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Walking Around San Fernando, Trinidad

Hello friends, we are going to see the city of San Fernando here in Trinidad an island in the Caribbean. Right now, I’m at the Carlton Centre just above the JTA supermarket in the car park they didn’t have any space below so I had to go all the way on the top so I’m giving you a view of some of the city.

I’m gonna be living natural songs in this video as well as giving a commentary but I won’t be commenting all the time and you know why this video is almost two hours long don’t get scared though because all my videos are unedited raw and you get to see exactly what I see I’m actually walking over the whole of the city of San Fernando covering major streets so you can’t see what it is like today. This is someday in April, 2022.

You can find more videos on JB’s Man Cave Youtube Channel. You can also see a similar walk through video about Chaguanas.

Trini Politics – Political Ads in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinis love to talk about politics and will often attempt to make any situation or event political. This channel is not a political avenue but many who watch try to relate a totally unrelated video into politics.

As an example, a recent video about UFO sightings became political banter… UFO sightings? Politics? Noooo.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about something that is constantly pushed on us during any election in Trinidad and Tobago.

Slanderous and demeaning ads are usually created with a debatable humorous tone targeted at the other political party in what would seem to be a personal attack.

Slandering to make a point?

The idea is to beat down the words and character of the other party to dissuade voters.

The main problem with this tactic is it leaves little room for actually saying what is being offered or has been done by the opponent creating the ads.

Let’s picture it this way. Let’s say we have an unemployed single mom who is trying to make ends meet.

At the end of the day, mom cares only about providing a meal for her child, that rent is paid and she can survive making an income legally.

She does not care about how well you can speak, your color, your degrees or how much you verbally can put down other people.

What she cares about is that she can meet the basic needs of life.

I have spoken about this more in depth in my video called, “Walk the Talk”, make sure to see it if you haven’t.

But, for now, let’s get back to needs.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

There is a well used theory by right thinking leaders called, “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”.

Basically, it shows what people need the most before they can venture onto something else… hence my example of the single mom.

She cannot think about other things if she has no food to eat or is afraid that she may be assaulted while walking in her neighborhood.

In fact, that is basic for anyone, single or not, male or female, any race, any age.

Ergo, here in Trinidad and Tobago, I believe everyone should see that people are tired of hearing put downs and slander.

And that is any political party or politician — although some do it way more than others.

People need to know that they can feel safe, that there is transparency, equality and the ability to earn a stable income.

They want to know what you can do for them, to make their lives better.

Better Communication

It is high time that as a people we focus on a new age of communication.

One in which we assume competence, and not like we are all toddlers running around with not enough intelligence or wisdom to see what is happening.

Because believe me, we can see what is happening because we LIVE it everyday, right here at ground zero.

If you don’t know or have forgotten, leave your air condition offices and cars and come check us… the man on the street, we can give you a reality check.

So what do you think about the political banter and ads in Trinidad and Tobago?

Feel free to comment on my YouTube channel and give your points — keeping it clean of course, remember what I just said.

See video on Youtube.

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UFOs, Aliens and Spacecraft in Trinidad and Tobago

Like most children, I’ve always been interested in outer space, spacecraft, UFOs and the concept of aliens.

Science fiction many may call it as some people will often shrug off the topic of UFOs because they feel there is a lack of evidence.

Yet, many push to the cinema and stream on demand to see blockbusters involving Star Trek, Star Wars or superheroes from Krypton.

As a teen, I would look up at the Caribbean sky at night to view the many stars.

Stars that move at night

Sometimes I would be lucky to see a moving star, no, not a falling star… a satellite in orbit which often looks like a star that moves along an undeviating path.

If you have never seen that try looking up at the night sky and look for any object that looks like a star but moves.

It is not easy to find but if you are patient you will see it.

Of course, that is not the same as seeing an actual UFO which witnesses have claimed to be much bigger and closer than a satellite in orbit.

Credible evidence of UFOs

Recently, the United States released official military footage that acknowledges that there are indeed unidentified flying objects among us.

Testimony from hundreds of people including military officers claim to have seen objects that defy our known laws of physics.

Anyone who still doubts UFOs should read and listen to the reports. This is no longer science fiction.

UFOs in Trinidad and Tobago

But… what about Trinidad and Tobago?

I don’t know how many of you remember this… but some years ago one of the major television stations broadcast the appearance of strange bright lights in a forest in Trinidad.

The phenomenon occurred each night for 2-3 days yet no one could offer an explanation about it.

There have also been more personal accounts by Trinis about UFOs.

Recently, I was listening to the radio and one of the announcers mentioned being in Tobago on vacation.

She said that another person and herself were looking up at the night sky just star gazing when they spotted what they thought was the light from a satellite like I described earlier.

However, when that light suddenly made a sharp turn and moved in a different direction with speed like they have never seen before they looked at each other and knew it was neither a plane nor a satellite.

UFO accounts by people in Trinidad and Tobago

In one account by the username Steve Wooler he claims to have seen this in 2008,

“For around 20 minutes from around 9:15pm last night, the sky over Stonehaven Bay was filled with vivid orange lights. It was almost like a firework display. A number of lights appeared from roughly the north-east, travelling over Plymouth and heading out across Buccoo towards Trinidad. At first I thought it was a couple of helicopters, but they showed no green/red aircraft lights and were just a bright orange ‘ball’.” Source

Here is another one:

On the 5th February, 2015, at approx. 7:45pm whilst sitting in my car in an area known as Jones Terrace, Cunupia, Trinidad, I saw what appeared to be two very bright stars in the southern sky. I could be described as a ‘star gazer’ as I often gaze into the sky. These two star looking objects caught my attention because I had never seen what appeared to be two large stars that close. Hence, I became very amused and kept looking at them. Suddenly, one of the lights took off with such great speed moving further southward and then faded away. In my excitement, I called out to my two daughters to see it, but, they were unable to see the fleeting light. My two daughters then joined me and we travelled to our home at Homeland Gardens Cunupia – a 5min journey. Interestingly, whilst sitting in our car, I again was amused by what appeared to be a very bright light in the eastern sky. There was a full moon and the bright light was not far off. It was moving but, not like an aircraft does. Furthermore, that light seemed to be composed of/associated with other lights (blue and red). And, the lights were not like that of a helicopter or winged aircraft. The object kept moving and stopping. When it stopped, it rotated and kept projecting powerful red lights at a patterned interval. The pattern was like that of a Morse code. That activity lasted for approx. one min. and then the object disappeared. Fortunately, my daughters were able to witness that with me. I do not know what we saw, but I seek feedback from anyone in Trinidad who might have witnessed similar occurrences on that day. Source

What do Trinis think about the UFO topic?

Now, if you were to whip up a conversation about UFOs how do typical Trinis generally react to this topic? Like everything else, it is taken without the serious deliberation it deserves.

However, I would be very interested in meeting any Trinis who would like to relate their experiences in seeing UFOs, aliens or even abduction.

Feel free to tell us your story in the comments area of my Youtube channel or contact me to setup an interview.

Also, there is another channel I manage that covers UFO experiences by witnesses from all over the world, however is in Spanish so check it out if you can understand the lingo. Just go to or look for Inexplicados on Youtube.

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Cheating Partners in the Caribbean aka Being Horned

Are Caribbean men and women faithful or more unfaithful to each other?

Relationships in the Caribbean are like any other around the world.

However, on islands like Trinidad and Tobago there are regular jokes, memes and the like around being horned.

The context of the word to horn refers to a promiscuous lifestyle or in other words cheating, or adultery.

Are you old enough to remember when HIV Aids first came to light?

People became paranoid about who they could be around and began to stigmatize certain sectors of society.

I believe the topic of HIV is as common a public message now as the common cold.

However, this is 2021 so there is something new everyday and here is a good reason to be faithful.

Donovanosis in the Caribbean

Have you heard of the donovanosis?

Some people have referred to it as the testicle flesh eating bacteria.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes the bacterium as causing “beefy red” ulcers which can cause serious damage to a person’s genitals if left untreated.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine has concluded that condition is more common in men than women.

It is passed on when doing the dirty… you know what I mean.

Donovanosis like other bacterium is not something you can see until it has started to spread so if you happen to see open sores and legions below the belt it may be time to visit your doctor.

Of course, it would be easier and not even a consideration if you are faithful to your partner.

So here is some things to consider and let me know what you think by commenting in my Youtube channel…

Ask Yourself These Questions!

Do you trust your current partner?

Do you inspect them or yourself from time to time just in case? Would they even let you?

Do you think men and women in the Caribbean are generally faithful or unfaithful?

Let me know what you think.

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See the video on Youtube.

Flooding in Trinidad and Tobago

It is so sad to see people walking in knee high water around their home after heavy rains.

People have lost their valuables and are now at risk of disease and more economic frustration with this pandemic.

Of course we could look at lack of maintenance of community water pumps but while I am there imagine delinquent Trinis have either stolen or burnt those in the past leaving people who are in flood plain areas to suffer.

We could also look at the people who build on hills without permits, or even developers who have permits or that the local government is not doing enough dredging of water courses.

Some of that is true. However, I can give you the number ONE reason for a lot of this flooding in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinis STOP throwing your trash in the drains, rivers and water ways.

You all know I take a lot of footage of Trinidad as I drive around and it is frankly embarrassing to show a beautiful scene of vegetation followed by a heap a trash.

In most of the green related places I have visited there is always a set of empty soft drink bottles, plastics of different shapes and sizes, cans, old beds and even retired appliances as large as a fridge.

STOP dumping your trash on the road it is clogging the drains and other places where the water has to pass in order to get to the ocean.

Be responsible man… people are suffering.

Watch on Youtube.

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Speeding in Trinidad and Tobago

This morning I was driving on the Morne Coco Rd., a main road in the Petit Valley area here in Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean.

Despite most of the road passing through what is mostly quiet residential areas, Morne Coco Rd. is one of the most dangerous roads in Trinidad.

Why do I say that? Some of the largest and worst pot hole ridden roads you can find are right here on the Morne Coco Rd. It is so bad that I have made videos about.

But its not just about the road… the drivers fly through here as if their cars are using jet fuel propulsion.

However, of recent they have begun to pave the road or should I say patch it here and there.

But what surprised me the most this morning was to see speed humps to slow down drivers.

What do you think… should more speed bumps be placed on major and main roads as a way to ensure drivers slow down?

View on Youtube.

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Criminals in Trinidad and Tobago Take Advantage

I was reading a story presented in a local newspaper that left me shaking my head.

According to a report by Radhica De Silva from the Trinidad Guardian a truck driver named Terrence needed to drop off a load of material in a forested location.

Terrence, possibly unfamiliar with the location, came across some fellas who offered to help… however that offer for help had me suspicious.

Generally, I do not like to ask help from anyone… sometimes it leads you to a worst path than you were before you needed the help.

Anyway, poor Terrence decided to follow the men offering help.

They crossed a bridge and then Terrance attempted to cross as well.

However, under the weight of his heavy truck the old bridge gave way and the truck went into a river trapping Terrance inside.

Tragic I know… but I can’t help but wonder if the men who led Terrence to this bridge knew that the bridge could not take the pressure and this would happen.

Anyway, as it turned out Terrance had to get help from the men who led him to his fate.

The turck was sinking, his foot was bleeding and he was trapped so a rescue extraction began.

The men eventually pulled Terrance out of the river and according to him, saved his life.

Here is where the story should have a beautiful end and this video would have been an example of patriotism, brotherly love and kindness.

But no, this is a video made in Trickyland so on with the reality.

When the men pulled Terrence out they notice his phone and wallet was all wet.

Using deception they told Terrence to go wash off. I am sure Terrence thought he should, after all he was just in a dirty river and bleeding.

By this point they should be taking Terrence to the hospital but no… they disappeared with both Terrence’s phone and the money from his wallet.

Maybe in their mind they were justified in taking an extraction fee but that is just plain WICKED.

When a Trini is down there are Trinis out there that will kick you too.

You might think this a unique case, but it isn’t.

I remember this happening to me as well.

When I was a teen I remember my mother hiring some ‘friendly’ willing guys to move.

By the time we got all the things moved we noticed the electronics were missing.

I have been to court to get back money from Trinis who sound nice, seem helpful and even genuinely interested in your well being.

Now, do not think this video is about bashing Trinis. I actually have another video about how Trinis can be very helpful.

My point is that this is Trickland and there are Trinis out there that are up to no good so be careful out there.

See video on Youtube.

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Guns in Trinidad and Tobago

When you hear about guns and crime in Trinidad and Tobago it is almost like reading a story about the wild wild west.

In case you did not know I do cover crime and by extension the results of crime on this channel so make sure to subscribe, like, and comment.

When you do this it lets me know you like the videos I create and encourages me to create even more for YOU!

Anyway, back to the wild wild west, aka Trickyland aka Trinidad and Tobago.

Yesterday, I was watching the news about three, possibly four armed bandits involved in a devious plan to rob a mini-mart.

When they arrived at the establishment brandishing their guns they violently attacked the owner but were met with resistance.

Unknown to these up to no good delinquents of society the mini-mart they were trying to rob had within its walls 3 FUL holders.

FUL means Firearms Users License or in other words they have a license to legally carry a gun. So this mini-mart was prepared.

You see the owner whipped out his gun and fired back along with another… but that is not all.

At the same time, there was someone from the TTPS or Trinidad and Tobago Police Service patronizing the store so they all got in on the action.

The outcome was two dead bandits while one escaped in a get away car.

Now here is the thing… this could have played out differently if the bandits could have simply had their way.

Money would have been lost, the owners and others would have been brutally beaten and they would have to live as victims in fear for the rest of their lives.

But now ANY bandit thinking to rob a place will have second thoughts.

They will now have to consider, will the owner have a gun and fire back?

So here is the question for you good folks watching this channel. Should more business men be issued with FULs in order to protect themselves and their customers?

Before you consider think about this… who issues the criminals with their FULs?

The bandits of today are brazen, have technology at their disposal and may even carry weapons that are in league or even better than some of the protective services.

Bandits now descend on people like a mob, no longer do they work alone as individuals but are part of gangs that are ready to cause havoc both day and night.

Now, I am not saying that every business owner should have a gun as there must be diligent checks made, however crime is everyday, and the process seems lengthy and almost seems to defeat the purpose.

Fighting against crime cannot be waiting like a sitting duck, become a victim and then make a 999 call after the fact. There must be a proactive measure to deter crime in the first place.

What are your thoughts? Please comment in the comment area of my Youtube channel.

See the video on Youtube.

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Halloween in Trinidad and Tobago Vegan Style

When I was a child living in the USA we went out trick or treating. Halloween was lots of fun because you got to dress up in a character you liked and receive free candy.

When we came back to Trinidad I missed it as it wasn’t celebrated here. However, about 15-20 years ago I noticed Halloween started to become more popular locally.

Halloween is good business and I’m surprised it did not catch on faster given the culture of costumes for Carnival.

In fact, I recently went into a government building in Port of Spain and was surprised to see it decorated with a Halloween theme.

Only certain designated places or neighborhoods in Trinidad celebrate Halloween or may have special Halloween themed events.

I’m not sure what happens in Tobago.

When my boys were younger we went trick or treating in the West and it was well received.

After the COVID-19 outbreak we decided to leave Halloween out but it just so happened that they were hitting that age where it was time to phase out the candy grabbing.

Today, my wife wanted to make it special for my boys and created an all vegan (plant based) dinner.

Everything you see here has no traditional milk, cheese or meats all plant based foods.

See video on Youtube:

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Covid-19 Vaccine in Trinidad and Tobago

Saturday, my family and I went to NAPA to take the COVID-19 Vaccine.

We waited until now so we could choose from a variety rather than be limited to one or two choices.

Now, I like to follow the science and since I am a realist I am not into superstitions, controversy or myths.

I did my own research and in the end felt I had little to lose and lots to gain by being immunized against COVID-19.

The process was very fast but mostly because I chose to take the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Let me explain, it seemed like most of the people there wanted the Pzier vaccine or surprisingly, the Signopharm vaccine.

In fact, during the registration process the lady that interviewed me said most of the forms she was filing in were for Signopharm.

Which Vaccine to take?

In my theory, not proven, that those who chose Signopharm probably said, “I’m here for the vaccine” rather than making a specific choice.

Or maybe they simply didn’t care.

Anyway, the Johnson and Johnson line was short… as in just three people, including myself.

A medical doctor administered the vaccine into my shoulder.

I hardly felt anything when the injection was given and on the way out a local company gave away some snacks to thank me for taking the vaccine.

I should mention, that unlike most services in T&T this process was very organized, full of helpful friendly people at every turn who actually smiled.

Maybe your experience was different, you can tell me later in the Youtube comments.

After taking the vaccine

Now, how did I feel for the rest of the day?

Well, right after I drove a long distance, walked around a mile or more, made some repairs at home and then lifted weights.

So yeah, I was pretty normal but then again I live a relatively healthy lifestyle so I was not expecting much.

Do note, I did feel to rest a bit more than usual, which is a good thing – something I need to do more of in any case.

Keep in mind, that the vaccine does not stop you from getting COVID-19, what it does is lessen the effects the virus can do when it does attack.

I am not a medical doctor so my opinion is in addition to the vaccine ensure you eat right, exercise and get adequate rest because you can die from so many things besides COVID-19 like heart disease.

Now, this isn’t me advertising for the COVID-19 vaccine, I’m just relaying how it was for me. I believe it is up to everyone to make up their own mind and have the choice about what they will do.

So do share, did you take the vaccine? Please share in the comments how it was for you.

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