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UFO Screensaver HACKED Phone

Ever saw the below UFO Screensaver on your phone followed by a bunch of ads? Your phone has been hacked / compromised.

UFO hacked screensaver

Have you ever gone to use your mobile phone and saw this picture on it?

Usually it has like the time the date and this UFO picture to the bottom of the screen.

In the center of the screen will tell you how much your phone is charging and it will look like if it’s the regular part of your phone but it’s not.

Your phone has actually been hacked.

What is happening to my phone?

When I say hack there’s a virus or code on your phone that is allowing somebody who created the software to take over your phone.

Usually, this particular virus is associated with MediaTek chip which is a vulnerable chip.

On older phones, however if you have on your phone likely you don’t have this chip that doesn’t mean that you’re not susceptible to other interference by installing software from unscrupulous coders.

Installing suspicious apps

For instance, even on Play Store you might go and you might see an app let’s say called, “Google Assistant” or something “Google…” or whatever and mask themselves like if they are part of Google or Google app when they are not.

So once you install the app what happens is they take over your phone and they start showing you ads.

So you might be going about your… you know your regular business on your phone checking your email or your messages or whatever all of a sudden ads start showing up.

This is the app that you installed that gives it powers or because you don’t update your phone.

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Here is the video about above.

The above text was extracted from the video. See it on YouTube. Other Topics: Fan Review of The Matrix Resurrections

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