we became a republic and so we are fully a Sovereign Nation despite being such a small group of islands I didn’t understand this truck it’s almost like he didn’t want to drive on his side of the road I have um videos for crazy driving by the way because there’s so much of it in this country that’s one aspect of survival here you have to watch how you drive to drive very defensively so we plan to come to Trinidad to drive around make sure to not play around be very careful

so you’re trying to be good as a Sovereign Nation and um we use the parliamentary system which we took from the British we have a president a prime minister he has a cabinet as a opposition leader the Senators and so forth

very similar to the um British system book with some differences

we use the Trinidad and Tobago dollar as the currency one Trinidad and Tobago dollar at this time is around just under 7 U.S dollars

what am I seeing one US dollar is around seven Trinidad Tobago dollars

and I thought I was sounding crazy there I would be really good if one Trinidad and Tobago dollar could get this seven US Dollars anyway so to get an idea of what one US dollar can buy that is seven trying to make a dollars um a loaf of bread at this point in time well right now as I’m creating this video there’s a war going on in Ukraine between Russia and Ukraine and I actually do create videos about that too because I believe in supporting the Ukrainians the people of Ukraine and I like to promote helping them and so forth anyway because of that war wheat prices oil prices on everything like that has just skyrocketed however in the making of this video which is in June 2022 I well it’s one thing about Trinidad too you will get to know if you ever come here is prices vary a lot so a loaf of bread would be one price by a person and another personal place will sell for a completely different price however in general you could get a loaf of bread for around 2 U.S uh to give you an idea because people like to use bread as a way to assess what is the the value of money here as far as fuel um one of the natural resources of Trinidad is oil oil production and although that’s another whole debate and talk as far as the production goes but anyway we have a lot of oil and gas here and because of that we should be getting the ability of to use oil and gas cheaply which we do which the government does subsidize and which to me should be normal I mean it shouldn’t be like Fanfare because we get a subsidy for that no reason I say that is because look at an example of Alaska which has huge oily Zeus and they actually um pee by the way let me pause it if you go right you’ll go to Sonic Randi as we go left here we are going to Toco and this is Toco mineral

so let me just make a note of that

um so that was I talking about yeah so we have oil reserves gas reserving a place like Alaska where they have um oil huge oil deposits they actually pay the residence money for selling that resource so every prison in Alaska gets money as residents for selling part of the land or the resource of oil so in that way the U.S subsidizes in that aspect here the government subsidizes it directly at the pump so as um eventually won Ukraine and Russia um VP Lots less for for fuel than a lot of other countries right now in the U.S oil is going at around 6 us up to six U.S a gallon

whereas here well we sell our oil our gas in liters so I would be like what um for 12 for some 21 14 2 us so we’ll be paying like around 2 U.S well a little more than two years per gallon which is pretty good right and I’m talking by the way I should clarify I’m talking about diesel because I only buy diesel for those driving um cars and they use gas they have gas engines the um those turbine engines will will have to pay more diesel is very low for us to keep Transportation down because most of the transportation is done by diesel here Maxis good vehicles and so forth because if that goes up all the other things go so diesel is cheap we pay around 3 40 to 390 for it this will be 341 390 TT uh per liter however let’s say a car using um premium

um another that would cost them over 60t

so they’d be almost double uh what European diesel so for them it would be around four us a gallon which is still good

compared to other parts of the world

no math was never my best subject I’m more of an art person

yeah I do coding as well which is strange has nothing related to art but um it helps in my web development because whereas when I’m coding a page or whatever I don’t have to you know give some graphic person so that I do it myself but I’m not good at math so if my maths are off feel free to um correct me in the commentary of my YouTube channel however if you do make sure you know you know you’re not adding to my errors if there are errors because sometimes people misconstrue what I see or added or misinterpreted make sure you know what you’re seeing

I don’t mind being corrected at all but if you’re gonna correct make sure you give any good information

so as we on this road you can see how long and whining it is this basically is the whole world all the way from here

um which is probably what in the mature area I’m not sure yet uh this is a long East coast of Trinidad Northeast going all the way to Toco the roads are like this I want to sit like this the same kind of look as it is now but also winding it may look flat which in some cases it is but we are actually gradually ascending I don’t know if you can tell from the video

but we are making a gradual ascent

it’s like that for the whole trip it’s a gradual or some gradual gradual gradual until you realized wow you’re you’re really in the mountains no

now unlike maracas you you know where you on that trip on South Road or the North Coast Road to Maracas Beach Bay which is another area of Trinidad you you have a tendency to have a lookout area and you could see but that’s not the case in on this road you see a lot of green for a while until you get back to the coast and then you see a lot of beaches and while you may see some on your way to Togo you on your way from Sans Souci to Matelot wow you really see a lot

that personally right is selling something called um preserved pineapple

what they do is they cut the pineapple they soak it in a water vinegar sugar salts depending on the person they use something called Shadow venue which is a it actually is sort of like a weed and people chop it up and use it like a seasoning grows onion everywhere they mixed up with salt pepper black pepper and they put it in a bag and Shake It Up and they people eat it I’m not really a fan of those things I mean if somebody gave me I would try but foods to me should be eaten as they are

fruits are alkaline and when they are just right not green but ripe the a very good for your body and they act as cleanses and you may not know about fruits do not require digestion so they just pass through your body giving you a nutrients energy and you don’t have to worry about it making you feel tired or whatever like you would with potatoes or anything like that because fruits are just great

however when you start a soak it in chemicals and add salt and add this and add that but they’re not just you know cuts the whole affair right there

I like eating healthy as you would notice but I am not a nutritionist and so do not take anything I see as medical advice do you own research

something else that they also sell here too is a lot of preserves which did uh I believe the Chinese actually started here so you got something called red plums Red Mango red cherries these are all fruits that they take and they preserve them and uh sort of a salt sweet format

I’ve seen a lot of those when I was younger but I don’t anymore for the same reasons I just gave you

did I see that bus that we just passed there that’s how our bosses used to look we have more modern buses that you may have seen in my other videos now and the government is actually going to switch to electric buses just now I want to see how that works out anyway those old bosses that’s how people used to get our own but now um they are used privately the government who controls the bus system here so them often a lot of people bought them because they are far bigger than Maxis and others to transport people so they bought them painted them in different colors put in big sound systems and use it to transport people for road trips you tend to see them more in country areas not in a city I guess where they’re moving a lot of people

but anytime you see one of those expect a lot of people going somewhere so they are probably on the same destination to where I am going

we far and a lot of other parts of well not this video in particular because this video has many parts because this trip on a day that I did this trip actually took the better part of I would say

eight hours nine hours just you know driving stopping going so forth it was really long

time right there that is where you would you would go to um to the turtles sea turtles the commonly lay their eggs but as I understand and you need to go in there with a guy the kindness will go in for yourself a lot of silly people like the poach on do harm to the eggs and into themselves I just don’t understand that

but that’s an aspect of Tourism over here you can see a lot of Turtles coming they also come into parts of Toco as well

and sometimes you’ll get a bridge like that that’s singular you can just single lean traffic

now sometimes I will pause this video like I’m thinking about pausing it now to just take a quick break but here’s the irony of when you pause a video do you know that if you are talking and you decide let me stop the video take a break and come back it’s it’s highly likely that your tone pitch and the song of your voice will change I don’t know why that is probably you just have to get back into the groove and in the case of me where I don’t really talk a lot um my voice is like my throat is like killing me right now so I need to take a break and drink some water and so forth probably all of that you know adds it so I’m gonna take a break when I say I take a break you may not notice a difference but if my voice on each changes you know why so you can keep watching here as we go green

okay I’m so I’m back after my break did you notice it was like a Time Warp do you hear anything different about my voice pitch song anything do I sound normal anyway so there are a lot of offshoot roads on this road main road but go to other things nature reserves other beaches Trails as I’ve said in many of my other videos when you are driving in Trinidad if you just stick to the main road well then you’ll just see the main things people know but a lot of times if you just take a off shoot road it will take us to something that nobody else is aware of something interesting just make sure it’s not private land or you’re not trespassing on somebody’s land but once it’s a public rule you know take it and see where it goes that’s the that’s part of the adventure of and the uniqueness of Trinidad I don’t know if it’s like that for all the other Islands because you’ve only got another Island near Champion you don’t know the place so you don’t want to venture to somewhere that you don’t know and you get lost so you tend to stick with the mean touristic places that people advise you to go but if you feel a little adventurous you can always take a road and see where it takes you

now we are still continuing North towards Toco

and I know there’s a lot of green but to our right is actually the coastline the ocean but you can’t really see it from here because there’s a lot of walls there’s a lot of green a lot of houses but at some point we’re gonna get there like I said the trip is long and the roads are winding and there are times that you may feel like wow it never stops

and when I actually started this wardrobe I didn’t start in Valencia like I did from this video I started from Port of Spain so you had that whole trip from Port of Spain to Valencia and then then start starting this particular video so in addition to the long trip here there’s a even longer trip depending on where you come from I could only imagine somebody had to come from let’s say library or San Fernando or princess Tong or whatever but I I do wonder if you were coming from San Fernando would you go through um have a kids

on those areas to get to here or would you go up the highway

thin East and then recital Valencia like I did how do you know me or how would you normally get to Toco because you could use the highway or you could could use a lot of back roads but I don’t know which one would be faster or more fuel efficient

okay let me know in the comments area by the way uh maybe as we’re here we can talk a little bit about the comments area of my YouTube channel I I always restrict the comments that are allowed on my channel simply because some people will use it as a means to just roll just hit just Spam or be unkind to other people somebody else besides myself might make a comment and then somebody will come and terrorize them for that comment and I you know I am not for that I’ve I don’t mind disagreeing but I believe in disagreeing cordially you know with respect for each other and I’m sharing of you but not going overboard and there’s a difference between counter attacking the position and counter-attacking the person let me just pause that he said we just passed a resort there I don’t know if you notice it I haven’t been in a that Resort but it looks really nice

if you have been there please let me know about it

so this is this Salybia beach on the right and when I say this is I mean this is the bridge and here I created a video where I came out and looked through it you can see that in the video that’s on your screen now look for it on my YouTube channel if um I recorded it in 5.3k

another time I will actually head out to the beach I mean where’s the the main Beach beaches that people know in Trinidad or pictures like Maracas Los Cuevas and so because they are they are big and they they seem to be just right for swimming and breathing and so there are many other beaches in China not so popular but nevertheless can be used good discussion and when I say discussion they may not have life God they may not have

um people that can help you or rescue you if you’re in trouble and the waters may be very rough so you you have to be aware when you go to these places anyway so back to my comments yeah so the I don’t use like other people just like whatever comments just go up there and all kind of um we say in Trinidad “chupidness” which means “stupidness” and uh just let it let them run you know I this is a family-friendly site if a child was going to read what she said I would want them I would want to feel confident that it’s it’s fine

what it means is me the most heat I have ever seen in comments was is for some of my Ukraine videos believe it or not the uh propagandists who come on those videos and spew all kind of garbage against people on the wall and stuff anything else really terrible I know I know some of you may think or you know JB’s Man Cave videos about Trinidad and yeah I have a lot of videos in Trinidad because well of course I’m here right now but um when I go to other places it’ll be videos on those places and so forth and occasionally I will start making videos on a particular place and put that up and you’ll start seeing more videos on that oh well there’s lots of cover in Trinidad as as even though the island is small there’s so much aspects that and some people just love these road trips because it brings back memories it brings back things that the Sony they remember in the past and they want to see how it is now some of it relatively looks the same on yet there are improvements here and there

to yes I create videos on Ukraine and other islands in the Caribbean and on Trinidad and other social issues soon I will be covering some other unique aspects of

Trinidad that are not related to road trips stay tuned for that

some people have been saying wow you are growing so fast but for me it’s not fast enough I in my immediate goal right now is to reach some 10 000 subscribers I I’m still off far away or from that and with your help I hope to reach that 10 000 and more

so please do subscribe if you have not subscribed yet you only subscribe once by the way it’s free to subscribe just click the Subscribe button but um the best thing you can do is invite your friends from me to subscribe tell them check out JB’s Man Cave when you do subscribe please use an account that you actually do use a Gmail account because YouTube does periodically go around its um system and get rid of accounts that are not being used so if you if you use a Gmail account that you don’t use ever and then subscribe at some point you’re gonna be unsubscribed so basically it should be the same account that you regularly use to watch videos or check a meal or whatever

now you can see on this rule there are no reels are so like anything else you have to be careful how you’re driving if this road was wet it was raining and you skid It Off you could quickly find yourself down not river cliff

um because you know these roads aren’t for speeding you have to take your time

and one of the things about Trinidad is the weather I mean Toronto Bay go to weather could be rainy one day and not even one day one or what could be rainy next hour could be sunny next hour could be something else and so forth it really depends on the clouds the wind the the um tropical waves coming from Africa and so forth so

like this is really good I mean it is cloudy there is a bit of Sahara and dust in here which also causes problems with recording because it makes everything look Gray but besides that um when you do get a song it is like you just have to venture we just passed Balandra Beach Resort on the right there if you have been there let me know in the comments area

those are some other places that you know at some point I guess if I had a chance

um I will go when you when I’m going on these long trips I usually have my family with me it’d be kind of selfish for me to drive all this way and not take my family along so I make sure to take them along it’s great for company too so it’s I can’t really stop everywhere because they are with me too especially my children you know I have to kind of keep going to keep time

too many stops makes the trip longer Money Shop is too long you’re gonna mix for frustrated Young Minds

I like that retaining wall on your right now that’s what you call a retaining wall unlike somewhere I’ve seen where they they just dropped a few bricks on quality retaining wall

now whenever you’re driving someone you see Vehicles parked on a Green Space just like that and nothing is seeming near wrong it could be that there are

going to hunt or there’s a trail or there’s a beach nearby that’s not popular

so don’t just think they’ll just parked there for the heck of it

so while we’re here we could talk about so many things that are going on in Trinidad because of what’s going on anywhere we are ping a lot of money for food um like anywhere else anywhere but however even before the Ukraine Russian war the food prices here would increase for no particular reason and just because yeah they could increase it that’s one of the issues here in Trinidad where things go up but you know while somebody could charge more for the stuff I put the owner straight on the consumer because the consumer has the power to say you know what I’m not I’m not paying for that I remember some years ago potatoes in France went up by five cents five cents in all in this case five francs or in the user anyway but the point is it went up by a marginal amount and nobody in France would buy potatoes so truck loads of potatoes spoil and they were forced to bring back bring down the price of potatoes but here it’s like things go up by a holder two dollars three dollars five dollars and they buy it more or they buy like you know whatever and you know sometimes TV Crews or go and interview these people while they’re buying especially food and they will say in my mind and in my opinion silly things like well you have to pay the price whatever you know and I’m like no you don’t have to pay the price you could choose to eat something different you could choose to say you know what I am not going to pay that price for that food bring it down no there are certain things and you know that’s in relation to a lot of fast foods I’m talking about foods that you buy outside you have a choice you don’t have to buy food outside things you have to buy is you know the basic things maybe flour rice whatever vegetables but buying outside food if it’s too much money don’t buy it but not training strings we love the belly as they see here they just love the food and they are in many instances will entertain whatever it price they have to pay in order to get it and a lot of food establishments capitalize on that to the point of ridiculousness you know I could buy a roti which is a an Indian sandwich if you want to call it like that it’s wrapped in flour and inside your root you can have various things you know potato, channa, pumpkin, bodi, whatever um I could buy that in one place like let’s say I could buy that for 25 dollars in one establishment and then there’ll be another establishment giving me the exact same Roti the exact same taste the exact same size and it will be fifty dollars no joke why would I go to a place under fifty dollars for a roti I mean that’s a consumer Choice nobody’s forcing you and it’s not like you must have that roti but for some trainers yes I guess they must have it and if it costs them 50 60 whatever they will pay it I just don’t get it I’m not that kind of person

there are also other issues that um go on in the country for a long while like um crime and sometimes I will read comments in my YouTube channel about crime in Trinidad and crime everywhere well the only problem I have with that comparison is that crime everywhere and crime in Trinidad is different we have different laws we are just on an island you can’t really Escape you know it’s not like the bigger countries where you know if something is going on in one area or one state you go to the next state um no it’s not like that here usually if you’re having real serious issues and people are after you everybody will know where you are and where you’re located that’s one of the aspects of crime here that I don’t think people can compare and there are people that are being targeted trafficked and and so forth It’s a serious issue and sometimes people don’t like to acknowledge it

for instance let’s take the angle of the amount of murders and one of the past weekends was 15. just consider that 15 people were murdered in a tiny Island like Trinidad and you know you have to think where else in the world where we consider a place stable um Progressive a tropical island and so forth and you hear 15 people dying on weekends murdered um yeah you could point to other places too that may have similar like I believe Jamaica I heard some things going on in Guyana and so forth but there’s this feeling that because it’s happening other places it’s okay for it to happen here and I have a strong disagreement with that because it happens elsewhere doesn’t mean it should happen here at all a murder should be on a once in a blue moon Affair and usually um you know when I was a kid growing up the murder rate was around 50 to 84 the entire year just think about that and most of the murders were surround the surrounding domestic affairs and um there used to be a time when I talked about this in some of my other videos the chromosome murders where people would you know had a domestic fight one would kill uh the one person in their partner and then they would drink Gramaxone and commit suicide and those are the kind of murders you heard about not all the scan Warfare you know uh human trafficking drugs and all that it’s a whole different um Capital right now now here we are at uh Sena Bay I’ll call it

and again I stopped and take took pictures recorded one video but that isn’t another video for you to see so if you want to see it you can look up that video on my YouTube channel like I said the reason I do that is because on this recording I’m using 2.7 key and when I record from my other camera I’m using 5.3 key so I don’t want to mix on much and plus you know the journey would be even longer for you if I showed you every little thing that I recorded you know this video would be three hours long

and this is an example of how you can see you can stop and see different places along the way

I mean Beach fronts you see more of this here on the north east coast than you do anywhere else in Trinidad as far as I’m away I don’t know I haven’t been down south west I have to go Icacos, Cedros those areas maybe you can see there’s plentiful but here as far as being in the North if you really want to see lots of beaches just north East Coast Drive will allow you to see a lot of beach Farms bays and so forth

no I touched on on a crime on the murder rate but some people will write me you know it’s Trinidad safe and they may sound a little bit like apprehensive but let me tell you it’s I don’t walk down the street feeling like if any at any moment somebody can rob me no I do not feel like that I feel relatively safe I feel like I can do go about my Daily Business Without interference and so forth like everything else you just need to be away um sometimes I’ll help people skip the argument for instance like oh I like to wear big gold chains and I should be able to do that yeah you should be able to but given these circumstances would you so you know I would not wear a gold chain I don’t wear gold anyway but if I would if the kind of person over a coach I wouldn’t walk down let’s see um for the spin with a big gold chain on no not somebody could probably pass them and try to take it off me so like anything else you just need to be aware keep your hours to daytime go with friends go in groups don’t go to isolated areas don’t get yourself lost once you do those things you should be fine you should be you know if you just visit 10 year old should enjoy St um

is relatively safe in that regard for you know day-to-day affairs crime has touched people and once you know crime touches you in a big way um you don’t forget it like for instance when I was in my 20s I was at a church and while at Church my vehicle was too long that’s right and because of that experience I take precautions in my 50s now for how I treat my vehicle yeah that’s right so you don’t want to be messing around with the crack the criminal element you might think oh my chick my vehicle isn’t a church it should be fine no they couldn’t Target you even there however it’s not an there’s no need for a paranoia and if crime has touched you now a really bad way I know it can affect you for life especially in cases of rape or mood of a loved one or so forth you know if those things haven’t happened to you we you shouldn’t put down people who may feel um or still trying to get over these psychological effects of that because once crime touches you in a way it can happen forever for life this is an example on the right of another beachfront where you know you could I you know I there’s so many beaches like I said that I could have stopped here and recorded it unfortunately I didn’t at this time because we just needed to get where we were going and time was just going by but man I could stop here and record all day this this kind of footage you know really beautiful

and the nice thing of the the beaches here is this right on the road so you know you could basically just pull off the road and buy me on the beach

what else can we talk about

so I talked about a little bit about what fuel prices prices of food Chinese buying a long crime a lot of you all like to all right to me about that

you notice a video I have to put up just now a video about um how they still

cable wires these are all those cables any um you know any shot right now endless cables I mean so many uh it’s so unsightly at times not those high tension cables you know the lower ones the carrying telephone lines cable TV and so forth well basically criminals are going around and stealing low so they could get a copper to sell is a big metal export industry in Trinidad and Tobago so much so that there are little trucks now if you haven’t been to China in a long while there are trucks that drive around every day sometimes twice a day um asking for your old junk on your metal because they make money that way but however they find us not enough the criminal element that is they have decided that they were going to cut the wires so people’s phone goes down your cable goes down your internet goes wrong because they are cutting cable to get at the copper so we go and sell it so I’ve recently have been talks about the government to possibly put the law preventing the export of metals because it’s not just the copper this is how how prison some trainees are they go and they cut water pipes water pipes you know that is taking water the whole communities they go and cut that leave the water running so that they could take the metal and sell it so they don’t care about our whole community that might be counting or not they do the same with pumps um Road rails all kinds of those things to get at the metal if you will metal and you were standing there long enough they would take you too they’re just elements in society they just do not care about anybody so long as they can make money off of it they will do it it’s a small sector of society but there’s even though they are small they have a big impact

so that’s currently in your books I don’t know if that will be made of a law does the big yard guest house we’re passing on the left sort of a good measure to let you know where you are you can refer to a map

if I recall correctly that is one of the biggest structures that you will see on your way to KO not love

everything else gets smaller and smaller and in terms of structural size

and the roads also get narrower

some of you are very much against the um

the problems of the pandemic by the way we’re in Cumana right now

and you may be wondering why I suddenly cut to this is because the battery died I mean uh camera and I needed to change it

so I stopped I was just I just lost maybe about 20 30 feet and doing that wasn’t much so continue to drive yeah some of you don’t like all the precautions governments took about the pandemic and even most of those of you abroad don’t like the affected Trinidad and Tobago is so stringent about people uh coming from about to Trinidad I have to go through all kinds of testing and stuff well uh come July the 17th 2022 The Mask restriction is supposed to be lifted so you don’t have to wear masks when you’re outside you can’t see what will be for foreigners but um put it in or whatever but that is going to be great because this is my waistline is getting really big from being home too much I try to exercise one but it’s not the same as me go and I think I could run a good hike and you know I I have tried to run before with a mask can I it it just can’t happen even walking vigorously with a mask on is difficult look at that wouldn’t hold something left I would look really good I like to see those things you should see a lot of wooden houses and look at our church on your right I really like to see these all structures you know you should see a lot of wooden houses when I was um as a child you would see a lot of that in places like this in the countryside but no everything is taken over by concrete and you can hardly see wooden structures anymore so when I do see one so well preserved that that’s kind of exciting

yeah so even if we walk in vigorously it’s really hard to do with a mask on so I just said you know I’m not doing that you know when I first started the the authorities used to say come out and say oh when you run you can run with a mask and I said you know what you guys do not run that’s why you see that but I can tell you it’s a niche of humans to see things that they know nothing about huh I mean I wouldn’t dare tell a doctor how to do his job or a lawyer how to do his job because you know those are just not my professions not my area of expertise but here you have these people and normal Italian people go and run with a mask on that’s that’s just crazy especially for business I mean I you know when I do run when I get back to running and I want to do five miles there’s no way I could allow the mask on you’re looking for you know health issues

so I’m glad that mask is going to come off and it’s in my plan to do certain things when not mass Monday comes off and I I really can’t do it now because of it so when that comes off look out for some really cool videos that I plan to make did you know that too they even made a law here to show you how stringent the laws here would um for the pandemic cover 19. you if you wanted to get in your vehicle and drive with your family your family you had to have a mask on

imagine you had to drive without your mask on everybody everybody in the vehicle is part of your family yeah your wife your son your children whatever and you had see that guy that he’s picking up he thought he got a good mango but then he realized nah not good that’s a nice thing about being in Trinidad you could get fruits just everywhere almost but Oklahoma with anybody’s yard get a fruit please honestly tree the leaves on the branches is behind the wall of somewhere somebody’s yard you can’t go in the prisons you are together if the branch is over the wall and in a public area or in your property then you can pick the fruit of that tree

so you and your car you you you have this mask on and you know you’re not walking or running but just imagine you’re on a road trip like this and you’re driving for hours and you have that mask on it’s really frustration and any police is a checker that you would stop you and see if you had a mask on or this thing and I just thought that that was kind of silly man

anyway that was done away with some time ago you must man it is still on if you take public transportation though you have to have a mass and that part I couldn’t understand another way in a mask while you’re driving on your phone anyway I just hope this whole thing is over with and there is an Alcove 2023 or whatever any future I guess that would be called covet 23. I still hear doctors coming up and say you know this variant or not variance who has done the last and what not but um

you know one thing this pandemic has shown us is generally generally people who are unhealthy the elderly or had pre-existing conditions were the ones most likely most likely to have adverse effects from covid-19 virus those who are healthy fit what not not so much yes one or two out of millions will fit may have still succumb but in general once people were healthy and fit and they were doing their I think they may get the virus but it would attack you just like any common cold you feel a few symptoms what not and then you overcome it and you go on but mostly people are seem to have succumb to the covid-19 virus was to be unhealthy and so I would dare see not being a medical professional not being anybody expert in nutrition or anything but you know if you live a healthy lifestyle keep yourself well exercise and whatnot whatever future pandemic may come you will better be able to handle it at least that’s my opinion what are your thoughts in your life are you doing things to prepare for the future knowing what you went through or you just you know eat whatever Couch Potato lifestyle sit down most of the time any day feel free to give your comments in the commentary of my YouTube channel when you do that please do say what you’re answering because you’ll notice that in my videos I like to interact with you guys I want to get feedback on you know as a video issue and I can’t stop the answer question I mean as we don’t we haven’t reached our technological level yet but you can’t answer me in the comments area and you you should have noticed by now that I do answer all comments I do read all comments as well

so I will always you know be interested in what you have to say and I like to get other people’s Viewpoint too because

um it helps me to learn and evaluate

you know things that I would have thought about years ago I don’t think that way anymore

if any of you are lovers of Bruce Lee um Bruce Lee the martial artist would know that did he used to come on television and um he would talk a lot about his philosophical ideas and whatnot and then he will come in another interview and see that he no longer believes in that and he will tell his new philosophical ideas and I used to be I used to be like what but then I realized that’s part of growth you know you may think I certain way now and through learning through um

experiencing other things that you had an experience before you your thought process the way you see things your perspective and Outlook changes and therefore your own ideas of how you approach things also changes

and if you if you’re humble enough and and for me I go with the you know humble means teachable if you’re teachable if you can learn something from others you’re not too proud that you feel nobody can tell you anything or you already know everything then you know it’s not going to be mean anything for you but even if Bruce Lee could who was considered one of the greatest martial arts artists any rules could could change his ideas evolve on looms so can anybody else

I know some of you will be listening to me and thinking oh this guy talking absolutely absolutely rubbish and that’s fine too if you have something that you feel you could add no you see that road on your left you could actually take that as a shortcut to where are we going we’re gonna stay with the old main road and I think we actually bounce up with that car but this will give you an idea the reason I want to take this route is because there’s a breakoff in this road one goes to a nearby beach one of the main Toco beaches that everybody likes by the way we are in Toco more or less now and uh you can either go to that beach and a lighthouse or you can turn left and start heading towards Sans Souci um Matelot and so forth so I wanted to show you that cut off so you can know the difference when you come across it


to the right is giving you the directions to the beach

I’m showing you the road here

so you can see where we are

hello root

Chic technical Beach and then Paria Main Road to the left which is where we will continue

so we are continuing here on fire main road

so this is what you would take if you want to go to sound Susie you want to go to Matelot

and so forth today we pretty much have reached as far north as we can go as far as roads go because their off shoot roads will take it to the coast but now we are actually heading back West on the Northern side of China if that makes any sense you can always look it up on the map to see

so this is all Toco and eventually we’ll start heading into others and one of the really nice things about this part of Trinidad which you know I hardly ever coming to come came here before as a child but not as an adult so a lot of this was bringing back memories you see the car thank you we came across that car before and it took a left let’s see where it got to


one of the nice things about this Wii is only right you do drive around the coast a lot so unlike other places where you tend to drive in the mountains you can’t see the war turns before this drive you will see a lot of these sea lion coast and be able to stop multiple times if you want to take pictures however even though the sea looks inviting it has a nice Emerald color that you don’t see in other parts of Trinidad which tends to be dark blue a lot of people have reminded me that this is because of the Orinoco bring in mud Waters I also like to think it’s also the depth of the ocean especially around um the West and Northwest of terms very deep and also absolute gullible hits shallow you can see Beach you can see a beachfront right there already on your right

um because he is a bit shallow and you don’t have the elements of your Orinoco the water is a nice emerald green color as you would expect in the Caribbean

however the water is very rough and rocky sand is not as you would expect and if you want to get an idea make sure to look at my mission B video

you see how you can see the beach bees and stuff on your idea I mean you I you know each one of these I could just keep stopping stopping let me record but you know my job is to reach my plot today you won’t see my plot in this video you’ll see it in the next video but we are going towards San Souci right now

and on the way there we will pass through other places

I love some of these little communities the way they do the the houses you know um patios and stuff that they created maintaining that

you know Countryside or Beach like afternoon so this is Mission Bay we come out to and just as I said before I have specific videos for each of these when I stop and we you can see me pulling here but as soon as I pulled in I was like oh my goodness that sun is an hour 4×4 but don’t let us fool you that sun you could sink in our sun and make your vehicle stick especially if it’s um heavy so I said you know what I’m keeping out here and I made a mission B video for you to have a look at where I talk about that B it’s not a place that you can really swim maybe you get your feet wet but like I said a lot of beaches here it’s really rough and Rocky

so if you want to get an idea of that stop make sure look for that video in the description of this um

this video itself I will have links to all those videos so you don’t necessarily have to search just look in the description and you’ll be able to see a link towards those videos so as I stop you can look at those look at that bling on your left that looks really cool I don’t know if that’s meant to be a hotel somebody’s place or what but it looks really good I mean to be all the way out here I’m getting that facility better extravagant if anybody who knows what that’s gonna be feel free to comment on my YouTube channel be interested to know and one of the reasons I like when you all comment and your commenting about you know Source information that you have is it helps educate all of us you know if you’re gonna just comment and tell me a guess about what that could be but if you I mean I don’t mind you guessing huh but see you guys don’t see it like it was a [ __ ] so tell us you know it’s oh this is my opinion or um this is my idea or this is my guest don’t say it is going to be this I don’t know it’s really I you really don’t know if it’s if that is true so why did I stop here sometimes when I stop it’s because we see something to the side of the road but you don’t catch in camera sometimes I’ll spring a little waterfall um and you want to capture that

so I’m thinking you see a lot here too is beach houses especially on your right

right on the ocean

I can’t imagine unless I was actually living there having a beach house because there would be so much to maintain the sea salt is corrosive and basically damages everything you know you can’t have a lot of metals or you’ll have to be replacing your Metals constantly if you have a vehicle you have to have to be washing it because regularly


so I had um kind of pull to the left into the green and I’ll take it away from those Vehicles that’s because you as you can see the road is very small

do you know if if people who live here are driving on the road they will be you know they know where every pothole is where every corner is the speed adjusts whatever so they’ll be driving a lot faster but I you know I’m more careful because I do not know the exact location of everything was coming there’s this is really nice the screen here and there isn’t a barrier on the right so if you make a wrong move you’re scared or whatever you literally will be falling into the ocean

well enough taxis pass here

while we’re driving we hardly saw any

car thing

if any of you know about the taxis and what the fares I mean what are tactical from mat Lots all the way to Sangre Grande

or whatever and how much it costs if you know please let me know in the comments area of my uh YouTube channel

by the way I just thought of something if any of you are seeing people reuse the content of my video and you know that it’s not JB’s monkey please let me know one thing I don’t like is plagiarism where and people are just copying your stuff and use it for using it for their own benefit I just do not like that that’s unfair it takes a lot of time for me as a father of special needs children to come and record this edit it publish it take my time to sit down and talk and you know somebody just know firstly come and just grab it for their own use and even make money off of it for themselves or gain popularity I mean that’s that’s really unfair don’t do that please just as I have to respect the fact that I can’t just go anywhere and just record whatever I mean I like like I have in other videos I would love to um record Carnival or record the inside of some place but I know I have to respect whatever the law is or whatever the wishes of the person or persons are because I can’t just do stuff and the owners are new to is also to respect me by keep allowing my stuff to just deal with this I want my stuff on YouTube my channel where ver I gain from it helps my children

now I have a video about one of the places that’s coming up here this by the way this Villages I would like to call it L’Ance Noire now I’m sure there’s probably a local version of pronunciation for that you know like for instance they don’t say psalm 1. it just says someone and you know that’s not really how it’s meant to be pronounced but you know everything’s picked up based on the dialect anyway you see this this Beach area here that’s really nice [..] some um I am going to stop in a little while when I stopped here I was able to find a special Cove a nice Beach there was nobody around and I took pictures or video of it from multiple angles because it was just really nice to look at and it was so nice to look at that I made three videos out of it one in 360 one in in um well two in 360 one just with my regular GoPro and so forth and yeah well if you count this one this will be the fourth but this is that Rocky Coastline you just don’t see that in other parts of Trinidad where you could just look at the beach look at all the surround any course to ride it looks really nice

the thing that definitely is a problem with Coastal erosion here though you can see a lot of the barriers and the uh roads have been eaten up properly by what I wonder if it I wonder when there’s a hurricane or something the water reaches a hole on top here if you’re new feel free to comment in the comments or my YouTube channel you can see where people are stopping to take Taking the views

you could essentially stop anywhere here I’m going in water but you can see that it’s very Rocky foreign

for a long time but um just watching the Sun and in water and the Rocks just observation I could tell you know if you did try to come here you would have to do it carefully

don’t be playing around there’s lifeguards here so you know it’s not like you could just do whatever

but you could see how much Coastline it is

for you to explore

doesn’t that look great

so this is where I was talking about

and if you look you’ll notice there’s nobody in English

this is what I like about these far away areas now if this is Marcus this would have been packed but here we have to drive for a very long time you have the blessing and beauty of our whole Beach almost to yourself very few people are wrong

and I decided to park here and there was even a little area there on the right you could see some benches you on a table you could sit down there and eat watch the sea you could go out and get your feet wet however I don’t know about the swimming part downpour station in one of the videos I made right here the Toco Beach I called it this area might be part of big beer I’m not sure the way it’s shipped it seems like if Big B would have would have its own area and this would be a little part of it or not necessarily but I don’t think it’s part of San Souci as yet see this big b no enter in Big B

another area that you could um come and record and whatnot now I did want to stop here when I saw this Maxi stop and was Latino real people I said no I can’t record anything there maybe another day if you you should know from my videos that I do like to respect people’s privacy and their wishes and just as I wouldn’t want somebody coming on the camera and filming myself or my family or my children I do not do that to other people those of you who like recording children are you know I strongly suggest that you don’t do that talking about children um children can’t make their own decisions they are they are under the jurisdiction of their parents or whomever is charged over them and you know

and you know when you record children it’s for life they go up to adults seeing whatever I just have strong feelings on that I don’t know how you feel about it you can always comment in the comments area of my YouTube channel

so as we continue here we’re going towards San Souci Beach

I have a lot of these areas where you can buy stuff to eat or not

I am I can’t see whether or how the food is something that’s funny for me is when I see all these people making videos of doubles and I was like thinking wow you you know even yeah even North Americans coming on here to record doubles and I think there’s so much more to this country than doubles only food is the only thing we could talk about here I mean I have not run against the doubles I you know I’ve eaten bubbles before and whatnot but I I don’t know I just finished this blog food I guess people generally love to talk about food you’ll notice I don’t really do that much except for my own meals anyway so we are here at the San Souci Beach and this is the Tony right and I made a video for that again I didn’t come out here because we were trying to get the Matelot an idea was going by but this is another option you have when you’re coming to this area let’s see poster for it you can look for it again I’ll have the link in the description

so this remains as let’s say part one of this trip Valencia this is Sans Souci more or less proper the way I enter in here and uh does it be turning right you can see it up ahead and on the right of the vehicle which accounts in your screen they do see the thing there as in Swift board surfing and uh on the way back from Matelot when we did this video I saw a lot of that happening and if you appreciated this video I would really love if you can show some love become a PATRON you can give a monetary donation a GPS man cave or there’s a link to donations there’s also a link directly in the description of this video to donate it really helps me out and mix um all that I do worthwhile please do like share and thanks so much for watching I really appreciate it as a bonus just check out what that dog on the left will tell you

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Note: The above was extracted from commentary of the video and may not be accurate.

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Brian Lara Promenade

Hello friends we are covering the Brian Lara Promenade and Port of Spain Trinidad an island in the Caribbean so right now we are on the independence square road it’s a road that goes has a northern on the southern side and it sort of goes around the promenade and we’re gonna head to the promenade it’s a Saturday morning so you’re not gonna see a lot of people on this side which is the commercial business side of Port of Spain and when I say commercial business I’m really referring to like banking and stuff the this side of paul’s bin covers that central bank treasury what not taxes so there aren’t many people are wrong we will get to the other side of the promenade which is small traders merchants people on the street.


you know that guy is not a statue he is unfortunately homeless there’s a lot of homelessness and for the spin area you see a lot of people around it’s really unfortunate i’ve spoken about that in my other videos that big those big twin towers was designed by anthony c lewis and associates I knew anthony c lewis as a child had some good fond memories of him good guy

and he showed me how he designed and he came up with a structure that building actually can take a lot of earthquake a lot of rumble the diamond shaped metal that crisscrosses on the um columns of that financial complex they actually move

so we’re on a promenade

and sometimes the promenade is used for art displays as you can see here on the left and the right

today they’re catering for children but I’m not really going to stop to pick that up too much

that building is the unit trust building it’s sort of a government bank for shares

i don’t invest there but from what I heard the return is not that kind of deal I guess it works for some people never interested me

if you invested in units feel free to talk about it in the comment section of my Youtube channel. Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad and this what they call the waterfront is where we’re going to the sea is not very far from where we are

and a lot of these are the financial institutions ministries and so on car parks

so that’s a waterfront straight ahead

maybe 300 400 feet you would actually encounter the ocean on the port that statue right in front of us is the Brian Lara statue

and these things you know like you write in there should be more well maintained use better materials but it’s feeding also you can’t really read anything but Brian Lara is a great cricketer

held some little records he’s retired from it now

it’s a monument to him

this um

stair rail… rail… leveling up that takes you across the road… there are some elevators in there

it’s one of the few places where looks like the elevator is not working but anyway just one of the few places that they have security I guess to prevent people from returning on it that’s the HYATT building

the ministry uses so the government uses some of it and the other is purely a hotel

that place across there that’s the food court

so now we’re facing east and we’re gonna go right across the uh promenade like I said it’s a Saturday morning so there are many people around one or two

but as we get closer to the east side of Portugal you’re gonna see a lot of people

he knows any background is somebody playing the music the radio

trainees have a love a love for loud and loud music

this promenade has been closed for a long time because of the pandemic over 19. they they coordinate off so nobody was really allowed to go into it they took it off only recently and so only recently I had a chance to walk up and down and it’s a really nice place it’s one of the few places that’s well maintained now some brief history when I was a kid this area where they promenade was just sharks and i’ll get back to you I just wanted to tell you that this is the TSTT or the telecommunications building it used to be used to some telegraphs there I used to look a little different they um sort of spruced it up anyway so this promenade in the middle here used to have shacks where people would um repair shoes sell snacks different things and maxi taxis also used to park in the middle here to transport people and then some years ago they removed them all and built this promenade and that’s a good thing because it wasn’t a good sight to see all those sharks and stuff in the in the center of uh what is supposed to be a vibrant city

and just think when they when they uh first built this promenade all these trees were in here so they put all these trees they planted them so I can tell you how long ago that was

funny enough why not feel something people complain because now they had to walk to city gate which is another part of photos paint in order to get taxis and they had to go further to Henry and Charlotte street to buy stuff that they would otherwise get right on independence square but you know progress sometimes means a little sacrifice just walk a block or two more plus this is way better for the city I mean it’s great for tourism as well people come they have this nice promenade to walk on

however as you get closer to the east side of Port of Spain it doesn’t look as good and you’ll see why

so if you ever wanted to get a little time by yourself to think to just sit down and relax a Saturday morning here would be good even during the week this part of Port of Spain is not too bad for taking a rest there aren’t as many people around

you can hear all the boots again like most of my videos of this country it’s just lovely to hear all the birds

that blue building any background is a commercial building a private building other than the use of downstairs which has a few shops I don’t know how much of the actual buildings actually is used

that republic bank on the left they recently said that they were going to close it down so soon that will no longer be there

the buildings on the left you can see how they maintain that all colonials town I mean they have modern shops and whatnot below but you can see it’s quite um you know that old look now that building only left used to be um I think cool china clipper a Chinese restaurant used to be upstairs there and I remember as a kid we would go up there to look at carnival

no I don’t know what to use up says for downstairs I believe is a pharmacy and a souvenir place

that’s a bank

other building on the left there is also a bank

the banks um take up quite a lot of property in Port of Spain be it government or private banks

so as as we approach the center of Port of Spain which is um independent square

you can start to see more people this roundabout is the center of independence square center of the city

and here pretty much is active 24 7. there’s always something going on somebody walking somebody doing something even though it of course quiet gets quiet during the early morning period there’s still people are wrong and I would know that because of um when I used to work very late hours I’d still see people here

the statue in the middle

represents the center and this is um Captain Cipriani

sportsman soldier statesman patriot

and I’m gonna pan around the area so you get a full view that’s Frederick Street ahead probably the most popular street in Port of Spain

and that’s Broadway below leading to the lighthouse

so we’re gonna continue east again

one which means he’s going to Diego Martin this is a place west of Port of Spain and he needs one passenger so that’s what they go one means

the WOW is a fashion place they have Mario’s it’s that’s the local junk food they sell pizzas and different things like that the the links to the left and right are supposed to be restrooms and you could start to see people just you know hanging around basically

and you can see that these this side of folks don’t have that more of that rock look not as kept as the west side

nevertheless still maintained though

even the pigeons like the light lime here but of course there is trash on the floor and whatnot people just don’t take time to put the trash away

and on the east side of Port of Spain is a little more um commercial for small traders so you’ll see a lot of people on this street and stuff I have other walk through support explain where I go through all those streets both driving and walking if you haven’t seen it make sure to look for it in on my channel Youtube channel JB’s Man Cave

make sure to subscribe and be a part of this grand community this is Charlotte Street now known as Chinatown you can see the Chinese lions on entrance there I’ll show that elite I have other videos on that too that’s express house where they have the look one a local chance called tv6 and the express newspaper

ahead is the cathedral now essentially there isn’t a way to go from here through the church and to the other side of the promenade which continues in the back of the church I do have other videos for that but I’m not going to do that because really I would have to go around onto the street onto the pavement and to get to the other side the other side does not have

anything um

eye appealing except maybe for a couple of trees and whatnot there’s lots of vagrancy on this side and then a lot of people use the promenade on the other side to sleep on whatnot but I will I have videos on that but I will catch it catch it at a higher resolution sometime later

one thing about JB’s Man Cave is when I got an error I do it in different formats so one would be with a long extension rod where I tower over everybody one would be another resolution the other would be 360 and different areas of the same place and different angles so you get a feeling like if you are there and that’s the whole idea about it I hope you enjoyed today’s um video please do make sure to subscribe like and share with your friends please let them know what JB’s Man Cave we need to get these subscribers up to at least 10 000 which is the goal that I have for this channel this is Chinatown just give me a brief shot there thanks so much for watching.

Note: Text taken from audio of video and may not be accurate.

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Fan Review of The Matrix Resurrections

Let’s review The Matrix Resurrections. For those of you who don’t know, I am a fan of the original Matrix Trilogy. Not like some kind of cultist but interested in the story and where it went. So when I review The Matrix Resurrections I am doing so having watched the original trilogy many times.

Matrix Resurrections vs original Matrix Trilogy Matrix 4 by

What is the Matrix Trilogy? Three movies that introduced bullet fighting scenes but also played with your mind.

A couple of decades ago, I even started an online forum about it and coded a free text based game surrounding the idea of the Matrix.

I called the game, “Plugged”, because in the movies the characters were often plugged into the Matrix in order to be part of an illusion.

At the time, the game gathered a lot of interest as it made the end user feel as though they could make their own progressive Matrix character.

However, those things started to die as we got further away from the time when the Trilogy was first released many years ago.

Based on the most recently released Resurrections… I don’t see a resurrection of my forum about the Matrix or my game anytime soon — pun intended.

In my forum, there was a Topic started where people tried to predict if there would or should be a Matrix 4. Well, for those who predicted the release would happen it was made real in the form of The Matrix Resurrections.

I went to see it yesterday on the big screen with only six other people in the whole cinema. I remember when the Trilogy first came out I could not even get a seat because the cinema was packed to the max.

Well, here is my review and I have mixed feelings about it. If you have not seen the movie or the Trilogy then stop here because I am going to reveal spoilers about it.

Just in case you ever had doubts, The Matrix at its core, is a love story. While it plays with your mind, has unique fight scenes, and brings up many social, religious and politically correct issues — its foundation is about the main Characters and their love for each other.

After all, love is supposed to outdo everything… right? Let’s see.

At first, I could not understand if I was watching a Matrix or Deadpool movie and those of you who have seen both will understand why I said that.

As the movie progressed I started to comprehend it more and the connection between the Trilogy and Resurrections. It is a nice play on the mind. However there were key elements missing that they could have done better:

First, for you to understand and appreciate this movie you must have seen the Trilogy. If you did not see it you will find Resurrections very confusing. That is because it caters for people who have not casually watched the Matrix but who are dedicated fans.

There are lots of punches and puns in Resurrections that will fly by you if you have not seen the previous stories.

I missed Lawrence Fishburne as Morpheus. The new actor, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, does a fair job but that may not be entirely his fault as the script is very weak in many areas.

The new Morpheus character seems too humorous and lacking that mentor figure that we see in the old Morpheus.

In fact, there is a new character, Jessica Henwick, who goes by the character name Bugs, that is more like a fan of Neo than a mentor even though she gives regular advice to Thomas Anderson.

One of the main things that made The Matrix Trilogy a big hit was the bullet speed fight scenes that were very methodical and detailed. Unfortunately, fight scenes in Resurrections were blurred and hard to understand. In fact, there is little fighting in the movie itself as compared to what you see in the Trilogy.

There were ‘noisy’ scenes that did not add to the movie but made the quality deteriorate in my opinion. For instance, the constant reference to old scenes in the Trilogy should have been left out.

Here is another, bringing back Lambert Wilson, the Frenchman, only to have him rant looking like a homeless madman was more of parody than anything to be taken seriously.

Back to the Deadpool reference… the Deadpool character is sort of self-aware in that he knows his world but is seemingly aware that he is in a ‘movie’ or comic. Therefore, he speaks to the characters but also the audience. Yes, that concept is a bit difficult for us mere mortals to understand but it was also used in Resurrections to give the angle of awareness and more mind games.

In other words, no longer are you just watching the Matrix, which is an illusion in the movie’s real world, but we, the viewing audience, are also by extension — part of the Matrix.

I know, wrap your head around that.

I missed the green. The new view was blue although there were some green tones in certain places. In the trilogy, each movie had that green overtone whenever they entered the Matrix that separated the worlds of reality and illusion but that does not happen in Resurrections. I believe this was possibly to show, that because of what Neo did there was now a blur, between the two worlds.

Taking that angle in the story is not too bad because it showed that the machines were no longer willing to follow the dictatorship of the Architect or the Analyst or whomever runs the whole show. In fact, in Resurrections the machines assist the humans… and for me that makes sense.

Half way through the movie you start to get a better picture of why everything is the way it is… basically after Neo died in Revolutions he was brought back to life in order to generate more electricity with Trinity but not as lovers… not as knowing each other but as two people that feel a connection yet living different lives or in other words separate entities.

However, Smith, played by Jonathan Groff, is new and improved. Smith, using his own ideas and philosophy, somehow seeks to help Neo and yet tries to kill him.

Smith and Neo have always had a strange Ying and Yang relationship which shows them as really not being able to do without each other.

I think the biggest problem with the movie is the way it is presented. I believe if they started with explanations of what happened after Revolutions then it would be more entertaining rather than putting us in the perspective of a blue pill drug confused Thomas Anderson trying to figure out things along the way.

Then again that is how the Trilogy started with Mr. Anderson hacking and feeling there was something more to his life.

By the end of the movie, everything fits together and yet it doesn’t. I like the elevation of Trinity in the end scenes. No longer did Trinity need Neo, the man in her life, to rescue her but it was the other way around. They both had powers that Neo from the Trilogy had.

Yet, I still did not feel like I watched The Matrix I once knew. It was more like different movie that happened to resemble the Matrix. For sure, I am going to watch it again this time understanding what already happened to see if I have a different point of view. Make sure to check the comments for more of what I have to say about that.

So, are you a Matrix fan? Did you see Resurrections? Do you have a different take on it? What did you think about it? I would love to read your constructive comments, please do reply in my Youtube Channel.

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UFOs, Aliens and Spacecraft in Trinidad and Tobago

Like most children, I’ve always been interested in outer space, spacecraft, UFOs and the concept of aliens.

UFO Aliens Trinidad and Tobago UFO Sightings Alien Encounters Caribbean by

Science fiction many may call it as some people will often shrug off the topic of UFOs because they feel there is a lack of evidence.

Yet, many push to the cinema and stream on demand to see blockbusters involving Star Trek, Star Wars or superheroes from Krypton.

As a teen, I would look up at the Caribbean sky at night to view the many stars.

Stars that move at night

Sometimes I would be lucky to see a moving star, no, not a falling star… a satellite in orbit which often looks like a star that moves along an undeviating path.

If you have never seen that try looking up at the night sky and look for any object that looks like a star but moves.

It is not easy to find but if you are patient you will see it.

Of course, that is not the same as seeing an actual UFO which witnesses have claimed to be much bigger and closer than a satellite in orbit.

Credible evidence of UFOs

Recently, the United States released official military footage that acknowledges that there are indeed unidentified flying objects among us.

Testimony from hundreds of people including military officers claim to have seen objects that defy our known laws of physics.

Anyone who still doubts UFOs should read and listen to the reports. This is no longer science fiction.

UFOs in Trinidad and Tobago

But… what about Trinidad and Tobago?

I don’t know how many of you remember this… but some years ago one of the major television stations broadcast the appearance of strange bright lights in a forest in Trinidad.

The phenomenon occurred each night for 2-3 days yet no one could offer an explanation about it.

There have also been more personal accounts by Trinis about UFOs.

Recently, I was listening to the radio and one of the announcers mentioned being in Tobago on vacation.

She said that another person and herself were looking up at the night sky just star gazing when they spotted what they thought was the light from a satellite like I described earlier.

However, when that light suddenly made a sharp turn and moved in a different direction with speed like they have never seen before they looked at each other and knew it was neither a plane nor a satellite.

UFO accounts by people in Trinidad and Tobago

In one account by the username Steve Wooler he claims to have seen this in 2008,

“For around 20 minutes from around 9:15pm last night, the sky over Stonehaven Bay was filled with vivid orange lights. It was almost like a firework display. A number of lights appeared from roughly the north-east, travelling over Plymouth and heading out across Buccoo towards Trinidad. At first I thought it was a couple of helicopters, but they showed no green/red aircraft lights and were just a bright orange ‘ball’.” Source

Here is another one:

On the 5th February, 2015, at approx. 7:45pm whilst sitting in my car in an area known as Jones Terrace, Cunupia, Trinidad, I saw what appeared to be two very bright stars in the southern sky. I could be described as a ‘star gazer’ as I often gaze into the sky. These two star looking objects caught my attention because I had never seen what appeared to be two large stars that close. Hence, I became very amused and kept looking at them. Suddenly, one of the lights took off with such great speed moving further southward and then faded away. In my excitement, I called out to my two daughters to see it, but, they were unable to see the fleeting light. My two daughters then joined me and we travelled to our home at Homeland Gardens Cunupia – a 5min journey. Interestingly, whilst sitting in our car, I again was amused by what appeared to be a very bright light in the eastern sky. There was a full moon and the bright light was not far off. It was moving but, not like an aircraft does. Furthermore, that light seemed to be composed of/associated with other lights (blue and red). And, the lights were not like that of a helicopter or winged aircraft. The object kept moving and stopping. When it stopped, it rotated and kept projecting powerful red lights at a patterned interval. The pattern was like that of a Morse code. That activity lasted for approx. one min. and then the object disappeared. Fortunately, my daughters were able to witness that with me. I do not know what we saw, but I seek feedback from anyone in Trinidad who might have witnessed similar occurrences on that day. Source

What do Trinis think about the UFO topic?

Now, if you were to whip up a conversation about UFOs how do typical Trinis generally react to this topic? Like everything else, it is taken without the serious deliberation it deserves.

However, I would be very interested in meeting any Trinis who would like to relate their experiences in seeing UFOs, aliens or even abduction.

Feel free to tell us your story in the comments area of my Youtube channel or contact me to setup an interview.

Also, there is another channel I manage that covers UFO experiences by witnesses from all over the world, however is in Spanish so check it out if you can understand the lingo. Just go to or look for Inexplicados on Youtube.

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Halloween in Trinidad and Tobago Vegan Style

When I was a child living in the USA we went out trick or treating. Halloween was lots of fun because you got to dress up in a character you liked and receive free candy.

Halloween Trinidad and Tobago TRINI Vegan Plant Based treats at home

When we came back to Trinidad I missed it as it wasn’t celebrated here. However, about 15-20 years ago I noticed Halloween started to become more popular locally.

Halloween is good business and I’m surprised it did not catch on faster given the culture of costumes for Carnival.

In fact, I recently went into a government building in Port of Spain and was surprised to see it decorated with a Halloween theme.

Only certain designated places or neighborhoods in Trinidad celebrate Halloween or may have special Halloween themed events.

I’m not sure what happens in Tobago.

When my boys were younger we went trick or treating in the West and it was well received.

After the COVID-19 outbreak we decided to leave Halloween out but it just so happened that they were hitting that age where it was time to phase out the candy grabbing.

Today, my wife wanted to make it special for my boys and created an all vegan (plant based) dinner.

Everything you see here has no traditional milk, cheese or meats all plant based foods.

See video on Youtube:

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Natural Peanut Butter in Trinidad and Tobago

Hello everyone. As you may know I tend to eat all things natural or in other words I eat the food rather an artificial version of food.

At the same time, I like to buy local as much as possible because for one I’m supporting my fellowman as well as I can be more assured of the freshness of the product.

Natural Nut Butters Food Made in Trinidad & Tobago Reviewed - Vegan 100% Natural | by

Buying local also tends to be cheaper… now I say “tends” because it is not always the case.

Today, I am reviewing two of the only natural nut butters I know that are produced locally.

If someone else does this locally and they would like me to review it then feel free to give me a shout out.

By the way, when I say “natural”, I am talking about nothing additional being added to it – just the nut whether it be peanut or almond is blended at high speeds to make a butter.

I will admit that I love any nut butter, but only when it is natural.

The regular peanut butter that you buy in the grocery will likely have sugar, emulsifiers, preservative and hydrogenated oils added to it and it does not taste the same.

This is just a review and neither company that produces these butters know that I am going to review it.

Sweet Beet Peanut Butter

So first let’s look at the Sweet Beet.

They serve their nut butters in glass bottles with plastic covers that are air tight.

These bottles come in handy for seasonings after you are done with the contents of the butter.

The size they have labeled as 12 oz which works out to be around 340 grams. This peanut butter costs TT$45 (around US$6.40)

The almond version costs TT$120 (around US$17).

Now my favourite thing about the Sweet Beet version of their nut butters is the taste and availability.

When they roast their peanuts you get that roasted earthy taste that is missed in the mass commercial nut butters.

Also, you can usually count on Sweet Beet to have it in stock at one of their locations.

The spread tends to be nice and thick and you can be assured that it has either been freshly made or not sitting around too long.

The nice thing is you also have a choice of different nut butters as opposed to just peanuts as they carry cashew as well although I have never tasted it.

Swiss Peanut Butter

Now, let’s look at the Swiss made natural peanut butter.

When they first brought it on the market they gave it a dark brown cover that distinguished it from their other peanut butters.

However, I noticed they went with the red for the natural peanut butter as well which makes it a little harder to distinguish so you will need to ensure you see the 100% natural label to the front.

The bottle is not as fancy as Sweet Beet but if you don’t care about cosmetics and just want the butter then it doesn’t matter.

The biggest benefit of buying this brand is the size and price. Here you get 500g for around TT$30 (around US$4.30).

The consistency is a bit more oily but do not be afraid, peanuts naturally produce oil.

The oil is also a good thing because as it sits on the shelf it will slowly solidify and that oil will be needed to make it soft again as you mix it.

The taste is really good.

My main hangup with Swiss 100% Natural Peanut Butter is the availability of the product. Sometimes you go to the supermarket and it is there and another time it may not be.

It seems that they produce it in batches so if a batch runs out you may have to wait for weeks before they have again.

The other thing is they only one type of nut butter which is just peanut.

Peanut Butter Ratings

So, I am going to rate these two brands out of 1-5 with 1 being it sucks bad and 5 being it is excellent

Now this will be based on:

Presentation, size, price, availability and taste.

First for Sweet Beet.

I’m rating their nut butters in general.

Presentation is a 5 for sure, the size is 3 its a bit small, the price 3 its a bit pricey, the availability a 5 for sure you can always count on them to have and the taste a 5 its the best.

Now for the Swiss 100% Natural

Presentation 3 you know putting it in a plastic bottle does not do much for cosmetics but I do not really care because I buy for size and price and content, so the size 5 for sure its a pretty good size, price 5, availability 2 simply because a lot of times I’m trying to get and I can’t get it and for the taste I’m going to give that a 4. I would have given it a 5 but I will give Sweet Beet the 5 because when you taste the Sweet Beet you get that earthy taste that you don’t get with Swiss.

Have you tried these local nut butters before? What did you think. Please comment in Youtube Channel at JB’s Man Cave and of course subscribe like and share.

Thanks so much.

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Fake Police in Trinidad & Tobago

In addition, to worries about the tactics used by the criminal element in Trinidad and Tobago we also have to consider that we could encounter fake police.

By fake police I am referring to persons who are disguised as or pretending to be police in order to gain control over unsuspecting victims.

FAKE Police Crime in Trinidad and Tobago - How do Trinis know legit Policemen? | by

This really isn’t anything new. There have been countless cases of regular citizens dressing in police-like garb so they could gain entry to homes or businesses and commit larceny or even murder.

Fake police was recently brought to the public’s attention once again when a fairly popular figure in certain circles of society was allegedly stopped by fake police and shot until dead.

Here is the thing… how is the public to know when a police officer is fake or not?

You may readily say, their uniform or their badge, but these things have been faked.

Additionally, there are a lot of unmarked cars driving around with blue lights and dark tint. No one can know if they are the police or not.

Anyone could install a couple of flashing blue lights in their car with a siren and citizens on the road will feel obligated to pull over.

Here is another issue… police may advise that you can call the local station first to find out if certain officers are in deed who they say they are, but let’s be realistic.

Can you imagine any legit police officer who shows up to your home, office or on the road is going to wait on you when you say,

“Sorry, I do not know who you are I need to call the station first.”

Many of them may get pissed, feel you are disrespectful, etc.

They may even want to force entry and later charge you with an offense because of your unwillingness to follow instructions.

Sad thing is there are Trinis who genuinely know they are the police but just to make things difficult, or avoid capture will make up stories like that to make good their escape or frustrate the police.

So herein is the conundrum… how can the public tell fake police from real police?

Here is my personal take from the little I know, and what I have read and observed… there is little you can do from a distance.

However, if you are being flagged down by an unmarked vehicle and your gut is telling you something isn’t right then I would carefully drive to the nearest police station or flag down a marked police vehicle if you see one.

If there is someone in the vehicle with you let them start calling the police and relay the info of the car that is attempting to stop you.

If this is happening in your home, I would do the same… call the area station and find out if ‘x’ police are legit.

Again, another issue arises because some officers may act outside of their locality without informing the area’s police.

I wrote to the police commissioner a couple of months ago so as to cover this and other specific questions I know the public has that in my opinion isn’t being clearly addressed as step 1, step 2, etc.

However, I never got any response.

So tell me, what would you do if you were being stopped by an unmarked vehicle with flashing lights?

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Is God A Trini?

I was looking at the destruction taking place in Haiti. Their president was assassinated. They just had a catastrophic earthquake and to top it off a hurricane is heading their way.

What if God is NOT a Trini? Signs of the Times Warning to Trinidad and Tobago Prophecy

There is a saying locally that ‘God is a Trini’.

Term has been coined because of the seemingly lucky disposition of Trinidad and Tobago to avert dire situations that other countries like Haiti experience.

For instance, look at the map, most hurricanes practically avoid Trinidad and Tobago as they cross the Atlantic and head north to bombard the other islands.

Look at the earthquakes we’ve had, yes they do damage here and there but nothing like what Haiti had to face.

Why even local insurrectionists tried to attempt a coup and even that failed too.

That’s what we avoided, but look at what we have been given.

Unlike many of the other islands Trinidad and Tobago is rich in gas and oil.

Despite having some of the worst roads we have the largest natural pitch lake in the world.

We have some of the most beautiful unique flora and fona.

We have a respectable diversity of cultures and people that brings unique flavours and talents together.

However, with all that said suppose we are hit by a major earthquake. Local scientists have been telling us for awhile now that T&T is due for one.

The whole world is going through a confirmed climate change and guess where scientists say will be hit hardest – islands right here in the Caribbean.

The means very hot days, more flooding and even rising sea levels. A Hurricane could decide to come further West and we might take a hit.

Oil and gas isn’t going to last forever and the pandemic has changed the kinds and types of professions and jobs available.

Crime is a serious issue and it seems to be more frequent and brazen.

Now before you all say I have ‘goat mouth’. Let me be clear. We have been warned many times to prepare for the coming calamities.

Just as no one could have predicted what COVID-19 could do to T&T the same way no one can predict what could happen tomorrow.

Yet, we are being warned. The signs are there.

My main concern in the face of any devastating natural event is actually not the event itself but how we react to it.

When the July 1990 attempted coup happened one of the first decisions made by some citizens was to loot and burn.

In other words, instead of trying to help the situation it was their resolve to take advantage of it. I have seen this done multiple times at various levels of society even today.

We can’t live our lives hunky dory as though we are invincible, we need to be watchful and prepare.

Because one day we may get up and realize that our turn has come and at that time will we say ‘God is not a Trini?’

If you are a praying person then make sure to actually be the vessel of what you are praying for.

Makes no sense to pray others get help when it is in your ability to give help.

Don’t take advantage of people, be kind, be reasonable, it takes nothing from you to show a little courtesy.

In doing the small things we will find that the big things will be easier to handle when they come… because they will come.

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Are Trinis Grateful?

Are Trinis a grateful people? Terms like “you should be grateful” or “you’re too ungrateful” has been banged about for years by people.

Is Trinidad and Tobago Grateful? Do Trinis show gratitude?

Before you rush off to conclusions or assume something it is very important that you watch the WHOLE of this video to understand what I am about to share with you.

By the way, you should know I am grateful that you are here, please do not forget to Subscribe to my Channel for more.

I will also like to mention I am not of any political persuasion nor have any desire for such as a few wrongfully believe.

I just like to deal with a little logic here and there according to my unique missionary experiences from the school of hard knocks.

First, let’s define what it means to be “grateful”. According to Oxford the word “grateful” means

“feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.” For example: “I’m grateful to you for all your help.”

Now, sometimes as Trinis we like to give a word a double meaning or should I say either remove or add to the meaning of a word.

Let me give you an example. If I had three hungry children and someone gave me only enough food for one of them should I be grateful?

Yes, of course… I would say “Thank you very much, I appreciate this food.”

However, here is the catch and the misinterpretation by some… if I turn around and say to the person.

“Thank you very much, I appreciate this food. I have two other children who are hungry do you by chance have more please?”

Does that mean I am not grateful? No, according to the definition of the word I was appreciative of what I got, however that does not mean I have to be satisfied with it.

Does that make sense? I am grateful, but it does not meet my needs so I still need to seek more.

I have noticed that some Trini public givers have as a premise that if you get something you should not ask again or say anything further as though we are statues and not evolving living beings with continued needs.

How silly it would be to say “Well I got food for one child already so I won’t bother with the other two children, I should just be grateful.”

Now, it may be that I have to seek food for my other two children elsewhere or by my own means but that does not mean I was not grateful.

I notice there is an unwritten belief in most Trini hierarchy that if you get something, no matter what it is you should never want more even if it is not asked for or does not fulfill your needs.

Asking questions or inquiring also seems to be a big red flag for many in the Trini hierarchy.

Here is another example. Some Trinis love to put ketchup on their food. If you bought some food and asked for some ketchup but were given mustard would you be happy with that?

Imagine if you responded by saying, “I do not want mustard, I want ketchup please”

To which the food seller said, “I gave you mustard you should be grateful.”

How would you react to that? If a need is not being met then are you ungrateful for not being satisfied with what is given especially when you are paying for it?

Now, let’s look at another angle.

I need to mention the word “gentle” which by definition is,

“…having or showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament or character.”

When you are really grateful you show that gratitude through a “gentle” demeanor.

Let me give you an example…

Imagine if you were part of a group where people gave stuff away for free to people who needed it.

Now imagine if I were giving away a fridge and someone said they needed it because they had none but additionally wanted me to bring it for them because they were too poor to get transport… would that mean they were ungrateful?

Not necessarily, it really depends on if they initially showed appreciation and how they asked.

For instance, the person might say, “May I have the fridge please? I really need it as we have none but unfortunately I am unable to get transport, can you assist?”

This shows a gentle approach, one that is unassuming and understanding that they are getting the item for free and they know I am not obligated to drop it.

Conversely, imagine if the person said this, “Interested in fridge, you can drop it at my home call me first to see if I am available”

You may think no one would dare to say that to someone giving them something for free, however I have seen this more than once.

No gratitude was expressed in my example, in fact the proper word to use here is “impertinent”.

By definition, “impertinent” means “…not showing proper respect; rude.”

I actually believe that when Trini hierarchy gives something to other Trinis in the public domain the real words they want to use is “You all are too impertinent”

However, another example is needed.

During this pandemic people have not been able to work for months… this means they have lost literally tens of thousands of dollars even if they were a minimum wage worker.

Their inability to work is not by choice, it is by law, and guess what… their bills are tens of thousands of dollars.

Just look at the cost of renting, rising food prices, electricity and basic necessities.

So… if I were in the hierarchy and my solution of imposing the enforcement of law on to your loss of tens of thousands of dollars was to simply give you a basket of food that may last a couple of days or maybe a loan that would only cover 10% of your bills.

Should I express gratitude… be grateful?

I’m not finished yet, but I just wanted to point out another video I have called, “Walk the Talk” about temperance in leadership. I will put it at the end of this video please have a look.

Words such as “please”, “may I”, “I will be grateful if”, “I would appreciate if…”, and “thank you” are sometimes hard to come by these days.

I will admit that many times I have gone to buy items and said these words to the seller or staff and you can see the relative shock on the sales person’s face because they are often not treated with courtesy by the public.

How many times have you stopped your car to allow someone to cross or come out of their drive way and they just left without acknowledgment?

In those cases no gratitude was expressed. Sometimes this may also make you think twice about extending that courtesy again, but do not stop, because there are people out there who are grateful for such kindness.

So are Trinis grateful as a people?

I would say in general we are grateful as a people.

Yes, there are one or two out there who seem to lack the decorum or manners, but I often think maybe they were never shown any and so do not express what they do not know.

I also believe that when people are put into positions where they serve others they need to understand where gratitude ought to be targeted.

Does the servant expect that gratitude for the service he is paid for be rendered by those he serves if his services is not able to meet the needs of those he serves?

One of my biggest concerns about Trinidad and Tobago is the way we treat each other and communicate.

We need to treat each other in a more gentle, considerate, and compassionate manner and this should start with those at the top of the hierarchy if we expect to move forward.

Gentleness in our communication, gratitude in all that we receive and continued determination in addressing those things that are still needful.

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The main difference in this video from others I’ve made is the way it was recorded. I used super wide screen mode so that you could get more of the surroundings as I drive by. This means you can see more of the houses and people as I pass them on the road.

I will be using some ambient music from Unicorn Heads titled “Drifting at 432 Hz” which is very relaxing. If you have a large high definition screen at home then it is best played there. Sit back and relax and drive along with me in Trinidad.

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