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Landing at Miami International Airport

Hello friends, we upon board a flight Caribbean Airlines plane heading towards Miami International Airport in Florida USA. You can see from the map on the bottom left corner where that’s located I know some of you will know where that is but you know this is an international Channel and people come from all over the world and so I’d like to point out where I am and where I’m talking about.


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Passing over some Islands just before we reach land in Florida and I love the sea color notice how it goes from a navy blue to an aqua color and a bronze and different colors of blue. Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t been a subscriber to JB’s Man Cave’s free all you have to do is hit the Subscribe button that really helps me out make sure to like and let your friends know about JB’s Man Cave. So as the plane kind of dips you can see Florida up ahead as would be on your right now I’m looking through uh window I have a window seat and the window allows me to pick up all that you see here in 5.3k YouTube download sizes that to 4K nevertheless it’s nice it’s sharp resolution.

You can see all the tiny boats making their waves in a trail down below that’s the sea and soon we’ll hit land. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a plane but it’s you hear this constant sound like a hum or like air passing through something and that’s the air all around you. The plane is traveling at very high speeds and counters turbulence and other kinds of weather and wind, so as it does so you pick up all these songs and you feel the vibration of it too which is called turbulence. And in so doing you are kind of captivated because there’s nothing under you it’s not like in a car or a truck or riding a bike and if you feel the bumps on the road instead you feel the bumps of the air and you can see Florida below coming into Miami. You can see all the houses,

and everything that’s makes up part of this entry into the USA.

and I like when the plane dips its wing to two because that gives you a better View.

Have you traveled before? You’ve been on a plane before? I know that kind of might seem like a funny question for many of you who are Travelers but again an international Channel and there are many people in the world who unfortunately don’t have the resources to go on a plane and so this might be one of these sights that they see.

and I’d like to give you the rules so this is raw footage of me on a plane and about the land at Miami International Airport.

Usually when a plane is um traveling through the air from one destination A to B especially in the Caribbean it goes up to as much as 40 000 feet. A lot of that height has to do with getting away from turbulence but as they start descending you can start to feel turbulence even more and you can see that the clouds are below us and the lower we get the more you’ll see us going through the clouds and eventually you’ll be just in the clouds.

From this view everything looks different looks peaceful looks like you know what could be wrong down there but as we all know as you go closer to reality at ground level it’s a whole new world down there done what you see up here.

One of the things I like about looking at stuff out here the layout the planning that goes into where everything is located.

You kind of you don’t get that jist of how things are planned at ground level I mean you can see it, but from above here is like looking at a map.

One thing I’ve noticed I don’t know if it’s natural formations of water or if they purposely built you know dikes and and rubber parts and so to form these water formation but there are a lot of lakes and ponds within Florida I know Florida is largely swamp land and they’re trying to reduce that to you can build more real estate and farmland but um there’s quite a few Lakes and some of them by the shape of it it looks like it was formed by man.

In other words it wasn’t made naturally,

you can see where we can pass through the clouds there and still passing through that’s the mist, that will clear up as we go below the clouds

and getting very close to landing and as we do it you could see that passing through clouds also causes some Mists, drizzle on the window but as we’re going very fast that clears up very quickly.

Below if you if you can’t tell it’s like a swampy, muddy, land and covers quite a vast area too.

We’re about just as level as the clouds right now,

and the pilot is thinning plane so that we can descend.

Now I love to be on a window seat I am capable of sitting on a long time without having to get up I know a lot of people like to choose the Center area to walk around because that Center area allows them access to the restroom.

and then excuse me if they need to really stretch their legs okay I know there are people who cannot sit on for too long and a flight like this from Trinidad and Tobago to Miami would be around four hours.

And that’s a long time for somebody to sit down in a cramped space unless you have business class or first class, have you ever traveled first class I haven’t I have been on business in business class I know that’s like um sheets are just a bit bigger the you get drinks more often food more often and maybe one or two features, but I have never been on first class

so if you’ve been a physical travel across tummy is it really worth it? That you know and almost amount of money is it that you really for that four hours or two hour Journey or whatever I really need to have double ticket value because of the meals or the drinks? I mean wouldn’t it be better to just take something on with you or is it important to have that room?

You don’t want to be too close you know seated to people, tell me in the comments area I’d like to know. In this particular trip the pilot was particularly uh entertaining made a lot of jokes, cheesy jokes, for which I complimented him after.

But uh which is unusual most of the pilots that I hear on planes tend to be kind of cut and dry just reporting what’s the conditions on what the area is like and it was this pilot was pointing out all the islands, telling us to look out it went on we would see X or Y and and I actually appreciated that because I sometimes will look out the window and wonder what is that? and I would wish that somebody could say you know we are now passing over X place and Y place,

so I wish I was a standard for Pilots to do that.

I can only imagine that if a storm or something rolls through here there might there must be a lot of flooding because it’s already like that there are wet and Swampy.

In the old days they used to give you meals and drinks, drinks would be twice one with your meal and one after with us with a snack and you would have a main meal. Like seeing a flight like this just before lunch or I should sit just before you land at lunch time they will give you a meal. Now it’s not like that they just give you a snack and one drink and because of regulations it used to be that you could bring drinks on board but because of security you can no longer bring drinks, so you kind of have to be you choose to pay these exorbitant fees to get drinks within the boarding area. Which I don’t for instance when I was in Miami I saw they would charge in six U.S but a simple bottle of water and I was like no way am I paying that, I rather go thirsty. Call me cheap but I refreshed myself long before I hit the airport so it’s always advisable to um consider that when you go on a plane trip. There’s a lot of mist in the air we pass in some rain clouds, heading into the dry you could see the plane’s Wing adjust its flaps see it’s moving the top right there. I’m not a pilot so I’m no expert on this but I guess that’s to cause a little drag slow the plane down get ready for landing and while doing so you can see all the buildings in Miami area, in Florida.

Talking about that Messi is supposed to be moving to Miami. What do you all think about that? I have some shorts kind of a parody with that. Make sure to look at them [Music] looks look like some warehouses they’re built a strange pattern I guess for shipping purposes I’m not sure. Very uniformed.

I have other videos where you’ll see more of Miami, where the tall buildings are in this particular video won’t see because of the angle and a place of my seat.

Now in this part here everybody is kind of um I want to see jittery but they know what’s coming up the landing and the landing can sometimes be depending on the pilot, rough or smooth you can see those train tracks in the background and you could tell now how fast we’re going as we get closer to the ground.

Bam we landed, you can see whatever flaps will go up there.

To the end of the plane it has its own I don’t know how you refer to that that purple part there, probably the Wing Bend up and down on all the planes you never had that it’s a new feature I guess for aerodynamic purposes any of you who are more experts. I’m not going to be looking it up you can feel free to inform me in the comments area of this video about the purpose of that what did Boeing have in mind for that, I noticed that so many airplanes one flap will be up but they won’t have that part down so I guess it depends on the model one model will have the flap up and down and the others won’t.

So feel free to tell us what’s the purpose of that you can also put a source for it,

now when I’m playing lines like this and that’s Miami International in the background there when I’m playing like this lands there are other planes constantly coming in that’s that is what Miami is like you can hear these stewardess in the background saying you know to remain seated everybody’s like ready to jump up and get their stuff but unless the plane has come to a full stop you already cannot get up and start walking around or doing anything.

Now behind the wing here I would be in seat like 25 to 28 somewhere that I can’t remember the exact number a lot of people like to get ahead of doing nearer to the front where first classes so they can exit the plane quickly I really don’t care for that to exit, Ultra fast that is because um

One I want a good shot of outside and being in front of the wing often does not give you as nice a shot as being in the back and why did why do I say that because in front of the Ring also has the engine sticking out so when you look out the window a lot of the engine and your wing will be blocking you but back here even though yeah you could still see the wing I could see the wing and below and in front of the wing and the wing for me gives a better view of or or perspective of how things are in relation to where the camera is and everything else I don’t know about you but having it there kind is like a plus for me.

Safety wise, other people tell you also the back of the plane is also safer.

Again, you can always give your chime in with your opinion

and if you don’t know why we’re going so again a place like Miami International, planes are constantly going out and in, so they have to wait for the tower to give them permission to move. It’s not like they could land and just start moving around, you can see a plane in the background

either getting ready to take off or to

go to one of the bridges.

There’s a lot of ground transportation toward that vehicles are moving and stuff everybody has to wait their turn as it were.

Because it can actually have traffic,

this movement I believe is called taxiing again I’m no expert you can always tell me where I’m wrong or what I didn’t say right in the comments area.

But I’m showing you all of this because you can also get a gist of other planes that are wrong and what it’s like to move around in a plane for those of you who have never been on a plane.

Now I know from this view my Miami International look like ridiculously big I mean it is a big airport but the central part of it, you know where the shops are and whatnot isn’t really that big I mean when you have to go to your location to board a plane here I mean in relation to other areas of the airport it can seem that way but nobody you know once you go through your area to board the plane that’s it it’s not like you’re walking around the entire airport. So the main part of the airport where you buy a food or drinks you know you you you go to the through the security and stuff initially, that that part there is not humongous and um in some ways is not that spectacular for me. I did do uh another video which I’ll release at some point on time of a nice Garden area that the airport has, um that has a lot of birds and flags and whatnot. That’s another video

You can see as the plane moves you get to see other planes in relation to this plane like that big Emirates plane you can see where the wing does not have that you know Ben going up and down like this one does and it’s much bigger.

Have you ever been to Miami International what did you think about it the airport itself, you can always tell me any comments area again.

Whenever you’re commenting and you’re answering a question please, link, [cough] excuse me link to the timeline in the video, so we can know what you’re talking about a lot of people will answer a question but not really see what they’re answering just kind of a guesswork to figure out what they’re referring to and it’s it’s kind of funny to see all those clouds too because you know we just came from up there so we know what it’s like right?

And I always show the raw so you might think oh wow this is you’re taking really long to get off the plane from since you land and yes it can feel like that in an airport like this and a airport that’s not so busy as you learn within one or two minutes, you already deployment already could be getting ready to um connect to the bridge so that you can get off but in an airport like Miami or they have to be patient because you need to wait for the plane to stop and right now the plane is just stopping for other planes that are moving like this one coming up here and a Canada plane.

Right now an in the creation of this video Canada is having a lot of problems with forest fires massive forest fires and there’s a down draft of the smoke that’s going into the USA.

So I can only imagine that planes heading there will have to somehow avoid a divert did you see how the truck was we didn’t really play in the past and now that it pass the truck can move ahead? So that’s kind of like the traffic wrong traffic planes, trucks, cars, everything I’m moving around everybody has to be really careful.

So we’re passing some more planes, Continental,

What’s that red and white one?


Another Continental plane,

I think it might be about the same size as the one we’re on,

looks like that’s the area where we’re gonna be getting off.

So I hope you enjoyed this video today and the landing I really appreciate you being here and watching, again if this is your first time on JB’s Man Cave but this is not all that I do I cover lots of videos on lots of stuff make sure to check out my main channel do subscribe it’s free let your friends know, like the video, comment, all those things.

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