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Freeport Trinidad Caribbean back roads

Freeport Trinidad

Hello friends we are on another road trip today and in this road trip we will be going to Freeport in Trinidad Trinidad is an island in the Caribbean it’s actually the last island in the southern Caribbean after Trinidad to the south of the Guyanas and to our west is Venezuela.

FREEPORT Back Roads Road Trip in TRINIDAD and Tobago Caribbean by

if you’re not from Trinidad you mean not know about it as much as you would have heard about Jamaica or Barbados or some of the other more touristic islands

Trinidad and Tobago its main GDP is oil and gas so tourism is not a main factor anyway so this is Freeport we are on the arena road

it’s a residential area mainly there’s there is some commercial parts mostly I’ve I believe on mission road which I have done another video for if you haven’t seen it make sure to look for it

it’s just me driving down mission road today we we won’t really be going on mission road I believe on the way back I passed through mission road a bit but mainly we are going on back roads today all the roads that you may not normally take when you’re coming to Freeport

now if you used to live in Freeport have friends here or visited here often and you haven’t been here for a while or you moved abroad then this video will be of interest to you because you would like to see what it’s like now however I will be stopping at various places too that I did not see before no I i sometimes I will look on google maps and say you know where can we go today and you will see certain highlighted ma landmarks but you know there isn’t much information about it so uh you know it’s only when you get there you find out about it

and so we and part of this road trip and visiting places that are off-road or roads that are not frequented or roads that are not the main road itself we discover a few places stop and have a look around

I believe the Freeport area has around a population of around twelve thousand somewhere about more or less

and um you’ll see me stop here a bit because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to continue to cross that bridge or tune on that road

and there was suddenly a lot of traffic behind me so I’m gonna wait for that to clear and then I’m gonna turn around and go back to that road because I really don’t want to follow the arena road that will take me east and away from Freeport

the green marking on that map is showing you the roots that we are taking to the end report

it’s a cloudy day but the deer maintains um

some sunlight there isn’t any rain and it clears up a bit thankfully

we are still in the dry season in Trinidad and Tobago there are two main seasons it’s not like North America or Europe where you have you know winter spring summer and fall here we only have the dry and wet season or some people say to dry and rainy season

right now we’re in a dry season which means there isn’t as much rain

now you know when you look looking at many um tourist based videos they tried to highlight all the goody goody stuff the the eye candy stuff but on JB’s Man Cave I try to give you the raw real look the things as they are so this look that you’re seeing now is true Caribbean it’s not the fancy areas or the fancy buildings or whatever this is how the Caribbean or how Trinidad looks lots of green patchy roads

houses built in various designs and structures and maybe could use an upgrade

but this is how it looks actually looks and these are some of the back roads that we’re taking so if you’re looking for an adventure you can always follow

the roads that I take and see some of the places that we’re going to see today we’re going to be stopping at a temple a Hindu temple a restaurant the Namaste Restaurant a forested area that we tried to get some information about but could not find anybody

and some other unusual things um I always advise in my videos that if you come in these backwards that you should have a good vehicle that can take some hard knocks you’ll notice that the camera shakes and that camera is super mounted to my windscreen

I mean I actually use um liquid metal to stick it not even just plain glue but if vibrations because of so many potholes on uneven roads still makes it shake so does it tell you no cars do pass here but they move very slow

extremely slowly you’ll even see that in this video look at how slow that car is going look how much ground I’m making up so if you’re coming in these backwards I strongly suggest that you use a 4×4 a truck a van an suv with good tires uh you know they’ll come here with a low rider or something like that because you’re gonna have problems

of course that’s not always possible that you can change your vehicle but I’m just warning you

now there was a lot of research done by archaeologists on the arena rodent report and probably other places here showing a strong presence of Amerindian society and you know [..] and the faculty there have been pushing government to name certain sites within the area

so that they could be um under the historical sites uh conservation effort but um I I’m not too sure I’m not too sure what the progress of that is if if you are aware of it feel free to comment in the comments area of my YouTube channel a lot of that needs to be done also in other areas of Trinidad and Tobago

now the nice thing about driving on back roads is of course all the green and as you know if you have watched some of my videos you always hear me talk about the green I just love nature but it’s the fresh air and the look of the vegetation and whatnot

and you can see how bad the roads are I would like to go faster but that car ahead is slowing me down as I said before if you have a you know a regular car like that one um ahead then you’re gonna find yourself moving very slow here because the roads are very bad

sometimes in shots like this too I try to hold back and allow the vehicle to go ahead faster to get out of the way otherwise the vehicle ahead becomes the focus but I’m going really slow and that car is still going slow

and of course folks if you like my videos feel free to become a patron feel free to donate you can go to

or there are links in the description of this video and then the about section of my channel to go straight to the donation section where you can donate of course as I always say there’s no pressure this is you know an optional thing if you would like to support my effort in fact um I believe this would be the last video I do in this format I’m I’m upgrading my formats don’t get worried I’m not it’s not the last video I actually do it’s the last video in this format meaning um 1080p HD I’m gonna go up a notch in certain areas and I also have some videos in 5.3 k and 360 degrees coming up that’s right and by the way JB’s Man Cave is not only about road trips or just looking it’s about a lot of other stuff I do feature other Caribbean islands and I talk about social issues and so forth and I have some social issues that I do want to bring up I just haven’t got any chance to do it as yet but I want to hear from you on those issues as well and then those videos you know tell me what you think about my videos about Martinique or Jamaica Barbados or saint Russia, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines you know let me know how you like those areas I know Trinis flock to my Trini related videos and yes I have quite a number of them but I don’t only focus on Trinidad to big I even make videos on Ukraine and the war there

and you see how slow we’re going I’m giving trying to give that vehicle ahead you know a chance to go drive away I’m sure I’ll go over this hill and I might still see him

so I like to look at the green and in some of my videos I have actually a series called let’s watch and I think some people just don’t understand it you know sometimes you go to an area and it’s not a hyper thing you know you’re not running around in circles you go to an area you sit down and relax and watch that’s the beauty of nature and sometimes when I slow down like this or I stop no no look at the garbage on the left isn’t it sad that I’m talking about loving nature and green and then there’s a huge garbage dump I just wish Trinis will stop doing that sometimes I go into areas and there’s literally garbage all over there are some shots I would actually like to make and I can’t because there’s so much garbage that’s a serious problem here in Trinidad and look at how isolated this area is and I I’m still a concern

and you know as I was saying I have a let’s watch series where I just simply watch a certain place and I bring you along and when you you know it’s like a a piece of artwork you know when somebody makes a painting you could spend a good number of minutes watching it picking up details well it’s the same with this just because it’s in video format doesn’t mean you constantly have to be moving that’s where it’s a you know perspective appreciation sort of thing

now on the top of this hill there’s a lot of nice scenery well at least for me country scenery which many in Trinidad may not see you know it’s very hard to come to the area and just look and just see green without seeing a lot of concrete so we’re gonna pull to the side here in a bit and I’m gonna pull out my extension pull and give you a 360 degree look

soon I will have videos where you could actually scroll your screen and look

so you got a a good vantage point so you this is central Trinidad more or less you could see the mountains the north

and in central so it tends to be very hilly there’s very little flat land everything is hills and the land here well I’m not too sure about this area in particular but I know the you know the southern range tends to have a lot of areas with shifting land

so that’s what the area looked like

that country atmosphere the smell of fresh air the green

some people have commented that my videos are a good way to see where they’re going and yes you can use them just like that you know if you’re thinking about a road trip or to go somewhere just to look around take all the family feel free to watch my videos and pick up some ideas you may even want to take a road that I didn’t

no sad to say you know let me mention those that smoke that’s coming only left that’s a bushfire sometimes they are started by I would like to say dry stock on the sun but to me there’s either light you know as in metal objects shining his son on something and been in it or people throwing their cigarettes or maybe somebody actually um starting it but anyway those are bush fires they tend to break out in patches so you might have a bushfire ahead and another one further up the road and so forth but if they are not taken care of then it could lead to a much bigger fire and damage to people’s homes so they have to be monitored anyway I was saying that besides nature you know going out on a hike going on a camp event at the beach and there aren’t you know we are in a Caribbean island but there aren’t many accessible and I say readily accessible beaches in Trinidad you have to drive very far to get it and sometimes it’s packed when you get there but anyway there aren’t many activities besides you know going to the movies or going to the mall or some of the usual things where you see so often that you want to see something new so driving on road trips is one way to get out and see the rest of the country that you may not have seen and pick up on the culture the look the feeling of other places it’s good education and good for your mind too you know if somebody said you know I’m from Freeport you really can’t relate if you haven’t been there but now you can

some nice houses here and there

but nothing with the road of course still the same now you see to the left there that black dome shaped object that is where the temple is and the area surrounding it is a big restaurant and

how do I put it it’s a facility for meetings I guess but when I say meetings I’m not talking about like a conference more for like weddings and stuff but it’s incomplete however we are going to visit it now I didn’t I i picked up on the place on a map but I did not know about the place before so when I got there I decided to walk around

so I’m just deliberating which way to go and then of course I will turn left and check it out now

one of the issues and I’ve talked about this before sometimes when you’re recording video recording

it’s a big truck passing by all right so sometimes when your video recording

people become antsy they become nervous I don’t know sometimes they don’t want to record they want you to record them or record their plays or whatever but in the case of this place they were very welcoming and that’s what I like and because they were so welcoming I will be highlighting all of their place the temple everything and that’s how it should be you know something I don’t understand with some trainees is you’re coming to highlight their place that’s free advertisement for them you know I am not being paid to do this and yet still they would be you know like oh I don’t know whatever whatever and I just don’t get it and that’s mostly from the people in the north people in the south are way more friendly and accommodating and willing and understand the benefits of you know having the this the places or the um businesses or whatever promoted you know you know somebody stick any time and say you know I would like to record this but it’s on my YouTube channel and they’re glad for it now that party right there that where that gate was open that’s how you would access the um restaurant directly

but you can access it from the other way that I’m going to but mainly this section here is people who are going to the um religious side of this area and this temple

so I’m gonna park up here and then I’m gonna pull up my extension rod as usual and have a look around

and I’m gonna give you um audio here

now why whereas I am familiar with

the rudimentary aspects of the of Hinduism and so forth I am not okra with all the terminology and whatnot so feel free to go to my YouTube channel and explain everything that we are seeing what I can tell you is this is a sacred site a religious side so that if you’re coming here the idea is not to be loud and noisy in fact when we came here we were very impressed with how quiet and peaceful it is and you will notice in the fact that I can record and you don’t hear nothing

there aren’t many people around there were some but it’s a nice place to come and meditate

take any fresh air if you’re part of the religion pray whatever have you whatever to develop grow that strong sense of yourself

so if you have never been here it might be an option for you to come

and I’m going to label the um

the name and location here so that you can check it out

one of the impressive impressive things too is how clean and maintained well-maintained areas

now this part here that we’re going to is the restaurant and the

grounds where I said that you know if you’re planning an activity a place for a meeting or wedding or whatever they have the the necessary area for it

um it’s still under some sort of renovation or construction it’s not complete but it’s good enough that if you needed to do something you could start

what I like about it has its own little playground as you see

and various covered areas where you can

dine or have a meeting whatever have you however you want to plan it they have several structures so I don’t know if you could have you know rent the whole facility or in some other case you know different people can have different um air covered areas that they could use

by the way in my future videos too I’m going to be working on this stabilization issue where you get that shake

again these videos are raw so normally you know me having me work here I would you know in a proper video you would cut it out edit it merge and so forth but jb’s mind cave is a body raw so you can see all that icy and I may be just holding the um extension rod anyhow as I’m walking and you see how it’s stabilized now because I’m probably you know fixing it to take a shot now they had some peacocks in a cage here while the cage is very big this is probably the only area I did not like and if you know JB’s Man Cave you would know the reason why I did not like it that’s the noise that they make I’ve never heard them make that song before but it’s almost like they were calling me when I was there

and usually they spread their wings make all that colorful thing I think they do it when they feel intimidated I don’t know I’m not an expert on birds but um you can tell me if you know the reason why I did not like it feel free to say why if you know jb in the YouTube comments of this video

if you would like to know why you can also ask now this um mini what do I call it like a mini Taj Mahal but it’s great I could picture this full of flowers and for wedding photos can you I really liked how it looked

you know the even though the place is unfinished if it’s dressed up with flowers plants whatever have you it can definitely be something to be whole I mean you could really have our uh

a great wedding or event here whatever celebration

normal songs like I’m the owner and I’m trying to sell it but I am not I’m neither was this video sponsored for that but I just I’m seeing that because

the people here were really friendly and welcoming and I just want to do that for them

by the way we did take some of the food we ordered takeaway lunch you can dining and I will show you what the dining area is like in case you’re wondering you know if I want to bring my family here to dine in the takeaway lunches were very good actually you could get some three different items and um some naan which is like bread

kind of like a pita bread for those of you who don’t know what mine is and um that’s the restaurant there Namaste Indian Restaurant and this is the inside and that only costs like 45 dollars you could go on for 50 dollars the only thing I would the food was really nice but the only thing I would say is that you make sure to tell them to hold the pepper some chefs like to go heavy on the pepper so if you’re not a pepper person just when you’re ordering just tell them you don’t want any pepper you can see nice tables it’s not a ‘cheapy cheapy’ place everything is well thought out like I said a good place to have an event or wedding or whatever you can always find them online or whatever and contact them about it

so we are leaving that area and we are continuing our road trip

and for those of you who don’t know always ask I when I’m in the vehicle I do not play sound because usually on these road trips I’m traveling with my family and you don’t need to hear what we’re seeing talking about various things and it’s mostly unrelated to the video anyhow I stopped here to get a few points from some people about the area so I’m just speeding it up a bit

you can see those dark grey clouds in the distance that’s that is south so that’s not going to affect us

where we are is sunny

but the weather in uh the Caribbean and in general [..] it changes all the time one minute could be sunny next month could be really rainy and want more

but you know like I said how many places do you drive to and use you have this look not many so again it’s a place that you can bring your family to have a look around you know just to get a different feel for other areas in Trinidad doesn’t always have to be just your area and back home you know you can visit other places besides just maracas or just you know commercial places you know just to see what the rest of Trinidad is like you can see what I’m talking about with the shift in line you see how those um pulls those electricity pools see how it’s bending twisting almost like it’s once a fall though that’s what happens when you have shifting land

and that happens in these areas a lot so you have a nice little community here some big houses well kept

the roads a bit better too

but uh we are not really about this road we want to we want to turn off we are all about the back roads so we’re looking for back roads to explore and this one is certainly one that can be explored however in this road as well you need to have a good vehicle that you can drive on it there are other ways to get around to where we are going but I like this the scenic route the route that’s least traversed.

so we’re gonna take this one

and sometimes you get to see two different houses how people live and so forth

now I was trying to locate a name for this road but I didn’t see one did you see one when we turned in it did now you know if not you can always follow the route but this one takes you to what looks like an end of a road but we’re still going to go it is it’s actually labeled as a road on the map but there’s no pitch here so it’s kind of interesting going on it

you can see where the bush fires rubbish this area on the right especially

just look really nice I love this see all this green

this would be good for um those of you who like mountain biking or just jogging this is all good stuff for you to you know bring a bike and ride excuse me

I don’t normally talk this much so talking for an hour I need to get my water break my throat gets dry

by the way that’s another video I have to make by the way Chinese talk you know they won’t say throat they would say trot

look at that again well you know I don’t want to have money left there if it became a dumping area or if something collapsed but wasn’t a good site

but I just love driving through things like this I can’t imagine what it would be like if it was raining and muddy maybe it might be like my north coast strip if you haven’t seen that make sure to look at it parts one and two especially um two I show a lot of the mud roads that you go through

and uh I stopped here because we picked up on something on the right seems to be a small shrine dedicated to this person

if you know about it feel free to comment in the comments area of my YouTube channel I thought I would pick it up as it was located in such a remote place and I was wondering why there is it that he died there was it that he lived there or something

now there is a recreation park here

and I was trying to find out more about it but like I said you are you don’t get much information online and sometimes you go to places and you don’t see so we were just driving around trying to find out more about

it it’s called a sandy hill


nature park

and it looks also similar to how we came from the um the other area

where the uh they had the man there

it is not finished but I guess it can also be used to have you know weddings or whatever again nobody was wrong we did meet up please and that cut in grass and he told us to go around

because the interests there on the other side was not for the public access but when we came here to we didn’t see anything going on so we just kept driving but it looks like they’re building it up and it’s going to be really fancy

more than just a nature park now I don’t know if this is particularly part of the nature park or if this is another place if you know feel free to comment in my YouTube channel I am not claiming to be the expert of any of these areas or of anything in particular I’m always glad when those more uh knowledgeable than me can come and tell me more about the areas that I’m going to and share that’s how we grow in knowledge some large houses here as well as some really beautiful green I don’t know where all these roads lead to but um this one particular road caught my eye and we decided to take a look

we didn’t see any signage or anything

so we were wondering but um I like all the places with the trees

pine trees and there were some horses to the left and we would take any time to have a look around and when I say look around look around from the truck we were looking for people that we could ask questions about the area but we didn’t see any but it was it seemed to be open so I i don’t know but you know this is the interesting thing about when you come to these remote areas you you discover things that are available in Trinidad but which don’t seem to be highlighted well enough but then again if it’s a private area then

it’ll end up being paid for and then you can’t really access it as a public area and you can’t go somewhere that seems nice without paying something and that’s one of the sad things about international everything that seems to be beautiful is often gated up protected with a wall or a door or whatever and you can’t access it so we were hoping to get some information but we didn’t see anybody so we turned around but I believe this is sunny hill nature park another place I guess which is an option for people who want to have events whatever have you

I don’t know if you can pick it up but you can see the horses on your right

uh in my younger days I used to take um a lot of scouts young scouts teenagers on hiking and camping trips we would crawl in in north coast

and in northern mountains in Trinidad and camp and on some of the tops of those mountains you would see a lot of pine trees just like how it looked there I don’t know if you guys know what I’m talking about one particular area is above St. Ann’s above Cascade there’s a strip of um a mountain ridge there that is just full of pine trees and looks just like that I believe it used to be owned by uh y dilemma I don’t know if it is now and I believe it the access to it was or has become more restricted I haven’t been up there for years but if you know what I’m talking about feel free to comment in the comments area of my YouTube channel

one thing I like about the areas that we are traveling through now is the it’s very peaceful I mean you don’t have any noise no limers no loud music you know it’s just peaceful as you would hope that any countryside area would be just full of nature and peaceful

that’s one of the reasons I don’t like living near city areas it’s just too much noise too much rumbling of vehicle engines people arms music you know you just want peace of mind maybe I’m getting too old I don’t know but I just like peace I just have a strong dislike for noise and I can tell you trees can be very noisy and I even have a video on that if you haven’t seen it make sure to look for it because it can get really bad

I love when people um take take the time to plant some flowering plants and they are beautify it really looks nice

so I’m not too sure where I am at the moment so I usually I like to stop and ask for directions if I feel I don’t want to be end up going in circles so I’m just taking some tips from the sky this road will take us back to mission road

because uh really I want to make a circle but I want to end up going back north and not towards the south

I don’t know how many of you picked up on it but I’m seeing lots of traveler palms

that’s that’s the fun like plant that fans out

sometimes when you’re driving up this road you wonder what’s on the other end

so you can see where we are coming back to

more roads and more concrete jungle as you could see I believe this is on the Freeport Todds Road which will later take us to the mission road so if you used to live in this area excuse me if you used to live in this area and you um

maybe have friends or family and you have not seen it for a while feel free to tell us you know does it look the same have you seen improvements

or whatever have you I’ve been in my YouTube channel

just stop to take a quick look at this

this building means something to you it would be of interest to you

now one thing interesting here is part of the layout of the Caribbean is you will see a building well maintained like that one and then right next to the derelict building and then next it another building that’s maintained and so forth the you know the maintenance of structures can use a uh upgrade sometimes

buildings should not be allowed to get to that state

so this is mission road

we’re gonna turn right

and this will take us north and from here you can get back onto the highway

uh even if you want to go south or north

like I said I have a another video that I did about driving the whole stretch of this mission road so you can always have a look at that just check my YouTube channel and in the search box you can just put mission rule make sure to use this search for my channel and not the general search for YouTube

as always I do appreciate you coming here to have a look make sure to check my other videos as well not everything is about driving I would I would love if we can get to know each other I have videos on various other issues community issues that’s how we build up the community that we have here online to discuss all things and get to know each other not just you know drive into Trinidad

I also appreciate when you invite your friends your family to subscribe my channel is really growing exponentially and that’s because of you however I have not reached my goal of 10 000 subscribers yet and I’m really looking forward to it so with your help I’m sure I’ll get there ask all your friends your family members to subscribe to JB’s Man Cave and you know when you tell them subscribe make sure they understand it’s something free it’s not something that you’re asking them to pay for or whatever subscribe is just a matter of clicking the subscribe button it’s all free you just need to have a Gmail account and getting a Gmail account is also free

so I hope you enjoyed our road trip today and look out for some exciting stuff coming up like I said I’ll be improving my video resolutions going to 5.3k 4k I already do some 4k videos for you with the other carbon islands but for Trinidad I’ve been kind of lazy with the 1080p HD but I will be um boosting that to a higher resolution for those of you who watch on mobiles it really wouldn’t matter but I know I i do have some of you who like to sit home and watch on your big screen so that will give you a higher resolution and will also know allow me to focus greater on other stuff while keeping it sharp

also they come in some 360 videos which will enable you you know some of you say oh I wish you showed me this building or that building well with the 360 videos you will be able to actually choose where you want to see while I am there that’s right you’ll actually be able to scroll on your screen and look so you won’t be able to argue with me that I should be looking at a certain building folks glad to have you here glad to have you watching feel free to like and comment I really appreciate it we’re going to end this video where I just stopped by the fruit stand for the week get my veggies and fruits.

NOTE: The above text was taken from the audio of this video. Therefore, it may not be accurate. You can see the original video on the JB Man Cave Channel.