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Argentina Navy Ship in Trinidad

Hello Friends… we are going to look at an interesting topic today. A ship out of Argentina. A Navy training ship….

ARGENTINA Navy Training Frigate ARA LIBERTAD in Port of Spain TRINIDAD Review 5.3K 4K

The ARA libertad which means “freedom”. That’s Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina but this is actually Port of Spain, Trinidad and that’s the Argentine Navy vessel.

It’s a frigate.. It’s docked at Port of Spain port.

and you can see the Trinidad and Tobago flag flying there

but I don’t want to emphasize Trinidad and Tobago this is about Argentina

the vessel that is there, the National Day celebration that is going to be on board that ship so later in this video you’ll see me onboard that ship

unfortunately this was recorded during sunset and in fact the sun was already going below the sea line almost

That’s the HYATT in the background and so the lighting was not great but still good enough that I could pick up a lot of this for you

it’s a magnificent ship built in the 1960s I believe

that’s the name of the ship there you could see on the steps going up that’s the water line

and this is the sunset in the background really nice

this part here, actually of Port of Spain, a part of the port is where the cruise ships come in and dock

now as with my other videos I am always complaining about permissions

I got permission from the ground crew — security to record here and from the officers aboard the ship

so no problem there that was great

finally some logic prevailed in the promotion of things that happen in Trinidad and between the two countries

you could see the flag there of Trinidad and Tobago

and the flag of Argentina

both side by side and I was part of the celebrations

this ship always goes to different places in a spirit and theme of peace

and one of the things that they wanted to emphasize while here is the cooperation between Argentina and Trinidad and Tobago

I was surprised in hearing one of the conversations or I should say one of the speeches given by the Ambassador

of how much exports are given to Argentina from Trinidad and vice versa

and seems to be increasing

maybe I can get an interview with the Ambassador at some point in time and look more into that

anyway we’re on board the ship now and you can see it’s getting darker and darker there’s lighting but it makes recording a bit difficult

that’s a miniature version of the ship

on display

and that’s my beautiful wife

she was posing for a shot

she is an Argentine true and true

it’s one side of the ship and that’s the sea line there

they had that Runner a small dinghy boat in the water

it’s just a really nice atmosphere and I don’t know if you know much about

Argentines but they are very friendly people — very welcoming

very hospitable and in many regards very humble

I was great to have them there they had these um waiters on waitresses there not sure if they were argentines or Puerto Rico or if they were hired but they were saving

it’s one of the hatches to the door to go inside

now this is the front of the ship

where we were the back

I’m not going to use all these the terms of a ship port and bow whatnot

I’m just gonna say front back Etc right you could forgive me for that that helps other people to understand where I am in relation

so this is the front this is where people will see stuff happening

they haven’t lighting um to emphasize the sails and whatnot

you’ll see a little bit of that later in the video

and towards the front here you could see the Hyatt in the background and Port of Spain

and the actual cruise ship complex to the left

I’m just gonna stay here and pause a bit just to give you that nice shot

so even though it’s pretty dark now I thought the camera did pretty well in picking up that

a nice part of Port of Spain

and this is what I was talking about the lighting you could see how rich the colors show

that’s where these sails are this is actually a sailing ship

and it has broken many records for the speed at which it moves

and that only right there is the cruise ship complex so you could see when the light turns how it all looks

it’s really nice to look at

again I’m trying to give you a visual so you can feel what it’s like when I’m there

and that’s me

you all often will say to me that oh we don’t see enough of you in the camera

Well there I am

my wife was with me so she held the camera so I could get that shot

You got a bit of Port of Spain Port there

I believe that’s the part where the pilot [captain] of the ship would be

and here’s a plaque describing the name of the ship and it’s here when it was finished

so it’s running all this time in 2023 and this ship is still going strong

training in the Navy — the Argentine Navy

onboard all the officers all the crew all the sealers they were very friendly very welcoming

not all of them could speak English but they were still very pleasant

Near the front where we entered on board to ship those this part to show I guess all the officers and those connected to the ship

And they are singing the anthem [Argentina] here


and in case you’re wondering they also sang the local national anthem among other things

this was a speech given by the Ambassador ahead there with local government

not going much into that but um it was a nice affair

they gave these um bamboo wraps with saheena [fried seasoned spinach]

and even had many rotis on other things that were vegan as well

and some steel pan

thanks for coming foreign.

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