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Road Trip to PENAL Trinidad

Hello friends, we are going to look at the island of Trinidad and an area called, Penal which is in the southernmost part of Trinidad. That’s it there on the map… thanks to Google Maps, there’s a lake in the area you could see the lake there. On this Google Map it shows kind of brown and one we visited it was fairly brown you can still see a bit of clarity in it. That’s the main road there – SS Erin road that goes into Penal. Right now you’re looking at Port of Spain proper this is the capital city of Trinidad and of course it’s sped up the video that is because we want to get down to Penal as fast as possible.

Port of Spain to PENAL TRINIDAD and Tobago Road Trip
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This trip, will take about an hour to get there of course in this time last video it’ll take less than a minute. You have to go over this flyover take this highway going south this is where we’re going now and pass all this traffic. We left around a lot after seven o’clock in the morning in order to get there as early as possible.

Um the traffic was not too bad but this is a weekend so, there wasn’t much to encounter and especially if you leave early that’s the best time to go to any part of Trinidad really. Anytime you try to do anything after I would see eight-nine o’clock you enc- you start to encounter a lot of traffic and that could really mess you up, as far as trying to get to any destination.

It’s one straight highway and you know you don’t have to worry about turning left or right or whatever if you’re coming from the East the same thing, but I know some people like to go through Chaguanas and pass through the back roads there by the southern main road to get to other destinations but if you use the highway it is just one straight shot. Now I’ll slow it down a bit here because we just passed the turn off to San Fernando and this part of the highway is not seen as much in some of my videos so I kind of slowed it on just a bit still fast. But this is an extension of what some of you abroad may have seen because most of you have known that the turn off normally ended there by San Fernando but now it continues. And I believe this was to go this this highway was meant to go all the way to Cedros and all the way to Princes Town and Mayaro but it never was completed basically because of political bureaucracy, environmentalists and so forth which I am not getting into nor am I going to discuss the pros and cons of each however this road as you notice is the end of the highway there will take us to Penal. Now the interesting thing about this road is that you saw where the roundabout earlier stopped and a lot of people got a lot of accident there because you know there wasn’t a lot of lightings I believe or signals or signs or whatever have you and people will just crash into there. But as you can see it is full of color now and hopefully people will know to slow down there. It would be nice really to see the highway completed at some point because getting to roads, getting into areas via the roads in the south is very difficult there’s a lot of traffic, a lot of winding roads and it takes forever I mean somebody coming from North to visit this South will find it tedious because there aren’t as many connecting roads that are fast you know you always have to be taking these back roads or winding roads or whatever have you.

Funny enough this road we’re on right now is particularly good. Probably just paved, they have marked it yet but that’s pretty good and the reason I’m saying that is because roads generally in Trinidad are terrible despite us having our own natural pitch lake. The roads here are full of potholes and uneven and so which you won’t see in this video I think I don’t think I encounter much because of the recent road paving and whatever initiatives they did.

Now I was doing some research on the word Penal which as I understand it the area was just green grass and somewhat swampy land there’s a river that passes through here, we actually cross in one of them right here now could see to the left and right I tried to have the camera capture what is on the left and right as much as possible so you can see it right now it’s about eight o’clock in the morning.

And I tried to find out what Penal meant besides that now, if you take it any Spanish context because with the you know know there’s like a little squiggly sign on top of the n if you spell it that way it actually means Penitentiary so I don’t think the Spaniards at that time had any kind of jail system or imprisonment camp or whatever here as far as I understand so probably I’ll go with the meaning the formal meaning which is basically that it is swamp land. Years back this was mostly sugar cane and rice farming and although there there is a lot of farming on the outskirts now it’s become very developed as you will see, and you couldn’t can already see I mean I’m sure some of you who have been abroad a long time will notice that there are a lot of houses a lot of concrete around and probably all of this used to be just green at one point in time. But that’s not unique to Penal you know It’s just happening all over the country this island is turning into a Concrete Jungle. And like I always say and you know that you don’t see any coconut trees or anything like that I was telling somebody recently you don’t see things like crotons, hibiscus plants, flowering you know you people used to plant a lot of those things on the outside of their fences on stuff which was a very colorful flowers on plants but you just don’t see that anymore sometimes you’ll capture it look on your right days you see some of it that person did that, but then not anymore just you know buildings and lots and lots of buildings people seemingly can’t be bothered or want to capitalize on real estate there’s a coconut tree there on the far right which is good at least somebody has a coconut tree. now the area is mostly Hindu where you’ll see some Temples, Mandirs and whatnot shrines and so forth plugs depicting irrelevance of Hinduism and whatever we or form for certain people in their houses they usually take bamboo poles and put a flag of a certain color or whatever and stick it in their property, so sometimes you may see that.

So there’s some fairly large houses around here as you can see left one right actually does a few road that we took that I was surprised so many houses were gigantic like mansions and well kept. Now you’ll notice this is for instance you just passed a construction yeah there full of machinery and you may have a nice house or not if you’ve watched other videos that I’ve had about Trinidad you know that I spoke about how things are here. Sometimes you’ll have a mix of things a nice house next to a not so nice house next to a garage next to you know people just maximize the properties and sometimes commercialize it in a residential area which I’m not too keen on but it happens. So we as you can see we got an entropy now here is a big Supermarket there GN supermarket one of the first things that will surprise you when you come to Penal is the amount of vehicle parts, vehicle garages, car sales and so forth going on it’s big on that. Another thing you’ll be surprised to see at least I was when I was taking some of this footage amount of motorcycles, motorbikes around here I’m not too sure if that was just me that I happened to capture that but there seemed to be quite a lot of them you’ll see it on video later on. There’s also some areas where they’ll cater for Expose and more shopping areas and you’ll see some of that coming up on your left just now see if you turn off it here I’ll take it to the Indian next one those warehouses on your left there those also cheetah for car parts foreign, used and stuff.

So so far what do you think is it being is it looking different and how you know the area to be? Penal that is? Most of you just like me would have said that you left Trinidad a few decades ago and everything look more green and sometimes they’re surprised how built up it is and they don’t recognize anything and they’re just surprised is that the way it is for you? You can always mention any comments area and if you’re referring to anything in individual or you’re asking any questions please do put the timeline because when you don’t put the timeline I really don’t know which part of the video referring to when I say timeline in this format, you would change it to the numbers in the video that road on the left will come back another point in the video too recorded double ticket to the fire station and some other significant landmarks and things that I’ll comment on.

Right now we’re still on the main road, this road if I was going in the other direction would actually take us to Debe and I have other videos where I came down this road actually coming from San Fernando so if you haven’t seen those make sure to check for them on my YouTube channel or if you can’t find it just comment that you would like to see it you know I want to see more of DB or I want to see more of this and I will try to link you up. And the reason I’m willing to do that is because I personally find that the YouTube search box does not work well on mobiles or you can’t normally find it or it only searches titles it’s a bit wanting I’m hoping Google improves on that, YouTube that is and that you’ll be able to search a particular Channel for more specific information because sometimes the title does not necessarily reflect everything that’s available in the video. Doesn’t search uh descriptions sometimes I’ll put more information in the description for instance this video is about Penal but I might mention some Road names or other areas we pass through and because it’s not any title doesn’t pick it up.

Now the closer we get to Penal proper the more traffic we encounter, and we’re getting fairly close just now you’ll see a dial or clock in the center and you know you’re in the proper area of Penal, just coming up just now. Like most areas that are built up in the country there’s a lot of Commerce, other people selling stuff. I’m gonna you can see the dial ahead so you know where you are as far as positions you can always look at the Box that pops up every now again with these street names so you get your bearings right. That road on the left will take that also in another time just so you see everywhere I mean it would be nice for me to pick up every single street but that’s just not really possible there’s so many streets here in Penal I try to capture them more popular ones sometimes I just stop here to ask somebody something or maybe change my battery or fix my camera not sure but in doing so you’re able to capture some of the life of Penal that’s the market ahead actually after that yellow building or part of it is also the market.

So it’s a busy day you can see some people come in with their bags having been to the market.

It’s right there on the left you can see the police up ahead keeping a watchful eye.

you could see on the right there that is one of the former prime ministers, constituents/constituency office.

Now as we drive away from Penal proper I’m just giving you sort of a glimpse of what would what you would see if you continued on this road.

But I don’t want to get too far away because you know I want to focus on Penal today, it’s very easy to just keep driving and you know end up somewhere else but that’s not my purpose in this video we’re gonna focus on Penal. Other days I will pick up Saparia another surrounding areas lots of places to focus on now you can see this is how I would normally remember areas I see like this see the road in lots of green or wrong maybe our holes here there that’s how it looked like for me as a child and it’s becoming less and less green and more and more like this see how it’s you transition to lots of buildings and whatnot hmm there are pros to cons to that.

This is Charlo Village and I’m not going to go into that I’m going to turn around.

Maybe some of you you know sometimes some of you will comment and say “oh you should have continued” or “you should have just-” you know I wish I could do everything for everyone but it’s really not possible I try my best and just hope that something is meaningful for you in this video.

I do have a frequently Asked question section in my website because a lot of you will make requests but I believe sometimes do not understand what’s involved in such a request so I try to put it down, lay it out for you so you can take it in the link is in the description – ‘frequently asked questions’.

So we turn around and we’re going back to Penal proper. You can see this road is not too ‘right’, a lot of cracks, some pot holes, some depressions and ironically a lot better than some other roads. See where that makeshift barrier they put there on the left? That’s because the land is dropping. And there’s a strong habit too instead of do some emergency fixing to put up a barrier like that, doesn’t necessarily stop the roads from collapsing especially when very big trucks, tankers, and trailers and stuff are passing on it.

So as we get back into Penal proper there’s a lot of traffic and that’s the market again on the right. Kamla Persad-Bissessar constituency office on the left.

Tower straight ahead any other buildings that you feel like needs identification again use the same standard that I showed you with the timeline and feel free to point out a building.

we can have Rudy’s on the left because if you find you know that building has some sort of historical significance you can mention it, some of these buildings might be new but some might be older and uh more significant than thers even if they’re commercial that blue building on the left is it’s customary for the police stations here to be at that light colored blue which is a fairly new thing when I was growing up as a kid I don’t recall seeing police stations as all police stations as one color.

Um that’s a fairly modern decision I guess? Makes them more identifiable by the General Public.

Now around Penal proper by the dial there’s a lot of trash on the roads and stuff but I noticed that away from the center there of Penal the streets are fairly clean you could see that one in left on the right they seem to be a lot better maintained than they are elsewhere and why would I even mention that well on JB’s Man Cave if I mentioned in the raw I mentioned these things that are as they are as I see it. I’m not trying to make up Tourist video per se or just focus on the niceties or just record the best of an area but I should try to show all of an area so you get the gist of it. Plus you know if you haven’t been in this area for such a long time you want to see all of it you don’t want to just see certain parts or just zoom in on one thing you want to see what everywhere looks like now.

And that’s what I do and that’s what I try to do.

And for those of you who always stay and come back and comment and like and share with your friends I really do appreciate it you are you are also secondary relief helping my sons because this is why I created this channel was to help my sons and I am actually more of a conservative person not given too much talk or showing myself or whatnot but I have had to come out of my shell in the years of creating this channel in order to facilitate these videos and bring them to you and in so doing I do all this as a driven father.

Now I don’t know about you but you know there’s some I mean this is not unique to Penal but I find everywhere you go into Trinidad it’s just places are just left to be, how to put it.. I don’t want to say beautification is necessarily a responsibility of local government but it seems like they you know is this assumption that everybody is supposed to just make the area beautiful or their land or whatever but that really doesn’t happen because people have their own opinions about how something should look but I feel that as far as our front goes there should definitely be some standards in order to make a place look more pleasant

Um I don’t know how that would be framed as a law policy or whatever but you know you know the grass needs to be caught the place needs to look good that doesn’t you know it doesn’t have to have a dozen signs and lines everywhere you know things need to be put into a place properly so that it has an aesthetic value to when you go somewhere I mean if I just started playing this video let’s say right like right from here there’s nothing identifiable about it to see this is this Penal, this could be anywhere in Trinidad really but you know if Penal for instance has special trees or special flowers or special looking Pavements or whatever as they are in other countries in fact if you all have seen some of my shorts on Venezuela I’m surprised despite their economic hardships and I don’t want to go into politics or corruption or anything but I’m just saying that despite that the the streets are fairly clean the roads are paved the sidewalks are identifiable they are the sidewalks are huge sidewalks pavement are huge and they have some kind of color coding bricks or whatever that help you to see.

Um you know like I like identification of the area.

This is Laltoo Trace and funny enough the name I was thinking about it imagine this was a trace look at that those these huge houses here imagine this is a trace and a trace would be long wow a small area for just people to walk through but look at this road now let’s show you how time passes and things move on. There’s some big houses here and the road itself is fairly long so trace I don’t know why they call it trace this would be road and maybe they need to think about renaming it.

So you know that’s just my opinion that, you know I find that something needs to be done about various areas and I guess that comes down to local government to make their place look unique, beautification is important as a great way for employment too because with that comes maintenance and it can be an ongoing job for somebody as always this talk about budget and not having enough funds then you have to ask where is the money going in because things look the same and this is all all over the country are not just Penal or any particular things look the same for so long and yet still you hear about these billion dollars and million dollars being spent and I am hard-pressed to find out or to see evidence of that.

While I don’t get into politics I am concerned about social issues and and do mention it a lot on my channel. The reason I don’t focus on politics itself because I don’t want to identify any particular party or leader and focus on that I rather just focus on the issue and then have whomever that is necessary fix it I mean I don’t want to pinpoint anybody in particular for as the person that could do better or should do better or any of those things I just want it done you know when somebody is hungry They Don’t Really Care who gives them food as much as that they get food you know what I mean? Not that makes it uh clears up why I am saying that or makes it even more confusing but you can always give me your thoughts in the comments area just as a you know I I you know I love this country but at the same time it just frustrates me that things are always like you know at a stand still like day after day and no matter how much you try or no matter how much you voice something it is almost like you’re fighting against yourself and it’s very frustrating especially as a parent of special needs boys having to work with what non-existent resources they are that really kind of pissed me off sorry to say.

And that’s I mean when it come to areas like that’s why I’m thinking you know people here try to make the best of what they have sometimes they are promised things they don’t get it, you know and some some people who are more business-minded well you know good for them they’re success but what about the rest of people?

So I came to this intersection and in this intersection you know if you go left you would you could head deeper into Debe you could actually go to Digity which is a video of a mud volcano and you can see that when I drove there that’s not too far from here. Then I’m just gonna spin around here a bit we have a view of the area and then head back into Laltoo Trace and then head back into Penal proper because when I go back the sun will be higher in the sky and therefore everything will be lighted better as well as give you a tour of certain streets that we did not cover when I went into Penal proper.

Sometimes driving the opposite way on a street is like that too so you can see the transition there where I’m back on Laltoo Trace and right now proceeding West and you can see where the lighting is different more intense closer to noon so more like 11 right now a little after 11. And even though it’s a cloudy day thank goodness there was no rain so I was able to capture all of this because you know sometimes I’m like really hoping that you know I leave to go on a road trip and the weather holds because one thing with Caribbean weather you never know could be sunny now next hour it could be rainy so forth and so on.

And as I walk sometimes on the streets or go out and I’m talking to people about JB’s Man Cave some people recognize me some people ask me about the channel and sometimes I will say well you know you know I don’t mind reading your comments feel free to comment they’ll say well I’m not a comment person no I don’t give comments or whatever but why not come on tell me what you think about what is being said or seen on my videos I really appreciate it those are there are some of you who do that regularly you know who you are and I really appreciate that because I like feedback too.

It helps me to improve know know more I could do I don’t approve the uh political posts some of you all will go deep into politics and start using unsavory language to describe your disgruntled feelings about things and while I understand that that’s not my channel is not a platform for that so I can’t allow those. You know if you’re mentioning anything just be general keep it family friendly because you know kids do come on these channels and my videos and look at it too.

So we head in now this would be heading south back on a visit I believe S.S Erin road and going to Penal proper but instead of taking the exact same road to the central location I’ll take a road that will lead to the fire station. But in any case you get to see the same path you know these areas might mean something for you you don’t mind seeing it again right? And then some of these roads I kind of have to do that because even if they are not one way or some of them maybe and also look back to a certain location to see it from a different angle I have to go through a place that I may have already covered that’s just how it is not really I can do about it I mean I could cut up the video and just start but you won’t get a sense of in my opinion of driving here and what it’s like so I try to keep everything unedited just show you the raw. In case you’re wondering why you don’t hear background songs well usually initial trip time with my family we are talking you really don’t need to hear us talking my engine is loud on this truck so you might hear that which you don’t need to hear sometimes it’s like that if I do have a video with natural sounds I will emphasize it but it’s not the case so you can see here where it has that big sign Penal fire station and we are going to follow that road right here on the left you can see that is not a very good road lots of pot holes and what not right? You know pass these people here.

I’m already on a new route and one thing you’ll notice about this particular road is how narrow it is there aren’t an inside sidewalk Pavements on the left so you have to be careful there’s some construction going on too now this roundabout could take us to various places I could have gone left and seen some of the surrounding areas but I didn’t have time for that today I wanted to focus only fire station and that road and those derelict buildings that you see ahead as I understand it those were supposed to be schools as in plural I guess one primary one secondary and not sure what but this is another thing that like I why I was commenting earlier that vexes me that we you know only Millions spent on these buildings and they’re just left to be abandoned instead of somebody coming along and finishing and somebody will give some excuse about why they can’t do it but then spend Millions on other crazy things that only help one or two people! I mean a school should be priority that that helps thousands of people right? Tens of thousands of people I just don’t get it anyway let me not get into that because then I’ll got hot-headed and I want to remain calm and soothing for this Penal video right? Now this is one of the parts of Penal here that I like which is just driving on this nice Road seeing green around and breathing in nice fresh air now there’s a lake on the left let me capture a bit of it but don’t worry I’m gonna turn here in a second and you’ll be able to see it better. You can follow this road too and this would take you uh further east and we’re not going there either no I don’t have time for all that driving today, but we’re gonna look at the lake and this lake here I believe supplies water for the area WASA has pipes and stuff going into it so I guess they filter it.

That’s it there on the left I can’t say if anybody does anything more than just watches it if you know you can always let me know in the comments area I’d be interested to hear.

You know looking at water and seeing it around is relaxing.

I guess this is a Wasa treatment plant.

So this road kind of ends there.

I have to turn around and then turn it around you got to see it better.

Looks nice if the idea of this was just simply too have a place to street water and supply water for the area well then that’s that but if it was meant to do something else I feel lots more could be done with the aesthetic value of the area.

Some nice houses here too.

But just so many lines and poles everywhere that kind of spoils everything.

It’s gonna drive up here a bit just to give you a taste of this road and in so doing you’ll see why I mentioned I see a lot of motorbikes in area you’ll see a fleet of them coming this way. That’s something you see a lot in other countries and I’m surprised to see it here it seems to be developing I don’t know if it’s a influenced by a lot of the immigrants you know for instance Venezuela they use a lot of motorcycles which cuts down on the fuel, less maintenance and so forth but I don’t know for here if it’s catching on.

Personally I’d be afraid to ride motorcycles here because of how bad the roads are and because of how crazy driving is here in case you don’t know I also have a series on crazy driving! That’s right so bad here that imagine I actually have 40+ episodes on crazy driving that I alone recorded not other people just from my vehicle alone. You can see a temple there on the right, I mean I could go on all these roads here and record every little thing but this video would be six hours long I just don’t have time for that.

Those are the flags that you’re seeing that I mentioned earlier in the video. Some people also have within a yard a shrine or altar or some means of worship sometimes it’s fancy it has its own little house or sometimes it’s just an open area.

You can see that the this place is particularly devouts Hindu.

Not sure usually there’s an identifiable Catholic Church this though they seem to have their presence everywhere but I can’t see that I captured any in this video if you saw any or you know it is let me know not that I am Catholic you don’t need to know that but I’m just saying that sometimes you see them as landmarks but I didn’t I don’t recall capturing any here anyway so we’re going back West and you can see the amount of motorbikes just pass one on your right we just pass one on the left. I don’t know if it’s a trend for this area or what.

But I see it a lot if it’s developing let me know I would be interested it’d be kind of cool to follow a motorbike group too I know there’s some motorbike groups in Trinidad, I haven’t really gotten a chance to record other than to show them off in the military parade okay if you haven’t seen that video make sure to look for it. I was going to turn right there but that’s a private road looked interesting though, but the whole reason I came on this road besides the lakes was to also show you the fire station and that’s the fire station up ahead on the left the green is covering it right now and you can’t see it but just now you will see it

There it is it on the left I kind of swing in there just to give you a better View of how it looks .there you go that’s a huge building, looks fairly new. This part here looks very modern except for these schools that have been abandoned kind of dilapidates the area makes no sense to me. Looks like there were big plans for this area and I just did not follow through.

So essentially where we are heading back is to the west and I’m just turning in to the different streets here to try and give you a view, there’s a school there on the left and a school on the right.

Penal Secondary School.

If you went to that school let me know tell us how it was for you lots of schools here on the left and right it’s like a School Street plus you know had those buildings being built up there hmm lots of Education for this area I hope those buildings become what they were built for not neglected. Anyways look at our wooden house there across the street that is how a lot of houses used to look like in the countryside when I was a kid decades ago lots of them now it’s all concrete and hardly see any wooden houses and if you’re from abroad watching this in locally we don’t build houses with wood like you guys do we build with steel concrete cement clay stone rock and so forth so the houses are strong and tough and could take a pounding so I just said I really don’t like North American houses in general for that they just love building with wood I guess to keep down costs so they want to avoid having to hire Masons or whatever have you I don’t know any real reason I find out whenever I pay a trip abroad. But you know I love the houses here in that they are really strong.

So what I’m gonna do here is try to find different streets that look more or less like main roads that I can take to show you more of the area. Again in the comments area you can always put a timeline and if there’s anything you’d like to identify feel free to do so I might be passing buildings hat have some sort of historical significance so was used for something in the past and you know I really don’t know the history of it but maybe you do.

so again closer to the dial there just access the center of Penal.

This is where I said I would come back out and that’s what I did do by making that Loop see police station up ahead the blue building.

On there you know the time of day this there’s a lot of traffic here.

Not as much traffic as other places you know like when I went to Princes Town wow, it’s almost like standstill traffic. There’s a fleet of trucks here too, look like they’re on a mission.

so we’re back on the main road here right now I’d be facing north I guess I’ll try to get one of these streets going to something significant, try and capture as much as I can. By the way if you haven’t seen some of my short videos when I say short videos those are videos under a minute make sure to look for that section.

um they may seem like random things but they do have a purpose I do have an audience that likes for instance trucks, machinery they cater for that you know I do cover Sports on JB’s Man Cave as well you know what what would any man cave be without Sports so some videos might be about upcoming games in the English Premier League or wherever have you. You can put your predictions of the score or not so many people animals because I’m a vegan and some may be about local issues things that I encounter that may not necessarily fit a whole video you know a long video like this but still worth being or being mentioned rather than just left aside so sometimes I do that.

I’m gonna take the left here and see what this area is like, for some reason this particular part of Penal is just I don’t know.. Seemed a bit abandoned I don’t know if I should use that word. Sort of like grass bad roads trash derelict buildings, not sure what’s going on with that but I’m gonna use it as a means to get back to the main road and then go across more West past the cemetery to show you other parts of Penal.

So we’re going to be heading north and then we’re going to turn left here, that’s the cemetery on the right.

Let’s follow these side streets see where they take us I had a pressing appointment later in the day. I couldn’t drive as much as I would have liked to but you know I try to get as much as I can for you. However I will be covering a lot more of this area so you know keep looking out for the videos this is not going to be the only one on Penal. In case you’re wondering yes I have done many videos on South plenty of them make sure and look for them.

I went as far as Icacos, Cedros all those areas, deep to the south, to the coastline yeah been into all there.

I’ve extensively covered Princes Town as well like four or five videos just on princess town alone, some of them walking through some of them driving through again if you can’t find any of them just comment I will link you up but they’re all on my channel.

So we went down this road before but I need to do it again because it’s the only way that I can show you other places because you know last time we came here I turned left to go to the Community Center and see that road but we can see now what will happen if I went straight.

This is where I turned left last time.

And turned right last time too went up there kind of making loops these are the abandoned buildings on the left that I talked about it’s going all the way back it’s always good like I mentioned before too go the other way within the same area because picking it up from a different angle I think just look different see fire station on the right but we’re gonna left here.

And I like roundabouts to me there should be a lot more than the other on traffic lights they keep traffic going and they should always be this size see how big this one is there’s some roundabouts in Chaguanas wow they’re so small and what all it does is causes more traffic I just don’t understand the thinking behind those small roundabouts roundabouts need to be big to be purposeful when there’s too small people drivers just cramp up and they lock up the exits nobody could get nowhere and that’s especially true in a place like Trinidad where crazy driving and people just don’t have a regard for other people so it’s in my opinion roundabouts need to be a fairly big size anywhere and planted in more areas take away all these traffic lights it slows down everything and makes driving tedious you know sometimes you have like a traffic light and then you drive 10 seconds on a traffic light and wow to me it’s just not necessary.

So we would be heading North believe this is SS Erin Road and I am going to loop back into Laltoo Trace I believe and go the other way and make a loop back like if I was going to Debe so you can get a gist of what it’s like from that angle.

Somebody recently mentioned that they see a lot of places in my video selling food well yeah Trinis love food let me see a stall on your on the side of the road selling something to eat or you know small restaurants or big restaurants or whatever have you but to me the most ignored seller food is the Fruit Stand. Fruits more or less are ready to eat, you know you could buy a bananas coconut if you walk with your own knife you could peel an orange or portugal you could just peel it those those are such great not such great fuel for us and yes it is ignored for fried foods and other things that just don’t do anything for our body.

All right so that good person let me go flashing lights to tell us or to tell a driver that you could go ahead.

This is Laltoo Trace again again and from a different lighting setting I am gonna go through here quickly to the other end and then make a left and then another left so you get it from that angle.

Funny enough there was a prediction for a lot of Saharan dust in the air and while I did see some to me it did not affect today as much and you you can usually tell if it’s really bad because for instance when I reached the top of this hill here is incline you can see if you could see any distance. So you can you can see can see in the distance fairly clear see that if there’s a lot of Saharan dust in the air there would be like a Mist in a distance you just you know like haze and I actually have another video for that where I shoot just how bad that he is can be sometimes really bad it almost looks like a you know this fog that you know you can it can wipe out a mountain if there’s a whole Mountain there you just wouldn’t see the mountain just haze and you might think I’m exaggerating but I’m not that if you check that video you’ll see that.

This truck was driving really slow and I was just waiting to get around him.

So a lot of empty lots here for property development from what I understand these areas are flooding areas but they’re all flat and if these areas are areas that flood a lot my main question is why the houses are not built on stilts or some of them are but they are building below two at ground level now if they just built above and they had a place for the vehicle to drive up like a ramp I can understand that but building flat houses or building at ground level for me doesn’t make sense in a flooding area probably it didn’t use the flood but it started to flood no sometimes that happens with development dredging and so forth typewritten reverse and all those things can cause these things to happen.

Okay I made a little stop there and then we continue.

This is same Laltoo Trace heading East and soon I will turn left and when I turn left that’s gonna make a loop back. Again I could go I could have gone straight so I could have gone to other areas but you know I just don’t have time. Now if I go straight if I’ve gone straight or even if I go right that would eventually take me to the Dignity volcano but in this case we I just looping back this is a road I haven’t covered yet at least not in this video I did cover it in the video to Digity so maybe or maybe not you recognized it, but nothing much has changed since the Digity video.

This is a very long road, and what amazes me about some of these roads is one well besides the length of it there are no Road markings there should be a center line here I noticed there is a line on the right and the left I don’t know if the intention was at some point in time that it would be a one-way that’s the only reason reason I would think for uh no mark road but I wouldn’t make sense because the road is so long. So it needs a center line and there should be a pavement somewhere here I guess people don’t walk here much but some point they will because I can see this road developing and becoming more commercial to the point that you you know there will need to be a pavement, sidewalk somewhere along here. So yeah there are people walking.

See? There’s a line here but why not the rest of the road?

Some of the interesting things too I saw how those bridges on the left they go to people’s homes and it connects them to this road.

See another bridge, but some of those bridges aren’t actually roads it’s just built for I would say for a person to walk so I’m not really sure how the person would escape if there’s another road that takes them from their house to wherever else probably on the other side.

And you have in case you’re wondering why those cars was driving on my side of the road is because sometimes there are some big potholes here and people just had to go around it otherwise you know they would just damage their vehicles.

Right so coming up here if I was to turn right that would take me back to Debe could she designed how far away it is not big red and yellow and orange but then only right that’s sort of Anand mall or Plaza or whatever it has a grocery and at some point it was had a lot of stuff going on but not really much anymore except for the stores and stuff. But uh turning here I’ll be facing south and this will take me back to Penal proper however I’m not going back to there because you saw a lot of there what I will be doing is actually turning right and heading back to the highway because we covered most of the area today but in doing so when I came here I came early in the morning the sun was kind of into the camera and so now that the sun is more or less noon day you gotta see it from uh this angle, bright.

This is the road you would take to get back to the highway you could pass through through Debe but in Debe proper there is in a lot of traffic immense amount of cars bumper to bumper sometimes and it makes it tedious so for me taking this way to get back to the highway is the best option.

So I know a lot of you on my channel for long videos and I hope that you enjoyed today’s long trip this video is more than an hour long for two particular ladies you know who you are always nagging me for long videos here you are today a long video.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Penal maybe you haven’t been here for years or maybe it might be the first time you’ve seen some of these roads so now you got a different view of Trinidad usually when I cover an area like this later I’ll come back and cover more specific things about the area and that’s what I’m gonna do more of the walkabouts this is more like a drive through. I’m gonna walk about and see more of the area.

This is how it should be, seeing all that green on the right and left the plants the road is more or less well maintained it’s it has lines on it I thought that sounds jokey to be complimenting these things but you know wow you don’t see this everywhere and it should be it should be a standard it should be a not even something I should have to comment on but in the case of Trinidad I have to because the road goes back to no line markings and not really much going on whatever you know I wish everything could just you know have a standard. Anyway I just hope that you enjoyed today’s trip with me make sure to subscribe to JB’s Man Cave if it is free some people think that oh you have to pay something to subscribe no subscribe in the case of YouTube just means that you clicked a button and that button allows you to be part of JB’s Man Cave and when I say a part of it means that you will get notifications about my videos and stuff.

So sometimes you’ll get notifications sometimes you won’t so you always need to hit the notification Bell that’s a little bell next to the Subscribe button and that’s Bell next to the Subscribe button will give you instant notification and even if you click on that button that notification Bell I I have noticed I believe that for instance if you have a lot of subscriptions going on it will only notify you of the channels that you tend to visit often so once you do once you stop visiting a certain Channel or you don’t pick up with it it won’t notify you as much if you are subscribed to a lot of other channels that might be showing stuff in my case I show videos every day multiple times a day sometimes so YouTube might be tired of trying to give you notifications of all my videos and so it will just stop at some point unless you take it upon yourself to look at it. So keep that in mind always check back with JB’s Man Cave if you can check my home page bookmark it or whatever or if you’re using your device you would click on the subscriptions button if you’re using YouTube app and then you’ll see a list of subscriptions on my channel will be there you just click on it and it’ll start showing you all the new videos but you know really you can get lost in transition with that.

So it’s best always to go to the home page of my channel and then start looking at what’s new you can hit the short’s tab to see latest shorts how the video stopped to see the latest videos because I create so many uh you are bound to miss something unless you’re a dedicated to watching my YouTube channel all the time which I don’t mind feel free to do that but I know that’s not practical nor real and of course if you enjoyed my video a lot or you just simply want to support me become a patron you can give a one-time domination as many times as you like to JB you just go to there’s a donate button there I’m doing it whatever you like there are some options for donations there you don’t need to have a PayPal account make sure to subscribe like shout your friends thanks so much for watching I really appreciate

The above text came from THIS YouTube video and may have some inaccuracies. Related Topic: Walking Around San Fernando, Trinidad

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