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Maracas Beach Walk Trinidad Caribbean

Maracas Beach

So we are on our way to Maracas that’s a beach and a small community in the northern part of Trinidad an island in the Caribbean we’re leaving on cocoa road and getting on saddle road and this will start our journey towards Maracas which is a mountainous area the area we are in now is called Maraval.

MARACAS BEACH Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Walk Through by

and the only two possible or three possible ways to get to Maracas one way is the way I’m using now saddle road there’s another way through Santa Cruz and another way through Arima to Blanchisseuse

I don’t know how many people take the other routes possibly those coming from the east will go through San Juan then Santa Cruz and up to the north coast road those from the west and environs near Maraval most likely come via this route

now we start our scent here and from here on it will be just up hill and onto mountains

and then down and up down and up down and up now this road and the roads going up to the north coast into Maracas were actually built by the us military during world war ii so the early 1940s the us had a base here military base and they built this road to get to Maracas

I have read some things where it was partially an agreement between the

British government and the us at the time to build a road and I have read where they built it in order to get access to other coastline areas

the real reason I don’t know if you know this specific reason and a source for it please comment on my YouTube channel within this video

now one thing that was very apparent going up this road that I haven’t seen before is a lot of construction this road imagine has held up all this time

the most the the thing that plagues it the most are landslides

but other than that the road has held up very well since it was built in the 1940s and imagine we put down roads here and within weeks it’s all broken up

now this is the junction where that truck is turning right we’ll go to Santa Cruz and I’m turning left and this will take you to the north coast road and then on to Maracas

now this drive in itself is really nice I mean besides all the green it has a lot of small stop areas that you can look out and see the coast small islands um jutted around the coast line

so the actual beaches are not many then again there hasn’t been a lot done either by past or present governments to create bees and beaches as I’ve said in other videos a lot of them have actually been blocked off or privatized so Maracas debatably is really the best beach we have in Trinidad I mean I’ve been to the others they are smaller

the water tends to be brown and not because it’s naturally broken it’s a lot of areas have been built up with industries and contamination and whatnot and like for instance I could think of the Vessigny beach that was a really nice beach but now it’s it’s just not that good anymore so much pollutants construction just does not have that food as it used to have if you think I’m wrong feel free to comment in my YouTube channel now I should say that in my YouTube channel I moderate everything and this is a family friendly channel a lot of um

a lot of underage um

children come and watch my videos as far as I understand so you know I want to keep it clean and some of the comments are not suitable I don’t get a lot of them but they are one or two trolls

so if you’re gonna leave a comment make sure you leave it constructively I’m not here to argue or debate with you just give your comments give your source and if it’s clean I’ll approve it if not you just won’t see it

now you’re probably wondering well if this is about the beach why am I throwing all this road well this is a road trip so you have to get there via the road unless you’re making an awesome hike which which we aren’t

and like I said the road trip to Maracas is in itself part of the joy

you can’t see right or left fully but there’s a lot to take in the valley the coastline and so forth

the fresh air

now it’s not advisable to come up here when it’s raining or I should say raining heavily because when it does a tree might fall landslides happen and there aren’t many options to get out of Maracas from here it would only be just this way that we’re coming and the other way through Blanchisseuse

so once you’re stuck you’re really stuck and it would take a long time for crews to get up here to excavate and do whatever repairs they need to do in order to get traffic moving so you really want to time it for good weather weather forecasting in Trinidad and Tobago is like rolling dice sometimes they will say it’s rain and then it’ll be sunny sometimes it’ll be sunny and then it’ll be rain and also changes according to what part of the island you are in so in this case if you’re looking up a weather report make sure you’re looking for the north coast road in Maracas to see what the day will be like because I mean can start sunny like it is now and as the day progresses it could end in a thunderstorm see that road on the left that takes you back to a place called Paramin it’s a community in the mountains

that’s a road trip I have to show you pretty soon

right now they are doing works up there so I can’t it doesn’t make sense for me to go there because there will just be a lot of construction and whatnot

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by the way I should mention this is seven o’clock in the morning and the reason that we are leaving this early is because the beaches tend to be crowded and uh one thing I don’t like is a crowded beach

and something you may not know is that I don’t only do road trips but I talk about a lot of other stuff it could be as as much as fixing your truck to coding to social issues it’s not just about road trips so when you go to JB’s Man Cave you’ll see a lot of other content

all of these things that I produce matches my own life and the things that I come in contact with issues that I feel are important to me and that may be important to others as well

now when you’re going around these corners you can store that motorbike past day you know be very careful sometimes you need to beep your horn there isn’t a uh line mark on the road and some vehicles some drivers pass really close to you this is not a drive for somebody that’s not learning or new to driving you definitely have to be an experienced driver if you’re coming up here I would not want to be a passenger in a vehicle where the persons you know knew to drive in or just got their license or something like this this could be horrific for them a lot of blind corners a lot of navigating where you’re going as where you know the position of where you are on the road versus the vehicles that are coming ahead

also if you’re driving a manual transmission like I am knowing how to use the gears how to use the gas to slow you down and so forth

now there’s uh some some I have read some articles and some people have told me there’s a strong magnetic presence along this strip of road

where rare earth metals are probably very deep within you and cause a magnetic pull and there’s somewhere around this road where you can actually put your vehicle in neutral even if it’s going uphill and the pull will be so great that it will keep your vehicle going

if you know more about that feel free to comment in the comments area of my YouTube channel within this video please make sure that you’re replying with within this video because sometimes you know people will comment

about one thing but put it on the different videos so you know sometimes people are wondering what what are you talking about you know

and as with most of my other long road trips I try to put a key video key within the description and that key allows you to jump to various important or highlighted parts of the video if for some reason you feel like oh this road trip is going on too long a little hype by a little agitated or you have time constraints you know you can use the key to jump straight to the beach if that’s what you’re interested in

mind you like my other videos

when I get to the Maracas beach I am going to show it to you in a way that you have not seen before now years ago when people went to Maracas beach they would show the waters the people bathing in the waters and so forth that is you know way near 2022 showing people and showing them you know semi-naked is just not politically correct anymore and in some cases it’s not even lawful so I’m not gonna be focusing on that if you were looking for that then you would need to look for another video I i will be showing you the beaches the water of course but I will be doing it in a delicate way to be respectful of people and their privacy as well as keeping it all good

now here’s one of the lookouts we’re not going to stop here now because the sun will be shining into the lens but that’s a look out there where you can see the whole bee you’ll actually be able to see Maracas be from there on the way back um

in another video because and on this day we actually drove along the whole north coast road going past Blanchisseuse but I can’t show you all of that in this video so in this video is just going to be focusing on marcus well anyway back I will show you what it looks like from there

so you get all these little different little cold spots that you could stop and look take pictures if you like and so forth the only issue I have is that a lot of this area tends to get clouds low lying clouds as well or sometimes the rain will come and that could really spoil your shots so you know like anything else in videography photography or whatever have you the timing is of importance

you know they have any sun any right location the weather just right not a set of people blocking you it’s really hard to time

and of course you can see we are descending

more or less the rest of the um road to the b Maracas b will be a descent there will still be some uphills but unless going down

one thing I i wish they would do too is have better reinforcement of the rails on the cliff side that’s the side on the left there are a lot of open areas [..] road that can be very dangerous

again if you’re driving up here be very careful

now as you see there aren’t a lot of structures but there are some people do build to the left and the right mostly the right wherever they get an opportunity but largely this area is green all green and I hope it remains that way as we get closer to Maracas you will start to see a little more development

but honestly since I was a child coming up here everything relatively looks the same

if you haven’t been here in years you may say okay well most of this is the same and when we get to the actual Maracas be cheerios you will see as we tune this corner that about the only thing that is different maybe the um

the car park various other things that were structures that were built up but nothing that you know would jump outside you

there’s all there are always talks about

doing this or that but it never comes to fruition

so this is more or less the end of this long road trip and we will be greeted by cm Maracas b when we bend that corner that’s coming up to them only last one I was talking about

and it’s early morning so like I said the sun is shining into us at the lens and it’s good because down a lot of people are wrong and that is Maracas be ahead

now a lot of people tend to go right but a lot of people don’t know that there’s this area on a left near the fishing village now

right here you used to be able to park you could just I could just turn right there and park but notice they put up no parking signs and why is that most likely because they want to force people to pay for parking yes and Maracas you know have to pay to park it’s something that’s been around for a few years but still new to a lot of you if you haven’t been to Maracas in a while

their pros and cons of that one is again everywhere you’re going to almost seems like you have to pay for everything you know right there’s a park why can’t I park why is there a sign there

of course you know paying for parking at least you you believe you would like to believe that your vehicle’s a little more protected you could park straight ahead across there by those trees there are there are parking places there

the park here as of today is ten dollars an hour or forty for the day so it’s not too bad and that’s that’s um tt dollars

so if you park in for the d

forty dollars will not be much money in us something like

6 6 us somewhere around there

now you notice I enabled sound that way you can hear the uh the sea breeze the ocean and we’re catching some crabs here when I say catching and I’m just talking about recording I don’t actually believe in catching crabs or consuming them or anything I like to leave nature alone and this is Maracas beach

not a lot of people come on this side they tend to go towards my right

this is the river that enters the ocean don’t worry I am going to explore this whole area in a way that you have never seen before because most people will come here and you know make a few video shots of them swimming or them any water or the water itself or just stay still and watch but they will not take the time to go to you know go through it in a thorough way as do you were there so if this particularly particular jetty or abandoned jetty or mashed up jetty or whatever you want to call it was of interest of you to you then you would have want to come here and see this so I’m gonna cover all of it

and if you’ve seen my other videos you would know that I like to be pretty thorough with walking around and covering places that most people want

so that’s a bridge that you cross to get the parking on your right and that bridge will take you to the beach

that’s a beach itself that’s the whole Maracas bay there

so I’ve given you like a 360.

that blue and white building I believe used to be like some sort of resort hotel or whatever but there’s nothing going on there beaches were restricted in Trinidad for a very long time and it only opened up a couple of weeks ago

the Maracas water is what could be considered rough what you’re looking at is actually very calm for this beach it was very calm water but it’s the kind of ocean that I want to warn you if you are not a good swimmer or you don’t know how to swim I would not recommend it you would need to stay by the shoreline do not go out into the waters I have witnessed for myself my own eyes maybe five times that I have been to this beach and I don’t come to this beach often about five times where I have seen people pulled out of the water who have drowned and died or almost died because they simply you know want to go deep into the water and swim and they can’t handle it you know no matter how strong you are no matter how good of a swimmer you are there are currents in the Maracas beach waters that are really strong and as humans we cannot fight against the immense strength of mother nature so be careful

so because it’s early we are going to explore and I don’t have to worry about people getting in front of my lens this is a lifeguard look outpost

I was going to go up there and look at it from that point of view but then I saw the sign you can’t be there unless you’re authorized skip that

and I’m I must apologize for the shakes at times um sometimes

I don’t know I have to get a better position for I to experiment more with that stabilizer on that pool I think it’s sometimes it gets caught up for the pool and it starts to vibrate and the stabilizer can’t cool

by the way there’s no fee to actually come on the beach the beaches open to the public anybody can come it used to be that there would be these guys that would pressure you to to get um chairs on tents and bears things from them and they would actually put it ahead of time and block up the beach and sort of in an intimidating way make you feel like in order to be on a beach you would have to get a chair or a tent or whatever umbrella but it’s not so brilliant government got a rule on that where they could not put out their chairs or whatnot unless somebody was actually asking for it so they keep it stacked here you can see there on the left

you can bring your own stuff to the beach if you want to your own umbrella your own cheers whatever have you that’s what we do

when you’re in this beaches it’s quite windy you can hear it anyway in the mic no I still haven’t gotten a cat moth to cover that mic I really have to and the thing is too I create a lot of these videos in advance so although I have intention to do something you don’t see it right away because the video is already recorded

so we are walking across the beach

still hardly anybody here and I can tell you by 12 o’clock noon

it’s going to be packed

well but um I’ll be as it’s this elite allows me to record without having to worry about getting people within the view of the camera

now if you haven’t been to Maracas for a long time these structures will be new to you

they are part of the

project to make the area more palatable if you want to call it up

before people would sell in little shacks bacon shark or sandwiches or whatever have you why do eat shark meat quite a lot and um it’s part of the cultural idea that when you come to Maracas you eat something called a shark and a beak which is a flute flower fried

so these these um structures allow them to set up whatever have a bar have a drink eat something and so forth I believe that yellow building ahead is the administration building

the area where I am now is where most of the people will come and

set up their tower their chairs and so forth to go in the ocean it’s more like the center part of the beach

you got a good view of the bee out there

if you’re wondering about the color of the ocean that’s a it’s a foreign

dark blue deep navy blue and then as it comes to the show you see traces of green aquamarine and then when the waves crashes like a khaki brown the same color of the sand as it’s being kicked up

by the way I’m wearing my jeans my waterproof construction shoes and all that while here there’s a dog digging themselves under the chairs

because I will be going all on a road and stuff I won’t be swimming today I will have other videos for that but that’s not today today is to give you a full look of the Maracas be sure the coast and I will be even going across the thai record which is another beach to have a look there briefly

looks like somebody decided to have a patriotism

and advertise at the same time

that area across there is the copper

built by the government you have to pa2 to go across there this is more or less one some of the main area where people come through

and um they have done a pretty good job of

taking care of the sand here the actual beach itself they used to have a lot of um weeds on grass on tree stumps on roots

but they have done a pretty good job of cleaning up and getting it prepared for everybody

those of you can pick it up there a lot of birds singing

I’m going to take you all to the main road

so you got an idea of what the area is like from there

the road ahead is where we came

every time I raise the pool the the stabilizer tends to kick back I don’t know why it does that but it always does if you ever see me for example and suddenly kicks back so the guy there on the tent is selling doubles just local snack food

this is the Maracas area


they’ve cut a lot of trees down and I really hope that they don’t cut anymore

you know part of the whole scenery is you know looking at the trees

without coconut trees on a beach what is there in a tropical island

again if you’re new to JB’s Man Cave this is how I normally um record my walk through videos not stop into their show in the beautiful areas but show you everything so you can see everything as though you were there and what you would see

the more touristic videos I leave for another time

these videos are intended to help you just you know really feel like okay this is what everything looks like no not just focusing on what’s pretty but giving you the whole gist of the area on what’s around if you’re a tourist and you plan to come to marcus this is what you would see

if you haven’t been to Trinidad in a long time this is what you would see

now this section of the beach is another populated area it has its own free car park I should call it an impromptu car park that people create up ahead

that’s a gas station over here by the way

nearly renovated uh I said new leah but it’s been like that for a few years but if you haven’t been here a while I’ll be new

and there’s a little village of a community within mark that’s ahead you know to the right of where I’m walking is where it will take you to a waterfall not a huge one but I don’t even know if it’s still there because sometimes you know these waterfalls on the excavation and land grabbing everything changes of course I’ll have to visit one day

we’re gonna head back to the road and from the road you’re gonna I’m gonna be able to show you the Maracas bay from a different angle as well as capture another beach quarter corner this part of

the beach

tends to be with a lot of trash people not really taking care of their they don’t the park whatever you know why it is that once something is free you feel like you could do anything with it I don’t understand

see what I mean it’s not kept as well as the other side of the beach

but people like to come here and bathe in this part of the beach

road up ahead is where we would have come from and this road continues along the north coast

there’s some lovely eye candy there

hardly anybody comes up on this side but along all here you know if you if your interest is just um

take pictures you’re not really going any water you can stop all along here and do just that take pictures take any scenery

you can see how lovely it is


that’s the Maracas bay area

your full stretch of the beach and we came from all the way on the other end

and I don’t mind picking up people when they’re this small this small you can’t identify anybody you can’t see anything that might be something I may need to blue so it’s okay for us to take on everybody bathing here and again there aren’t many people because it’s maybe about 7 30 8 in the morning

but a little later here will be packed

from my personal experience you want to come early I mean while

the ocean is salt and it’s self-cleaning I think people when the beach is too crowded it’s not it doesn’t become sanitary anymore when people are clustered together it’s best to go when it’s you know all clean and nobody’s around

what I would have liked to know is when the u.s military was here billionaires rule if the b itself was

this nice when I said this nice this prepared for breathing activities or was it rocky and they had to make a lot of movement bring on sand and so forth

if you’re from that euro have pictures from that era feel free to comment in the comment area of my YouTube channel in this video I’ll be interested to know about that

so we’re living in Maracas beach area

and you can see how it can get rockier that’s why not everywhere or at all coastlines are good enough for

dating sometimes it’s it’s really dangerous but anyway we’re living in Maracas beach area and we’re going to head towards another beach called Tyrico

now growing up Tyrico was actually my favorite bridge I can’t say that it’s the same now I don’t even know if I have a favorite beach in Trinidad anymore but it’s changed a lot

the reason I had like Tyrico more than Maracas is because the um the water is a bit calmer it allowed for more swimming to take place rather than worrying about jumping over jumping through waves

and growing up people less people would go to Tyrico people were mostly interested in Maracas all the time so it would always be crowded and Tyrico would always have you know less people so it was a good place to go but it can be almost said that the opposite is true now


people tend to conquer it too closely jumble together

but you know when you come to this area you can judge for yourself and see just like here in Maracas

it’s early so

there aren’t many people on the beach

I jumped over the road rails to try and capture here and it looks nice right at this point

good eye candy despite all the trash

and I’ve spoken about that many times in my video why it is that trains that kind of simply juice bins and bags and keep their trash until they get home anyway this is beautiful I don’t know about you but I could sit here and watch this for hours

and the sun is hitting it just right this is one of these perfect moments that I talked about where the sun is just right it’s a nice clear day you know you’re getting all these shots that you want

and I’ll bet that if you ever came to Maracas you never came to this spot right

you’ve never seen this before

that’s very cool

and you can see there aren’t many people there either

now this is what I was talking about JB’s Man Cave especially for those of you who are new to my channel um you know if this was a tourist video i’d have to edit a lot of it and I would never show parts like this with trash around or things that don’t seem interesting but my channel is all about giving you the raw I do have videos that cater for just deny cities but that’s not this video these longer videos tend to be the raw unedited versions of what I’m seeing so that you can feel like you are there you really feel like okay we are going on this trip together

and with these videos I talk a lot and I need to take a

water break

by the way I drink a lot of water I must go through hmm

maybe four or five liters of water day

I might seem like a lot but the humidity you should really keep yourself hydrated that’s how I keep myself cool

don’t focus on those soft drinks those sweetened drinks they just make you more thirsty raise your blood sugar level nothing good about them just focus on the water all natural all right so we’re on Tyrico beach

and I’m showing you some of what you may not know missing on Tyrico

and you can see how the water is I don’t know if you could tell that the water is a little bit calmer yeah we’ve just cracked there but

I mean that’s nothing much not to say that there aren’t dangers like Maracas feature you can still be pulled by serious currency entire eco again if you’re not a swimmer or you’re new to swimming or you’re not strong please stay by the shoreline do not venture into the deep waters

usually there are lifeguards around um even if you’re not seeing them they’re usually a yellow shirt red shorts and they usually post flags and these flags indicate where you should not be so you basically look at the flag look across at the water the flag is opposite and you’ll know that you’re not supposed to swim there usually what why how do lifeguards know where to put these flags is based on the current sometimes the current uh near the shoreline will start to kick up and it will make this brown like a brown circle with any water that shows where the water is being pulled out

it’s not so much the waves above but what is underneath that you can’t see while you’re swimming is what the lifeguard looks for

those currents can pull you when you’re in water pull you under and take you out into the ocean while underwater that’s the danger so while you might be looking at waves and what’s above the danger looks below I was trying to capture a flower here and then I saw a human bird and I’m trying look at it I was really lucky to get this hormone booed

we really have some beautiful birds flora and fauna here

really nice

if you if you come into Trinidad for that reason like you’re a bird watcher or whatever you will have a lot for you and store for you make sure to bring a good zoom lens so you can pick up all the boots we have really colorful birds very vocal birds and in some cases they may even interact

with you

so that was just a little taste of Tyrico we’re gonna head back to Maracas so you can get the other angle of Maracas that you have not seen before again I’m gonna cover all the areas so you see all the nitty gritty

these bricks are on the ground because the guy we just passed here I guess this is his property and you know he doesn’t want people to just pull up and park so he’s made his own little parking spot there you have to pay to park

as we walk we can take in a bit of the beach

and maybe some of the garbage as well

and this is where I say that you know there should be no issues with employment I know they have this erp and whatnot for unemployed people but the management of it is questionable because I think a lot of these areas should be maintained more than just certain times of the week or whatever daily people should be on here checking for garbage checking for whatever and cleaning up the area because this is one of the big tourist spots of um the country

and you might say oh that’s just decided yeah but if you notice when we were coming up from Maracas there was also a lot of garbage trash lying around and it’s not going to pick up itself the guys who um come to collect the the trash the garbage truck they attempt to take up most of it as they clear any bags but the problem is it’s not really their job to clean up otherwise they would never finish so there needs to be specific cleanup crews that I would say come on every morning early and they just make this massive cleanup not just on the um

the immediate beachfront but everywhere along the road road and shoreline

I mean

unfortunately because of this focus on oil and gas train that has not developed this tourism sector and this is one of the few pinnacles if you want to call it that of tourism so it needs to be immaculate

I didn’t realize just how much my um stabilizer shaking up there I need to recalibrate it

either that or adjust the fitting for my lens

one thing I as I’m hearing music I mean I like music just like anybody else but sometimes I don’t care for the kind of music that somebody else please so you know somebody might be into a song but you’re not necessarily into that song but they have to play it loud enough for the whole beach and to me we could do better than that if you want to play the music played for your immediate self or whatever but not for the entire area because sometimes you want to come to this area to get away not to know here more noise

this is the part of the beach where I was saying it used to be overridden by grass and roots and whatnot you could see this area is still like that near the beach used to have something like that as well but I noticed that they did a pretty okay job of getting rid of them

it’s a black bird a couple of them

so a lot of them are wrongs probably have a nest somewhere it will fly around your head if you get in there to the nest

and you can see how clear the beaches

some of these coconut trees are about

30 or 40 feet tall even more

you can see that I am able to capture above the roofs on the left I’ll give you an idea of how tall you would be if you’re watching this

now as we head back here I’m gonna head back to where I started and then I’m gonna capture more of the beach area and the village

where it’s a fishing village you’re gonna go in there and around it under the far west of the beach where hardly anybody goes but there’s some interesting things to see there as well

this is the restroom area that is one thing you have to pay for on the beach I think it’s like five tt dollars which is less than a dollar u.s

and you can see that the beach is starting to get more people on it

and it’s one of the reasons I’m not in case you’re wondering walking on a shoreline again I’m not focusing on people but the area

my job is not to make anybody feel uncomfortable


this is more or less where um I started the general area

this is the river that goes into the ocean

starts from there and it goes straight into the Maracas b and besides having signs of people still will venture into that water for what I don’t know

but there’s it’s there’s a sign up that says there should be no bathing in that water

here again is another part of the beach that I’m sure nobody really frequents because really there’s nothing going on in this section

other than a few trees this is where you know having some infrastructure would do well this big open space could be used for something

that’s shy bush I’ve shown that in some of my other videos when you touch it the leaves close

and again I’m coming all here because as as I said before I’m showing you from the angle that maybe you have never seen before and I want to cover all of Maracas not just you know the beach where and they show a line which everybody focuses on


when you come this early as well it’s not very hot it’s rather cool and sometimes going in the ocean the ocean could be like it could almost feel like it’s freezing

until you dip under

but of course you know getting here at seven in the morning is is not an easy feat especially because you know if you’re a working person and you’re custom getting up very early to beat traffic in the morning you know when saturday comes on a public holiday comes you want to be able to sleep in a bit you don’t want to feel like you’re hustling on a day you should be resting

but you know if you choose to sleep in and then come to this beach you’re gonna find it might stress you out a bit because it’s you know it begins to be parked

this is a bridge to get to the other side where the village is now to the right of this bridge in our little clearing area there used to be a big ship parked there it used to look like a pirate ship I believe and kids could go and play there and stuff but they removed it sad to see but this is some of the things that you know I wish they would bring back

you know that that was a really good um

enhancements if you want to call it that for the beach and for children

I don’t know if they plan to replace it with something more better but it’d be really cool to see that back again

so there’s some people coming across that version I’m just going to kind of hang around here a bit waiting for them to get across so that I can go across and show you

that part of the village


all right so let’s go

and if you’re hearing that sound like if aluminum foil is being crumpled together that’s because the bridge songs light up when you cross it it almost feels like it’s not steely but it is

so this is the road that we came long to get to the car park I’m just gonna visit it visit some of the um vegetation before I head into the village

again after you feel like you want to skip anything you can use the video key to get past some parts of this video

I always try to show everything as it is the raw let’s see hibiscus by the way

don’t see a lot of those anymore you should be very plentiful all over the island but not anymore

at least not in the city

another version of the hibiscus there’s one that gives that crinkle flower like that and the other one that has a flush petals

you know it’s so hard to make shots like that because look look at how I make trying to take these shots of the flaws and but yes still there’s garbage strewn up ahead in the green right below me

if I already wanted to make a tourist video of this I would have to literally take a couch bag and clean up the air before I could film anything

I forgot the name of this flower it uses a lot when they are doing decorating

that road ahead is a road that will continue towards Tyrico

I’m waiting for some people to pass a certain part that I want to go to

when they do then I will continue up

by the way I come from a family of avid swimmers

I myself um not a competitive swimmer but

do a lot of swimming

in my time not anymore

I stole other things too like um

going to the bottom of a pool standing up sitting down underwater meditative state

so this sign says I love Maracas that’s the first thing you see as you come here they look like they’re building up something on the left not sure what that’s going to be but I hope it’s something that enhances the area

and I’ll see who will be ahead this is what most people see when they come to Maracas

and like avail 360.

this road going that way without white cars is where we came from so I will take you back to marvel and onwards to cold spin

this road on the left takes you to the village

so you’re gonna stay here a bit and then you’ll start to see me walking this way left I’m gonna head into the village

so I’m taking some shots of the boats

some of these scavenger birds again in a part of the Maracas area that you probably do not come to visit but is nevertheless an inherent part of the Maracas bay

beach quiz of course don’t come on the side because it’s full of rope boats nets

scavenger birds you know this is really basically the fisherman’s area

and when they when I when they get beat and stuff too they just basically

put it all over the beach so the birds come and they attack it

and they are relatively subtle today but because I’m wrong they’re a bit startled

and just now you’re going to see a lot of them going up into flight and then they’re gonna start circling

they’re eating what I believe is some um shark young

some pieces of it



I have some other features of a beach that I went to in the salt showing a couple of these birds fighting off over a piece of fish maybe you saw that one there they are cycling

and standard knowledge if you don’t know that when they circle like this it means that something is dead below

of course we already know it’s fish meat

and these kind of birds if you stood along stood alone other stands still for a long time they would come and peck at you as well

we’re going to go all the way to the other end here this is a part of the beer again that not many people come but another less is part of Maracas bay

I have on my shoes so I don’t really gonna enter the water that’s another video

just make sure you subscribe for free and you’ll see those videos

let’s jump across here

I love to see rock formations as the uh waters come and encroach on the earth and the rocks makes all kinds of different formations on holes

make some little caves too

front side up or like that like that

like this

when I’m actually I’m recording out there I can’t see what’s inside for me it’s dark it’s the camera that’s picking up whatever and I won’t know what it picks up until I’m watching it

but you could probably hide a lot of stuff here

including yourself

might be a good area for um like a cookout or something I don’t know it’s probably water comes in too much you would have to wait till it’s

more to see

nevertheless it’s picturesque

something that um I used to see too a lot and I don’t know if they still have it but um they used to give these rides

uh in the ocean

like these blimps or biggies big flutes people would go on it and they would pull it all over the ocean not sure how safe that was but it’s something that I did see them offer before the pandemic I don’t know if they’ve restarted

that’s so you can see what’s above me

and you can see this area is not very stable

any more encroachment by the waters and a lot of these trees and stuff will probably just fall into the ocean

and I wish I could go closer to the water but um like I said because I wanted to walk around the whole area I had to have my boots on I don’t want my construction boots too big black boots that are waterproof allowing me to go here but at the same time you know I can’t go into full water

so I’m sure this is Maracas as you’ve never seen it before

different right if you’ve come here before you probably just came straight to the beach you jumped in the ocean you dried yourself and you went back home but now you get to see it at a different angle taking some of the scenery this mix would make for a beautiful painting right there

keep on looking we still have a long ways to to go until I get back to my original position on the beach but keep watching and taking any scenery any songs

another video will come up where I continue the road trip and we go through a lot of mud

and we see some very interesting things that I’m sure you have never seen along the north post we basically go as far as we can go

but I hope you enjoyed this video of the Maracas bay and beach area village

as always I appreciate you watching I appreciate you subscribing remember you can subscribe for free all you do is click on the button that says subscribe it is free you don’t you’re not paying for anything you just need to have a Gmail account once you have a Gmail account you can press the button to subscribe and by subscribing all that means is that you are fan of JB’s Man Cave and of these videos and it will give you a notification as well of any future videos that are coming up

but I produce videos every day

twice a day three times a day sometimes

and as you can see most of my videos are about capturing things as you would see it like if you were there with me

capturing things that most people will ignore

focusing on the area rather than people you know I don’t I do have videos about people and stuff but you know

if you’re abroad if you want to know more Trinidad you won’t really be studying people as much as the area you know what are you going to see in a place

you know nobody comes on our country and say okay how can I go and speak to the people no they they come to the country expecting to see the police you know where they’re going to go what are they going to see in nature and the surroundings and stuff

let’s have a closer look at what those birds are eating which is squeamish you could look away

as you can see those little baby sharks on the ground

but I’m going to leave it here for you to continuously still has a lot of time left watching but as far as voice I’m just going to leave you with natural songs feel free to comment let me know what you thought about this road trip and walk through Maracas thanks for watching and continue to watch

NOTE: The above text was extracted from the audio of the video. Therefore, it may not be accurate.

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