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Walking Around Arima, Trinidad, Caribbean

Arima Trinidad

Hello friends we are back again with another walk through this time we’re in Arima proper it’s really busy areas and we are here on the island of Trinidad which makes a part of Trinidad and Tobago islands in the Caribbean.

ARIMA Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Walk Through covering major Streets by

We are small island so if you’re from a bigger country you might be hard to find us on a map just look it up on google Trinidad it’s called a place called Arima

so I did uh Port of Spain, San Fernando, Chaguanas and now I’m in the fourth largest place within the country which is Arima

the official name is actually the royal chartered borough of Arima

and as you can see there are a lot of sports facilities here and I remember they are lucky that way

they have developed home their stadium they have their own football club lots of sports and activities which is very good because you know it keeps all the youth occupied

and where I’m right now is by the eastern main road at this point I’ll be facing east

and this is sort of like the mini promenade here

and I’m going to be heading more towards the center where the shopping in the market and so forth

I’m leaving all natural songs so you’ll get a gist of what it feels and sounds like I’m using a video extension rod so you’ll have low shots like this high level shots and shots from above so you get a good view of everything the idea of JB’s Man Cave videos if you aren’t familiar is to pick up everything in a raw way so normally a video would be edited so that you know you would not pick up on a lot of this stuff but jb in one cave I want you to feel like if you are there

so I don’t edit anything you get any whole raw output because you know if you were walking in a rima you would be seeing it just like this you wouldn’t be running up and down and only seeing part of it and this way you get a good feel of what arema is like there’s some pigeons eating a local snack food called doubles

and right there is a

bus station region area

and on the left is a popular furniture place

a lot of shops eating areas and so forth

and as you have guessed I still haven’t done anything about that when wearing any song I have to get a cat and I just haven’t done it yet too much stuff to do

but as you will also notice in these um shopping areas and the proper places that I visit it’s very noisy music cars alarms people

there isn’t any serenity here for sure it’s very noisy

those little sharks on the right uh where people sell

knickknacks plants food crafts and so forth

and you can always tell when I’m using the extension rod because I just talk all over everything as compared to other people walking you can see that guy there it looks short right

now this area here is like a little park

and then part of the park is a tribute to a man who is very famous locally and abroad for calypso he goes by the stage name of Lord Kitchener he’s known as the grand master of calypso although

some people call him Lord Kitch

in another video I have where I covered the Nelson Mandela park slash King George V park I covered a statue of Lord Kitchener dedicated to him if you haven’t seen that video make sure to look for it

as part of the market

all the area to the right is the market


a lot of times when I am using this extension rod I have to be very careful with the lines you can see how many lines there are all over

telephone lines cable lines electricity lines and so forth so I’m constantly looking over I have to watch out for people watch to see where I’m walking watch for the lines above so it’s no easy task

and then people always you know asking me questions making comments what am I doing and so forth so it’s a lot of ticking and at the same time I’m trying to get the right shot for you so this is the market you can see how busy it is um whenever you come here you get a lot of good deals

there’s a lot of competition so sellers will try to do their best to accommodate you buying as many goods from them as possible

I don’t know if you can pick it up but a lot of birds singing as well

no I don’t really plan a particular way I will walk I just go as I go so in doing so I will come back here again and make a loop because part of the road I’m on right now it makes a big loop around it’s got sort of like a one-way system so you have to make a loop in order to go wrongly

a little more proper

so I’m gonna head back north and seem to see some of the shops there and head towards one of the most iconic landmarks in Arima which is called the dial

in case you’re wondering Arima uh the name comes from Amerindian with

the the Indians the aborigines that occupied the islands they called you know they called the area Arima because there was a river or is a river that passes through here and Arima was essentially built along that river and the wood for water is Arima so that’s how it has its name

unlike my other videos I am recording in 2.7 k which is better than 1080p better than HD is or full HD um but also allows for me to record for a very long time this this whole video is about more than an hour of walking around town it’s not as bad as um when I had to walk around San Fernando which is very hilly I was quite overcoat and it’s sometimes much bigger I remember it’s not as big and as small as flat so if you do plan to come here you don’t have to worry about walking up and down hills

and as you can see a lot of shops

clothing spectacles shoes pharmacy food anything that you would expect from any kind of tong center city center

every single street so I try to pick it up at least by the view of the camera lens

but in this video I will more or less go all through all the major streets and even around some of the historical places which is actually more quiet areas of a remote problem

another thing I remember is known for is parang which is music played locally usually around Spanish music

kind of upbeat usually I hear it a lot around Christmas time when parang bands will come together and sing about Christmas nativity Jesus and so forth

so apart from sports there’s a lot of music in our remote

interestingly enough just like uh if you saw my video on Mount St. Benedict I talked about how Brazilian monks came and established

the area and built it up to what it is now well similarly monks came to this area and began to establish all that has now become a room or problem

that’s as far back as 1757 huh

if you haven’t seen my video on Mount St. Benedict make sure to have a look very serene up there

now we’re heading towards the Dial which is sort of marked as the very center



I mean anytime somebody hears a remark the first thing you kind of drop drop your mind on is the dial that’s it dial right there it’s that clock right in the center of the street

and you may think oh well that’s no big deal well that’s style that clock came all the way from Nice, France and was bought by the mayor

in 1898 mayor John Francis Wallen he wanted to sort of in modern terms big up Arima because Arima was having great prosperity to do to harvest cocoa harvest and other things that they were doing at the time that made the area grow a lot and this is weird to pay a tribute

before it’s done


now in the past I have come up here to do two things um when I was a teenager I used to come up here regularly to go to a place to learn of all things martial arts I know kind of a very far place to come but by the time I was just how it was I came to learn jujitsu and archaic

and that was just a a thing when I was a teenager you have a place I mean I’m not sure if it was um I know it was on the western side but I can’t remember this street

that guy just lost his car

this road is actually one of the roads you can use to enter

a room from the highway

I have another video coming out about that so you can look out for it so I make a loop a wrong area

so the second thing I also used to come to remote for was the quartz the keys with this guy trying to scan me off and you start to come all the way up here a 10 quart and that was an ordeal and the quartz used to be right here on the right

but um it seems like they moved it not sure where it is now whoever knows where it is now feel free to update me in the comments area of my YouTube channel in this video make sure you please see what you’re answering don’t just split it out I don’t just say John Street or Luke Street I mean I wouldn’t know what you’re referring to but that is that is there it is seeing it the quartz now a blue building yeah so it’s still there

see how this house is with the glass windows the loofahs and so forth ventilation blocks any top

that is the kind of look from yesteryear houses in Trinidad

it’s nice when you see some of them still around

now interestingly enough the further north you go the more quiet it gets even though there still are some shopping areas around here there aren’t as many but the closer you go to the market wow it’s really noisy down there

now for me people in Arima have their own temperament they’re very talented as I said with sports and music but um in my opinion they tend to keep to themselves more or less a little more private

look at the whole [..] right just like the look of it

well people were very shy see the camera

doing some repair work on the left there

now if I mute the background song is because I play a lot of music and I don’t want not to be picked up on camera so I may have to mute it at some point the background that is

you can see the dial around there from a different angle

if you came from a room and you lived here grew up here you know and you live abroad this would be very informative for you

and if you did please let us know in the comments area

this is a supermarket grocery


a lot of people use music as a way to captivate people to come into the establishment

as you can see a lot of the Arima proper is a mix of both residential and commercial

where we’re heading now is to the more more peaceful part

and I could probably say it’s peaceful because right today is a Saturday there’s no school but if there was school even you know school is in sessions it may be more or less quiet but if it was on another day it would probably be noisy because you’d have all the kids but we will pass some schools and maybe some of these schools you attended or may know someone who attended be sure to tell anybody you know from a remote about the video especially if they haven’t been here for a while they would want to see it for instance this is the Arima Boys RC school

and I like the uh motto deeds not words

this is another iconic landmark in Arima not as popular but nevertheless one of the central historical sites that you can look at when you come to Arima it’s a very old church

and it’s good to see that they they more or less try to keep the uh

same look that’s it Santa Rosa Church

that’s the breakdown of their

activities for the

time period of the year

all right next to the church is another school as well and opposite this church across the park which you’ll see in a while is also another school this is a remote girls r c school

in case you don’t know locally a lot of the catholic schools they always have girls and boys separate

by the way if you like what I do feel free to become a patron and make a donation you can go right to JB’s Man Cave um on my website

there’s a donation button a donation link feel free to give whatever you like there’s no obligation just if you like to support my work

that little cage used to be the nativity scene I guess they keep it as uh all year round structure

the unique thing about this park you can’t tell too well from this video but the park is built on a slant almost like a amphitheater

so there’s like a hole in the middle

this is the other school I was telling you about

Arima girls government

those are seeds break it open the seeds inside all dry

so if you’re looking for some place to find a little bit of serenity when you come to Arima right where I am now is a good place however you will notice something in particular there are no parked benches so if you did decide to drive you would probably have to stay in your car or lean against the wall sit on the edge

not too sure why there’s more development in that park there’s no flowers there’s nothing much going on there no benches if you know feel free to

comment again on my YouTube channel and as I was trying to explain earlier when you comment please say what you’re commenting about don’t just say you know a word or two words we may not know what you’re referring to so you know if it’s speaking about the park please say consider any park extra tractor track software whatever it is you’re explaining

that’s what our police looks like here on any more modern squad cars

puts down on your right


a building on your left is the national insurance




today was very humid sunny but very cloudy you know I was glad it had a bit of clothes sometimes I don’t really care for the clothes because especially if they have grey clothes to make everything look great um the Saharan dust was in the process of leaving overhead the country so there wasn’t as much there still is but not as much there wasn’t this haze that also causes everything to look great

I think this is a street where I used to um come to learn martial arts I think I was in that building down there to the right where the green wall is on the top I believe it is there

it’s not the same layout as it is now but I think I said I was just so many decades ago

in those days used up the maxis and stuff and you would ride in these big maxi taxis they were like buses playing music enjoying the ride and so forth my old age driving a is not exactly something I want to do for a long distance and that’s what I look like now trying to to walk here fully covered from all that sun

I tried doing this um in San Fernando I did not have a hat and that really killed my skin by the way if you ever come into the Caribbean make sure that you have a lot of sunblock and stuff to um cover your skin because skin cancer is real

really damage your skin

those um buses that you see now those are maxi taxis they’re like mini buses take it from one end of an area to the next

usually air condition and usually ride is not bad the only disadvantage is they keep stopping till that passengers on and off which makes the ride um a bit longer than if you were riding in a car or had your own car

so we’re heading west

and you will be able to see the western part of Arima proper making a loop over everything so that I could try and get as much view as possible that isn’t what our ambulance looks like they don’t have a specific look and some of them are private

but that’s what more or less they look like

so again a good shot there of a maxi taxi

and like most of the areas I cover I mean I could go on for hours and hours looking for every little street on every little nook and kranny but you know I just can’t cover all of that so I try to find more or less than major streets so as I said before there are so many little streets that are not on your map tracks trails circulars and so forth but you know you could go on all the trying to get it all

something you love also noticed is the different looks of houses in Trinidad the contrast you can see those houses on the right and left

and then you may see like a little shack or whatever have you make it for instance look at how sunny left

that house has come from decades ago

let’s see how I was talking about that’s really old

that’s another one there that gives you a good idea of the design of houses back then used to tend to build them on stilts

with galvanized roofs and the roofs used to be high to let the heat out with ventilation lots of ventilation now everything is sort of sealed up people rely on air condition and whatnot they don’t want vents and have a lot of burger proofing on glass so times has changed a lot

here’s another church with an interesting design

and how’s that old look about it but yet still

a modern touch St. Jude’s

by the way there’s a strong presence of both catholic and Anglican in any country

a lot of evangelical

jewel witnesses

have a few kingdom halls here in the country as well and you also have you know Hindu


already many Buddhists and even fewer Jews… Jewish but mainly it’s a lot of Catholics and Anglicans not seen any at least any places that I’ve walked here today you won’t see any mosques or temple Hindu temples this is another school

there are my boys

maybe you went to the school so this would be of interest to you

like I said it’s a Saturday so it’s all closed up now and quiet so you get to see it if you know if there was cool children running around there I would not have been able to take that shot I don’t like taking shots of children

I don’t like the invasion neither would I want anybody taking shots of my children so I try to keep it all public just public places and public spaces

so I don’t know if you can recognize this spot but this is where I initially started

does it look familiar

I was across the street there filming from that side looking across here where I am

giving you so I’m giving you a different

anger this lady was asking me if I’m taking selfies no I wasn’t taking selfies one of the least things I do at videoing is taking selfies

I don’t want to crack the camera

what do we have into me across there

it’s all good you know like most places that I talk about in Trinidad you see some development you see some progress here and there and then there’s all the opposite

the next dumping ground and a dog decides let me look and see what trainees I’ve been dumping that I can make good use of

that flower implants that we’re gonna pass near is called the bougainvillea very interesting plant I’ve featured it in a number of my videos

and you can see where the maxi taxis those red and white

buses on the left there they’re gathered they’re waiting for passengers so they can head back towards both the stream

I’m going to cross over them looking at this house as and passing as the old design interesting

now we’re heading um back east and and heading east you’ll get to the more crowded part of Arima proper early shopping is


for those of you wondering yes we do carry a lot of the foreign franchises like we just passed papa john’s there

no they have dominoes they have a lot of other ones you would expect Mc Donald’s, Burger King the other thing is air house doors but um unless you see them everywhere something else that is kind of iconic for the area too is the fire station or my fire station stay ahead the center of your screen

modernize that a bit

I’m gonna go across there and have a closer look that flag that’s flying the red white and black that’s the flag of Trinidad and Tobago if you’re not familiar

and that’s what one of the appliances by appliances I mean the fire truck looks like

it’s one of these smaller ones

looks like they are doing some maintenance on it

we continue each towards the busier parts of our remote


so I’ve covered a lot of arenas so far what do you think about Arima those are mangoes bananas if you have lived here and gone abroad do you find it looks the same do you find it

has a lot of improvement things look different a lot of people come to my channel from abroad you know they left Trinidad in the 80s the 70s the 90s or whatever and they will say wow things have changed so much but if you live in here you know you won’t really see much of a change because progress happens so slow so

for you it’s just all the same but for somebody that’s been living abroad it was I mean look at this and say wow that’s it’s so different some other people say oh you know yeah I see different things were more things more or less look the same

I don’t know what you think

for me just come from the time when I used to come up as a teenager I guess I had to do martial arts and stuff

besides you know the refurbishment of places a new building here their store sign change everything for me more or less looks the same the the biggest changes to me is actually the sports facilities developed room the stadium the amphitheater

things like that are the new things

I mean it’s also different that I would say you know where is this place

I guess we each expect improvement we expect things to be different but usually what makes a big difference is when infrastructure has changed and infrastructure doesn’t change much in Trinidad things are more or less kept the same same look same style and so forth

where we’re heading I think would be considered prince street slash road

let’s see I got an idea and have a look

some some nice plants plant shop

of the nicest things to see in china is all the fruits that grow freely

this is some mango tree

we have some really good weather here and really good soil in general that for me we should be growing fruits and vegetables like like no tomorrow

fruits and vegetables should not be expensive in this country I mean people should be should have such an abundance but we should not ever have to import things like fruits and vegetables I mean obviously you will have to improve and import things like apples and other things that may not grow and disclaim it but besides that I just can’t understand why a tropical island like this import so much stuff that we could grow right here

other countries would kill for this kind of um

climate to grow stuff it’s a nice big unbeliever growing there very colorful

in case you’re wondering we have a wide variety of um brand vehicles they’re mostly Japanese some European like you saw the Mercedes bars practically most people have Japanese vehicles

there are some Chinese there are some Indian but very rare mostly it’s Japanese vehicles some from Europe and there are American north American cars on the market some Chevys um

Subarus and so forth they are sold here but they’re not as popular Nissan is a big thing it’s probably the most common because it’s the most cheap most available most parts for its most generic parts most aftermarket parts there’s Toyota is probably close there as well it’s a bit more expensive and it’s not as wide you know the people at home Nissan you know Massy so they you know have made a monopoly out of Nissan here

what kind of brand vehicles do you like

just give me a little taste of some of the shops as I pass by

but you can pretty much see what people are selling you’ll notice that a lot of these stores they don’t you know they don’t keep things on the inside they tend to bring tables and put some of their goods outside

so you recognize where we are this is back by the market remember I said that I was going to

loop back that’s what I’m doing now

I’m going to go down here and make a loop

basically we’re going on pro queen street then I’ll kind of bare right onto Robinson Street then we’re right on top of railway road and back up to the eastern main road which will land us back to where I originally started when I first started this video

let’s see market we’re looking at right now

some people may be wondering why don’t you just um get your fruits and vegetables from the supermarket grocery whatever why do people still go to markets well the markets promise you fresher produce provisions fruits vegetables and it’s way cheaper

as an example and this is an example um you you know you might get an orange let’s say for two dollars any market but it might be ten dollars in a supermarket and that’s no joke

and sometimes if if you’re lucky and the markets your market vendors are closing up and they rather not you know pack up or take home stuff they might give you those same oranges for a dollar each if you’re lucky it all depends

so this is part of the um

places in Arima like I said that have been built up a lot these these sporting facilities we have some tennis courts here and a nice basketball court

place for cyclists place for jogging in fact this I don’t know what it’s like during the evening but I could actually see myself jogging around here for sure

I’ll make a good jog I wonder I wonder how was he distance going around it looks like it might be um

a mile and three quarters maybe two miles or is that too much if somebody knows the um distance going around the green area of this sports complex please let me know in the um

commentary of my YouTube channel all this green here on the right if I went around it I ran around it

not any green air or usually decide what pavement if I if I run along there making a loop constantly passing by the market how many miles is that

I know this is about two point five two and a half

the queen sparks about notice

uh playground area there for the children

this road is used a lot when you basically or you want to exit the remote

and because these streets are all more or less one-way you tend to reach this loop at some point it also helps you to avoid some of the um traffic jams that I know are more popular because you can use this these streets Pro Queen, Robinson and so forth to get away and get back onto the eastern main road without having to go through all that traffic

no I don’t know if this tree is a type of wheat I don’t have like 32 species of poui but I just like the way it looks

I know this is not the only one general hospital this is a sign telling you all together we are going to um pass the Arima general hospital and that also can be considered one of the biggest infrastructure developments in Arima in a long while no longer do people have to travel from here all the way down to the um

Eric Williams medical complex in mount hope they can stay right here in a remote so it’s supposed supposed to have all the um medical facilities modern medical facilities that are needed the people right in this area feel free to comment on that if you like any comments area let me know

so you see we have the grounds here lots of sports and activities football and stuff cricket

and by the way JB’s Man Cave is not just about road trips unlocking and stuff I do cover other issues of trivia crime do it yourself self-awareness even crazy driving and veganism because I am vegan I don’t

eat any animals or use any animal products

I believe in the animals should be as free as we are

if you never thought about that or want to know more more about it I have videos specifically about that and on my channel you can check for those just search and when you do search my channel make sure you’re not using any search all the way to the top there’s a search within the channel for videos just within the channel

there’s another church there Church of the Nazarene

society I know this is a buoy for sure

it’s red

with yellow trim

for me we should have a lot more those buoys I know people might think it’s a waste because it’s not a fruit tree but the flowers are so beautiful it should be everywhere

I candy

I see my general hospital ahead you can see this sign on the top

outlet not sure what that’s about

let’s stay stadium

that’s the hospital


as you can see it’s really windy right now which is good for me because I’m pretty hot

now you have a good shot of there


more or less modernized

there’s a well at least there was a lot of talk a lot of push for sports tourism in the country and be because they want to make Trinidad a place where you know competitive games can be played there was a push to develop stadiums and facilities I’m not sure where that went because of the pandemic maybe it will continue I don’t know I know they were doing a lot to push that here in our remote I hope they continue it because besides bringing a lot of jobs on him company area it also um promotes the area if they’re young ones who have a lot of talent and it can be captured by somebody even from abroad then that can make Arima popular and add to its


this is one entrance to that stadium but um it’s closed now

and this part that’s coming up here features in the middle of it

aborigines people of Trinidad

Americans carbs [Statue Of Hyarima]

there is the Bougainvillea is beautiful

I’m too sure what was happening with my stabilization that kept giving out I don’t think battery was getting weak or if I was getting weak from walking so much

but that’s the statue of park I wish I could have gone in and given you a closer look but it was close and locked

that’s too bad


now this is an uh short walk path which is something new again for Arima I was in here when I was a team

and I guess it’s part of the development of the stadiums and other sporting facilities they did this

but it’s only more or less quite a part of our proper so it’s not a lot of activity here I guess if you know they had food stalls and whatnot which they may have later I don’t know then you would see more activity because trainees love food passionate about food


I like the um tables

benches our facilities theater sit down which is good

now I had on your right there that’s the appetite

then we have a show meeting whatever have you I’m gonna take a brief look at it

and I have more or less covered

most of um Arima proper today I hope that you enjoyed this trip walking with me through Arima let me know what you thought let me know um if you are from Arima you haven’t been here for a while let me know if you think things have improved what you like what you didn’t like that you saw happening in a remote

and you know overall just thanks for watching I really appreciate your support please do like subscribe if you haven’t subscribed you only subscribe once and make sure to let your friends know

Note: the above was extracted from the audio of the Arima video. Thus, it may not be accurate.

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