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Royal Botanic Gardens & President’s Grounds Trinidad Caribbean

Botanic Gardens President Grounds

Friends we are in the president’s grounds in the republic of Trinidad and Tobago which is islands in the Caribbean we are on the island of Trinidad and this is within the area of the capital core Port of Spain the crowns are the president’s grounds because that house that you see all the way in the back there that’s the house of the president of the country.

President's Grounds and Royal Botanic Gardens Trinidad  Caribbean Walk through by

The current president is her Excellency Paula-Mae Weekes

and these are some of the beautiful flowering plants within the grounds

in times past people would come here to have their weddings wedding photos

I don’t know if they have to ask a special permission for that or not I guess there’s a schedule

but because of the pandemic a lot of this area was closed and was only recently opened and I decided let’s come and take a look now I have a video of the president’s crowns from a distance that’s near to side of Savannah but I don’t I i didn’t actually get on the ground so today we get on the grounds

it’s seven o’clock in the morning so the sun is rising in the east to my back creating a shadow on some things

but nevertheless you can see the beauty of the place and why people would want to come here to do their wedding photos and so forth

now Trinidad and Tobago is independent and a republic but before that they were a British colony

and they had a governor general so this would have been the governor general’s house

but since becoming a republic we have a president and so this is the president’s house

but it has maintained that colonial architectural design

and of course because we’re in a Caribbean there’s a lot of plants and trees to show off the extent of the kind of flora and fauna we have here

normally this head would block your view of the house from this close so I’m using the extension rod to see over it

and I don’t know if you can hear it if you’re using a phone you may not be able to hear it well but if you’re watching this on your computer your laptop or with a headphones you will be able to hear all the birds chipping that’s one of the really nice things about visiting both the President’s grounds and the Royal Botanic Gardens early words they really do sing and sing aloud

now the actual grounds that is available to the public is not large

by the time we pass here we would have covered all of it

sometimes you can look well and you may see birds in the trees

and you’ll notice that I left audio for that very purpose so that you could hear the boots

unfortunately you’ll also hear the cars that are going along the Queen’s Park Savannah which is a very large open area in the middle of this city and I believe one of the if not the largest roundabout in the world

in order to get from point a to b you have to go around it and the grenades one is about two and a half miles

of course it presents grounds anywhere botanic gardens are great places to come sit and meditate

as well as exercise in fact as we head towards the botanic gardens you will see that a lot of people are taking the opportunity to exercise

a slight inclined it so going up can give you a larger workout than going down of course and then many paths so it’s not like one round or overlooked like an Olympic Stadium but they’re different uh pathways so you can always change up the way you go in and out of the botanic gardens to make it more enjoyable one of the interesting things about here is that a lot of these trees are labeled so you can see what they are and what they’re about to put these scientific and common names

there’s no charge to come in any of these places these are open public areas

and why I like to come at this hour of the day is because it’s very um quiet besides the cause you know late in the evening on weekends you’d see lots of children here running up and down making noise and so forth and it doesn’t make for a serene environment

somebody made a steel pawn outfit there using metal works I showed some of that in the

vegan videos when I went to vegan festival there was somebody there that seemed to specialize in them those of you who have not been to the botanic gardens in many many years will see that there are no information centers and buildings to your right I have never been in it and I I’m not even sure if it’s public accessible there’s always these security cards and I’m not sure what else is there

like all places there are rules

see if you can read all those rules of blues and blues and atomic gardens

this is the main entrance where we attend where we turn here this would be the main entrance to the botanic gardens and if you follow that path you would go straight up to the other end of it which we will do but in doing so I will you know panel bit to the left and the right and so forth to give you an idea of what you would see if you came here

besides um

you know the beaches and so in my personal opinion the botanical gardens and in its prime when it’s clean the grass is cut and so forth is the best eye candy the country has to offer

and I’m saying besides the beaches and whatnot I mean it’s really nice because you get so many trees so many boots the serenity of it

you know it’s well kept

uh and I will say world cup most of the time sometimes there are those delinquents that will throw their stuff here and there but usually by the next day the workers will come and take care of that

and using my extension pool gives you a really good view of it than you would have otherwise seen if you were just walking normally

and in case you’re a first-time visitor to JB’s Man Cave this is how I do a lot of my videos I try to make it raw so that you can get a feeling of what it’s like it you know my channel is not about racing through things or just being fast and highlighting and jumping through stuff but to calmly move from one step to the next so you can actually feel like you are there the idea is to is if you are watching this on a big screen you could sit back and relax and just take interview

and as always JB’s Man Cave is not only about walking and road trips all looking at nice Caribbean stuff but I do cover other issues self-awareness crazy driving veganism and so forth

those are all on my channel as well JB’s Man Cave

anyway if you’re watching this video from embedded in another person’s webpage just know the main channel is JB’s Man Cave when you can watch it all day

those little gazebos or huts are good for picnicking they’re left we’ll visit those later so you don’t have to worry we’ll take a good look at them on our way back

now I have been coming here since I was a child and I can honestly say except for one or two new trees here and there it is relatively the same they have kept it the same all through these years

any slight changes I could say are the most noticeable uh what I already described the buildings to the front


you know new plants planted here and there that you wouldn’t have seen before like this little patch of garden to your left that’s fairly new but it’s you know it’s not a huge impact on the rest of the gardens I i would guess it’s a new project as well


in my opinion this hourly morning is the best time to come here just for the peace and quiet fresh air but uh anytime after 10 and a lot of people start to come and late in the evening even more will come so if you’re the kind of person that likes traffic well then those are the hours to come

not building any back um I used to know it as the ombudsman building but I don’t know what it is now it used to be an old wooden structure and I threw it down seven years ago and put up that concrete structure

in my teen years I used to love to run through here and would actually run through it in the evening it was a good job it was one of the nicest jogs to run up hill the incline is just enough to give you a a little bit of a workout but not really take your breath away if if you’re accustomed to running because if you’re not accustomed to running any kind of one will take your breath away

seems like they’re doing some clearing here normally see all this rough edge on the ground

just taking in that flower

group of flowers patch of flowers

oh and on the left here is another if you haven’t been here for many many years when I left it is another fairly new part um I don’t know if I would call it a nursery or what but they do have like orchids and other I guess more fragile or more valuable plants in there not sure if it’s open to the public whether you contour or if they have um so guys to show you’re wrong but it’s more I have never really seen it open as let any public just walk in and out most every time I see these gates closed if you know more about it you can always feel free to comment in my YouTube channel

as far as safety goes it’s relatively safe

like anything else you have to be on your guard I wouldn’t come here in the evening after dark in fact um it used to be that you could come in the botanical gardens at any time but that was changed um some years ago when there were other crimes and robberies used to happen here because people were coming at night so they I believe they closed it after a certain time but in any case you know these kind of isolated places you wouldn’t want to be wrong at night

I’m sorry for that wobbly effect sometimes I’m tired of holding the extension rod or I’m not holding it properly

and that causes that vibration it’s normally the stabilizer’s fault as much as mine

now this is another hidden area of the botanical gardens you know you could keep to the

normal path and when I say normal the path that doesn’t deviate from that relative big oval or circle this little path here that’s closer to the um president’s house has some very very nice trees and flowering plants that you can take a look at there’s also a nursery here which again I have never seen accessible to the public

I would imagine if there are students of horticulture agriculture or whatever have you botany they would come here to conduct their experiments grow stuff or whatnot

now even though I’m using the extension rod here and I’m filming in 1080p full HD I will be making other attempts to come here to film in different other ways and sometimes on my channel you will see me record and I’m saying film that’s really record because we no longer film anything I i will video recording the same place many times because it will be recorded in different ways and in different formats you know a higher resolution maybe a focus on certain things in fact I already have videos honey botanic gardens you know just watching parts of it if you haven’t seen those you can always look for them

now the only thing that breaks the um serenity at this hour are these lawnmowers the ones that are driven and also tractors pass through here we read walkers and

those are really loud and noisy I’m sure it disturbs the birds as well

it’s an unusual tree no leaves almost like it’s fall yet still it’s blooming flowers

to the left would be the president’s house there’s some little steps there you can get closer to it

a look

but the best way to see the president’s house is where we started from the president’s grounds if you’re interested in photography or if you want pictures or whatever that would be the best place to start this little section here’s lots of Bougainvillea plants those are shrubs that flower a lot I have a few videos on them and a lot of multi-colored ones here but they are not in a strong bloom at the moment usually when they are this whole area is full of color

now an unusual thing that people probably don’t take much attention to the fact that there’s actually a small cemetery in the middle of the botanic gardens and a lot of the names that are there may not be too familiar but one of the popular ones that everybody should know is Solomon Hochoy who was a governor general of Trinidad both before it became independent and right after

with him and his wife are both buried here

interestingly enough um was one of the first non-white governors of the British crown colony and he was

from a Chinese background I don’t know if he was mixed with anything else but having you know non-white person at that time was a big deal

now I don’t know if you can pick it up but when I came when I approached this cemetery if you if you have headphones and you turn up the volume a lot you may hear it but there’s a hum so strange home I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or not but when I entered the this area there was like a home on the microphone and then that happened oh where is that

ghost you think do you believe in ghosts

if you know more about the history of this symmetry and would like to tell us more educate us feel free to comment in the comments area of this video

you see this is the thing that would make sure that more appealing as if they had some sort of sign or explanation about what this little patch this little symmetry is about and some of the people buried here you know people could just read and educate themselves

are you the kind of person that feels a bit strange walking through a cemetery I know some people like to avoid cemeteries I find them very interesting it’s looking at the names the time period and I think um and this is my personal opinion but you know some more information about the piston buried should always be on this stone

you know not just the person and death dates but you know who were they what did they do something brief in general

leaving the um cemetery we will go towards the area with the huts wooden huts that allow you to picnic

to get to these um cuts you would have to

walk through the grass there’s no particular pathway

generally they are usually maintained well unless there are a lot of people let me leave their stuff there generally generally I’m seeing it’s well-maintained you can see where there’s a little bit of trash there and whoever comes to clean up I guess we’ll pick that up now you can walk up this hill we’re not going to do that today but if you walk all the way up you get a good view of Port of Spain

and you can see that from me just going to this little area here I’m not gonna like I said go all the way but you can just imagine that if you went all the way you know you would get get to see a lot of interesting stuff it’s a

fairly steep hill

it’s very beautiful to look at

and again I don’t know if you can hear it because on your phone you know the speakers are not great but if you put some headphones on you can really hear a lot of birds in the background

and I’m gonna pick up some of the birds right here and one in particular that goes to the ground to get something to eat see if you can spot it

do you see it

not sure what it

grabbed I’m not sure what they’re doing with those cut stomp seed efforts to make many stools out of them or what oh there’s the bird again seems to be getting a lot of food there and it’s just rich to pick up data because sometimes you would have to wait so long to get a shot like that

it’s nice that we were able to pick it up

you can see how steady and well these structures are you can um bring your food and picnic there I I’m not sure if you have to make a reservation I’m not

see there was a tractor and what was funny is that he was trying to walk and then he tried to just suddenly stop on and she was probably saying to herself you know what the fudge

she wasn’t sure what it was going stopping or whatever

she goes around it

so I hope you enjoyed our walk around the President’s Grounds and the Royal botanic Gardens um there’s a vehicle passing there but other than that I’m gonna leave you to hear the natural songs of the botanic gardens and to have another few minutes listening to nature

feel free to leave comments in my YouTube channel and if you are not a subscriber please do subscribe I have many videos like this some covering other islands in the Caribbean and even other countries in outside of the Caribbean so I would love to have your support do like to subscribe let your friends know thank you and keep watching

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