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Westminster, Maryland Road Trip

Hello friends. We are going to look at a place called Westminster in Maryland that’s it there it’s north west of Baltimore.


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It’s largely a farming community but I mean don’t be fooled don’t think you’ll just see farms it’s a built up city as well or at least they call it a city. This is Westminster and this is what it looks like on the outskirts I’m not gonna bother in this video like I do with my other videos to name streets and all that, you could pick that up on your own I just want to focus on the actual drive. Now previous to my trip here I ordered a special item that allowed me to record from a mounted windscreen but it didn’t arrive in time so I am actually holding my camera and recording this. Now I am the passenger not the driver so that allowed me to give you a different angle and I’m also recording in 5.3k normally the drives are done at a lesser resolution, but I decided to go for everything in this video and videos to come in 5.3K.

At least when I’m abroad now one of the first things that may stand out to you when looking at Westminster is the manicured lawns, the well painted roads and not overall look of clean and classy I mean everything looks like inviting, lots of green lots of trees.

The properties and the outskirts tend to be on bigger plots of land, I believe there’s a stipulation as to how much land each house must have so they’re not too close together. A lot of these were farms at one time and they were sold off actually the Westminster name I believe came from the Westminster of England which is a aristocratic place within England, the monarchy and those associated with that. You should recognize the name Westminster but the person who came from Westminster his name was actually William Winchester, and he came as an indentured servant many centuries ago. Settled here in Maryland worked his time off and bought land within this area and at first he actually called that I believe Winchester town, but the people the community that formed after his death changed the name to Westminster, because a lot of them was being confused with the area nearby with a similar name so they call the area Westminster.

So we’re stopping here for traffic and even when we stop for traffic you can see how the lawns the roads everything is in good repair good shape, well taken care of. That’s the first thing that I picked up when I was in Westminster everything is kept in order as far as infrastructure, the landscape, the grounds all of that it was just well done.

This is not my first time to Maryland I’ve been to Maryland many times and actually lived here for a few years prior but I don’t know if I ever came to Westminster this may actually be my first time.

But these long roads are on the outskirts are very common the really trees and the houses are kept is also common in the outskirts, the inner part of Westminster Westminster proper is different and you we are going to see it today we’re gonna have a look at that.

Tell me how many potholes you can see because I didn’t see any well no maybe I saw one but it was more like a part in a road that happened because of weather conditions and not an actual pothole. But all the roads are in good repair and you can see whenever there are cracks they use tar whatever to have you to patch the road immediately so the road maintains its smooth surface do not let the discoloration of the road fool you this road is flat.

And you may be asking why am I emphasizing that well you know I create videos for other places on the roads, or the deplorable and those of you who are fans on JB’s Man Cave will know exactly what I’m talking about.

I just panned a bit there and I showed you some of the farms you’ll see a lot of silos silos are where they keep grain or machinery or whatever inside a dome looking tall cylindrical unit, silo. It’s a Honda dealership so here any outskirts you will see that things probably aren’t as maintained it all depends on the area, but still within fairly good repair. Like this is something that you will see in Westminster in the outskirts that’s unusual but not uncommon for me in my experience is that you would see a community and then something industrial or something related to farming or agricultural. So that because you know that is what Westminster really is about of course there is a university area and that attracts a lot of intellectuals, people who want to study, those who maybe called upon to teach or whatever the professors so they also live within the Westminster area. A lot of older folk here in my time here I did not see a lot of people young people on the streets there’s one or two and not that they aren’t young people, but you know as you’re traveling you may think well where’s everybody well there aren’t a lot of people walking around Westminster is fairly big there is not a public transportation system, and that’s it downsides of Westminster so and it’s also another reason you don’t see people walking around a lot because there isn’t any public transport to be used. So you don’t see any buses or anything there may be one central bus that comes from Westminster to other cities but to say there’s public transport to get around Westminster no.

Now this is, I don’t want to see a different class of houses but you can see for yourself the difference between the suburbs and the urban areas and well Westminster proper, which is what we’re coming to now. You’ll see everything take on a more colonial American Revolution look the way the houses are I like to describe it sometimes like dolly houses because when you see these dolly houses built for young children, they tend to have that look for the French for style Windows, the doors and stuff but this is typical architecture for the US and especially for Westminster.

Now don’t roast me because I know the US is a big place and everybody will say oh no it’s not and modern cities don’t have that, well I’m not talking about elsewhere I’m talking right here about Westminster.

And this is Westminster proper again and you can see the look actually this this street the main street here, when I look at it it reminds me a lot of Europe, train tracks passing through it. A lot of places in the UK also look like this the very store layout is do we everything is kept and so forth. Now overhead there’s a school bus and you see all those lights flashing and your children coming out and whatnot and the reason we have to kind of stand still here is because you know you’re not allowed to pass school buses when they stop and letting out children, school children so we have to wait it out and while we do that you can have a look at Westminster.

So I like I really like the buildings I like the layout I like how things are kept and again you don’t see many people walking around right?

I was told by my good driver that, the area is somewhat like that too because people are working so you won’t see them walking around that much. Which gives evidence you know people have to work make a living unlike me getting a tour.

And the person is driving me wrong actually has a small car so unlike my videos with my truck you don’t see a lot of the, the bonnet.

covering the view and being able to pan is also a help this is a church it’s a stately look this is why I like buildings to be built out of you can see rock and solid clay. Of course the you know North Americans love to use wood but wood as a trim I guess it’s passible but not when you hold houses with wood, I always like to see houses in clay blocks or clay solid clay blocks or concrete or whatever or stone. Of course that’s not within everybody’s budget but where possible however most houses are built with a lot of wood.

Again what stood out to me with Westminster is the trees lots of green and people seem to take pride in their flowers and plants like you saw in the past that that house there.

still in Westminster proper, and they there is a lot of big houses a lot of small ones and even the ones that don’t seem to be as well kept. Still maintain their yard and grounds so it’s not like a lot of other areas that you may come across where, that’s the police department I believe you know. Where you know you could visibly tell when something is in disorder like, the neighborhood might be bad or not well taken care of or might be the criminal element but that’s not so easy to tell sometimes in areas that manicure their surroundings so you’d really have to know by Word of mouth.

This is the more built up area of Westminster, this main road here.

This goes up and down more or less north to south kinda, I would say more North West to South East anyway it’s shaped but anyway on both sides of it has a lot of shopping areas, malls so we even though we came from Westminster proper on this side here is where you would get all the modernization and we the the things that you expect to get from any typical place in the US. You know the junk food the Walmart the shopping areas the mall and stuff, interestingly the mall here is fairly big has a lot of interesting stores but there wasn’t a lot going on when I went.

I think I have I may have footage I’m not sure but malls in the whole in the US on on their way out that particular mall I went to here in Westminster a lot of these stores were closed, and had a sign up saying that really they were only open on weekends so I don’t know how that works out.

It’s another shopping area here and these are what the outdoor shopping areas look like typically in Westminster these are more uh better served I mean you see people here shopping and stuff more than if they went to one area that was a mall.

So we went there and now we back out again this is the same road I said that runs up and on as the mall I was referring to. I mean there are stores there there’s some big shopping areas and whatnot but as far as it being like a busy place or a lot of people at least I did not see any that happening, unlike any typical mall the things I thought were a bit more expensive.

Where we were crossing right now some train tracks bridge it’s another shopping area on the left and one on the right. That’s Goodwill people don’t need their stuff there and then Goodwill sells it for a marginal amount of money so that people can invest and get stuff for themselves without paying the price of it new. And I actually have a separate video for that where I’ll talk more about Goodwill not in this video. So as we’re waiting here for the traffic light I would like it to observe how many lanes there are one two three four five six seven, that’s just for one side. So that was one of the first things that stood out to me about Westminster are the roads are incredibly big.

Even the roads that aren’t very connected to the shopping areas here are pretty big and well serviced but this particular strip here is pretty big. There’s more shopping areas only right on the left.

And we are kind of leaving those shopping areas and passing into the more quiet communities, so I believe a Catholic Church very interesting look. And again the emphasis on green you can see how they use the trees in the middle.

Some of the common names that you may be familiar with we’re also passing, like the purple plants or flowers any medium.

There are a lot of little parks as well some of them are okay I will be showing you in some other videos places, recreational areas where you can always walk around get some time to think. Look at the water look at the trees or whatever have you, so quite a few rivers, ponds I’m not sure if I’d call it lake or not or if they have lake but I haven’t visibly seen it but there are watered areas that you can visit.

But besides that Westminster proper and a busy shopping area that we just came for what you’re experiencing right now is more or less what you see a lot more of in Westminster, and that is roads with lots of green and things passed out in other words it takes a lot to get from point A to point B. And unless you have a vehicle you would have a lot of walking to do or cycling if you bike now there are places actually designated for cyclist, certain strips how about biking lane which was really good. So it’s a good place for biking actually Maryland is one of the top places for biking because of its hilly areas it poses a great challenge for cyclists and they like the challenge I actually developed my legs on my cycling abilities with my younger days from Maryland.

And if it is that we get go away from Westminster proper you can see that the roads transition into double or single lanes but still well maintained and well kept everything in order.

You also get the view a bit of the kind of vehicles in the area, people drive to go from point A to point B. Now in I mean I will talk about this in other videos but my first encounters with people from Westminster, I found them to be very courteous I actually I was surprised by how courteous and how well mannered the people of Westminster are. I mean everywhere I went I was greeted I was shown kindness you know people open the door or whatever for me it was thank you please whatever have you. And also even when you’re passing them on the lane, I mean sometimes people would not even be near to you and they would be saying excuse me and whatnot I mean I didn’t get this that much um well-mounted people when I was in Baltimore. That was 20 years ago or more so hats off to Westminster for raising a well-mannered citizenry.

That was one of my first impressions about Westminster besides it the obvious sparsity of things and that you have to you must have a car and must be prepared to drive a fairly good distance to get from any to anything of necessity, as far as shopping or pharmacy or groceries. Because those things are not nearby they’re kind of congregated in Westminster proper so there aren’t a lot of stuff on the outskirts to say oh I don’t feel like going to Westminster let me just grab something. Everybody has to go there because the wrongness are just communities and I would imagine a lot of people here like it that way because the less commerce around the less people just walking around or the area going down in value because of the commerce and so forth. And people here I do care a lot about their property the value of it and who’s around it as they should I wish we could adopt that kind of thinking and other places and you know what I’m talking about those of you who are fans of JB’s Man Cave.

So this is an example of let’s say quote-unquote “Country Roads” and yesterday you can see that they’re all well marked the surroundings are all well, paved even a grass on the lawn looks like you know very tidy and there in the Horizon you can see all the green and that is what encompasses Westminster.

Lots of green fields I think later in this video you’ll also see some silos and some farms so you will see you know you see these very large houses and then you may see something to do with farming. Which was a bit odd for me but I understand it as being you know farmland first and foremost and that people just simply began building around them, so you could see somebody farm equipment working there you can see some of these silos I was talking about on the left some of the large open properties on your right.

Yeah? What do you think do you like Westminster? Do you like the layouts? Too much green for you? Tell me from the comments area what you think about Westminster have you ever been to Westminster tell me what are your thoughts on what was your reaction when you came here and what you encountered. I have some more videos about Westminster coming up make sure to look for them along with my other videos on JB’s Man Cave I cover the world so don’t think that you know I just discovered Westminster I just covered the US so I just cover my homeland or Ukraine or whatever no I cover a lot of stuff, and when you come to JB’s Man Cave I hope that you are well entertained. Even if it’s not something that is typical for young people which is games or something loud or something a bit fluid. I don’t cater for any of those things I cater for the stuff that matters in life the raw, the real and I appreciate you being here and part of it. So let me know what you think about this Westminster road trip your thoughts about the area, would you buy a house here? Would you live here make sure to subscribe if you haven’t like the video let your friends and family know.

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