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Gruff the Parrot in Trinidad

The name was given by a family that raised him after being rescued. Macaws have a natural ability to bond with humans and if you raise one from little it is likely that the macaw will be with you for life.

Gruff the Macaw

I am not saying that figuratively, a macaw can live up to 70 years old. Anyway, thank goodness gruff was not caged or chained or had his wings clipped as people like to do to birds and other animals. Gruff is free, as all animals should be.Why would you want to be caged up when you could… you know check a friend or future mate.

So gruff roams all around the West of a Caribbean island known as Trinidad. Today, I was able to meet Gruff in person. Gruff stopped to eat doubles, a local snack food made from chick peas and flour. Here, he just finished eating and did not want more.

Did you know that the blue-and-yellow macaw used to plentiful in Trinidad until the 1970s when people started capturing and yes, even eating them. These birds are a Protected Species under the Conservation of Wildlife Act of Trinidad and Tobago. Yet, people still try to capture birds like Gruff and even Gruff himself. People who know of Gruff try to look out for him. There was even an incident where someone kidnapped him but because of the outcry from people and the media getting involved he was let go. It is good to see so many people out there looking out for birds. I do not feel any animal should be caged, chained or made to be a beast of burden at our leisure. I often wonder about people who say they are a ‘bird lover’ and then put a drumstick in their mouth. Or an ‘animal lover’ while cutting a steak.Let’s keep all our animals safe by letting them live and be free.

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Is Trinidad and Tobago a Stable Country?

Is the country of Trinidad and Tobago stable? Folks this video is from today and do you know what that black smoke is in the background?

Crime in T&T making the country unstable

There you can see it just beyond NAPA… that’s Port of Spain by the Beetham estate that’s near the dump and people are protesting and they are burning um tires and throwing stuff I heard somebody just came on the radio who said that when they got there, a TV crew that is, the people started stoning them and it’s only when they realized that they were a TV crew they apologized and they said to the TV crew… “oh we thought I thought you were the police” anyway so people are getting angry they are protesting many things they think there are too many police killings they don’t like what’s going on there are also other protests by unions about the lack of a pay increase people are still working on salaries from almost a decade ago there’s a lot of crime a lot of killings and people are basically upset and angry and so that’s what that black smoke is about you know what that reminded me of when I was a teenager I saw that look from the west of Trinidad and that was the coup the July 27, 1990 coup and that is a time I would never forgot there was a lot of chaos my point in this video is that um as nice as things may seem in Trinidad as nice as is to see the beaches to see the parks to go on road trips I do get the general feeling that Trinidad and Tobago is becoming more and more unstable. It’s as though at any time and at any moment something could happen and there’s suddenly gridlock traffic um you know there’s a chance that there could be looting there could be a road protest you know it’s it’s just too chaotic I don’t know how you feel my video today is to ask you the question how do you feel about security in Trinidad and Tobago at this point do you feel secure do you feel like the country is stable or unstable I have a similar video I created about the elements recently uh it was asking a question what if ‘god is not a Trini’?

That was the elements, however when you’re dealing with people that may not have necessarily anything to do with god because the people make their own choices and make their own decisions how do you feel about it tell me in the comments area of this video!

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West Trinidad Westmoorings

Friends we are in Westmoorings. This is the Western Main Road. I’m facing west this is West Mall and we are going towards the Westmoorings walk over.

That’s those blue steps that you see go up and go across the Western Main Road. Now, you might be thinking what’s so special about this walk over well this walk over allows you to see a lot of west mourns and we’re gonna point out a few buildings and a few places and maybe I’ll give you some details in case you haven’t been to the area for a long while when I was a kid this walk over wasn’t here but small didn’t look that fancy and there weren’t so many buildings around there’s a lot of open land and uh basically it could roam all this area without hindrance now as you can see there’s a lot of stuff going on there apartments seaside apartments in the background and it’s being built up now this is a dated or I should say a time stamped video and the reason I’m saying that is because there’s a lot of development going on in this area right now so you know months or years from now these things would have changed so let’s have a look at this side we’re facing west on the western main road and that is only left there that’s super farm it’s a pharmacy that’s of course that junk food outlet where they eat a lot of birds then there’s Spanish court there’s the international school of Port of Spain, Regents Towers, Goodwood Park, Westmoorings by the Sea and on the right there’s a construction place we’re going to look at that closer just now.

One of the nice things about this walk over is how it’s enclosed good for safety good for people who thinking um let me take a jump or do something silly

However it’s not well used you can see people still trying to cross the road down there even though there’s this walk over I never understand that what’s the point of having a million dollar walk over and then you know you try to cross the road at the risk of your life so now we are facing east

uh so of course that’s what small then next it you have um Massey Stores which was once known as “Hi-Lo” there are some apartments in the back there’s that building there some um condos as well that’s Cocorite and that’s the Adventist hospital

on this side this is Diego Martin and to the right is Powder Magazine and those are some fancy apartments that the government initially built up and then sold privately that’s powder magazine this is um on the left is where they’re doing the construction they’re supposed to be building a octopus or interconnecting roads interchange all it used to be green when I was a kid and just open but of late there’s a lot of buildings being built up here this particular one I believe is temporary I’m not sure it has all that Chinese writing because it’s Junior Sammy in conjunction with um a Chinese construction company are building up the area and so this is the uh all the construction and metal and what

now you’re looking west… this would be considered the the more affluent side of Trinidad one of them — Westmoorings it’s called

a lot of foreigners live here too especially in the seaside apartments diplomats and so forth from abroad you can see that guy down there see how he’s crossing the road instead of taking these um steps this walk over he’s running quickly across the road to get to the other side and they do it so often that there’s actually a path there uh in the middle for people to get to the other side you know I don’t know why Trinis just don’t like utilizing these things they want the easy way

so we’re viewing east again and uh this road is the one we in and out of west the west of Trinidad it will take you to Carenage, Chaguramas so and so forth or back to Port of Spain.

That’s Fort George in the distance there it’s another place I have to show you so this is what Westmoorings is like now at a distance from the angle of the walkover what do you think about it if you haven’t been to this area for a long time what do you think it’s been built up a lot do you recognize anything I know when I first came from abroad it was really new to me.

So I hope you enjoyed this short walk and if this is your first visit to JB’s Man Cave please do subscribe it’s free all you need is a Gmail account you can like share and let your friends know about it thanks so much.

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Maracas Beach Trinidad Relaxing

This [Maracas Beach]… is Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean.

We are looking at Maracas beach.

In amazing 5.3K resolution, best viewed on a large screen, we are going to view breath taking Maracas Beach.

This video is for reflection and relaxation.

It is meant for you to listen to the natural sounds and take in the rich colors of the ocean, sands and surroundings thus leading to a meditative or reflective state.

During the next 13 minutes it will be a time to rid yourself of stress or leave any anxiety accumulated from the day.

Note: The above text was extracted from the video.

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Leaving Horse Poo on the Beach

Hey so we on Maracas beach here in the Caribbean and I just came back from recording some of the beach and I came across this you know what that is that is horse dung or horse poo or some other people have names for it like horse buns road apples horse bucky horse chips horse hui and horse apples we’ll just call it horse poo for this video but it is an unsightly sight it’s a bad sight when you have to be with that right in front of you and you’re on the beach but why is it there we have to wonder let’s do some investigating in order to find out why it is there

Oh some horses police on horses well you know first of all as a vegan I’m not too crazy about people using horses in 2022 there are many other things you can use with modern technology to get around other than horses

But besides that I don’t know during these horses go anywhere they do their stuff and that’s a natural thing but then they do it right in front of people so I went away to record some more I came back I saw them they’re all lined up looking at the beach looking good but if you notice what happened all the people are gone and the poo their horse dung is still there now they do the same thing on a road sir and I’m not making this video to blame police or anything like that I know they have their job to do but I don’t know something has to be done where if a horse is going in an area especially an area where people are sitting down and your horse defecates right in front of you shouldn’t there be something be done by the police person who’s riding horse or anybody else to pick up that I mean is it right that the horse can just do it stuff right there and leave the same is done when they are go to other areas in any city center or in a path or whatever no I guess they have a legal right to do that and that they can defecate anywhere because you know it’s an animal however in the you know if this is just an idea and I’m just speaking openly from the top of my head and you all could chime in but basically if a horse is going on a certain path there should be somebody are wrong to say you know what I’m going to follow the horse because it’s likely this will happen and they pick up after the horse oh you know if the horse does that right in front of people you know that’s to me is a health hazard the next thing is going to come as flies you’re breathing in the scent and for me personally I would have picked it up I would have a bag a little shovel or something to just pick it up and say you know sorry mom whatever but to just leave it there I don’t know about that what do you think tell me any comments area how you feel about it.

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Fort Abercromby Trinidad

Hello friends, today we are going to cover Las Cuevas village a beautiful beach and mostly Fort Abercromby. That’s the Las Cuevas beach facility and that’s the fort and this is Las Cuevas beach it’s a rainy day the best day to come and record and why is that because nobody’s here if a lot of people was here I wouldn’t been able to give you the shot you know for the sake of people’s privacy this is what loves reverse looks like when it’s already it’s clay the downfall is there are lots of sand flies but I come prepared for that I’m wearing boots jeans fully clothed of my rain jacket on

unlike other beaches in Trinidad um this beach is right on the side of a mountain Las Cuevas is very long I think probably it’s one of the longest beaches for bathing not the longest beaches longest beaches for bathing because there are longer beaches for instance like in the Manzanilla but really they can’t beat up there anyway with Las Cuevas you can come and the waters are fairly calm you can see how calm they are and they don’t no we there’s a small wave that crashes there but generally it’s calm so it’s good for people who can’t swim as well anyway my interest was not to really show you the beach another day when it’s sunny and you know I can come early and whatnot I will come here and record more of Las Cuevas today we want to focus on a bit of the village and the Abercromby Fort so this is the north coast road I am heading east I am coming out of the Las Cuevas beach facility parking lot so that’s where we start in I just passed the Las Cuevas fishing road there that’s where they sell the fish and whatnot um I’m not into buying fish nor do I eat fish as I’m vegan but just letting you know the location of that um so when you drive up this road basically the first road on your left would take you to Fort Abercromby

It’s gonna come up here in a bit and it’s a bit of a pending coup

so you know you’ll have to look out for it or your message see there it is

mystics enter the village now this is if one of the roads that

basically is part of the artery that leads to the other veins in the in a village but I couldn’t go into all the other veins because simply the the roads are very small a lot of cars are parked there and it’s down into our valley um I did attempt on the way back but there were cars blocking but you know basically I wouldn’t be intruding on those areas maybe another time right now you’ll see the main part of the village anyway because this is more or less the one of the main roads

and at least in this way you can see how to get to the fourth and some other interesting parts within the area again because it’s raining yes it’s gray you don’t see things as colorful but where we are going nobody will be there I think I met one person but generally nobody was there and that enabled me again to record everything for you

but anyway as we go through here you’re seeing what Las Cuevas villages like

and from here we can get various angles very shots of Las Cuevas so if you enter photography videography or just simply like sightseeing at different angles being up here will allow you to see Las Cuevas the beach front from an angle that you wouldn’t thought possible so basically around here is where you would park

and for their head is the trail that or path that leads towards the fourth or where the fourth used to be because really there isn’t much of a fort there is some stonework and two cannons that show you where

the fourth may have been established but probably it was a much bigger so we move on to um 5.3 key here and we’re going on this path

and there is this little sign here that gives you some history about it

the media should be better displayed

no you do the thing that I really know those were supposed to be toilets but they look like they went through world war two the thing I really liked about this place as you see how it’s all earth there’s no grass or anything to me that gave that feeling like you know hey this is a fort this is a war time place people are moving up and down you know there isn’t isn’t flowery grassy it had other feel I don’t know if that was on purpose or if it just happens to be like that but I just like that film so you know you just have the you wrote it and trees it’s passed out now those steps lead up to a lookout and we are going to come back later in this video and have a look at that

and up ahead on the left there is where the canons are I’m switching to natural songs now so that you can hear what I hear and at some point I will talk a bit live from the recording

It’s interesting how it was a bit frothy here I think maybe frog eggs what do you think

see nobody’s here very serene just as I like it I’m able to record everything those are the canons and they would have been pointed towards the sea you see Las Cuevas goes all the way to the other side there where you see that green hill or mountain any distance that stretches all the way and I do have a 360 video that’s gonna come out showing this this area better so you can look all for that so you can look at it from any angle

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so I can continue making these great things for you so all of this is part of the area that would have been effort and it’s unfortunate that nothing more was here now as I understand it this fourth was to prevent any enemies of the British because this was a British fort from [..] at Las Cuevas I guess they were more worried about the French landing because they did land there before and it was also to be a second fourth in case Fort George or Port of Spain or any of those areas fell to the enemy they would have some place to

come and return or move back or retreat

now these steps go down to what looks like a local I don’t know if I would swim here it’s a it seems a bit rough but I’m going to go down here so you can look and you’ll see any kind of steps these steps are a bit steep a bit rough apparently a bit slippery so if you’re gonna come down here um you need to be a bit agile at my age just put a lot of wear and tear on my knees and hold any camera at the same time wasn’t um helping any but the one good thing is it is really beautiful

I can see spending all day here recording

there’s Las Cuevas over there and you can see how the water is where the sea is hitting against the rocks it’s definitely not a place in my opinion for swimming I guess if you went closer there to the cove and you did some kind of scuba diving maybe but still

there’s just it’s just beautiful it’s just iconic that’s beautiful really nice

and normally of course there would be people here checking things out because you know when you come to this fort it’s not just about those two cannons all of this is included and because there’s nobody here I have to pull in with my camera that’s just fantastic

so even though the seas are grey the sky is grey

It still looks really good

so I’m climbing back up now you can see the height of those steps huh some of them are a foot or more foot and a half

these ones are a bit smaller so again I would not go down there if you are not agile you have problems with your knees or anything like that

you can also if you if you don’t want to go down any steps you can also come to this point but you have to be careful because there’s no barrier

and you can look down of course the view is not as great as if you went down there but again if you if you have trouble with your knees you don’t want to hurt yourself you can go down that way

now leaving the area over the cannons if we proceed back to where I came from this will take you to the steps and that part there on the right there’s another place you can sit down and look at Las Cuevas beach as a beach in the background just to show you how long it is

It’s definitely bigger than maracas

so these steps are quite a workout and you may hear me huffing and puffing

I’m actually skipping steps as I’m going up

so I’m not going up one step at a time but skipping steps and in a way that I might be making it work out a bit harder too but there’s so many steps so I wanted to get over with as quick as possible

but the whole journey is just simply icon there love it

and of course as you go up you can keep looking around now the trees are very tall so they kind of cover or hide everything in the background but occasionally there are little bricks where you can look you can stop on and stop unrest as well

now I’m thinking that probably a group of people came up here and cleaned everything how clean it was was really impressive for me I mean despite the one of you bottles bare bottles are wrong this place was really clean that was really nice

I just like that you know did look

and you can see how the trees tower above you

now this day I had my family with me

again this is not a part of the four type of climb that I would recommend if you aren’t agile if you can’t climb because this is all steep on all uphill there isn’t a break really at any point unless you just simply stop you can see this slant you also have to be careful because there aren’t railings above at this point so if you make a slip you would fall it would be actually better for you to fall on this side on your right of your screen down the left because the left is actually a cliff falling into the ocean so you want to stay away from there

you can see how far down or drop it is I mean if you were to drop down there I’ll show you your chances of survival to be honest so be very careful if you’re coming up here you can see those um

two chairs or what used to be two chairs would have been a nice place to sit down and look out but that’s not the case anymore

they’re just they’re like so if if you’re working on your own seat good but you know you can just stand and look to me there should be some kind of barrier there

now to me it ends more or less there keeps it goes back down and back up but I like to keep exploring and I kept exploring a bit mostly because it seemed to have

not concrete steps but cut in areas where you could see people made it to keep on going up to a certain point and because I had my family with me this day I could not go all the way because they couldn’t handle that but um normally I would just keep going and keep going and keep going checking out things this is something I used to do a lot in my younger days usually I would lead a group of young men or scouts and we would go in these areas on camp and stuff

so this kind of thing I like

but um usually I would just stop and look and keep going stop unlock keep going taking in everything

again I have boots with a lot of traction on it I wouldn’t recommend anybody coming up here with you know just your slippers or even got sneakers and stuff and it’s raining like this it’s going to get all muddy so you can see here where somebody made some kind of steps

and these are just two terms this is not rock or cement or anything this is just done by did

so I just wanted to follow it a bit and see what it takes me to

and one thing that you really can’t tell very well from

looking at a two-dimensional video recordings is depth or height or anything like that this this is very steep looks like flat doesn’t it but it’s not you can see this slant when I tilt a bit

and every now and again I need to take a breath because I haven’t done this kind of thing for a long time

so those cloud steps seem to stop there and I could have gone more but like I said I couldn’t because of my family they were still further back but if you notice you can look at the Las Cuevas there’s sandy beach from here and then look at the north coast from the other side where the steps and there you could stop there

all right see

now they’re too steep for them

sleep for me too also breath but I have the right

I don’t think going up is hard but for me going down it’s harder lots of chances to slip on fall always put your feet

perpendicular to the slant

there’s no friction for you going now you point your feet the same direction as this loop then you’re making yourself right fallen

this is a good example it was not the way anyway

and then he thought he was just going to teach

I thought I was just going to the beach too but sometimes I’m going to take these side roads

It leads you to other places

foreign on a map but but um I feel a horse looks like

I saw the uh i’ve become very fortunate in the map but I thought that would be a special day but as it’s raining and there were too many sun flies on my Las Cuevas we decided to keep walking driving checking out other stuff I’m probably heading back to maracas

that’s a huge two-minute mess

now I started sitting a bit because I’m speaking with my family we’re gonna go back down the hill mountain about the comrade fort worth lookout is and I’ll be assisting my sons to go down so if you hear me talking slowly live mike that’s the reason why

you all could tell me

this is an interesting part here where you can actually see the

cold it looks like a nice place to be swim but you wouldn’t you would risk trying to get to from here right but there’s actually an easier path that you’ll see it a little later how to get to there

so all of this is sponsored before time if again if people yeah I would have been able to show you this

check this mushroom

camera spawn around a bit there

I don’t know my mushrooms is that poisonous or not

you all could tell me so hitting the truck again you see that part that I just told you that you might have to risk the swim test but I’m going to show you where you can actually get it easily now when you’re leaving the road splits in two as you see here on the left will take you back where you came from the right just takes you to houses so you don’t want to take that part on your right here just before this wall I’m going to reverse a bit is where you can go to that little cove that I should I showed you just a moment ago I’m gonna pull my camera here again I can hear the noise of that truck engine

and I’m gonna go down there

again because it’s raining nobody’s here but I’m sure if it was nice and sunny somebody would be occupying this and we wouldn’t have been able to do this

uh not recommended for if you’re not agile there’s not you know nicely paid steps it’s just roots tires and stuff that is making up these steps to go wrong here but you know this is a nice little bathing area

today because of the arena it’s a bit dirty the water but um besides that it looks like a nice place to hang out the people here in Las Cuevas are really lucky to have this right there on the roadster

I’m not too sure what that plastic tank was about it was used for something or just washed up on sure

but again another area really nice to come and take pictures and whatnot

the fishermen are there at sea cast and nuts

and you can see the clouds just cover the mountains in the background

so again we are heading out to um the north coast road and we’re still in Las Cuevas village I’m heading out back the way we came

but it’s not over yet because this area again like I said has a lot of picturesque places that you can take pictures I just passed on a ride there uh driveway and we are going to go there that would be the place where they would land their boats basically if you had a trail or whatever and you wanted to take a boat to sea this would be the place to do it besides the other fishing road

that I showed you earlier here again is another really nice picturesque place for you to come and view and this is actually Las Cuevas beach that you’re looking at that little tent funny corner in the center sorry of your screen is where you would actually come down to

bathe and swim this is another angle

many fishermen only you know keep their boats and nuts in this area so so amazon these don’t know me come to this end so this might all be new for you

I can only imagine how it is on a nice sunny day so we go back on the road trip after finding that gem out of Las Cuevas village.

now you see I could have taken out road there I might have taken me to my inner parts of the village that I haven’t seen before but you know that could be another day what happens is my family wanted to go back to maracas because they didn’t like this beach because of the sun flies and stuff but um so I couldn’t stay as long so we head back to maracas and while in markers I did do a lot of recording as well because that beach was empty so look out for those videos as they come out some in 360 as well see I wanted to turn here right but there was a truck block in the road so again I couldn’t access the rest of the village

so what do you think about Fort Abercromby on a square village the place you’d like to come and see

out a bit but if you do please do not leave your trash all over I mean it’s really you know that area is quite clean except for a few bare but I just can’t understand why people can’t you know if you drink a beer or whatever why can’t you just simply take it with you you know don’t leave it there just put it in your vehicle when you reach our chat on area with a trash bin or whatever you can dump it

part of being and for me patriotic is done you know learning to keep your place clean appreciate in your country so this is the north coast road

we’re heading back west and as we head back west

we will pass um the Las Cuevas speech facility and I’ll point that out to you so you get an idea of where we are

and how close it is to that road for Fort Abercromby

that’s your road for the fishermen to sell their fish and stuff and this coming up right here on the right that’s the Las Cuevas beach facility so you get an idea of the distance if you wanted to go on city fort after spending a day at the beach or on the city ford first and then a beach or whatever have you you can also park there on your right and you can also walk down to the beach so it’s whatever your fancy so please do subscribe for free like let your friends know about JB’s Man Cave thanks for watching so much

NOTE: The above text was extracted from the video. Therefore, it may not be accurate. Other tours: Walking Around Arima, Trinidad, Caribbean

Mount St. Benedict Trinidad Caribbean

Hello friends, we are going on another road trip today to the monks in Benedict’s Abbey or monastery let’s start out here on the Eastern Main Road and look at that pink poui tree flowering I wanted to start there look at how the flowers are dropping on the sidewalk / pavement if you haven’t seen it I have a video exclusively on the pink poui make sure to check it on my YouTube channel JB’s Man Cave

so like I said we are on the eastern main road we are heading east and soon we will turn on Saint John’s Road this area is called Saint Augustine

it’s just before Tunapuna you can see there on the map now interestingly enough according to google maps the abbey, the monastery is within Saint Augustine as far as I can read but I see on some sites government sites heritage sites they’re listed as Tunapuna I’m not too sure about that but anyway we are tuning left here this is Saint John’s Road

and this road will take you all the way to the abbey do you see those buildings on the mountain where the arrows pointing that’s the monastery

now one of the first things I recognized when I turned on this road besides that one glitch that is the road is more or less well paved and maintained with actual white lines on it road markings yeah there are some potholes here and there but compared to other places I have been if you’ve seen some of my videos the roads here are not too bad

now this area, Saint Augustine, is more or less a residential area to the left is more of the well to do and the further up we go less well to do

housing in Trinidad is kind of um

funny compared to other areas in the world you get patches of well to-do’s or well-to-do is mixed with not so well-to-do people so you may get a big grand house and right next to the person that doesn’t even maintain their house

now you may not be able to tell well but we are ascending this mountain there’s another poui on the right

it’s a gradual ascent until we reach mong saint Benedict’s Road

and you you will know when we reach there because it’s a sharp tune and it immediately starts to

go into a steep incline

now the the monastery interestingly enough was started I believe in 1912 by some monks that came from another abbey in Brazil so as you can see you know Trinidad and Tobago is a melting pot of different cultures nationalities races and so forth so these monks came from Brazil and they started this abbey

and blessed the land according to their rights

and up to today it’s still maintained I don’t know exactly how many monks still live there but there are some

now the trip to here is a trip that a lot of schools make when I used to go to school in Trinidad I’ve been up here at least twice as a pupil normally would come up here and look around maybe attend the church that’s there because most of the schools I went to were Catholic

or maybe just you know take in the surroundings the peace and so forth

there are guest houses and so on up there hikes that you can also do when I came on school trips we would go on a hike in this road trip we won’t be going on a hike but we will be looking at the abbey and other surroundings

now this is Mount Saint Benedict Road and you can see how steep the incline is we go slow

and on the left you can see as we climb home everything at ground level begins to get very small

unlike most areas that you would visit Mount Saint Benedict is well maintained

more or less clean free from the trash and limers and so forth and sometimes you know when I come up here I almost feel like I’m in a different country

it’s just so nice so peaceful

if you’re Catholic it would be very serene and sacred for you

you can see a bit of the

east on the left don’t worry we will get some good shots later in this video

it’s one of the churches on the right you can’t see too well on the lens

the other beautiful thing about being up here is the mountains you get to see a lot of the valleys the mountain ridge

you know videos it doesn’t really describe how nice this the fresh air the breeze you can see how the trees sway it’s a very strong breeze in here

and I don’t know about you but and I have have not been to Italy yet but from watching pictures I sometimes look at this and feel like if I’m on a mountain side of some Italian

countryside place you’ll see that especially when I bend around this corner the way it is just reminds me of maybe something I would have seen about Italy

if you go straight I will take you to the hike

I’m gonna come back here and walk all along here so that you get an idea and this is a part of saying that almost reminds me like being somewhere in Europe, Italy see how it’s on a mountain sides and you’re driving up the mountain

and when you see this you know you’re close to the abbey

and this is the parking lot

so I’m gonna park here reverse park and then I’m gonna take out my lens my extension rod and give it a view that

you would see if you were here and that’s what JB’s Man Cave is about I’ve been used to see things in a way that you may not have seen before but also keeping it real you know not editing not putting myself in front of the camera but giving you giving you eyes through my lens

if you’re on a big screen you would have seen that bird just swinging in the wind this is one of the first things you see when you reach the abbey don’t worry I’ll be showing the actual so wrong things on the grounds later but usually I like to come right here this is a valley and it’s really breathtaking to look at this so peaceful

the smell of the nature and the fresh air is really good

and the surroundings by the way are sacred in nature so people here are whisper quiet

there’s usually you know a chapel church going on

now you get to see all the buildings up here I’m gonna go 360 so that you get an idea of everything

and of course if you enjoy my videos feel free to become a patron of JB’s Man Cave you can always visit my website

underneath whatever you feel is worthy of these videos

i don’t do this for me and particularly but for my boys on the spectrum

all right let’s…

let’s begin to walk around a bit

and as you know JB’s Man Cave there’s no rush the idea is for you to get a feel I mean if you were here you wouldn’t be running up and down looking at stuff you would be going at this space and going slow allows you to pick up more than what you would have otherwise seen if you were just running through things or seeing an edited video by keeping it more or less real ground level as unedited as possible

helps you to get a picture of the area

it’s a beautiful bougainvillea

sometimes too when I am recording the the elements of people walking up and down and it doesn’t allow me to go too close so I try to pan as much as possible so the focus is on the people but the surroundings

by the way there’s no fee to come up here this is all free unlike most of the things in Trinidad you want to come over here and look it’s all free you don’t have to pay a fee and there’s no restriction nobody tells you oh you can’t record that you can’t film this you can’t whatever you know it’s it’s a welcoming place it’s one of the few places in Trinidad that you really feel welcome and you can feel at peace and you can just relax

so we’re going to descend a bit and as we descend we will take in more of the surroundings move the vegetation

and having an extension rod as long as mine is allows you to get really close and I wouldn’t be able to get so close to these trees it makes you think these trees are short but they are very tall and they’re very far away

but the rod has pushed the camera right next to it closed it or beyond where I could go

so it may actually make you feel sometimes like I’m climbing the tree

it’s a beautiful bird there

on the left or straight ahead I should say that area would probably be Tunapuna

maybe Trincity

Tacarigua those areas

probably you can see Saint Helena too

now my father once stayed at this

monastery and no, he was not a monk, but he had a

problem with drinking he liked to drink a lot and he came here and stayed a couple months I believe as a way to help him

try and recover

he always talked about it as being very peaceful but he said the monks never talked and he wasn’t allowed to talk

they were praying and what not

but it was a time for him to get a lot of meditation and reflect I guess

straight in the center of your screen or we just passed it but as I panned if you probably pick it back up see that um smoke rising on the right to your screen there going up in here those are bush fires

and later in the day I actually went more or less to that area and have some other video footage that I won’t show here in this video but in another video that’s something we get a lot especially during a dry season that is in the screen to the right now let’s head into the center you can see the smoke

and if you’re driving through that sometimes it can be like going through fog

I love the foundation of this place it’s massive very strong I just love how the area is kept so clean and neat

and if I stay in a place for a while it’s the idea again is unlike other videos it’s to reflect take in things that you may not have noticed so I may go silent some for some of the time and just let you look


in case you’re wondering we’re looking at the south of Trinidad it’s not as mountainous as the north

if you’re a bird lover you would love Trinidad and Tobago just such a variety of birds and they come so close sometimes and sing the beautiful melodies

uh the kind of camera I have I can’t zoom into it so I can only hope that they come to me

I’m using a Gopro and with Gopros you’re allowed you know the way it focuses you can see everything in focus so something close like that stop sign is sharp while the building on the mountain also remain sharp that’s the unique thing about Gopro cameras and I’m not an agent for Gopro but I’m just saying you could see everything sharp at once but with other uh you know video cameras you you you more or less have to zoom if you want that zoom feature some things are really out of focus and I don’t care for that too much so that’s why I haven’t gone that way but I may have to get one for other applications especially like bird watching


i’m using natural songs here and if it sounds like if somebody’s blowing into the mic it’s because the wind is fairly strong sometimes and I’m not using a

buffering or sponge or anything to help mitigate that

also because I have a stabilizer and it needs freedom

so from here we’re looking at probably what would be Mount Hope

the Bamboo

and again showing you how to Gopro look at how we could go straight into this see this little big black bar

and yet still everything behind if you notice is also sharp

that’s the way I like to take my videos to you

you know if you walk in here you wouldn’t just pick up everything that looks beautiful but you pick up everything that isn’t so beautiful but like again I want to give you the view of you know what if you were there this is what you would see

in this direction you would be looking at

Mount Hope and San Juan

and you can actually well it’s actually pointing towards your corners but with all that smoke you won’t be able to see it

and folks feel free to subscribe subscriptions are free some people think that by me saying subscribe I’m seeing pay for something I’m not asking to pay for anything so subscribe just means you click that button that says Subscribe and when you Subscribe all it does is lets you know that

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I have lots of other stuff on JB’s Man Cave covering all the areas of Trinidad

and some of them are walking like this some of them are road trips it depends and I have a lot of what’s called let’s watch videos which is me simply staying in one area and watching

like a street a park a tree you know things that you would like normally take in if you were there but you don’t have the opportunity because you’re abroad or you’re elsewhere you’re busy

you can continue watching I am going to

allow you to see the rest of the abbey with some peaceful music you can meditate and when we begin to drive again I will come back

so we are continuing on the road trip we’re going back down the mountain as we do so you’ll get a different angle on everything but we are not going to go down St John’s Road we are going to take a different road to Tunapuna Road it’s kind of like an extra bonus if you keep watching this video you would be able to see some of tuna puna I have other videos on tuna puna but I thought you might like to get an idea of what’s connected to the area around the abbey

so continue to look and you’ll be able to see everything

just going down the mountain is a beautiful in itself because as you do you get to see the trees the flowers but especially the mountain sides

going up doesn’t look the same as going down

and if you see us stop a bit it’s because we’re taking in the scenery

I thought they would have more pink pus we passed a couple of them back there but there aren’t many here at the moment

probably they have other colors

because the poo is they each each color seems to come out as a different time right now in a pink season

it must have been something up for those monks from Brazil to come all the way up here and start building could you imagine the amount of effort it would have taken to bring materials bills and whatnot

they probably didn’t have such a nice paved road to work with

all right so I think this we’re back on Saint John’s Road and at some point here we’re going to turn left I think on Fairview Drive

and it will take us to Tunappuna Road is the back of Tunapuna it starts over the residential area and then um goes into the more commercial side most people know one area of its commercial side

the interesting thing about these road tours as well is it’s new for me because you know I would not normally come in areas like this back here

mostly because I have no reason to

but sometimes you miss some really nice stuff

I like looking at trees flowers nature only hall and unfortunately you have to have trash too so you you can always know you’re out of mountain Benedict’s area because you start seeing trash again the area is unkept as people like to dump stuff here and it’s so unfortunate because the country is so beautiful and it just will not keep it clean look how much trash is littered on both sides of the wood

now you know if this was a tourist video or made for tourists the video would have been edited and kept back you know as soon as we reached mount Saint Benedict’s Road and we would have cut right there and say you know wow this is Mount Saint Benedict but again JB’s Man Cave is about giving it a raw

so you’re seeing all that’s around the area the good the bad the ugly

so went to the road and we are heading south

we’ll go all the way to Jackman and then we will look at his surrounding area so you can keep looking at this video all the way if you want to see the rest of Tunapuna and then I’ll be going down the Eastern Main Road and a little bit into Saint Augustine and then we’ll end it there but keep on looking if you’d like to see the area I always appreciate you watching please make sure to like subscribe let your friends know your family know about JB’s Man Cave I have a immediate goal to reach 10,000 Subscribers right now I believe I’m around 4500 which is pretty good I appreciate your support but we need to reach 10,000. so do subscribe and let your friends do as well thanks for watching keep watching Tunapuna


NOTE: The above text was taken from audio and may not be accurate. Please see the video.

Royal Botanic Gardens & President’s Grounds Trinidad Caribbean

Friends we are in the president’s grounds in the republic of Trinidad and Tobago which is islands in the Caribbean we are on the island of Trinidad and this is within the area of the capital core Port of Spain the crowns are the president’s grounds because that house that you see all the way in the back there that’s the house of the president of the country.

The current president is her Excellency Paula-Mae Weekes

and these are some of the beautiful flowering plants within the grounds

in times past people would come here to have their weddings wedding photos

I don’t know if they have to ask a special permission for that or not I guess there’s a schedule

but because of the pandemic a lot of this area was closed and was only recently opened and I decided let’s come and take a look now I have a video of the president’s crowns from a distance that’s near to side of Savannah but I don’t I i didn’t actually get on the ground so today we get on the grounds

it’s seven o’clock in the morning so the sun is rising in the east to my back creating a shadow on some things

but nevertheless you can see the beauty of the place and why people would want to come here to do their wedding photos and so forth

now Trinidad and Tobago is independent and a republic but before that they were a British colony

and they had a governor general so this would have been the governor general’s house

but since becoming a republic we have a president and so this is the president’s house

but it has maintained that colonial architectural design

and of course because we’re in a Caribbean there’s a lot of plants and trees to show off the extent of the kind of flora and fauna we have here

normally this head would block your view of the house from this close so I’m using the extension rod to see over it

and I don’t know if you can hear it if you’re using a phone you may not be able to hear it well but if you’re watching this on your computer your laptop or with a headphones you will be able to hear all the birds chipping that’s one of the really nice things about visiting both the President’s grounds and the Royal Botanic Gardens early words they really do sing and sing aloud

now the actual grounds that is available to the public is not large

by the time we pass here we would have covered all of it

sometimes you can look well and you may see birds in the trees

and you’ll notice that I left audio for that very purpose so that you could hear the boots

unfortunately you’ll also hear the cars that are going along the Queen’s Park Savannah which is a very large open area in the middle of this city and I believe one of the if not the largest roundabout in the world

in order to get from point a to b you have to go around it and the grenades one is about two and a half miles

of course it presents grounds anywhere botanic gardens are great places to come sit and meditate

as well as exercise in fact as we head towards the botanic gardens you will see that a lot of people are taking the opportunity to exercise

a slight inclined it so going up can give you a larger workout than going down of course and then many paths so it’s not like one round or overlooked like an Olympic Stadium but they’re different uh pathways so you can always change up the way you go in and out of the botanic gardens to make it more enjoyable one of the interesting things about here is that a lot of these trees are labeled so you can see what they are and what they’re about to put these scientific and common names

there’s no charge to come in any of these places these are open public areas

and why I like to come at this hour of the day is because it’s very um quiet besides the cause you know late in the evening on weekends you’d see lots of children here running up and down making noise and so forth and it doesn’t make for a serene environment

somebody made a steel pawn outfit there using metal works I showed some of that in the

vegan videos when I went to vegan festival there was somebody there that seemed to specialize in them those of you who have not been to the botanic gardens in many many years will see that there are no information centers and buildings to your right I have never been in it and I I’m not even sure if it’s public accessible there’s always these security cards and I’m not sure what else is there

like all places there are rules

see if you can read all those rules of blues and blues and atomic gardens

this is the main entrance where we attend where we turn here this would be the main entrance to the botanic gardens and if you follow that path you would go straight up to the other end of it which we will do but in doing so I will you know panel bit to the left and the right and so forth to give you an idea of what you would see if you came here

besides um

you know the beaches and so in my personal opinion the botanical gardens and in its prime when it’s clean the grass is cut and so forth is the best eye candy the country has to offer

and I’m saying besides the beaches and whatnot I mean it’s really nice because you get so many trees so many boots the serenity of it

you know it’s well kept

uh and I will say world cup most of the time sometimes there are those delinquents that will throw their stuff here and there but usually by the next day the workers will come and take care of that

and using my extension pool gives you a really good view of it than you would have otherwise seen if you were just walking normally

and in case you’re a first-time visitor to JB’s Man Cave this is how I do a lot of my videos I try to make it raw so that you can get a feeling of what it’s like it you know my channel is not about racing through things or just being fast and highlighting and jumping through stuff but to calmly move from one step to the next so you can actually feel like you are there the idea is to is if you are watching this on a big screen you could sit back and relax and just take interview

and as always JB’s Man Cave is not only about walking and road trips all looking at nice Caribbean stuff but I do cover other issues self-awareness crazy driving veganism and so forth

those are all on my channel as well JB’s Man Cave

anyway if you’re watching this video from embedded in another person’s webpage just know the main channel is JB’s Man Cave when you can watch it all day

those little gazebos or huts are good for picnicking they’re left we’ll visit those later so you don’t have to worry we’ll take a good look at them on our way back

now I have been coming here since I was a child and I can honestly say except for one or two new trees here and there it is relatively the same they have kept it the same all through these years

any slight changes I could say are the most noticeable uh what I already described the buildings to the front


you know new plants planted here and there that you wouldn’t have seen before like this little patch of garden to your left that’s fairly new but it’s you know it’s not a huge impact on the rest of the gardens I i would guess it’s a new project as well


in my opinion this hourly morning is the best time to come here just for the peace and quiet fresh air but uh anytime after 10 and a lot of people start to come and late in the evening even more will come so if you’re the kind of person that likes traffic well then those are the hours to come

not building any back um I used to know it as the ombudsman building but I don’t know what it is now it used to be an old wooden structure and I threw it down seven years ago and put up that concrete structure

in my teen years I used to love to run through here and would actually run through it in the evening it was a good job it was one of the nicest jogs to run up hill the incline is just enough to give you a a little bit of a workout but not really take your breath away if if you’re accustomed to running because if you’re not accustomed to running any kind of one will take your breath away

seems like they’re doing some clearing here normally see all this rough edge on the ground

just taking in that flower

group of flowers patch of flowers

oh and on the left here is another if you haven’t been here for many many years when I left it is another fairly new part um I don’t know if I would call it a nursery or what but they do have like orchids and other I guess more fragile or more valuable plants in there not sure if it’s open to the public whether you contour or if they have um so guys to show you’re wrong but it’s more I have never really seen it open as let any public just walk in and out most every time I see these gates closed if you know more about it you can always feel free to comment in my YouTube channel

as far as safety goes it’s relatively safe

like anything else you have to be on your guard I wouldn’t come here in the evening after dark in fact um it used to be that you could come in the botanical gardens at any time but that was changed um some years ago when there were other crimes and robberies used to happen here because people were coming at night so they I believe they closed it after a certain time but in any case you know these kind of isolated places you wouldn’t want to be wrong at night

I’m sorry for that wobbly effect sometimes I’m tired of holding the extension rod or I’m not holding it properly

and that causes that vibration it’s normally the stabilizer’s fault as much as mine

now this is another hidden area of the botanical gardens you know you could keep to the

normal path and when I say normal the path that doesn’t deviate from that relative big oval or circle this little path here that’s closer to the um president’s house has some very very nice trees and flowering plants that you can take a look at there’s also a nursery here which again I have never seen accessible to the public

I would imagine if there are students of horticulture agriculture or whatever have you botany they would come here to conduct their experiments grow stuff or whatnot

now even though I’m using the extension rod here and I’m filming in 1080p full HD I will be making other attempts to come here to film in different other ways and sometimes on my channel you will see me record and I’m saying film that’s really record because we no longer film anything I i will video recording the same place many times because it will be recorded in different ways and in different formats you know a higher resolution maybe a focus on certain things in fact I already have videos honey botanic gardens you know just watching parts of it if you haven’t seen those you can always look for them

now the only thing that breaks the um serenity at this hour are these lawnmowers the ones that are driven and also tractors pass through here we read walkers and

those are really loud and noisy I’m sure it disturbs the birds as well

it’s an unusual tree no leaves almost like it’s fall yet still it’s blooming flowers

to the left would be the president’s house there’s some little steps there you can get closer to it

a look

but the best way to see the president’s house is where we started from the president’s grounds if you’re interested in photography or if you want pictures or whatever that would be the best place to start this little section here’s lots of Bougainvillea plants those are shrubs that flower a lot I have a few videos on them and a lot of multi-colored ones here but they are not in a strong bloom at the moment usually when they are this whole area is full of color

now an unusual thing that people probably don’t take much attention to the fact that there’s actually a small cemetery in the middle of the botanic gardens and a lot of the names that are there may not be too familiar but one of the popular ones that everybody should know is Solomon Hochoy who was a governor general of Trinidad both before it became independent and right after

with him and his wife are both buried here

interestingly enough um was one of the first non-white governors of the British crown colony and he was

from a Chinese background I don’t know if he was mixed with anything else but having you know non-white person at that time was a big deal

now I don’t know if you can pick it up but when I came when I approached this cemetery if you if you have headphones and you turn up the volume a lot you may hear it but there’s a hum so strange home I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or not but when I entered the this area there was like a home on the microphone and then that happened oh where is that

ghost you think do you believe in ghosts

if you know more about the history of this symmetry and would like to tell us more educate us feel free to comment in the comments area of this video

you see this is the thing that would make sure that more appealing as if they had some sort of sign or explanation about what this little patch this little symmetry is about and some of the people buried here you know people could just read and educate themselves

are you the kind of person that feels a bit strange walking through a cemetery I know some people like to avoid cemeteries I find them very interesting it’s looking at the names the time period and I think um and this is my personal opinion but you know some more information about the piston buried should always be on this stone

you know not just the person and death dates but you know who were they what did they do something brief in general

leaving the um cemetery we will go towards the area with the huts wooden huts that allow you to picnic

to get to these um cuts you would have to

walk through the grass there’s no particular pathway

generally they are usually maintained well unless there are a lot of people let me leave their stuff there generally generally I’m seeing it’s well-maintained you can see where there’s a little bit of trash there and whoever comes to clean up I guess we’ll pick that up now you can walk up this hill we’re not going to do that today but if you walk all the way up you get a good view of Port of Spain

and you can see that from me just going to this little area here I’m not gonna like I said go all the way but you can just imagine that if you went all the way you know you would get get to see a lot of interesting stuff it’s a

fairly steep hill

it’s very beautiful to look at

and again I don’t know if you can hear it because on your phone you know the speakers are not great but if you put some headphones on you can really hear a lot of birds in the background

and I’m gonna pick up some of the birds right here and one in particular that goes to the ground to get something to eat see if you can spot it

do you see it

not sure what it

grabbed I’m not sure what they’re doing with those cut stomp seed efforts to make many stools out of them or what oh there’s the bird again seems to be getting a lot of food there and it’s just rich to pick up data because sometimes you would have to wait so long to get a shot like that

it’s nice that we were able to pick it up

you can see how steady and well these structures are you can um bring your food and picnic there I I’m not sure if you have to make a reservation I’m not

see there was a tractor and what was funny is that he was trying to walk and then he tried to just suddenly stop on and she was probably saying to herself you know what the fudge

she wasn’t sure what it was going stopping or whatever

she goes around it

so I hope you enjoyed our walk around the President’s Grounds and the Royal botanic Gardens um there’s a vehicle passing there but other than that I’m gonna leave you to hear the natural songs of the botanic gardens and to have another few minutes listening to nature

feel free to leave comments in my YouTube channel and if you are not a subscriber please do subscribe I have many videos like this some covering other islands in the Caribbean and even other countries in outside of the Caribbean so I would love to have your support do like to subscribe let your friends know thank you and keep watching

NOTE: The above text came from an audio file, so it may not be accurate. Watch the original video here. Full Channel located here.

North Coast Road Trinidad Road Trip part 2

Hello friends so we are on the second part of the road trip on the North Coast Road of course if you want to see me come into here you would have to see the first part but in this second part basically I am going to reverse out turn around and head back this is a long road that follows the north coast of Trinidad and this was the end of it basically I mean there’s a little space up ahead but nothing really is just a lot of mud and I didn’t want to get stuck there so I figured I’ll just turn around but this is as far as you can go basically.

and so we’re gonna head back for those of you from abroad who are not familiar with Trinidad and Tobago this particular island is called Trinidad it’s of course a tropical island and Trinidad is located in the southernmost southern most part of the West Indies the Caribbean it’s the last island in the Caribbean to the south and it’s near to Venezuela so if you can’t find internal map um look have a look and look for Venezuela and then look east of Venezuela you will see what looks like the shape of a little boot uh china has this ship looks like a boot at least the foreign as it does

it’s a small island

around 1.31 1.4 million people here

so it’s has a high population density today is a sunny day with a lot of clouds there’s sometimes Saharan dust but that doesn’t really bother us because we will be um covered by the overgrowth of trees on both sides of the road

this road by the way I mean this part isn’t maintained well because hardly anybody comes here or you know just one or two people have been lived here or want to go on a hike this part doesn’t really maintain much but it was originally built by the us military during world war ii and this road stretches a good distance from one part of the island to the next

and to see how long it is you could of course look at the first part of my video but also a video called maracas which was the start of the journey and this is an example right here of what I’ve been seeing that it’s not really maintained there’s a lot of mud so if it’s your intention to come up here to see what it’s like make sure you’re driving a 4×4 you have mud tires all terrain tires a suv a truck or something you know I would not come in here with just a regular sedan or car or whatever because you’re gonna you’re probably gonna get stuck that pool of water ahead that’s probably you know has a foot or maybe two in some places drop so you want to make sure that you’re driving the right vehicle again to as I’ve said in my other videos about driving on the North Coast Road if you’re an inexperienced driver you just got your license or you don’t know how to drive or you’re not familiar with roads in Trinidad I would not recommend you driving here so if you just came from abroad and you think you know let me rent a car and go up the North Coast Road I i really recommend that you do not do that not only because of the road itself but because of the way people drive here it could give you a fright I actually have a whole series called crazy driving and Trinidad on my YouTube channel you can look for it and that’s to tell you how bad driving is here that I can actually have a series of videos on it that I update every now and again so I’m waiting for my son to get out of the vehicle and

um go on the other side I wanted to for effect have him record me going through all this mud I know mudders out there I’m not talking about mudders as in mothers is in muddy rs mud people like mud going through mud um would like to see that effect especially as I’m driving a d22 truck

why while he does that by the way I wanted to say that um JB’s Man Cave is not only about Trinidad Tobago or just the Caribbean I couple other issues I cover a lot of the islands but I also cover issues in the world thoughts on different places for instance Ukraine and the war there and these are things that the people have to go through I give some thoughts about it I mean cover social or when I say no I don’t want to say I cover politics I really don’t but sometimes you know some of the things that politicians do does wind me up and I might talk about it but mostly I talk about social issues I don’t really like getting into politics because people just start you know pushing their side their party or whatever and I’m not interested in party politics

this is a family friendly site my children are on the spectrum so sometimes I may also talk about that and I’m also vegan and sometimes I might have videos about veganism but I don’t push anything on anybody so this is me going through all that mud and water the vehicle

needs a good wash after this

well there’s lots of fun I mean if you like this kind of thing you know you’ll want to wind down your windows and enjoy the fresh air up here is really nice looking at the the green the bamboo and in this particular particular picturesque view you can see a lot of bamboo and as I have said before bamboo is good for um earth retention so that it prevents landslides and whatnot

so as my son gets back into the truck I also want to mention that you know feel free to subscribe to JB’s Man Cave and when I say subscribe you just have to press the subscribe button as a button that allows you to basically subscribe for free and subscribing allows you to stay in touch with me and it’s sort of your way of saying you know what I like JB’s Man Cave

but there’s also a like button so you can also like the video and whatnot so there’s a lot of overgrowth here but we are going to continue down this road and you will notice that on your right is basically a cliff a big drop to the ocean so again this is not a place for new drivers or drivers who just got their license or not sure of the roads or whatever you need to be an experienced driver to come up here and most of all I would not recommend if you are a foreigner or somebody unfamiliar with the roads in not to come up here either because I know some of you know you you come here you may want to rent a car and say um let me let me try that note coast road that jb went up but you know it’s not just about the road itself it’s the drivers on the roads I have a whole series about crazy driving in Trinidad and that’s how badly driver driving is here um sometimes I almost call it like a risk of course you don’t have crazy drivers all the way up here but basically on the roads especially the first part of the North Coast Road um going towards maracas you get a lot of crazy drivers and they will fly around corners and you can get hit if you can’t anticipate them

so this part of the road is fairly nice it’s paved but it you know we will go back towards muddy roads but as I was driving around here I was looking down a cliff and I was noticing that

I saw people and I thought wait a second I don’t see any path down but then I saw people walking and I stopped and sometimes you wonder you know should I go should I continue or whatever

because you know sometimes you don’t want to intrude on anybody and you don’t know if it is you know private land or a private area so I thought you know what I would just continue but then I said nah I suppose I’m missing an opportunity to record something good and then I decided look let me stop again and check

because you you could see the ocean there on your right and I was thinking hmm maybe there’s something really good to see down there and I am glad that I did because it enabled me to find a small beach that is public

and of course uh if you enjoy my videos and you would like to become a patron please do you can go to my site

there’s a donate button there and feel free to give a known donation of any amount that you can there’s a select box so you can select how much you want to donate I appreciate all of you who have given donations both in the chat box as well as privately that’s really appreciated helps out a lot

but there’s no obligation and there’s no push for it it’s just if you can afford it so you can see somebody’s coming up there and I thought oh I would have never really found that so we got out and I’m gonna go down to our path if you ever come all this way where you can I believe see bathe now I have not tested the waters so do not take my tip or my hint of this beach as gospel make sure that you find out about the waters and test them because like I said in the maracas video it’s not just about what you can see above but what’s underneath if there are strong currents underneath that can pull you out and where we are going of course has no lifeguards so be very careful when I got down there I did not see anybody be there I only assumed that these people that we are we passed and that we will meet down there will be

I’m helping some of my children come down here they you know they are not a bit shy about coming on these kinds of areas because it’s a bit slippery you can’t tell

and so I i wasn’t able to hold the camera well at the same time

but I just love these kind of little trails it’s like you’re going down to something and you’re not sure what you’re gonna meet it’s like a surprise but it’s all the good thing about nature so based on how the leaves are and everything I can tell that when it rains this path that we’re going on gets would be very slippery I mean really slippery everything’s just coming on here although there’s a little uh river on the right

so if you see me pause it’s because I’m helping my son’s dog

but you get to see some of the vegetation too um and if you’re new to JB’s Man Cave you will know that I keep my videos raw at least most of them especially these road trips and when I say raw I’m talking about the fact that um you know most people will start to edit this out and keep it just on the niceties but I like to show you in a way that you can feel like you are there with me

so I don’t do much editing except the blue and then maybe if I see children or somebody up close I might blur them out

but this is a nice b it’s small but it looks pretty good it looks like it could be rougher

and I didn’t get close to the water either because um I’m wearing shoes I know you think that’s ridiculous but early in the day I had actually filmed the maracas video and had my shoes on

because I wanted to walk a lot I didn’t come with the anticipation of any sea bathing

it looks pretty good doesn’t it

and I do apologize for the bit of shakiness it’s I don’t know I have to adjust my stabilizer sometimes when I’m walking a lot I’m not really paying attention and stabilizes auto work

that’s just a little notice for you to remind you to subscribe subscriptions are free

just have to click the subscribe button

all right so now that

I have a

bit of time to severely beach I am going to

take the pool and put it here so you can just reminisce on the Caribbean sea

see the area is small but nevertheless it looks really good

you never know how nice on a beach is until you test the waters in the ocean and maybe that’s another time

now there are some guys fishing there as well and I was amazed at how how near to the um shore they were fishing which means it’s probably something good enough to be caught there

and that little piece there is always called camera tricks

so this little part here is what is a looks like a little river

where water would come from down a mountain and fall here into the ocean it’s just a trickle right now because it’s dry

so for my judgment this be if you ever found it

wouldn’t be too good to come when it’s raining and heavy now some people love to go see bathing when it’s raining which I find kind of odd but um and they took it at that time

the sound is enabled so you can hear the songs of the ocean i’d love to have this on the ocean it’s just so relaxing

there have been many studies about the effects of nature on the human mind on body this is something that you actually need and when I say something you need to come out and experience nature if you’re all pent up in your apartment or your air conditioner at your job please and you don’t just go into your car air conditioner again you really miss now you know you need the vitamin d from the sun the fresh air for your lungs the positive outlook for your mind and so forth and that can come only from nature itself just just looking at green as a positive outlook for the human mind

so if you’ve been thinking about going to the beach make sure and visit hopefully this is a bit of inspiration

I love to keep the camera as low as possible until the water gets there and then raise it

my particular camera that I’m using right now is actually not waterproof it’s very much exposed to the element so it’s a bit of a risk but I time it

so after that little tour we are going to go back up to the truck usually climbing up something that is slippery is a bit easier than climbing down

as is small tip when going down always go parallel including going up always put your feet um

why did I say parallel in the opposite direction of where you’re going up so if you’re going up your feet should be straight across perpendicular

that way you don’t fall you don’t want to keep your feet in the same direction of where you’re going what is dong or up

there’s another video that I’m gonna have out where I found we found another secret place similar to this it doesn’t take you to a beach but it does take you out to a place where you can look again I don’t recommend any of these things if you’re a faint of heart or you’re not adequately

blessed physically to maneuver places where you could slip on fall but you know take all the precautions so going back up to the road this is in North Coast Road I started to just stick in some of the scenery

again just showing you the raw because if you were here you wouldn’t be racing to get back in the truck race center go to the next place racing racing where he said no you would be just you’re not looking or wrong take any time to look at the leaves

and one thing about Trinidad and Tobago the vegetation is very exotic sometimes you would encounter things that may puzzle their mind

yeah I was checking for something that I heard in a tree sometimes you have to watch but hanging snakes in the bamboo snakes love the bamboo to hang high and drop

so you have to be very careful there are snakes that look just like the bamboo shoots so you have to pay attention to your surroundings

this is a little river we met at the bottom by the beach this is the start of it and you can see it’s kind of dry but I can well visualize what this might be like when it’s a lot of rain a lot of water going on to that beach

these are the um ATVs that you can um rent

they allow you to come all up here and I also captured this which is interesting see that fallen those are seeds but they float like if it’s snowing sometimes you can see a lot of them I don’t know if you can picture it any calm any lens in your view if you’re watching this on a big screen TV which is the best way to watch my videos you should be able to see them well if you’re watching this on a mobile phone you may not pick this up

it looks like a little cotton seeds I don’t know the scientific name if you do feel free to comment in the comment area but when you when you do comment please tell us what you’re commenting about because sometimes people will drop a comment but you know I have no idea what you’re answering so tell us what you’re answering and which part of the video you’re talking about

so I was really glad to get that sometimes it’s hard to get because you you know you may see it but you don’t have a camera in hand or it’s from a tree very far away

that’s our vision of snow for Trinidad I also have a another video about snow-capped mountains I don’t know if you saw it but it was about these clouds that covered the mountain in the same shape of the mountain it looked like if the snow was covering it was very interesting

so you can see how these roads are very narrow I’m amazed to see this one little barrier there

I think it’s really cool some people have you know their houses and stuff what they do is

you know to come out here and and you know set up a house or whatever is you know yeah you really have to think out of the box and love outdoors and whatnot and it’s an investment too I can’t imagine what it’ll be cause somebody to bring materials out there you probably really need to have your own truck to do it

this is the part of the road I was saying they they really need to fix it right there that’s a big drop down to the ocean and I’m not a geologist but somebody can tell me that red color to me is just clay and that’s not really strong

now here I gave my son the um camera for the same effect that we had in the beginning he’s gonna walk to the other side and capture the truck from him because this is the next piece of the worst roads on the north coast that I wanted to capture I actually captured in the first part of the other video part one a car coming through here yeah I know I told you only four by four but you could you will be able to see what happens with that car trying to come out there had to let all the passengers um

they he had to drive fast and you’d be cool with swimming all over the place so it’s not a place somebody lost their license plate there we didn’t just notice that they see this video they could come come back for it

this would probably make a good place to mountain bike as well as run but if you do run and if you do mountain bike you need to be ready to get muddy and I mean really muddy but you’re not really careful then because you try to go on a cliff side right there where my son is now you could fall if this look to be very careful

so that’s the truck coming

so you can get an idea of what it looks like


I really have to find a a better way to blow my sleep sometimes I forget to do a lot of stuff this is the same footage of me commentary mod but just from the angle of the truck

so you saw what it was like as somebody observing me coming and now you’re gonna see what it’s like inside the truck

and if you’re new to jv monkey if you wonder why inside the truck is always quiet and that’s because I mute this song because I always have my always but most of the time I have my family with me and I don’t care for you to hear all the conversation and what we’re seeing in fact you don’t need to hear that so I would mute it

I do have a

external mic setup but there’s sort of a compromise where it’s either the camera charges or I give you the external mic I need to get an adapter for that

but soon I will have that situation solved

and you’ll learn about that in the coming weeks some new plans I have

so if you have never been through a road with lots of mud like this this is what it’s like

and so I’m going to wait here for my son to come back to the truck in fact I think when I got here it was really too muddy for him to to come in so I moved up a bit

and then we’ll fast forward it a bit at some point because you don’t need to although I do have videos where I just leave it running real time

I call those let’s watch videos and I have a lot of videos where you’re just watching for instance a scene like this but we we spent uh a bit of time here so I’m just fast forwarded

so some of these places might have their own

um access to maybe a private beach or private b

and there you can see the coastline it’s really nice

usually when I make these road trips I tend to cover so much stuff and I know probably is saying oh you should come out there and record but you know basically I’ve been recording all the

but I also have some plans for that as well

when we first ended here it seemed like forever because you know you when you first enter an area you feel like wow do these roads ever stop does it ever stop being muddy and with so many portals and stuff but you know looking at it going back out is is the world is actually not so long it’s just that feeling of having to go slow and pass through these little challenge and obstacles that makes it seem long


so here we are with more mud but you can see there’s a lot of residential areas around um houses here and there and you know the people up here keep their places looking really good huh I don’t know if there are resorts guest homes or what but it looks nice keeping and cooking the trees is like you know you can only see coconut trees when you come in these areas if you have seen any of my concrete building concrete empire videos meaning that you know the areas near the capital most and the familiar areas of Trinidad you’ll see this heavily built up and they just chop down all the trees in favor of buildings

you know as a tropical island we really need to keep it more green not to mention green is healthy as I expressed before good for your mind good for oxygen and whatnot

I wonder if any garbage trucks come through here and how often

if you know feel free to comment on my YouTube channel and within this video but if you do let me know what you answering because sometimes again people just answer but they don’t say what they’re answering so I really don’t know what they’re talking about

by the way if anybody a resort owner or you have a you know a beautiful place that you’d like to highlight I wouldn’t mind highlighting it you just have to invite me and let me know you can get email from my YouTube channel or use my website address jb or and send me an email let me know where you are what you have

I’m sure people would like to know about it because a lot of people come to JB’s month give an anticipation of what they could do or see when they come to Trinidad or even people in Trinidad I’ve had some comments where people have said they’ve never been to some of these places and in Trinidad and they use these videos to judge whether they want to come or not

now in case you don’t know not all my videos are raw like this sometimes I will create videos that are edited and spruced up with the effects and so forth

but um those videos normally address issues of specific countries and so forth where trips like this tend to be raw

because again the idea is that you need to feel like if you were there

feel all the bombs feel all the shakiness and whatnot

same with my walkthroughs

now by seeing those bridges we know we have come to the end of the muddy part of this road trip and I say the muddy part we still have our ways to go to get all the way back to saddle road and get past the other end of the North Coast Road however

you can see those um ATVs motorcycle what not coming they are coming because they are part of that same group

where you can rent their vehicles sometimes they gather there or elsewhere

so that’s one thing one option you have I talked about it in the first video

giving you two angles here one from the trucks camera and one me pointing out

right listen all this shot

so you can see what it’s like when you if you intend to rent just keep in mind that you you’ll likely be going through mud so we’re attack here for that

holy child

what’s up

so now that that started to be we will continue across the bridge and in continuing across the bridge I was finally able to see somebody

using a canoe is it

I’ll use the other camera at some point to capture that sometimes with shots it all depends on if you’re lucky sometimes you go to a place when you’re hoping to see something record you can’t see it and it’s only when you’re gone then it comes

that’s not yet another thing that you can do up here as well there’s a another beach on the cross on that side but I did not um

record that today

and I speed it up a bit here and for those people to come out

so if you notice most people will when I see those two bridges they will basically stay there and park they won’t go anymore because of the muddy areas but like like you saw from this video unless you go through those mud areas to to get to the other places you’re not gonna you’re missing out places that you could visit on the adventures in itself but we’re back on asphalt now and this will take us all the way back to Las Cuevas to Tyrico past Maracas keeping running off coast road until we reach south Europe

right here is an entrance you pay I think twenty dollars TT like three dollars u.s and I guess there’s something good there to see nice beachfront but I don’t I didn’t have access to that today usually it’s getting late for us and I mean this video in conjunction with um part one and the Maracas video was all done in one day so you know I’m pretty exhausted but don’t worry I will be coming back another day

and that’s blanche he shares beach on the right again a bit of it there but it’s just a lot of cars a lot of people so I didn’t even bother to be honest

I was checking it out to see if it calmed down a bit but it didn’t I really didn’t feel comfortable pulling out my um camera and start recording

so we continue on the road

now if you find there’s a mist in the sky that is Saharan dust comes all the way from Africa blown across the Atlantic and we get a lot of it here I there was a day that was really bad and I even made a video about it

if you want to see it and just make sure to do a search on my channel or you could ask any comments that you know you would like to see it and I’ll link the video to you I mean it was really bad it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it it literally was covering mountains you couldn’t see the mountains it’s almost Saharan dust

and of course you can always do any on a road made in Trinidad there are just numerous bottles

and I’m not stopping here I’m just waiting for these vehicles to pass so that I can continue

some of these roads once somebody parks on the road you really can’t pass unless there’s free traffic on the other lane

I don’t know what it’s like to live in a village like this basically kind of isolated from everybody else if you um are from Blanchisseuse or you spent a good time here that you gotta feel for the village feel free to comment and let me know what it’s like to live in branches how are you how you coop with getting access to various things that may be outside the bonds of the village you know have entered drive all that way to Port of Spain or Arima in order to get something or maybe you have do you have it set up here somehow that I don’t know a quarry or service or something doing that for you

i’d also be interested to know if taxis come all the way here I saw maxis

but I don’t have taxis do that too

what would be the price of a taxi from porter spin to here I could well imagine that would be astronomical

and when you reach here you know the road street is gonna take you to Blanchisseuse says road and that road will take you to Arima you can see this sign there on the left

whereas we are going to turn right and continuing North Coast Road

not sure why I stopped there

probably taking a picture of something

this church is a good landmark if you come in from this way which would be the North Coast Road

so let you know that junction isn’t there

as far as safety um these areas I don’t believe there’s you know these areas count on taurus coming in so people coming in should feel relatively safe because you know nobody wants to jeopardize the income that’s derived from people coming to visit banshee shares on the other beaches and stuff but like all things be you know be vigilant don’t be hunky-dory with the way you keep yourself on your belongings

there are people who I know like to walk around with all that jewelry and gold and show their fancy phones and highlight themselves and while yes you can you should not be able to have the freedom to do that and do it if you like but I’m just saying that there’s always somebody looking at you huh and you need to watch yourself be vigilant go in groups you know don’t do overdo it be cautious

I know somebody that um for instance they were on a beach and they took off their watch and left it on the um

on the sand with the towel and other stuff and they went in the ocean and you know was looking at at it from from there and they felt you know it was hardly anybody around and they figured it wouldn’t be a big deal but when they got back their watch was gone

you know they’re just people that fast so you have to be careful

if you’re in water somebody else should be in the sun and so forth keep an eye and don’t venture to anywhere that you really don’t know or you don’t feel that you can get out easily I know that’s kind of ironic considering where we just came from but

I always like to fill out areas the possibilities and of course with my truck I didn’t have much fears about being able to come out

so what do you think about this road trip going to the end is that something you think you would like to tackle that challenge driving all the way to the end of the North Coast Road is that something you would like to do do you have the vehicle that could do it

if you feel you could feel free to comment on my YouTube channel I know there are car rentals here that um will rent pick up trucks but I don’t I don’t recall seeing them with um all-terrain tires

they look like the tires of made for highway so there is a chance that even though it may be up four by four whatever it could still get stuck you may have to see if you could rent a suv but again you’d have to have good tires and I don’t know if you’d want to take a rental car up there I mean it will get really dirty and muddy and when you took your vehicle back you would you would be under some pressure to get washed on clean and whatnot

maybe if you have um a friend or a family member or a truck

they can do that

yeah take the time to clean

the screen there’s a lot of stuff on it sometimes I’m so busy driving I don’t realize that the camera is picking up every little thing that drops on the um windscreen

the irony of some of these places though is that because locally they don’t really map out things properly I mean they would just show a road but there’s nothing really to tell you it was the end of the road or what’s along the way or any of those things it really becomes like a unknown adventure uncharted and you’re already discovering it for the first time

I’m glad this maxi stopped there because

that would have already blocked the scene that big maxi in front of you

and why you know whereas I most people probably just showing you getting to the destination I always like to show both both going and both and coming back because when you show both what happens is you able to get two different perspectives of the place because going and coming always looks different you may notice certain things yes that you saw before but the view is different

this would probably be helpful too if you might be feeling lost or you wondered you know how long again before we get to x or y place well you know you get an idea from these videos because some people will ask me you know how long did it take to go here how long did it take again you could see from the um time in the

there’s a big bus pass and I had to go off road for it to pass you can see from the timeline how long it takes because more or less this video is unedited except for very few parts

where I switch cameras and so forth you know you can get an idea at the time

this is not like a rush rush road I mean it’s not a road that you want to be driving fast on or move in in a hurry you know take your time lots of potholes lots of places that um can build treacherous

I like this um picket fence here and these pine trees reminds me to like a camp camping area

and these are some really sturdy walls with the sweet lime growing on it the sweet lime is the green like green like ivy some sort of resort on private estate here these places also have they tend to have their own access to the beach

and I would love to cover that if you are the owner of one of the houses up here and you would like for me to come

I wouldn’t charge you just come and record it all just to display it sure the beach house is like

just let me know let me know in the comments or um send me an email by my site or if you are a homeowner and you’re interested in that and you’re like me to come on

film record some aspect of your home that’s unique also send me a message I might take you up or not

by the way I have a lot of videos carded you would probably notice that um I’m starting to have more premieres and that’s because I have a lot of content

to put out there I have some really good ones a free port coming up those of you who are fans of Freeport

some other areas and for the spin as well

and some random footage on some of other Caribbean islands

I’ve been releasing some um videos of martinique the footage is really nice you should look at it

only last ones I did was on nature

and you know I like to look at the other islands too because it’s sort of a comparison of how we are doing tourist tourist wise does it look like you know if we compare you know is this look palatable for a tourist versus the other islands why even why come to Trinidad I know Tobago has a tourist tech appeal

I mean

there are specific places tourists could go I think a lot more needs to be done

you can always tell any roads start to get a little smoother everybody takes off you can see me driving a little bit faster now

look at all those coconut trees on the right that’s how this island should be full of coconut trees or like the ones on your left chinese coconuts and so forth

the soil here is richer when I say here I mean on the island itself in general I mean it’s almost like you plant anything and it just grows

so there’s really no excuse to plant stuff

see like those burgundy we’re passing on the right croutons

lilies coconut trees as you can tell I’m a fan of green

oh by the way it just occurred to me a lot of you will come to my channel so why don’t I play the latest local music well there’s something called copyright I can’t just take music from anybody without a license and just start playing it doesn’t work that way I mean I coulda but then my videos would be sanctioned of course I don’t want to be do that so I play what I can and talk when I can

so if you looking for the latest music from Trinidad that this this channel will not be giving it to you the other channels I’m sure do that

well if you want you can play your own music and just simply mute me

and play it in the background

a lot of the music I do use is either available from YouTube or I have paid a license for it

so I’m able to use it by license

but I more or less try to use a alternative world music not everything is called so because I simply do not have enough variety to last for two hours for instance this video is almost two hours long and you know even for any dj finding enough songs because you’re not typical songs like what three four minutes or less

you know finding enough songs to fill that is is quite a job without having to replay the same song

so this piece of road is really good but this part here is a bit narrower look it should be it should have a sign they’re saying single lane because they couldn’t even put the um center line there

this strip of road is pretty good and you see a smooth strip of road in Trinidad it’s almost like you have to hold on to it and say your prayers because at some point you’ll be riddled with potholes

this strip of road also seems to be almost single lane

and on the left is the blanche issues secondary school which we explored already in part one of this road trip

so so the drive coming up here is nice and the drive going back in the afternoon evening is is just as nice

I think at some point I will need to make a

faq video a frequently asked questions video so many things people asked often or say often that lets me know they don’t know much about how jb Man Caves operates

you can tell by you know some other comments or whatever

sometimes too with these roads that when you’re on them they may have offshoot roads roads are turned left or right from the main road and could take it to some extraordinary site or some landmark or something but you know we can’t stop on every road that we see but when I i try to look at the map and find things that look like it could be interesting

but if you ever have the time you can do that sort of thing

I believe that was a kingdom whole jehovah witness church we just passed on and left

if you’re familiar with this earth feel free to point pinpoint any things that you think would be interest to us

there is a way where you can document exactly where you’re talking about in a video using a timeline hours minutes and seconds you can look on my description of this video and you will see a key follow that same pattern and you’ll be able to outline any particular place within a video

you can see that these people are

in a hurry

I’m in no hurry

I’m just cool right behind here I know the funny thing is about a lot of Trini drivers um they will go very fast and end up maybe 50 feet in front of you and end up having to drive the same speed as you

we were saying hey hurry to go nowhere

on the right is the coastline and if it wasn’t for all these big trees you would be able to see the ocean but unfortunately you can’t

there are places that you can stop and probably look out but as you can see this road is not one to be playing with people are coming through fast they are caught blind corners so I wouldn’t want to park here to look out

whenever you answer the comments feel free to let me know where you’re from unless you’ve seen Trinidad or your plans for the future some of you do tell me but some don’t some just will say it’s a nice video whatever and although I’m grateful for saying that feel free to let me know more

one thing I want to do jv’s monkey is to build that spirit of community you know just hang out be friends talk talk in the aspect of leaving your comments I will reply I do look at all the comments people that I think show us a sustained or consistent manner of commenting I i just put them on automatic approve so they can comment whenever for new people I have it always moderated

and sometimes I get comments that are not family friendly not necessarily against me but just saying things that are not you know criticizing people they see in a video or something like that and I’m not I’m not really about that and I don’t want to make JB’s Man Cave if political or a place to just bash people or whatever that’s that’s not my intention I i know if you see something that’s a social issue like you know keep any place clean leaving garbage all over sure I will let those comments go because we need to um we do need to talk about that people do need to know that they’re doing the wrong thing by the turn but you know seeing somebody on a video and criticizing how they look or or where they are whatever I do not approve those it’s always family friendly

you can see maracas up ahead

but we’re a good distance from better

talking way ahead it’s not where we are now is in um passing by last quavers

as I mentioned in part one I couldn’t stop here because there was just too many people I don’t record when there are too many people not that I don’t record because of the people themselves but you know people are in their building shoot what not and um I don’t want to be taking people when they are more or less exposed

so I will come back here another day when it’s not so bad you know earlier when we can actually go into the car park it’s so it’s so packed in there that you know most of the people parked on the outside as you notice

and given by the number of maxis I’m seeing they you know there’s a whole bunch of people there worst time to record and in my personal view was time to actually be on the beach I like to be on a beach one it’s free and open you know just a few people here and there but not like people almost rubbing against you

most people come to the Las Cuevas beach because it’s calmer compared to

the other beaches like Tyrico or Maracas where there are a lot of waves I square this is calm you may get a wave or two but it’s rare

the uh water is good for swimming and stuff do anything I don’t like about Las Cuevas is it’s a bit small

so if there are a lot of people there you really will feel congested

and if you haven’t been there for many years I will tell you it looks very different now because the maracas of the last quavers of the old days for instance when I was a child was a beach that was covered with rocks tiny pebbles was rocky and one of the things that used to really annoy me was about it was the sunflowers lots of sunflies so I never understood the um interest in going there but now it’s it’s uh sandy beach they moved all the walks and there’s no more sun flies it looks really good they made a park they made proper steps and stuff to get down

so we’ll have to explore that on already as you can also see the clouds are forming and again no raindrops here and there in Trinidad it tends to rain always in the afternoon I mean you could get a rain shower anytime but usually it will be sunny morning and by afternoon it will start to rain

I was glad most of the day was sunny we are on our way back now so we’re not stopping by any beaches so if it rains a bit it’s okay but till the end of this road trip it really does not start the poor

this is the area on the right where I was seeing that every time you come in this area it’s like more and more of the trees are removed and it used to be a lot of patches of ground but now a lot of has taken it over but it seems to be maintained in some form

I’m interested to know what it’s going to

be oh

now if you’re hearing a dog walk in any background that’s neighbors dogs they have annoying dogs that aren’t trained so they just bark at anything and I didn’t bother to close my window so you get the full brunt of it

funny as I’m saying that I have a video on noise pollution

if you haven’t seen it check it out about the noise makers in Trinidad and Tobago a big problem with people who like to make noise or are themselves just simply loud

as I’ve said in my other videos I’m more of an introvert conservative quiet I’m a per person

which you wouldn’t gather from watching these videos but um I am a dad driven by his children

I don’t know if you’re gonna tell but we are ascending again

we have to ascend before we descend down to um the maracas b area

but we will be passing on tarik office at some point

there are also other parts to go down and

view other bees but as I said in part one I am not sure if there are any restrictions you know a lot of private areas now trying that is not open as it used to be

a lot of gates a lot of signs no trespass don’t come here or pee or whatever growing up it you know Trinidad used to be a lot more open

could basically ask access anything there’s not that way anymore

and because it’s not that way anymore what happens is whenever there is something

do you get all this congregation of people

and it’s kind of sad because Trinidad should really have a lot of stuff going on that not necessarily have to pay for parks beaches shouldn’t be just one or two and they should be easily accessible if you if you want to encourage people to do the writing and not be in crime that’s one of the best ways to do it

providing places where people can be entertained

and happy


and that could be good employment for people to create in look at how it looks like if it’s snowing see that


that’s good employment for people I mean if you create more bees then that’s more places for people to work they can um you know you have lifeguards you will have to have people that clean up the beach maintain the beach then people will be able to sell their food the chairs the umbrellas whatever you know you’re providing opportunities the more you create and see more that tourists don’t want to come too because if everywhere they go they see a beach will be like very enticing but so now we just have one or two readily accessible beaches and and they’re so far away too

someone was commenting in my uh channel that they don’t care for maracas because because there’s just it’s just too far away for them I mean this is a to me is a long road trip I know we went to the whole of the North Coast Road but just for instance from me coming from let’s say police being and going to maracas that’s a that’s a serious road trip not to be taken um likely it’s something you really have to plan for and put effort into prepare for

vision it shouldn’t be like that I mean growing up as a kid we used to over access Chagaramas and all the beaches are on that coastline and marker ape and whatnot easily now everything is blocked off I have I have a video specifically on that also

you can see this the clouds are taken over this guy that’s diary because we just passed down the right

and it’s cutting out all the color from the video

hardly any blue

and we are back again at maracas you can see there on the right if you haven’t seen it I have a whole walkthrough of maracas beach I walk all along here I walk through the fishing village so you can see maracas in a way that you haven’t seen before

funny things so many signs saying no parking people still parked there the parking lots a full parking lot on the left and there are other ones higher up

like the risk in order to avoid pain parking

so as we ascend here we are leaving maracas by continuing on the North Coast Road and heading

back west

towards [..]
by the way as as my channel grows I will be diversifying I mean I already cover besides Trinidad and Tobago I already I also cover the islands and stuff but I also want to go into more of the social issues and I hope that the community goes that you will join me and talk

um about these issues sometimes world issues I always find that trainees are great to talk about you know

sometimes for the last things but I like to talk about serious topics as well

I know a lot of you come have not been insured for a long time and you want to see what it’s like or you’re planning our trip to the crib and I want to see what it’s like but I hope you’ll also stick around for other conversations we you know as friends

don’t just come and look at my videos on leave come on stick around let’s have a chat talk about other stuff too I don’t know if you’ve seen these dogs but it’s it’s weird these somebody talks like they don’t want to leave the wood one is only right just in the middle of the road and the other one they only left

seem to be not bothered about cars passing right next to his feet

all right I’m picking up a little speed here because we’re ascending a lot and driving a manual on a mountain after a long day of walking up and down is not exactly fun so I try to gain speed in order to um as I start to slow down going up the mountain

now in part well since a part one by any maracas video and we started this north coast wood trip I had shown you a lookout that enables you to see maracas beach on the whole bay area um and it’s really good if you have a nice d I can’t tell you one last I went up there and it was a really nice day to take pictures usually something’s wrong it’s raining it closes uh it’s a lot of clouds there’s a lot of Saharan dust you know this all this sun is in your camera there’s always some issue but we are nevertheless going to take a look at it just now you will see it

and if you’re coming from the other direction it’s it’s it’s easy to access that local but when you’re coming from this direction it’s a bit difficult because it’s right on up um a blind corner and by blind cone I mean you cannot see cars coming from the other side of the road so you have to be very careful if you’re going there from this direction

I would have stopped there first in the Maracas bay video but like I said the sun was shining into the camera and you wouldn’t have been able to see much

this is another small [..] as well but it’s not the one I’m talking about

and this is it coming up here and you will look you if you can see the road on the left bears left but it’s really hard to tell if any cars are coming there so like I said be very cautious when you turn in those tents are set up to sell via snacks foods and whatnot

I believe that path going down would take it on another beach I believe so but it’s private

if you know how I can access that well you happen to be the owner no do you wanna feel free to contact me i’d love to record it so today you can see the maracas b it’s on the other side of that ridge nevertheless is a nice shot from here

but as you can see lots of clouds Saharan dust still aside to behold but not a good shot so I didn’t even bother to stay around much because it was also raining a bit and this particular camera I have is not waterproof I didn’t have the waterproof housing on it

so that was that I mean we could have spent a lot more time here showing you other things but

I don’t have the chance

poodle looks like it’s having fun in our truck though

I know it looks like it’s really gonna rain bad but we don’t get much of it thankfully

now I know it looks like if I’m going back downhill but don’t let that fool you at some point I’ll go back up again that’s just how this road is you go up and down the mountains

most of it already seems up to me down down

and as you can see the roads are failing now no line markings so and people tend to bear around those corners pretty fast so it’s not a place like as I’ve said before not for somebody that’s a novice driver or just got a license or maybe you have been driving a while but you’re just not sure you know I wouldn’t come on here or venture here and don’t even think about letting it become dark drive in here that’s just on normal

as you can see there’s no street lighting

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be stuck up here

for those of you who are enter four by fours I don’t use my 4×4 to get up here just gear 2 and 3 mostly sometimes 4.

I mean I have done it using uh engage in my 4×4 but

I don’t know sometimes it doesn’t seem necessary the engine could handle this without engaging up

now there’s a funny little um statue here I don’t know who created it but somebody created it it looks like an old man and they put a a covered mask on it

it’s kind of funny my wife wanted to get a picture of it

so I hope you enjoyed today’s road trip if you did please let me know in the comments please like please get your friends to subscribe I seem to be still far away from 10 000 subscribers I’m I’m grateful for those of you who are subscribing it’s growing a lot every day but still far from ten thousand help me get to ten thousand subscribers by inviting your friends your family to subscribe

it’s free you just have to click the subscribe button they just need a Gmail account most people have a Gmail account especially to access android stuff


please do

so on this rest of this road trip will take us to saddle road and you will know when we start the road because it it bears into like a y one passing through Santa Cruz on one to then right on to San Juan I’ll be more or less the end of the video

now you know what it’s like driving on the North Coast Road from one end to the other it’s quite a road trip quite an adventure as you see one not to be done by somebody that is inexperienced in driving and not to be done if you don’t have a vehicle adequate to the extent of the roads and the lack of roads where there’s mud that’s if you plan to go all the way and as you can see there’s lots to do you could go to the beach you can do a lot of hiking there are a lot of hiking trails there but that I wouldn’t recommend unless you’re going on somebody who knows the trail and you’re going in a large group

there’s also um a lot of other stuff to do the kayaking canoeing whatever it is the small ATVs going through the mud that’s an option but of course most people just come up here for the beach, Maracas beach in particular or Tyrico or Las Cuevas

that’s what most people tend to make this long journey for

and so many roads here will actually take on a right when you do see a road it will take you to paramount all people don’t know that you can get straight to pyramid which is a village on a mountain top

that’s another video stay tuned

that one has some serious inclines

and again that’s a place that you really can’t go unless you know how to drive on and you definitely have to engage your 4×4 at some point going up there really steep a whole adventure in itself huh

that’s the only thing about Trinidad lots of places to explore but you really have to know about them beforehand because you know you could get lost really easily and maybe end up in a place that you shouldn’t be it’s good to have some sort of tour guide friend family member whatever have you shown you’re wrong but with these videos on [..] give you you get an idea you get an idea of where you are going what you’re going to see and what the road you need to take so if you’re actually making a drive you could even plug into JB’s Man Cave pull up the video and drive along so if anything looks unfamiliar you have it right here


of course if you like what I do and you want to support it monetarily I am not bashful for donations you’re much appreciated and goes towards helping my children they are on the spectrum

I am a at home dad

and uh most of my I should say all of my income comes from whatever I do in front of my computer homestead homeschooling and different things so my ability to get out is hard so even in these road trips I actually it takes a lot of planning and preparation but it’s a good outing for them too because you know sometimes we feel like we’re in a perpetual pandemic you know those of you who

like you know complain a lot because of the pandemic or you have to stay home or you have to do schoolwork at home well in a lot of ways that’s what it’s like for a lot of people who are parents of special needs children they are home most of the time

there aren’t specific schools for children with special needs that are suitable and we you know I used we used to be part of our or part of an organization as an NGO but we also used to be activists in this area so I’m very versed in it there isn’t much here for children with special needs there are private places and whatnot but you know these things should be free

anyway that’s another topic right I don’t want to spoil your road trip here

this is sort of like the winding down area of the North Coast Road

I believe this is the last ascent

can’t remember I believe it’s the last ascent more or less it’s downhill descent from now right here two ways that occurs you can also park there and get a good picture of Maraval

and the golf estate

but the end of the day is crappy so no point doing that today that’s another day

I’m just glad that most of the tape was nice and sunny so you were able to capture the good parts that I saw


and as usual you know going back the other way always looks different so even if you saw

the road trip coming in

it would look totally different to you going back out

so friends as we make our way out don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already if you haven’t invited your friends or family please do so I want to reach the 10 000 subscribers we’re on our way there but

this is where I have a ladies do you want to get there fast

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and if you even you’re subscribed make sure to hit the notification bell so you get that immediate notification

so this is the end of the note crossroad when we pass these pillars here these columns left will take it to Santa Cruz and right to Saddle Rd. and Maraval. Thanks for watching!

NOTE: The above text was taken from audio and may not be accurate. Please see the original video on JB’s Man Cave Channel.

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Freeport Trinidad Caribbean back roads

Hello friends we are on another road trip today and in this road trip we will be going to Freeport in Trinidad Trinidad is an island in the Caribbean it’s actually the last island in the southern Caribbean after Trinidad to the south of the Guyanas and to our west is Venezuela.

if you’re not from Trinidad you mean not know about it as much as you would have heard about Jamaica or Barbados or some of the other more touristic islands

Trinidad and Tobago its main GDP is oil and gas so tourism is not a main factor anyway so this is Freeport we are on the arena road

it’s a residential area mainly there’s there is some commercial parts mostly I’ve I believe on mission road which I have done another video for if you haven’t seen it make sure to look for it

it’s just me driving down mission road today we we won’t really be going on mission road I believe on the way back I passed through mission road a bit but mainly we are going on back roads today all the roads that you may not normally take when you’re coming to Freeport

now if you used to live in Freeport have friends here or visited here often and you haven’t been here for a while or you moved abroad then this video will be of interest to you because you would like to see what it’s like now however I will be stopping at various places too that I did not see before no I i sometimes I will look on google maps and say you know where can we go today and you will see certain highlighted ma landmarks but you know there isn’t much information about it so uh you know it’s only when you get there you find out about it

and so we and part of this road trip and visiting places that are off-road or roads that are not frequented or roads that are not the main road itself we discover a few places stop and have a look around

I believe the Freeport area has around a population of around twelve thousand somewhere about more or less

and um you’ll see me stop here a bit because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to continue to cross that bridge or tune on that road

and there was suddenly a lot of traffic behind me so I’m gonna wait for that to clear and then I’m gonna turn around and go back to that road because I really don’t want to follow the arena road that will take me east and away from Freeport

the green marking on that map is showing you the roots that we are taking to the end report

it’s a cloudy day but the deer maintains um

some sunlight there isn’t any rain and it clears up a bit thankfully

we are still in the dry season in Trinidad and Tobago there are two main seasons it’s not like North America or Europe where you have you know winter spring summer and fall here we only have the dry and wet season or some people say to dry and rainy season

right now we’re in a dry season which means there isn’t as much rain

now you know when you look looking at many um tourist based videos they tried to highlight all the goody goody stuff the the eye candy stuff but on JB’s Man Cave I try to give you the raw real look the things as they are so this look that you’re seeing now is true Caribbean it’s not the fancy areas or the fancy buildings or whatever this is how the Caribbean or how Trinidad looks lots of green patchy roads

houses built in various designs and structures and maybe could use an upgrade

but this is how it looks actually looks and these are some of the back roads that we’re taking so if you’re looking for an adventure you can always follow

the roads that I take and see some of the places that we’re going to see today we’re going to be stopping at a temple a Hindu temple a restaurant the Namaste Restaurant a forested area that we tried to get some information about but could not find anybody

and some other unusual things um I always advise in my videos that if you come in these backwards that you should have a good vehicle that can take some hard knocks you’ll notice that the camera shakes and that camera is super mounted to my windscreen

I mean I actually use um liquid metal to stick it not even just plain glue but if vibrations because of so many potholes on uneven roads still makes it shake so does it tell you no cars do pass here but they move very slow

extremely slowly you’ll even see that in this video look at how slow that car is going look how much ground I’m making up so if you’re coming in these backwards I strongly suggest that you use a 4×4 a truck a van an suv with good tires uh you know they’ll come here with a low rider or something like that because you’re gonna have problems

of course that’s not always possible that you can change your vehicle but I’m just warning you

now there was a lot of research done by archaeologists on the arena rodent report and probably other places here showing a strong presence of Amerindian society and you know [..] and the faculty there have been pushing government to name certain sites within the area

so that they could be um under the historical sites uh conservation effort but um I I’m not too sure I’m not too sure what the progress of that is if if you are aware of it feel free to comment in the comments area of my YouTube channel a lot of that needs to be done also in other areas of Trinidad and Tobago

now the nice thing about driving on back roads is of course all the green and as you know if you have watched some of my videos you always hear me talk about the green I just love nature but it’s the fresh air and the look of the vegetation and whatnot

and you can see how bad the roads are I would like to go faster but that car ahead is slowing me down as I said before if you have a you know a regular car like that one um ahead then you’re gonna find yourself moving very slow here because the roads are very bad

sometimes in shots like this too I try to hold back and allow the vehicle to go ahead faster to get out of the way otherwise the vehicle ahead becomes the focus but I’m going really slow and that car is still going slow

and of course folks if you like my videos feel free to become a patron feel free to donate you can go to

or there are links in the description of this video and then the about section of my channel to go straight to the donation section where you can donate of course as I always say there’s no pressure this is you know an optional thing if you would like to support my effort in fact um I believe this would be the last video I do in this format I’m I’m upgrading my formats don’t get worried I’m not it’s not the last video I actually do it’s the last video in this format meaning um 1080p HD I’m gonna go up a notch in certain areas and I also have some videos in 5.3 k and 360 degrees coming up that’s right and by the way JB’s Man Cave is not only about road trips or just looking it’s about a lot of other stuff I do feature other Caribbean islands and I talk about social issues and so forth and I have some social issues that I do want to bring up I just haven’t got any chance to do it as yet but I want to hear from you on those issues as well and then those videos you know tell me what you think about my videos about Martinique or Jamaica Barbados or saint Russia, Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines you know let me know how you like those areas I know Trinis flock to my Trini related videos and yes I have quite a number of them but I don’t only focus on Trinidad to big I even make videos on Ukraine and the war there

and you see how slow we’re going I’m giving trying to give that vehicle ahead you know a chance to go drive away I’m sure I’ll go over this hill and I might still see him

so I like to look at the green and in some of my videos I have actually a series called let’s watch and I think some people just don’t understand it you know sometimes you go to an area and it’s not a hyper thing you know you’re not running around in circles you go to an area you sit down and relax and watch that’s the beauty of nature and sometimes when I slow down like this or I stop no no look at the garbage on the left isn’t it sad that I’m talking about loving nature and green and then there’s a huge garbage dump I just wish Trinis will stop doing that sometimes I go into areas and there’s literally garbage all over there are some shots I would actually like to make and I can’t because there’s so much garbage that’s a serious problem here in Trinidad and look at how isolated this area is and I I’m still a concern

and you know as I was saying I have a let’s watch series where I just simply watch a certain place and I bring you along and when you you know it’s like a a piece of artwork you know when somebody makes a painting you could spend a good number of minutes watching it picking up details well it’s the same with this just because it’s in video format doesn’t mean you constantly have to be moving that’s where it’s a you know perspective appreciation sort of thing

now on the top of this hill there’s a lot of nice scenery well at least for me country scenery which many in Trinidad may not see you know it’s very hard to come to the area and just look and just see green without seeing a lot of concrete so we’re gonna pull to the side here in a bit and I’m gonna pull out my extension pull and give you a 360 degree look

soon I will have videos where you could actually scroll your screen and look

so you got a a good vantage point so you this is central Trinidad more or less you could see the mountains the north

and in central so it tends to be very hilly there’s very little flat land everything is hills and the land here well I’m not too sure about this area in particular but I know the you know the southern range tends to have a lot of areas with shifting land

so that’s what the area looked like

that country atmosphere the smell of fresh air the green

some people have commented that my videos are a good way to see where they’re going and yes you can use them just like that you know if you’re thinking about a road trip or to go somewhere just to look around take all the family feel free to watch my videos and pick up some ideas you may even want to take a road that I didn’t

no sad to say you know let me mention those that smoke that’s coming only left that’s a bushfire sometimes they are started by I would like to say dry stock on the sun but to me there’s either light you know as in metal objects shining his son on something and been in it or people throwing their cigarettes or maybe somebody actually um starting it but anyway those are bush fires they tend to break out in patches so you might have a bushfire ahead and another one further up the road and so forth but if they are not taken care of then it could lead to a much bigger fire and damage to people’s homes so they have to be monitored anyway I was saying that besides nature you know going out on a hike going on a camp event at the beach and there aren’t you know we are in a Caribbean island but there aren’t many accessible and I say readily accessible beaches in Trinidad you have to drive very far to get it and sometimes it’s packed when you get there but anyway there aren’t many activities besides you know going to the movies or going to the mall or some of the usual things where you see so often that you want to see something new so driving on road trips is one way to get out and see the rest of the country that you may not have seen and pick up on the culture the look the feeling of other places it’s good education and good for your mind too you know if somebody said you know I’m from Freeport you really can’t relate if you haven’t been there but now you can

some nice houses here and there

but nothing with the road of course still the same now you see to the left there that black dome shaped object that is where the temple is and the area surrounding it is a big restaurant and

how do I put it it’s a facility for meetings I guess but when I say meetings I’m not talking about like a conference more for like weddings and stuff but it’s incomplete however we are going to visit it now I didn’t I i picked up on the place on a map but I did not know about the place before so when I got there I decided to walk around

so I’m just deliberating which way to go and then of course I will turn left and check it out now

one of the issues and I’ve talked about this before sometimes when you’re recording video recording

it’s a big truck passing by all right so sometimes when your video recording

people become antsy they become nervous I don’t know sometimes they don’t want to record they want you to record them or record their plays or whatever but in the case of this place they were very welcoming and that’s what I like and because they were so welcoming I will be highlighting all of their place the temple everything and that’s how it should be you know something I don’t understand with some trainees is you’re coming to highlight their place that’s free advertisement for them you know I am not being paid to do this and yet still they would be you know like oh I don’t know whatever whatever and I just don’t get it and that’s mostly from the people in the north people in the south are way more friendly and accommodating and willing and understand the benefits of you know having the this the places or the um businesses or whatever promoted you know you know somebody stick any time and say you know I would like to record this but it’s on my YouTube channel and they’re glad for it now that party right there that where that gate was open that’s how you would access the um restaurant directly

but you can access it from the other way that I’m going to but mainly this section here is people who are going to the um religious side of this area and this temple

so I’m gonna park up here and then I’m gonna pull up my extension rod as usual and have a look around

and I’m gonna give you um audio here

now why whereas I am familiar with

the rudimentary aspects of the of Hinduism and so forth I am not okra with all the terminology and whatnot so feel free to go to my YouTube channel and explain everything that we are seeing what I can tell you is this is a sacred site a religious side so that if you’re coming here the idea is not to be loud and noisy in fact when we came here we were very impressed with how quiet and peaceful it is and you will notice in the fact that I can record and you don’t hear nothing

there aren’t many people around there were some but it’s a nice place to come and meditate

take any fresh air if you’re part of the religion pray whatever have you whatever to develop grow that strong sense of yourself

so if you have never been here it might be an option for you to come

and I’m going to label the um

the name and location here so that you can check it out

one of the impressive impressive things too is how clean and maintained well-maintained areas

now this part here that we’re going to is the restaurant and the

grounds where I said that you know if you’re planning an activity a place for a meeting or wedding or whatever they have the the necessary area for it

um it’s still under some sort of renovation or construction it’s not complete but it’s good enough that if you needed to do something you could start

what I like about it has its own little playground as you see

and various covered areas where you can

dine or have a meeting whatever have you however you want to plan it they have several structures so I don’t know if you could have you know rent the whole facility or in some other case you know different people can have different um air covered areas that they could use

by the way in my future videos too I’m going to be working on this stabilization issue where you get that shake

again these videos are raw so normally you know me having me work here I would you know in a proper video you would cut it out edit it merge and so forth but jb’s mind cave is a body raw so you can see all that icy and I may be just holding the um extension rod anyhow as I’m walking and you see how it’s stabilized now because I’m probably you know fixing it to take a shot now they had some peacocks in a cage here while the cage is very big this is probably the only area I did not like and if you know JB’s Man Cave you would know the reason why I did not like it that’s the noise that they make I’ve never heard them make that song before but it’s almost like they were calling me when I was there

and usually they spread their wings make all that colorful thing I think they do it when they feel intimidated I don’t know I’m not an expert on birds but um you can tell me if you know the reason why I did not like it feel free to say why if you know jb in the YouTube comments of this video

if you would like to know why you can also ask now this um mini what do I call it like a mini Taj Mahal but it’s great I could picture this full of flowers and for wedding photos can you I really liked how it looked

you know the even though the place is unfinished if it’s dressed up with flowers plants whatever have you it can definitely be something to be whole I mean you could really have our uh

a great wedding or event here whatever celebration

normal songs like I’m the owner and I’m trying to sell it but I am not I’m neither was this video sponsored for that but I just I’m seeing that because

the people here were really friendly and welcoming and I just want to do that for them

by the way we did take some of the food we ordered takeaway lunch you can dining and I will show you what the dining area is like in case you’re wondering you know if I want to bring my family here to dine in the takeaway lunches were very good actually you could get some three different items and um some naan which is like bread

kind of like a pita bread for those of you who don’t know what mine is and um that’s the restaurant there Namaste Indian Restaurant and this is the inside and that only costs like 45 dollars you could go on for 50 dollars the only thing I would the food was really nice but the only thing I would say is that you make sure to tell them to hold the pepper some chefs like to go heavy on the pepper so if you’re not a pepper person just when you’re ordering just tell them you don’t want any pepper you can see nice tables it’s not a ‘cheapy cheapy’ place everything is well thought out like I said a good place to have an event or wedding or whatever you can always find them online or whatever and contact them about it

so we are leaving that area and we are continuing our road trip

and for those of you who don’t know always ask I when I’m in the vehicle I do not play sound because usually on these road trips I’m traveling with my family and you don’t need to hear what we’re seeing talking about various things and it’s mostly unrelated to the video anyhow I stopped here to get a few points from some people about the area so I’m just speeding it up a bit

you can see those dark grey clouds in the distance that’s that is south so that’s not going to affect us

where we are is sunny

but the weather in uh the Caribbean and in general [..] it changes all the time one minute could be sunny next month could be really rainy and want more

but you know like I said how many places do you drive to and use you have this look not many so again it’s a place that you can bring your family to have a look around you know just to get a different feel for other areas in Trinidad doesn’t always have to be just your area and back home you know you can visit other places besides just maracas or just you know commercial places you know just to see what the rest of Trinidad is like you can see what I’m talking about with the shift in line you see how those um pulls those electricity pools see how it’s bending twisting almost like it’s once a fall though that’s what happens when you have shifting land

and that happens in these areas a lot so you have a nice little community here some big houses well kept

the roads a bit better too

but uh we are not really about this road we want to we want to turn off we are all about the back roads so we’re looking for back roads to explore and this one is certainly one that can be explored however in this road as well you need to have a good vehicle that you can drive on it there are other ways to get around to where we are going but I like this the scenic route the route that’s least traversed.

so we’re gonna take this one

and sometimes you get to see two different houses how people live and so forth

now I was trying to locate a name for this road but I didn’t see one did you see one when we turned in it did now you know if not you can always follow the route but this one takes you to what looks like an end of a road but we’re still going to go it is it’s actually labeled as a road on the map but there’s no pitch here so it’s kind of interesting going on it

you can see where the bush fires rubbish this area on the right especially

just look really nice I love this see all this green

this would be good for um those of you who like mountain biking or just jogging this is all good stuff for you to you know bring a bike and ride excuse me

I don’t normally talk this much so talking for an hour I need to get my water break my throat gets dry

by the way that’s another video I have to make by the way Chinese talk you know they won’t say throat they would say trot

look at that again well you know I don’t want to have money left there if it became a dumping area or if something collapsed but wasn’t a good site

but I just love driving through things like this I can’t imagine what it would be like if it was raining and muddy maybe it might be like my north coast strip if you haven’t seen that make sure to look at it parts one and two especially um two I show a lot of the mud roads that you go through

and uh I stopped here because we picked up on something on the right seems to be a small shrine dedicated to this person

if you know about it feel free to comment in the comments area of my YouTube channel I thought I would pick it up as it was located in such a remote place and I was wondering why there is it that he died there was it that he lived there or something

now there is a recreation park here

and I was trying to find out more about it but like I said you are you don’t get much information online and sometimes you go to places and you don’t see so we were just driving around trying to find out more about

it it’s called a sandy hill


nature park

and it looks also similar to how we came from the um the other area

where the uh they had the man there

it is not finished but I guess it can also be used to have you know weddings or whatever again nobody was wrong we did meet up please and that cut in grass and he told us to go around

because the interests there on the other side was not for the public access but when we came here to we didn’t see anything going on so we just kept driving but it looks like they’re building it up and it’s going to be really fancy

more than just a nature park now I don’t know if this is particularly part of the nature park or if this is another place if you know feel free to comment in my YouTube channel I am not claiming to be the expert of any of these areas or of anything in particular I’m always glad when those more uh knowledgeable than me can come and tell me more about the areas that I’m going to and share that’s how we grow in knowledge some large houses here as well as some really beautiful green I don’t know where all these roads lead to but um this one particular road caught my eye and we decided to take a look

we didn’t see any signage or anything

so we were wondering but um I like all the places with the trees

pine trees and there were some horses to the left and we would take any time to have a look around and when I say look around look around from the truck we were looking for people that we could ask questions about the area but we didn’t see any but it was it seemed to be open so I i don’t know but you know this is the interesting thing about when you come to these remote areas you you discover things that are available in Trinidad but which don’t seem to be highlighted well enough but then again if it’s a private area then

it’ll end up being paid for and then you can’t really access it as a public area and you can’t go somewhere that seems nice without paying something and that’s one of the sad things about international everything that seems to be beautiful is often gated up protected with a wall or a door or whatever and you can’t access it so we were hoping to get some information but we didn’t see anybody so we turned around but I believe this is sunny hill nature park another place I guess which is an option for people who want to have events whatever have you

I don’t know if you can pick it up but you can see the horses on your right

uh in my younger days I used to take um a lot of scouts young scouts teenagers on hiking and camping trips we would crawl in in north coast

and in northern mountains in Trinidad and camp and on some of the tops of those mountains you would see a lot of pine trees just like how it looked there I don’t know if you guys know what I’m talking about one particular area is above St. Ann’s above Cascade there’s a strip of um a mountain ridge there that is just full of pine trees and looks just like that I believe it used to be owned by uh y dilemma I don’t know if it is now and I believe it the access to it was or has become more restricted I haven’t been up there for years but if you know what I’m talking about feel free to comment in the comments area of my YouTube channel

one thing I like about the areas that we are traveling through now is the it’s very peaceful I mean you don’t have any noise no limers no loud music you know it’s just peaceful as you would hope that any countryside area would be just full of nature and peaceful

that’s one of the reasons I don’t like living near city areas it’s just too much noise too much rumbling of vehicle engines people arms music you know you just want peace of mind maybe I’m getting too old I don’t know but I just like peace I just have a strong dislike for noise and I can tell you trees can be very noisy and I even have a video on that if you haven’t seen it make sure to look for it because it can get really bad

I love when people um take take the time to plant some flowering plants and they are beautify it really looks nice

so I’m not too sure where I am at the moment so I usually I like to stop and ask for directions if I feel I don’t want to be end up going in circles so I’m just taking some tips from the sky this road will take us back to mission road

because uh really I want to make a circle but I want to end up going back north and not towards the south

I don’t know how many of you picked up on it but I’m seeing lots of traveler palms

that’s that’s the fun like plant that fans out

sometimes when you’re driving up this road you wonder what’s on the other end

so you can see where we are coming back to

more roads and more concrete jungle as you could see I believe this is on the Freeport Todds Road which will later take us to the mission road so if you used to live in this area excuse me if you used to live in this area and you um

maybe have friends or family and you have not seen it for a while feel free to tell us you know does it look the same have you seen improvements

or whatever have you I’ve been in my YouTube channel

just stop to take a quick look at this

this building means something to you it would be of interest to you

now one thing interesting here is part of the layout of the Caribbean is you will see a building well maintained like that one and then right next to the derelict building and then next it another building that’s maintained and so forth the you know the maintenance of structures can use a uh upgrade sometimes

buildings should not be allowed to get to that state

so this is mission road

we’re gonna turn right

and this will take us north and from here you can get back onto the highway

uh even if you want to go south or north

like I said I have a another video that I did about driving the whole stretch of this mission road so you can always have a look at that just check my YouTube channel and in the search box you can just put mission rule make sure to use this search for my channel and not the general search for YouTube

as always I do appreciate you coming here to have a look make sure to check my other videos as well not everything is about driving I would I would love if we can get to know each other I have videos on various other issues community issues that’s how we build up the community that we have here online to discuss all things and get to know each other not just you know drive into Trinidad

I also appreciate when you invite your friends your family to subscribe my channel is really growing exponentially and that’s because of you however I have not reached my goal of 10 000 subscribers yet and I’m really looking forward to it so with your help I’m sure I’ll get there ask all your friends your family members to subscribe to JB’s Man Cave and you know when you tell them subscribe make sure they understand it’s something free it’s not something that you’re asking them to pay for or whatever subscribe is just a matter of clicking the subscribe button it’s all free you just need to have a Gmail account and getting a Gmail account is also free

so I hope you enjoyed our road trip today and look out for some exciting stuff coming up like I said I’ll be improving my video resolutions going to 5.3k 4k I already do some 4k videos for you with the other carbon islands but for Trinidad I’ve been kind of lazy with the 1080p HD but I will be um boosting that to a higher resolution for those of you who watch on mobiles it really wouldn’t matter but I know I i do have some of you who like to sit home and watch on your big screen so that will give you a higher resolution and will also know allow me to focus greater on other stuff while keeping it sharp

also they come in some 360 videos which will enable you you know some of you say oh I wish you showed me this building or that building well with the 360 videos you will be able to actually choose where you want to see while I am there that’s right you’ll actually be able to scroll on your screen and look so you won’t be able to argue with me that I should be looking at a certain building folks glad to have you here glad to have you watching feel free to like and comment I really appreciate it we’re going to end this video where I just stopped by the fruit stand for the week get my veggies and fruits.

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