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Walking around Sangre Grande, Trinidad

Hello friends we are gonna look at the island of Trinidad which is part of the country Trinidad and Tobago and we are going to look at the Eastern side. One of the major places to visit Sangre Grande or as my wife would say Sangre Grande or something like that.

SANGRE GRANDE Proper Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Walk Through 5.3K by

See above on YouTube.

This place is quite populated and it covers a large area but we’re only going to cover the Sangre Grande proper and that is the place where me most people are this you know the shops, the police station, the the main arteries to other places in Sangre Grande. And this is all going to be recorded in 5.3 K YouTube I Believe reduces that to 4K but nevertheless you will see that the resolution is quite High and a lot of clarity I am using an extension rod and my camera is mounted to the rod so I can give you different angles and as we are going make sure to subscribe if you have not if it is your first time on JB’s man cave, I have a lot of videos like this in recording this I have going on to 1600 videos. That’s right so there’s plenty for you to see. We are on a Co-operative Street we’re passing Alfonso Street right now and we’re going towards the Eastern Main Road and we’re gonna make a right and then you will see all that there is in Sangre Grande proper. And of course I’d like to say right off the bat that if these things mean anything to you and you appreciate the work involved for me to go around like this record publish edit and produce it so you can watch it feel free to make a donation at or there’s a donate button there you can donate whatever you like. That’s only if you can, if you can afford it if you can’t no problem just like the video let your friends know and make sure you’re a subscriber subscribing is free just click the Subscribe button.

So as you know and JB’s Man CaveI cover the raw so I’m gonna show you all aspects of Sangre Grande and I’m seeing it in the colloquial way the local way Sangre Grande.

My wife has a video of how to pronounce Spanish names in Trinidad if you haven’t seen it make sure to look for it because it’s myself

And my wife speaking about together in one video, it’s kind of funny.

So this is the Eastern main road we are heading which would be South towards the Town Center.

Passing the bank on the right Sangre Grande Regional Corporation is right across the street there we’ll come back there and check out there and what’s behind it which is a school.

But at this angle because it’s high above everything you can see what everything looks like now.

You see that that house right across the road there I just love that not this one I’m gonna pan back there just now that one and you might be thinking well that’s not much but that is a wooden structure that comes from way back when and it’s well kept and it’s like a cottage that reminds me of a lot of what I’ve seen in European places. Usually they do the same thing but without a stone and they usually have flowers I mean front I used to see a lot of that in England and Wales especially Wales anyway we’re moving along this is Trinidad any Tropics in the Caribbean it’s a cloudy day sunny day, fairly clear.

Some Sahara dust in the distance.

Crossing the street here.

And that the one the one thing that beats driving around walking around is that been walking around like a pan left and right and driving around I can cover more so you see more but with walking around you get a better view as though you were there so you know driving around walking around has its Advantage, disadvantage. But guess what I also did a driver wrong video of Sangre Grande that’s right so in addition to this video look out for the one where I drive or when I can, I cover a lot more area I’m going places where you probably have not seen in Sangre Grande.

Now as I’ve seen before JB’s Man Cave I cover all the raw of things, so I’ll be picking up the good, the bad, ugly, so far.

What can I say about these streets? They look relatively clean as you know you see a bottle here or there but seems to be okay, fair I’ll give it a passing grade.

The sidewalk Pavements could do some work, but not as it’s not as bad as a lot of other areas.

And you know it’s poor to say that a bad area is a comparison for another area really it should be a standard.

One thing that always gets to me about roads and Pavements in Trinidad is the lack of Maintenance so sometimes they’ll put on something but not maintain it. This is a very large radio, cellular tower

In Sangre Grande it almost acts as a landmark and there’s something fairly new if you haven’t been in Sangre Grande for many years. I’m not sure when this went up exactly but when I first appeared back in Sangre Grande some years ago that was the first thing that stood out to me. Some of these old houses and buildings may have had a past and I don’t know the history of it but if you do feel free to comment on it but make sure to put a timeline, don’t just tell us the building name just like that in the comment because we are not gonna know what you’re talking about make sure to always put a timeline, so if you’re a person not Berlin you would use the time code that you’re seeing now.

So as you see I tower over everybody

Makes everybody feel a little bit more comfortable too when the camera is not directly on them and my job here is really not to record anybody in particular unless they want to be in camera, my job is recording Sangre Grande itself and people are just secondarily in the shot.

Now it’s busy Sangre Grande, this part of it.

This is a full strip when I say a full strip when I say a full strip, the Eastern Main Road stretches going north for quite some time and all along it is shops left and right but this is the busiest section.

You will see that in the drive in fact I’ve done on many videos passing through Sangre Grande but never any that was detailed like this.

Over on this side you have things like in market and stuff we will come back to that.

My biggest interaction with Sangre Grande used to be when I was part of a church, religious group we had a branch here and I would visit it often. I like the layout of those vegetables are not fun and that was my biggest interaction other than that I really can’t see I have done much in Sangre Grande other than well coming to record this and passing through to get to other places that might be how it is for a lot of people if you’re not from this site.

The people of Sangre Grande are very similar to the people of South bird friendly, very welcoming,curious

But not huggish I would say as the people from the northwest.

Everybody has their goods out today.

Just passed Andre Street.

So how was Sangre Grande looking for you? If you haven’t been here for a while, is it looking different, similar, you can’t recognize it? It all depends on how long ago you have been here because depending on how much time you’ve been abroad or sometimes you even in Trinidad and you haven’t visited a place for a long time it may not look familiar to you.

Now I’m having natural sounds, slightly in the background. Sometimes I will have interaction with people in fact that was more or less brought on to me by certain individuals which I will record for you.

Or I shouldn’t say record, since I recorded it for you already I will plea for you louder anyway that’s the police station up ahead like I’ve said in other videos. There’s a standard light blue dark blue trim that is used for police stations locally here comes down all this particular police station is pretty big three-story building. The centerpiece these metal figures is to represent stick fighting which is something done locally, like a sport.

And I’m going to stand up here and pan around, because what’s very unique about Sangre Grande is all the arteries that lead out of here to different parts of the country.

So if you took any of these roads you would end up in a way different place.

We all connect right to here.

And by me spinning around like this it gives you an idea of what everything looks like. Now what I’m going to do is walk around.

Each of these streets that I pointed to but I’m not going to go too far because I am walking and I’m not going to deviate too much from this main roads again because I’m walking. In the drive I will more or less go through these streets and try to cover more area for you and visit some of these side streets so if that’s your interest you can also look out for that but again like I said with walking you got a different perspective able to see more of left and right.

With this newer camera I’m using, it has a stabilizer so things are not as shaky as it used to be in my earlier videos. I when I did the one on San Fernando I was actually using an external stabilizer for the same camera I use in my truck because it didn’t have a built-in stabilizer. and I still switch or not but with this one the built-in stabilizer is really good as you can see.

Now one thing that is noticeable right off the bat with Sangre Grande is that there are a lot of incomplete,

Places like buildings that need to be renovated or any process of renovating or abandoned Lots or abandoned buildings you see a lot of that I mean that’s all over Trinidad but it seems to be a more common here in Sangre Grande I don’t know what happened for instance look at that that looks like it used to be a gas station on the left there it’s abandoned. I mean it’s cleared out and whatnot but it’s a total eye sore. I’m not sure what they’re doing with that, a lot of these buildings left to right Sometimes some of them look like that as well I don’t know if a lot of that was the result of the pandemic or just simply lack of maintenance. And already like I said these streets seem pretty clean the sidewalks and stuff need to be upgraded lots of bush and grass around.

Those are just my observations, feel free to chime in in the comments area. In fact I meet somebody later in this video local to the Sangre Grande and expresses the same things I did so I guess my observations went too far from the truth.

Sometimes these churches have a historical value they usually are around for a long time Church of Scotland.

It’s a hardware on the right.

As I’ve expressed in some of my videos sometimes people make their properties dual purpose so it might have shops in the bottom and they live on top.

One thing with these areas there’s always a lot of land available, if not in the outskirts there are a lot of open lots that could be built up but I don’t know how much investment, is poured into Sangre Grande simply because accessing it is difficult.

The highway doesn’t go directly to Sangre Grande if it did I think there would be more activity here but it kinda in Valencia and then you have to take a lot of long roads in order to get to Sangre Grande.

I’m just gonna go off here a bit too just check the school out maybe you attended the school, and would like to see it but I don’t want to get too far from the center of Sangre Grande so I’m just gonna record that and come back.

So maybe if you were resident to Sangre Grande and you you attended this Sangre Grande Government Primary School in the early years of your life does it look the same? Does it look different? Tell me in the comments area.

What about the houses and stuff around it? Does that look the same? Does it look different. Feel free to talk about you know your experiences with Sangre Grande I mean I’m covering this for you but I’m not a historian so I don’t pretend to know everything about an area and you’ll be better able to inform you if you are local.

And you know if you have friends or family for instance if you are living abroad and your friends or family that are living here in Sangre Grande it’s not likely that they would know about this video because they you know they wouldn’t be looking for a video about somewhere they already see, every day. However you can’t tell them about the video and ask them it’s a common more about various things that I observe they can fill me in or describe certain places or whatnot.

I’m very open to that once it’s done in a constructive manner. Some people come with Politics on different things I you know I don’t I do a lot I mean for instance somebody might come and start blaming a particular individual, in the government or whatever and while they may have truth to that and you know my platform is not a political rant, so just keep it in general focus on the actual issue rather than who is the person to deal with it.

It’s kind of funny sometimes when I’m passing you see people like staring down on the camera for those of you on my channel who love trucks you get some good shots of trucks here for this one.

Again there’s all these streets that you could go down and check out but you know these videos already so long but if I wanted to do that it would take three or four hours longer.

This place is only right there’s like bars, and stuff.

Again coming back to derilict buildings.

You’d see this used to be a gas station.

And it’s actually an ideal place for a gas station because if I recall right you nurse wanted he is pretty far away to the north.

Maybe there’s another one somewhere else.

As you can imagine with these small streets, two-way traffic and park people parking there is a lot of congestion to get through to wherever you’re going so.

If you plan to pass through Sangre Grande be prepared for some waiting time. I believe there are back roads in fact I know they are back roads that you can take having driven around myself as well but you know not everybody’s gonna know that so they’ll end up going through the mean Eastern main road you know to get to where they’re going it can be quite a hassle.

so we’re coming closer to that point where I was before where I spun in a wrong show near the different streets and Roads that lead from Sangre Grande’s Center to other places passing in police station on the right.

And you’ll see any center there it was metal figures, stick fighters.

That’s where I was standing and so like I said I’m gonna try to go down each of these streets one by one.

One thing to do with Sangre Grande is there a lot of one-way streets so for instance this is the Toko main road but you can’t access it from here. You would have to go around other streets to get it, you’ll actually see some of that in the drive-through video.

All those cars there I believe are part of the police headquarters.

Just giving you a glance of the street but I’m not going down it I’m gonna turn around here and go back the other way.

A lot of these walkthroughs is also to give you a gist of what an area is like,

I’m not trying to give you a tourist video I’m trying to show you it as real as possible so you get a feel for what it would be like if you were here.

Showing you a bit of the pigment sidewalk you’ll notice that the road is actually higher than the pavement sidewalk which is not a good thing that means probably that they raised the road but neglected to raise the pavement.

So essentially this is one of the roads you would have to take in order to get to that Toco main road we’ll have to go down here and then make a right, that’ll take you to a street where the road becomes two-way traffic.

See look at that manhole down below, that’s a hazard.

Everybody parking on the street also makes getting around very difficult difficult and in fact, funny enough I do not recall seeing any parking areas of street parking areas or paid parking.

Maybe there’s one that I missed, but it wasn’t apparent that there was a place for parking to compare your five dollars, your ten dollars or whatever have you to park there off the road.

See a lot of empty lots again and they tend to not be maintained so they get trash and stuff all over it.

The general feel of Sangre Grande for me is, it’s almost like a place Frozen in Time you know you see a little bit a highlight of something here there or something moving forward here there, but not enough to make an impact it just looks like you know the same place 10 years ago or what would happen if you built a place 10 years ago and then just left it to run itself, but that’s kind of like how Sangre Grande you know it’s my argument for a lot of places actually in Trinidad.

Look I just passed this and I wanted to show you that’s just a little piece of plywood, anybody could fall through that.

I think one of the main things about the lack of interest in things in general is because people don’t see the evidence of where their tax paying money goes. I mean a lot of things should be spruced up you know any Town Center, City Center should be the example for everybody else. Now if you’re gonna say street or off-road and it doesn’t look too well but you’ll see okay that’s a side street to our food but it means Town Center, City Center whatever have you that should look the best ever because it’s representative of the of the whole Community, whole town, the whole city or whatever. It’s also a like a example of how you should keep your own place but if if it’s left to be whatever then you know people don’t feel the incentive to do anything better with their own area that’s just a given.

How do you feel? Tell me in the comments area again about what am I seeing is it true or not. Look at these troughs, these places for growing, they should have some lovely plants or flowers or something growing out of it somehow some don’t you know to show some are being used for garbage, I’m not such a pity.

There’s somebody selling vegetables and,

He’s yelling out the best prices that he has on some movies are checking them out checking out the things that he has

I believe that’s dashines, I was interested in again cassava though I know cassava is very expensive people are selling it all twelve dollars a pound that’s like two US dollars a pound.

It shouldn’t, it should be less than a dollar U.S normally like sixty to 75 cents U.S a pound. So a lot of things fluctuate in the country with regards to food prices, for instance tomatoes are very cheap right now but another time they may be very expensive and not because there’s a season because you know we have the same weather throughout the year just dry or wet and maybe there might be this exceptionally dry weather, that makes growing hard but that hasn’t happened for a while and so really there’s no reason to not keep prices stable.

So you’re gonna cross this to the market area and this is where I was approached by this exuberant young man wanted to tell me about,

the produce that he was selling you hear what he has to say listen to him.

A video? Through Sangre Grande? You can give us a highlight of the market.

You are part of the market?

Yeah, nah well we are inside but we can take a little cruise today.

Come on put this on the video.

We have 40 pimentoes for $10TT all of you. We have 2 pounds of tomatoes for $10. Everything is $10 today. It’s only I alone. What about the Cassava? Come nah man. Cassava is $10 a pound. Sweet peppers is $15 a pound. Cassava and sweet potatoes are very expensive right now. We come out like three people. Look at the boss there. Nah he’s holding a knife, I don’t wanna get too close. Here’s the man called Sado, Sado is in charge for thing for poor people. Look here $10 a bag. He’s in charge of poor people in Sangre Grande. Y’all want market? Come Sangre Grande cause we’re in charge. So you all are always there? Yeah, everyday, everyday.

Not 24/7 but. Check JB’s Man Cave , on youtube and you’ll see me. JB’s Man Cave ? Okay no problem. Why not come through the market? Nah, when I passing through Sangre Grande it’s just to pass through. You never really interact with us, you never come to interact us and make a little proper video. But you gotta make a videos with the youths and them. We’ll do a highlight of all of our goods. We can take some walking through.

Eh you know what I want you to highlight? When you’re walking down the road there, highlight all the big pot holes, all the old things, all the dirty drains. Let them fix Sangre Grande for we there.

Well what did you think about my friend that I found there?

Quite interesting his thoughts,

He expressed some of the same feelings I had about things and how they were kept and whatnot.

We’ve got so many prices there,

Not too far away from just before the pandemic around 2018-2017. he still used to see a dollar for this two dollars for that as far as vegetables go and now it’s just everything is like 5 to 15 or 20 dollars for the same thing and that’s that’s really ridiculous.

The same guys that were selling they were trying to do it like ten dollar bag, so people who couldn’t afford these prices you know focus on that this is a in some of the drainage things look like they could be cleaned, maintained some of these Bridges itself not sure How structurally Sound, they are but they could be painted you know those things are roadworks.

And just have to do with maintenance.

Streets are fair but definitely the, pavement sidewalks are wanting, the road should not be higher than where pedestrians walk.

That in itself is a hazard. As I’ve mentioned in some of my videos you know some some people will get the idea that the Caribbean is all about beaches and coconut trees, well this is actually called the Caribbean also looks the kind of houses the non-existent coconut trees, especially here in Trinidad and how the buildings or roads and things are kept this probably doesn’t look as inviting as those brochures that you see but this is actually typical life in the Caribbean especially for people who are local.

It’s a mosque on the left.

That red band Maxi that’s like a private bus you pay a fee to go on.

Now up ahead seems to be like some development is going on but I don’t know about it feel free to let me know if you know more about i.t I thought I would just take a quick look just for the sake of showing you all.

Because a lot of these areas you know they are,

Once full of trees and grass and whatnot but as they are built up they are cleared and I don’t know if in clearing it there’s a better purpose in mind.

A few coconut trees there which is good, some Palms

But I’m not sure what they’re doing up ahead so we’re gonna turn back.

You know what that is there that is a termite’s nest.

They build that and eat away all the wood.

So as we turn here we go into the, surrounding parts of Sangre Grande proper these streets run parallel to the Eastern main road. But there’s some some things you could see I guess I didn’t want to keep walking down the Eastern main road may not because we already went there so I wanted to see what some of the back streets were like and then I will go back to the Eastern main road as I continue.

It also gives you a feel for us what some of the surroundings like if you lived on the street I’m sure you’d want to know how it’s developed how it progressed.

See the amount of open lots here? With just things going on not going on not trash and whatnot there’s a lot of that in Sangre Grande it should be taken care of whomever owns the property or if it’s the government themselves they need to you know take care of it.

In this particular Street there wasn’t even a pavement if you notice the drains are uncovered.

I did see a presence of the police all through my walk I saw a lot of squad cars driving around which is a good thing, I didn’t see any foot patrols, but a lot of squad cars driving along.

I’m too sure the crime rate is yeah I know crime happens in Sangre Grande for sure because I do here some crime or murder or something on Sangre Grande it comes up but as far as Petty crimes.

Really and no crime is petty but if it’s is not murder or kidnapping, some people refer to it as petty crime things like you know pickpocketting, larceny and whatnot. You know,somebody stealing something I don’t know if those things are common in Sangre Grande but you can tell me if you’re from the area or know more about it let me know in the comments area.

You can see that tall Cellular Tower in the background that’s a good guide as to know where I am really any video you’d have seen me approaching that, from the north.

In relation to where that Towers now we are facing East more or less all those people line up that we tend to go into that ATM,

and I noticed that some of the banks around here had long lines too I’m not really much accommodation for people waiting outside.

Now this is a public park at least it’s supposed to but like most of the conundrum that I experience When I visit places in Trinidad it is always blocked in some way. So you have the Monte Monte Cristo Park but it’s locked so I can’t show you Monte Cristo Park and there was a gentleman standing there and I was asking him if he knows why it is locked and he said that thing really can’t tell you. So it’s a mystery and there’s no sign to see what you know this Park is open and certain hours or whatever whatever I mean there could be good reasons to keep it closed, you don’t want vagrants there, you don’t want loitering you don’t want mess but, I mean it’s daylight. People all to their kids and stuff so this seems like more than the appropriate time to, have it open.

Because you know if you’re friends and they’re trying to stop vagrants, that little wall is not enough to stop a vagrant from jumping over. So I’m not sure what else is really elaborate. Gate and wall work here. Look here look at this Bougainvillea, you would’ve captured it as you would have seen this in the Cascade video a lot it’s nice to see one here you see how brilliant it is? almost fluorescent that’s just how they are it’s very very beautiful.

For sure if I bought my own home in the Caribbean I would, plant a lot of that. Looking up here at the the cellular tower I was looking at the cloud formations, do you have a look at the clouds and find or try to look for similarities of things you know like a face an object or whatever? Some people like to do that.

Check that truck up ahead those of you who like truck watching truck spotting, it’s an interesting water truck.

Now you see where those cars are turning you you if you’re coming on Eastern main road you can’t go straight in so you have to turn here so that particular turn off there would have been almost like a landmark for people when they’re coming in Sangre Grande. And some of these buildings and stuff would also be the same way when buses was a big thing this used to be a big bus area but it’s reduced in size. This look like if it used to be a post office or something I don’t know I’m just guessing tell me if you know what it used to be but all these buildings that are abandoned used to be probably part of a railway station at one time, the train just to pass here

up ahead to the left would be the where the buses are now.

I hit those areas in the drive through so don’t worry so now I want to go back down the Eastern main road to cover more of Sangre Grande proper.

From observation to you can see where the because there isn’t a standard for the way people, keep their shops and stuff, parking is anyhow and some of it is good some of it’s not enough and buildings tend to be built very close to the main road. So it’s hard to decisively find a way to standardize the way shops appear and you signage and stuff a lot of that is more apparent, apparent abroad but it has to do a lot of foresight and plan you know. That’s the bus, going into Sangre Grande proper.

There’s a big upgrade to the bus system here and a lot of them are air conditioned and the ride is not too bad as well, that’s one good thing.

I’m panning on a truck for those of you who are truck lovers.

We are getting more abadoned looking properties.

As we walk on the road you’ll see quite a few of them.

Look at the comparison of the green on the right and on the left nothing that’s green it’s always a big difference right? Green really enhances things and I wish there was a bigger concentration of doing that to the areas just imagine how much better here would be with some trees with some shrubs, whatever this is the house I saw in any video that I really like.

It’s confirming with a guy there about a school, sometimes I look at Google Maps but I know this is not all the more I go on these road trips the more I notice is not 100% accurate ,it’s fairly accurate. But some streets are not named or misnamed and certain things are the labels that there is not there, and so forth sometimes I like to ask people where something is.

So this is Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Headquarters as represented by their flag and the national flag.

We’re gonna go down here a bit, check what’s around.

Looks like a T&Tec place on the right there, interesting design on this home on the left even though not complete. This is T&Tec’s station I guess it’s a substation.

So that goes down Sangre Grande goes down too with the lights.

So across there that’s the school I was telling you about that maybe if you went there, or if you’re Catholic right next to it is the Catholic Church.

Maybe those things are sentimental for you.

Normally I would try to get a closer look at the church and stuff but it seems like they were having a camp there and when I say a camp,

Now is the Easter vacation so.

A lot of churches tend to have these you know meetups or kids and stuff to keep them occupied and it looks like one was going on there so I didn’t want to go closer to that.

Like I like giving people their space, privacy and so forth.

Instead we’re gonna go back, to the Eastern main road a lot of these roads don’t worry I will come back to any drive through.

So again look out for that.

Somebody recently came to my channel and saying how they found the vehicles look old and I really can’t you know when you’re when you’re doing when you’re wrong something a lot you don’t notice things as much as if you’re not familiar with it, and while there are a lot of new vehicles there are quite a lot of old Vehicles. That’s true second a mix of the two but a lot of the older ones really shouldn’t even be on the road. They’re not roadworthy but there’s no other follow-up with the things here and so people drive whatever some old junk vehicle, maybe it’s not even insured or inspected but they’re still driving around.

See more open lots.

So if you if you were planning to come to the Sangre Grande to build up something for sure you would have space to do it lots of abandoned places open lots and whatnot that I’m sure will be available at some point. Now there are Plans by the government to build a highway all the way to Toco and somehow connects Sangre Grande to it and this would make Sangre Grande flourish more. But right now because of how far it is from everything things seem to be going under the snail’s pace. And you can see all the people there like I said waiting outside the bank to get in I guess that bank has a limit, to how many people can enter at the same time so we have to wait outside and today is quite hot.

Should be to me better shelter for people, just one little tent is not gonna satisfy all those people waiting there.

This is the Eastern main road, by the way if this is heading north and if I was to follow this it would take me to Valencia and back to a bypass road to go to head back West to places like Santa Rosa,

Arima, Trincity, Etc.

Again you can see empty lots on the left and on that house. On the right I mean on the right of it is what I want to see on the right of me right now is open Lots empty lots you see how many of them like I said? Look at our house across there that’s a really old house it looks like probably it was on fire at one point not sure or maybe just, dilapidated to that point.

But you know a lot of these eye sores should be taken care of.

Again an open lot.

I mean I I don’t know if you have any interest in what these places are a lot of them are restaurants, places to get batteries, parts places, fix it, things like that. One coming up on your right is that grocery supermarket, you know Insurance buildings, shipping, pet stores, mostly food.

And about here I am going to get a drink because it’s really hot always walking, so it’s a couple so now that I’ve had my drink I continue now usually my drink of choice is water but when I’m sweating a lot on a hot day like this and walking so much I would usually replace lost energy with something called a Malta. That’s a drink made locally with hops and it’s black in color, it’s hard to describe how it tastes is it’s kind of a licorice kind of taste malt I guess if you mix licorice or coffee together. I know that sounds weird righ, my wife referred it as the medicine drink, she doesn’t like it at all but I love malt any of you are fans of Malta? Look at our wooden house that is the kind of horse you would see long time ago very plentiful.

And as I walk past these different streets I tried a pan so you could see how they look.

Another open lot.

what it amaze me too with Sangre Grande is the amount of shops that go far from the Center of Sangre Grandei that are still accessed by people. Because you see something similar in Couva but they don’t seem to be patronized as much, here they d.

Warranty Lots trains, drains that need cleaning and clearing, another Empty lot there.

It’s funny when you see these signs ‘no dumping’ and then there’s a whole bunch of garbage right around the sign I mean I’m saying funny but it’s really not funny, sad really. Sangre Grande is quite big huh, and you see that stretch that stretch goes on and on and on and more or less what I have covered so far continues probably it will be a little more green or a little more houses but more or less the same and again because I’m walking I I can’t walk the whole stretch of this it will take forever. So I’m just gonna turn around here by this big green tree,

which I guess at some point will also be removed, so there’s less green to talk of. See a lot of open properties here, that could be used for business or homes or whatever if there was more going on in Sangre Grande.

I believe there’s a flooding problem here too you all could tell me more about it but from the couple of people I know that live in Sangre Grande they have told me that they have had real problems with water. Especially at the Center of Sangre Grande I don’t know if you can tell how far they are tall is is in the distance that can give you an idea of how far I’ve walked may not seem that far, but now if you see the tower and you can see the the position all the way we need the distance you can see I’ve covered a lot of ground and not I’m gonna go all the way straight back I’m gonna kind of turn right at some point in Moto G streets so you could see someone with parallel streets.

There’s so many nice flowering plants that people can buy to spruce up their house.

I wish more people would do that that would be good sales for the person selling the plants too.

I don’t know if you can tell in the camera but there are lots of fishes in there and they’re moving as I pass by. In that dirty water you don’t think anything could live down in that water but there are lots of fishes.

Sure looks like it needs help.

As you can see it’s definitely not special needs friendly, I can’t see anybody having a wheelchair trying to navigate these Pavements or sidewalks.

In some cases it’s hazardous, look at this I mean you could slip there.

And also to sure of the arrangement here took us the you know some of these buildings it looks like if the sidewalk, is taking up from it.

I’m not sure how that looks if the building was there before, or the building and encroach on the sidewalk or what but hmm.

And then, whatever left of the sidewalk or pavement does not it’s not proper. In some cases it’s lower than the street or missing manhole coverings and stuff, so I turned on this street to give you a picture of what, you know some of the area off of the main road would look like and this is it it’s more residential there are commercial places.

But it gives you also a bit of a glance of how, we build houses and places in the Caribbean.

Most of it is steel and concrete, the wooden houses that you would have seen that seriously is fazing out, you hardly see that anymore. Unless the person is really badly off or simply, of the very old generation that likes the wooden house. But other than most people build with concrete blocks, Clay blocks, cement blocks, and so forth.

For instance look at this residents on the right looks really nice, well kept, tidy, nice gate, nice front that’s how it’s supposed to be for everybody.

I know some people will argue that or you need money or whatever it might have to be wealthy or whatnot, but you know being tidy and clean, have nothing to do with your wealth you can be poor and still keep your surroundings well. Take up the trash cut the grass that has nothing to do with being wealthy, and you’ll lose exit near us there is not a pavement or a sidewalk nothing is covering the drain, luckily the street is fairly big it’s funny enough to say that this street is bigger than the main road. These are so many back streets I was saying that you can actually use to get or bypass, the Sangre Grande Center so if you have ever thinking you know how can I get past all of this traffic well you could use some of these roads if you know where you’re going.

So what did you think of this walkthrough, of Sangre Grande? Have you ever seen Sangre Grande before? Have you seen it like this? Did you used to live here and went abroad and find everything’s new and whatnot? I know some of you will just give a couple words to say thanks and I appreciate that but you know feel free to also elaborate you know instead of just saying you already like the video tell me what you really liked about it. Is it the way that I recorded it is it because you saw something that you liked? Is it my boring commentary? You tell me.

Also feel free to talk about your own interest in Sangre Grande if you grew up here or if you’re a family here or this is where you stay when you come to Trinidad. You know share all those things because it’s not just about interacting with Me, JB. But you can also interact with others in the community here on JB’s Man Cave .

And if you haven’t done it make sure to subscribe, like, press the notification Bell that way you would always get notification when I have new videos and I have new videos out every single day. Sometimes multiple times a day so you’re never gonna miss all these it’s a long video or short video on these videos cover everything that are associated with a man cave whether it be places, Sports, issues, crime, even Ukraine sometimes I’ll cover that.

So don’t be afraid to give your comments on those other videos especially if you like JB’s man cave, you’re like what I do don’t lament yourself to just one or two things because I like to surprise people and drop videos of various things.

Keep it lively, keep it energetic.

I don’t see many people would bicycle anymore, but there are a few of them used to be more common when I was young.

Not so common anymore, everybody wants a vehicle.

And there’s just too many vehicles here in Trinidad and that’s why the roads are so congested apart from having little to no infrastructure or the roads being bad. The number of vehicles on the road just makes things worse because typical household might have two three cars.

Not just one car for everybody, no they have multiple cars.

So I hope you enjoyed this trip and if you did you can always, support me monetarily if you can. If you can’t no problem but if you can’t go to there’s a donation link there you can donate and show your support. I’ll leave you here with some trucks from a lot of my fans, who like trucks but how long this one is with this long trailer at the end of it.

Thanks so much for watching I really appreciate you being here on JB’s Man Cave.

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