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Cascade, Trinidad, West Indies

Hello friends. We are going to look at the island of Trinidad which is part of a country called Trinidad and Tobago. That’s it there on the map right next to Venezuela. We’re going to look at a particular area called Cascade that is the name of the area and we are looking at it thanks to Google Maps, that’s the general area there. It’s a very mountainous hilly part of Trinidad and it’s gonna take me four days to cover it yeah that’s right I had to go come go come go come mostly because of other commitments and we starting out here by the Queen’s Park Savannah driving north, I’ve done a lot of videos on the Queen’s box Savannah so I won’t go into that too much if you haven’t seen it make sure to look for it the Royal Botanic Gardens only is only left those Maxi taxis those big buses that you see there on the left are probably carrying tourists to see it.

CASCADE Trinidad and Tobago Road Trip Caribbean
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Upcoming on the left as well is the president’s house. Now if you haven’t done so please make sure to subscribe it’s free like this video if you like it you know don’t just pass by and say “thanks JB I appreciate the video”, make sure to actually like it comment let your friends know this is really helpful for my channel and for me to continue to create more videos for you. It also helps set the tone of which videos I should create you know if I’m getting more traction from other subject matters than I might go that way rather than stick on this so if you like this kind of video make sure to like it and comment on it. So in tuning in here we are thinking into Saint Ann’s Road we’re passing the um Queen’s Hall which is only left and you know that’s for theater and dance and music and whatnot and if we were to continue on this road we’ll continue on St Anns have another video for but I’m turning right here on to Coblentz Avenue that’s a big hotel only right there the bricks. And until then here we are now in Cascade so Cascade is right next to Saint Anns and it’s still in the ward of Saint Anns but it’s all part of a residential area some of it slightly commercial as you will see but mainly residential and there are very big houses here some of them fancy some of them keeping the Old Colonial look but not all the areas upscale as you will see in the video the are some areas that could use some tidying but generally Cascade is known as an area for the affluent especially because of its proximity to to Port of spin proper the capital city and the president’s house and other surrounding landmarks.

Now this road we’re approaching here is called Cascade Road and that if I were to turn left I would take me back to Saint Ann’s Road but we’re gonna turn right and go up Cascade road now you’ll notice the whole area is mountainous. Where we are now is elevated but more or less flat and the reason it took me so many days to record this is because, you know things that are right around you or near to you may seem easy but they are not. The difference between driving in the north and driving in the south is any South you could take a road and pretty much reach or cover a long distance quickly but in the port of spin area and in the west there’s so many veins and arteries of of roads and streets and avenues and drives that’s really hard to cover it all. In addition to which these roads go up some terrain that is not easy and in this video you’ll actually see me use 4×4 in gear one and if that doesn’t make mean anything to you well once you engage four by four you could pretty much use higher gears in order to move but do you do so many roads are so steep that I had to be in first gear with 4×4 or the truck wouldn’t move. I mean it was as challenging as Paramin and you wouldn’t think that is so far an area like this but it is and in addition to other commitments you know I had to make this trip over time so it’s it this video is long and it covers up four day period. Now if you have an interest in Cascade I’m sure you wouldn’t mind talking along in this drive because you will see a lot and you’ll see how much has changed now for me you see all these big walls cover the road that is one of the biggest changes for me in Cascade I came over here a lot as a child and as a teen and adults when I used to have another pickup truck I need to bring it up here to fix by a guy called Michael and in those days here was more or less green but as you can see real estate is a prime thing here in Trinidad so anyway they could put a house down they will and this in the show drive I’m just keeping on a mean Road Cascade Road

Because I want to show you what it’s like to drive up Cascade road before I actually start turning left and right. There’s another Mountain too Cascade called Mount Hololo no the higher going to Mountain the more you actually leave Cascade and you now go into the Saint Ann’s area but given that it’s all one road I’ll just include it here in and this Cascade video.

Now one of the most noticeable things about being in Cascade is how quiet it is there isn’t a lot of traffic there’s a lot of people moving around and definitely no limers except for a certain part of Cascade which is all the way up and we’re gonna get there soon.

You can see where the raiver left has dried up.

That river can can be destructive when it feels too high with water I believe it can cause a lot of destruction. I don’t know if they were trying to build a road up there that’s just simply a landslide but that seemed ridiculous to me. Now as we enter here you will see this is the area that is not as upscale as the rest of Cascade however the people up here probably live longer than those who lived in the more obscale parts of cascade and the reason is they have been here a while.

Now they used to call here a certain name but the name escapes me if any of you remember please let me know in the comments area. I used to have a distant cousin not lived up here he was a Seventh-Day Adventist preacher and he used to do welding as a side job and actually taught me how to weld arc welding that is that so that’s how I know how to do arc welding and thank goodness he showed me not skill because it has been really valuable to me in repairing my truck fixing things building stuff and whatnot I never thought I would see myself in welding but wow I’m really glad that I know how to do it. I actually have some videos on my Channel about welding if you didn’t know that I have a do-it-yourself section and in that section I show you some stuff about welding. I have to clear my throat you hear me do that now and again because I’m not used to talking as much you guys just love to hear me talk so here you go. So this is the more or less the end of the road as it were I love that house on the left there all these palm trees just covering it this this house up here is pretty nice too that green on the wall that’s called sweet lime I don’t know if you have another name for it but I just love when those things cover walls except for when maybe snakes that might be hiding in it. I don’t know anyway the road kind of continued here so I said you know what just to make sure I cover the end of the road I’m going up here but I’m I’m putting in 4×4 and I’m going up now when I saw the road end there I said I’m not going up there because you know what I wouldn’t have any place to turn around in fact throughout this video you will notice that I had real difficulty turning around my vehicle’s kind of long it’s about 17 feet maybe you can measure your own vehicle see how long it is and then you can make a comparison of what it would be like to turn around a vehicle of this length.

But what I’m really what I’m really glad for for Cascade is there is still a lot of green so even though they are building it up you could tell there’s green around. I mean how many areas have you seen mirror record in Trinidad where you’re going to just entirely concrete you can’t see a tree or a flowering plant anywhere wrong but here you’ll notice they do maintain that feel of the Caribbean, you know some nice trees some Palms not too much coconut trees that always seems to be a missing component in Trinidad but the rest of it yes lots of flowering, you’ll see some really nice Bougainvillea it’s a flowering plant.

And you’ll notice yes that car ahead was really parked but I don’t know how I was able to pass there and that vehicle ahead was kind kind of thinking the same thing and I kind of had a tell them you know come on you could do it if I could do it you could do it so he did it with some prompting and when he passes then we will continue.

Now the roads here are really narrow, ridiculously narrow.

And everybody building right up to the edge does not allow for expansion or even a sidewalk but you know like I said.

Here was the only built up area and the rest was green it was only lower Cascade that had things happening so to make changes he’d already be encroaching in people’s places please have abode where they have probably lived for years people you know are just an area much faster than infrastructure and the rest of it could keep up. That only right there used to be the old Cascade Community Center I don’t know what they use it for now but there’s a newer Cascade Community Center already Posh looking you could you may have seen it we passed it it’s coming up, you will see it better going down. So in this four day road trip I will come up this road a few times not necessarily up this far but like I said I wanted to drive up here straight up and then straight down so you get an idea of what is the main road of cascade. I mean when you hear Cascade these this is what people think about they may not necessarily always come up here but this is also part of cascade actually in the back there where I turned around if you actually went up therem and you went over you would actually land in Laventille and Morvant in those areas. Yeah so that’s cool how close the proximity is to do to that side of the mountain, see how that bird just passed there?

The roads seem to have been repaired.

The roads were far worse when I knew knew about it but what is interesting is if you notice there’s no center line so you kind of have to make your own judgement about vehicles passing it’s not a place for racing.

So you see how it has these streets turning left and right I will be coming back just now to cover some of them. Now I won’t cover every single street I know somebody is gonna come and say well I wish you turn up the street or that street or whatever you know realistically, I could show you the majority of Cascade I can’t show you every intricate detail one of the reasons for that is it will take me all day. The other reason is because some of those turnoffs streets going left or right are unremarkable in other words there’s nothing really for you to see there. That I mean as far as I turn in I would have to turn back out because it’s more like a cul-de-sac or whatever there’s nothing more we just passed the the new community center there on the left and this here you know these are apartments and townhouse, a lot of things being built up but they’re all gated so I really can’t go into it or anything like that I could only keep to public streets.

And coming up here you see that yellow flashing crossing light is the school for the deaf.

This is the first one I have known in Trinidad I know there are other schools for the deaf and other places but this one has been here for a long time that same location and also looks the same from since I was a kid.

And I have been in there a few times I can’t remember what I think moving stuff will help a number that computers like I really can’t remember such a long time ago.

So if anything coming up here if you would like let’s say to just take a walk or take a drive it’s it’s really an interesting experience because, I was mentioning in another video I think it was the my last video long video was just Penal that basically you could drive certain places in Trinidad and it always looks the same always looks the same I mean you you can’t tell but Cascade I have to honestly say is one of the areas where you could only honestly say yeah you know you’re in Cascade because it has a unique appearance about it the way it looks the way it’s set on Mountain you really roads are kind of unusual. You know you have these Narrows and goes back to normal roads and it Narrows again you know it’s like a mixture of a country feel with City Life, urban life I don’t know it might sound confusing but I don’t know if I explained myself well but it’s just unique you just know you’re in Cascade when you you go there you can’t mix this up with other areas. So this is continuing down Cascade road so I’m showing you the full stretch of Cascade Road on all these areas I came as a kid some adult to young adult that church on your right there has been there forever how’s that Gothic medieval look but a lot of these places only like for instance on the left and so these were formally houses by another turn into business places that’s a big Massy on the right. This you know back in days that was Hi-Lo and interestingly enough they were also there’s you know two-story building there they were originally there as a supermarket and it burned down and then they moved up there the hill. That’s a Convent up ahead and we’re back in the Saint Anns now this is Saint Anns Road I am just showing you one way to exit that’s Chinese Association on the right there a lot of people would have gone there for dance, martial arts, and different things I cover a lot of this in my Saint Anns road trip Lady Chancellor road trip if you haven’t seen that make sure to look for it.

So I’m just showing you the two ways really to get to Cascade. You have the way I turned up in the start the video and you have this way so since you can’t come up Saint Anns Road and then turn right onto Cascade Road and if anything if you’re just interested in Cascade itself, you wouldn’t want to miss going through either side because going through one side you have the nice houses to pick up. I’m going through the other side you have some historic development to pick up check that Poui Tree on your right it’s looking really nice so this is the second day right and then secondly I’m starting you off by Queens Hall no sense starting from the Savannah and you might be thinking well are you sure all of this already well you know like I said somebody really interested in Cascade one will want to see all of this. That’s the Boys Scout headquarters on the right and we’re going up Saint Anns Road so I’m going to show you how to get to Cascade going this way rather than the other way.

There’s a bakery that has also been there since I was a kid is it variety and a lot very small Bread Basket I think they call it a lady that is a dancer professional dancer run it I know she still runs it she was a really nice person used to buy all my candies and cakes on biscuits and stuffed bread back in the day there.

So if I continue I’ll be going and by deeper into St Anns but we’re gonna turn right here and by turning right here we’re going into Cascade Road.

Passing Massy by the left there during the cool the July 1990 coup attempt that Massy was looted to the max this one he only left that time it had a appearance like a warehouse and they guttered the place literally now this is this road, I think is I can’t remember the name of it anyway I’ll show you any in the slide box you will see the name of it but anyway. This drive here is just like if you go in Paramin and you will see why I already engaged my 4×4 to go up here because it’s kind of ridiculously steep especially you’ll see this turn here that’s coming up now from a pile that works on my truck too he’s a Nissan mechanic he says one of the things they do sometimes is drive up here to test vehicles to see if they overheat that’s right that’s how steep it is and it’s a constant drive.

It’s a constant Drive.

I couldn’t even make that bend I had to kind of stop reverse a bit, go. Right here you see this whole I mean this angle and everything is like wow do you see where that car is going on? Those vehicles are passing by the church but I wanted to show it this route because this is even more popular route. And we are just going to be going up and up and up sometimes there will be some down periods but we’re just going right up and it’s taking some diesel to get up here you get to see all the houses left and right and because of the angle the camera looks like it’s pointing up into the houses but that’s just because it’s so steep and the roads are narrow so again this is not a drive for the inexperienced driver and for those of you who made some comments about the Paramin video about how they see a lot of small cars. Well I will tell you an interesting experience as we drive up here right now there’s behind me one of those small cars and that those small cars are Revving and revving to get up what they’re using is momentum you see how I stopped here I stopped there because the truck could not handle 4×4 in a third gear. So I literally had to change to one now the guy who’s speeding up here is right behind me and he had to break and slide all the way back down because you see what what these smaller Vehicles do that don’t have momentum is they they count on: One – the vehicle is light and speed so what they do is they they use a place that’s more or less flat try to pick up as much speed as possible and go up so they can’t they really cannot. You see how I stopped in the middle there and then change gear and then continue? They can’t do that, they will just really strain their vehicle go back down that’s especially true if they are carrying passengers maybe they may be able to attempt it if it’s just the driver any vehicle and because it’s light I’m not carrying any stuff but once you have passengers and stuff that’s more weight and the engines can’t handle it, so that’s my explanation of why you sometimes you see small cars. Now interestingly enough we are going to go all the way to the top of this mountain and I saw some Vehicles going on it and I was like wow but they really put the vehicle in a precarious position look at this truck where it’s parked I told the driver ran away but then the driver caught himself and realized oh I’m blocking somebody and he moved so that was all good because I was really wondering if that was a vehicle left unattended there.

Anyway all good so we continue on our way by this point we are pretty high up. Port-Of-Spain which you can’t see a check that driver on the left cool eh? Just had to make that little park there for his vehicle. Port of Spain looks you know people down there probably look like ants right now we are pretty high up.

Mount Hololo, that’s the name of this place.

Again a mixture of nice and not so nice. You know people keep their place well and people some people don’t that’s not unique to here that’s just Trinidad.

So again we’re going up you see that stretch coming up there wow that may look like nothing but it takes some doing to get up there, I had to shift down to one again using 4×4 to get up there and my truck is kind of heavy so.

That’s all part of it and those men that will work in there they look like they are making some markings probably, they’re gonna lay some pipe for water I can’t imagine trucks on excavators coming up here to dig that would be a nightmare for the people up here. But I sure they don’t mind if it means them getting more water because I believe they have water problems up here later on I will come and we’ll turn right down that Hill I believe either there was one near right here. Thereare many arteries to this place I can sell and you could take all the to see it and you can see how time is passing by and we still haven’t covered even half of cascade yet

But one thing again is nice about Cascade there’s lots to talk about because again it places so unusual.

There is some nice flowering plants on it right and of course you have to have trash on the left but generally I mean you got to see that unlike other places it’s more or less clean at least in my opinion, it was I mean there were some areas that could do its own problem but compared to other areas I’ve been Cascade is pretty clean.

Which means that the people are concerned about their surroundings and what not. Going up here after we passed these couple of houses is when we reach some what I would call some treacherous roads it’s broken up but it’s not really even a road you see it starts here and it’s not easy now again I’m using a 4×4 and I’m finding going up here not easy. I know although it looks flat it’s still Steep and you still have to go cautiously no I was surprised to see some other vehicles that are not trucks coming up here except for the SUVs but one I believe was a T&Tec vehicle so maybe he had no choice but to come up here because he has to check on his lines or whatever now I believe there’s a ranch that this this road takes you to I didn’t go all the way there even though it’s on the map. I believe that section is more or less private property and I don’t feel like trespassing on anybody’s land and that’s not what JB’s mind give is about so I just stay at the public places and I turned around but at least you’ll get one the gist of what it’s like and to use I will stop at some point so you’ll get a sort of a pan of the area.

So if you could see it on the left there would be Saint Anns and on the right would be Port-Of-Spain that area, Laventille, Morvant you can see some of that and if you were to follow this route as a hike it would actually take you to Saddle Road in Maraval believe it or not there is a hike here and this would be quite a hike.

I can’t tell you in these drives just how much sometimes I’m so tempted to say okay you know what that’s enough let me turn around and yet still I keep going.

Oh it’s just in me, I like to see the end of the road. So this is one vehicle I was thinking wow that’s not the kind of vehicle I think would be good for coming up here but I think this guy or this person was our T&Tec inspector check-in or whatever so maybe he had no choice I don’t know.

But definitely if that’s your vehicle don’t bring it up here look you see how much trouble we are getting to pass each other not easy.

You’ll see the same thing later in the video and then now that I give him Max room to come out I was kind of like having to shift gears to get out of that little ditch there really tires went along.

This video actually reminds me a little bit of the Fort George video If you haven’t seen that.

But in that video the road wasn’t maintained the the trees were overgrown and it actually made an arc like a covering like a roof as you drove so it wasn’t easy but you know I would call that easier than this because on this one the road was realistic and steep constantly, and wasn’t so long this is a long road huh.

Even in Paramin you know you’re kind of turn right you wind a bit and so on but here’s this constant upill, a one long stretch so it’s not easy again giving Cascade and the surrounding area that has uniqueness that you couldn’t try out for yourself if you want.

And the green yes the green.

And it also goes to show as I think I said in my LA Pastora video that you could go some of the most remote places and the most unexpected places and see electricity available so look at these poles all the way up here.

All the way up here and still supplying electricity to somebody yeah again another car there’s a turn off there a road and to boot, a house.

So yeah people living all the way up here and you’ll think no that but there will be more houses of people living up here how you feel about coming up and down this road to get to your house, because you see how long we’re driving up and it it doesn’t stop just keeps going up and up and up and the road itself is like a nightmare.

It’s really broken up and stuff and probably you can’t tell from the camera but it’s not leveled and I’m not talking about the potholes I’m talking about the actual asphalt you know what it feels like it feels like somebody you know just kind of tried their best to level a dirt road and then just took some asphalt and that’s through on top of it. That’s how it feels so it’s really bumpy is not leveled in any way and that was also making it a treacherous run you see how the brown grass and Bush on the left that means there was a Bushfire there sometimes you see that from ground level and you see this massify any mountains and you wonder you know what went on well that’s it then I’m sure for the people up here seeing something that I was kind of scary for them because I can’t imagine a fire Appliance and fire engine having to come up here it will take so long whatever will burn will burn out.

And look like it reached all the way here too.

I know there is a forestry division that tends to handle a lot of this.

You know thing fires and softening mountains cutting the grass and whatnot okay so that signed there if I continue here that would take me to the ranch the left is obviously to a private land and I wasn’t too sure if this sign catered for left or right, but in any case I knew I was beyond my stretch. And I think I showed you enough you got a general idea just put up ahead would be the houses and there’s food or only right there to that stressful ticket to the the ranch or whatever have you told them our private properties anyway so no need to continue but she got an idea of what it’s like to come all the way up here it’s an adventure all on its own you see where this street we come up from you see how it’s slanted and going up it doesn’t feel that way when you’re coming that way but that’s how it is and you can see Port-Of Spain in a distance there quite a sight now unfortunately my camera doesn’t have that Zoom factor which I wish it had but, I don’t know just stay in here for a while you know when you open a mountain this high there’s a feeling of serenity, it’s very peaceful the only thing in here is a breeze and maybe some birds and that’s me coming out there too use another camera to record.

And I am going to show you the difference using that camera so you’ll see the pan shot there, Port-Of-Spain. I try to capture as much of the surrounding as I could.

And once I’m done I will head back into the truck and continue.

The air also here much better than ground level.

You could feel your lungs grabbing it just basking in it nice to breathe now you may think that going on is a lot easier but not necessarily because like I said the because the road is uneven and feels like you know just you’re right in on you you know that you’re not bubble wrap that packaging plastic with the air inside that they use to keep things safe? Well that’s how it feels like like if you’re driving on bubble wrap but bubbler out but that’s hard of course it feels you know so like I don’t know if you ever rode in a horse.

Driven caught if you had any cart and yeah being pulled by a horse on a bumpy road you’ll see just how uncomfortable that is I’ve been on that before it’s not easy.

See you know it doesn’t pause when you see me make those little pauses is because I’m on this d22 I have to engage 4×4 and then when I in order to disengage it I have to reverse yeah that’s how it is on this model vehicle I don’t know how it is for D40 and other vans, pickups, trucks let me know in the comments here how it is for you. But you get to see a lot of Port of Spain you could see the towers and if the stunts down the left this is a nice teaching area to record if you had a zoom lens right.

You could pick up a lot of stuff here.

Down below there those houses right on the left of your screen that’s Cascade. The rest of Cascade I haven’t covered yet up ahead is Port-Of-Spain proper.

Port-Of-Spain East, the Beethem, the ocean up ahead there.

Queen’s box Savannah right.

So besides the drive as the adventure of itself the The View it’s very nice and as you can see it’s kind of a cloudy day there is some sun but there’s also Sahara and dust in here which kind of mutes your ability to see further to the South.

On a really clear day you can see this the southern part of Trinidad, it’s very small and you can also see Venezuela to the West.

When I went to Icacos so I was surprised to see how well I could see Venezuela to me you could actually see it better than you can from the West.

Such a small world everything always seems so distant but it’s not.

So you can see one again why I broke up these road trips because look at how much time I’m spending just on this one part of cascade.

Just coming up this mountain and that’s it difference from covering other areas in Trinidad because Cascade again is so unique you have to dedicate a dated or several or you know four days in my case. I mean I have other commitment months and stuff so making this drive is like on the way to do other things and I say you know me let me get it done because if I spend a day doing this I would never do it. I think when when something is closer by to you you take less interest in it you know if I go south sometimes more eager I got to film everything I guess because I knew I wouldn’t be back there so I’ll just take the opportunity to do it and here you feel well I can always get it and then you never do but I’m fixing that right now.

But you get to take in all the view of Port of Spainwhich is a good thing. A nice butterfly that’s flying on the right almost in front of the truck. Now let me take a moment here to tell you guys to make sure to subscribe it is free I know sometimes you might be tired of hearing somebody sit out on the channel but then you don’t make sure to subscribe it really helps out if you like these other videos you appreciate what I do it doesn’t cost you nothing it’s just hitting a button subscribe much appreciated. You can see where that Vehicles waiting for me are that will turn off this beats other areas I would have had to go in order to get out of trouble.

In addition to Subs subscribing which is free make sure to like as well you like the video Don’t just tell me like it actually press the button because you know why that lets YouTube know that hey a lot of people like this video and they will let other people know about it.

So make sure and like let your friends know about where you get to see all these great videos of Trinidad and I’m getting a lot of people from other countries too. I’m not I’m not talking about just Trinis abroad who miss the country but a lot of people are emailing me contacting me letting me know about the interest in the country and visiting and whatnot.

But as you know in JB’s man cave what makes my channel very unique to others is I capture things as they are. So I I always try to come from the perspective that you know what if somebody was to come to this place where I am I want them to experience exactly how it would be not just oh let me just capture the nice place for the nice flower the nice plant or whatever and that’s focus on that. No I want them to see things as they are and while that might not be revolutionary or cause any great you know mass hysteria for the video to go viral I know in the long run many appreciate that.

My channel is sort of a slow boom.

You know it’s kind of like a snowball that falls and has his ruins picking up momentum this is not like a rock star who comes over this one hit wonder and he’s popular today and then feeds away tomorrow minus one of those teeths stay on the drive kind of Charles taking it slow getting in momentum but not feeding are we at all just there constantly growing.

So I could go back down right that’s the way we came up but that would be kind of boring so I’m turning left here so you could see another aspect of Cascade.

And the interesting drive that it is.

Again I could turn left but no that’ll be too much so I’m turning right I mean you could go up and on these hilly areas mountainous areas as much as you like especially if your aim is to test out your vehicle or you could get that here.

See these massive retaining walls on your right.

And you can see here like I said how people Pride themselves on the plants on the Green flowering plants, the palms.

You still see a lot of green I mean you could see there’s concrete yes but the place is clean and they have the trees and whatnot and this is what I like this is how Trinidad was for me growing up like this no no not necessarily talking about it being upscale but just that you would see a mixture of green with concrete and not just concrete like most places are today you you see this mixture you see people still trying to keep it green and that’s one of the things I like about Cascade.

Yes you have your house yes you have thing but you still take the time to plant something and still clean up your area you put your trash where it belongs you know that’s nice, that’s inviting for anybody.

And you can see that here.

I know this especially they make good use of the Bougainvillea which is colorful flowering plants like one on the left there passing now some later in this video that wow really brilliant. I’m sure you will think I did something manipulate the color only video and I didn’t just but it’s just brilliant all on its own. So on that side of this Cascade we picked that up late any video my job now after that humongous run and filling the engine hot I mean it’s cool that’s not overheating or anything but the whole vehicle is hot from that run. I said okay that’s enough for one day and let me head back and I will come back for the Third Run and in doing so I’m showing you the exit again down Cascade Road and you can pick up some of the looks left on right. Now one thing I have with my d22 is that the fan that is being driven, it’s not an electric fan it’s a fan pushed by the engine through a belt that is stationary. So that fund is always working on my radiator if I actually have videos on on flushing the radiator and doing stuff on your vehicle I do that for my truck that kind of thing interests you can always check out my channel for that I have videos on things that I do on this truck. Repair it and maintain it and weld it and all kinds of stuff anyway but one of one of the things I wanted to say is that the radiator and the fan they’re both in action already it is actually oversized it’s huge it’s probably actually built for a truck a big bigger truck than mine but the previous one I’ll put it in and I ran or dot keeps the in general very cool how to hose boost for me on a bypass from the the injector.

The fuel pump and that I didn’t realize that so much.

Radiator fluid could come out from there but what happened is the rubber itself over time just you know became a little porous and there was a slight cut and I didn’t realize I was letting out with her foot and one day I just kind of stopped and saw what’s going on here. I’ve seen some white smoke so I had to stop and change that once I changed it was all good again.

So we’re back here this is Saint Andrews Road and this has been the exit to come out of this area Queen’s all on your right and if you notice I start every video or every day of the video like this huh that’s just to give you some bearings of where I am so we’re going on to day 3.

Again don’t forget to subscribe right it can’t be that you have been here this long and you haven’t subscribed yet.

Remember it’s free, you just press any subscribe button just note I don’t want to cover Trinidad I cover other Islands other places in the world and I cover things as too like trucks, the war in Ukraine,

Issues and whatnot so it it’s not always that you would get notification for a video on JB’s man cave given it just exclusive to Trinidad it’s not like that my channel is not exclusive to Trinidad I have a lot of coverage for it because I’m from Trinidad and you know as I go about my stuff while I’m here I am recording. But it’s not the only place I share my other footage from elsewhere as well so if I continue I’ll be seeing St.Anns’s again and going up here this is Cascade route so in going up here now I’m gonna show you what it would it would look like if I did not take that turn off.

To go up Mount Hololo all right so that’s Marcia again on the left and that’s the route only left it out we would have taken to go up on my last trip there Church that I showed you last time so going at this angle this will be the first time now I’m just tuning in here just to show you this huh this is another way to go up that same Mount Hololo.

I am not going up there because I already been up there and I showed you that just now this would be just one way to get it.

And just for information I mean this I can’t turn the camera left or right so what I do is I sometimes will drive like that to show you what it looks like. This little bridge here I’ll not turn off there would take you to another part of Cascade that you will see later on in this video for now we’re going to start covering elsewhere.

See this stretch on your right there was a family that used to live up here called the Raphael’s, how many of you know them?

The landlord I believe was Mr ince I think he was an attorney Guardian I think that’s the house down he left the one that the roof is no longer there a lot of the Raphael’s passed away and so it saw the two mistins it seems like a lot of people passed away and it’s also reflective of my own age getting old, everybody’s just dying around me it’s kind of like okay you’re next.

Do you feel that way? I know I get a lot of older heads watching my videos.

I couldn’t turn around there not reasonably anywhere I might have had to go into that person’s yard and I try my best to avoid doing that so in this instance I just reversed and you’ll see me do that a lot in this road trip in Cascade because they just take the route to a dead end and I really wish they wouldn’t do that I mean a road should end with some sort of cul-de-sac or a round about about us this is like a federation Park that was well thought. out each of the roads that’s kind of and have a dead end has a mini roundabout about in it so you could just turn it wrong and that’s how we’ll do for the the houses that are up there but if you just end it like that makes it really hard for anybody to move around.

And then doing this turning around you got to see some kind of the properties that the design in our houses, very old times look, Colonial.

Generally wanted a ride to the ventilation blocks and stuff those kind of designs are out. Those red flowers is the Bougainvillea I was telling you about

A lot of the houses on this particular part of cascade maintain the old time look, renovated here or there but generally the same that pink building above seem to be multi-purpose and a transition to different things no it just seems to be closed up.

It looks like it used to be a some sort of Supermarket but back in the day when I was there that was nothing I was just empty landm part of the river Etc. Now going up here you’ll see any more of of course Posh looking parts of Cascade but as I grew up because it’s the roads are steep again the camera will point up and therefore give you a nice shot the kind of houses up here again showing you the uniqueness of cascade.

So I turn left here but I’ll be actually coming out that road that we passed on the right.

Some of these houses wow the construction of them they’re like literally on the edge of the mountain, I don’t know how I would feel about that.

I didn’t feel like going up there because you know those those areas would just take me back to Mount Hololo and whatnot and I have already more or less been up there. And I didn’t feel like going again some of the places here under construction I’m probably under construction for a long time you know sometimes people start a project they stop. There was the pandemic too that kind of slowed everything down and changed people’s plans that , you know made everybody have to kind of rework what they wanted to do in life.

And construction was one of those things and now that that’s over or more or less over you know people are getting back to it but you know restarting something that you have stopped can be sometimes twice as hard as when you first started it so you can see an example where the road ends here construction.

There seems to be more or less of a stand still, though but someday that would be a house for somebody. Well you know in the case of this the person would have had to put up that retaining wall on your right before they could even build the house because you know once you start to dig for to build a house for a hill or Mountain it’s such a shifting line and to build one of those retaining walls especially thick and tall like that you that could cause you almost building the entire house so you know sometimes people have to do things in parts.

So as you go down here we’re gonna check out other roads I didn’t bother to go to that small Road anyway from here look down remote unremarkable Maybe it had something special but I don’t know but you know like I said I can’t cover everything I try to get the general gist of the area and by taking all these angles you kind of see everything.

But it’s hard to pick up everything because I just can’t go everywhere.

So start taking these avenues and you’ll notice again in these avenues it comes to a dead end and it isn’t really much to turn around.

I’m actually gonna look at what it’s like, in the case of here this is some sort of guest house, never stayed but if you have been there you can always let me know how it was.

I have a nice mango tree in the yard.

Something was really nice seeing so many houses around here again is that old Colonial look people have chosen to maintain it, rather than modernize it.

Good example of that is these Apartments here you can see how they look quite modern they look good.

Skate it off so you can’t enter you can’t bother them I’m sure just as they like it now I tried to turn around there but it was my vehicle is just too long for that, and I had to reverse until I found somewhere that skippable so you can see the sizes Street and that’s right my vehicle was pretty much that length it just couldn’t turn there.

Check out this wall I like this wall, stone wall I don’t care too much for the part on your top with the wood which I imagine would look good if it was steam still and varnished but generally I don’t like using wood for anything I mean if I if I ever had the chance to build my house everything would be just Stone brick cement, glass and metal for anything no wood.

But I know some people like wood eh, they like the feel of it how they could stain it and whatnot but not me.

I’m not too sure what the yard on the left is sometimes people take over these empty lots and they make a sort of multi-purpose aspect to it. Which I’m not too keen on because when it’s a residential there I find Residential layers just be kept just as that not for commercial and multi this and multi that.

Look at all those nice those Bougainvillea are see? They’re just beautiful and they come in a wide range of colors they also act as a good deterrence for the thieves as well because they have thorns on them. So in the old days what people used to do was make a whole fence out of Bougainvillea to keep people out while I see some people still doing that they rely on concrete and electric fences. There’s a nice house going up there some people doing some maintenance there so I couldn’t go up any further with the excavation.

How’s the head is a good example of curb in modern Caribbean architecture it has that look, whereas the one on the left is an example of all Colonial architecture.

Now you can see by that barrier there that’s up they try to gate off this area I notice they tried to do that for a lot of areas in general how they kind of dropped the idea because you can’t just take a public road and decide you want to privatize it. I mean I know their reasons are but you just cannot do that you have to change the law.

There’s a mini bridge ahead, and I was tempted to go there but then I said nah I don’t know that looks like private and then I don’t know if I could even turn around there or whatever.

So we’re back on can I schedule it and you could see how small it is as you cover some of the Avenues here, again is sweet lime on the left covering wall any green all that Bougainvillea up ahead now that’s really beautiful,

This part of Trinidad is I mean look at the house on the right to eh does that not look like real colonial days it could even pass for North American with the wood on it. Again another area that I can’t turn around so I figured let me just reverse out but being and you know watching this is refreshing for me because it really reminds me of my youth the Trinidad that I once knew that looked like this all over not like it is now. Getting a good angle of that wooden hose up ahead very rare you’ll see such a gigantic wooden house looks like it’s three levels actually or four levels if you can consider it could be an attic with a floor hmm interesting yeah it’s refreshing because you know this is how the Cascade keeps keeps it out Trinidad used to be and don’t look at the modernization of it I’m talking about the idea of houses with green and stuff. And people keep in their yard and stuff more or less you know together again no such a trash anywhere and whatnot.

Yeah I know you’re gonna tell me you always have weeds growing any road and stuff but then weeds growing in your Rosary Road that means minor stuff nobody gonna take that on as much as if there was trash there.

Trash is just unsightly they just can’t stand seeing it because the first thing comes to my head is “who on Earth would did not have parents-” look Bougainvillea on the left “wow who didn’t have parents to tell them you know what you finished using something put it in a Black bag?” just throw it out there car window or throw it there on the ground while you’re walking away you know put this in a black bag tie it and put it there to fit to be picked up you know refuse pickup is a free thing you know in Trinidad and you have to pay for it now I gotta go on you know I want to try this but I really don’t want to throw it for nobody to see because I had a peer price no no no no no no no no just put it in the right place man.

I call those the whole city steps built into the earth going up to it.

This house had two designs very nice the wall the fence on it the sweet lime. it’s my kind of thing looks good.

Sometimes spinning around like that gives you this view.

Cascade Villas there on the left.

Just little Bridge here so that gives that little Community kind of spirit with that entrance there it’s like a gated community without the gate. I’m trying to come out here top there’s a lot of blind spots too in Cascade the other watch data there’s a lot of traffic up here so it’s not like here they had to be worried but some of these roads I notice, coming out it’s very hard to tell if a vehicle is coming.

This little, that little commercial part there too growing up that was not there that’s kind of a more recent thing again also all houses.

Going up in some of these places here checking on things checking on all the things look actually one of these streets that we’re gonna take up here I don’t know about you but for me it gives that sort of European look not this one, talking about the next road. We’re gonna look at here first before we go to the other Road I’m talking about. On this particular one I was watching so so many houses was built The Columns that are supporting these gigantic structures and then right below those gigantic structures are these little houses. Now this part of the road here was really annoying for me you see how I’m kind of going up slow it’s not this steepness you know Matthias was kind of skidding because the gravel they put on a road was not secure does it looked like somebody was paving and this had some ends of pitch and gravel and they just threw it down the road and that’s dangerous because it could cause vehicles to skid.

You can see it there on the left and then there’s all that trash there I don’t know what’s happened to this section of cascade freezing it up and then you have this little section here with bad Road and and trash there.

But this road here too is not good either.

I guess if you wanted to live in Cascade then he was wondering where to to live, videos like this will help you see make your choice you know because sometimes people advertise a place and this is also any area and not just just Cascade and it show you the house and how nice it looks and stuff like but when you look at these streets it’s like wow.

Yeah it’s always good to know, first all the ins and outs of an area. One of the ways you could do that is check the place at night check the place on and off go by the police ask them if they have any reports about that particular Road or roads around it, all those things you should do before you invest in any kind of property or renting any property as well because sometimes landlords and agents will bring it up place during the best of times like they will say oh I can only show every place and they will give you a time because why because then we want to show you when the place is probably the most peaceful or there aren’t any limos or or things like that. But you know you try to choose times or even if you make that appointment go back there’s nothing stopping you going back and checking it on your own time at different times and if you see anybody around you could always ask them you know yeah what is such and such street like.

Now this is the part of Cascade that for me looks kind of European look at how this looks kind of going up here maybe I’m thinking too high but you see how all these things if we still have this little part here then you have it going bending around with a stonework on the left honey the Bougainvillea hanging over and then bam you just met by all these condos and stuff on the mountain and I’m thinking well that’s kind of weird I don’t know any place in Trinidad where I would see something like this. Mind you some of it could use some paint some of it can use some fixing up but I don’t know just the look of it to me you know if I looked at this I wouldn’t know where it was I wouldn’t say this is Trinidad right off the bat I would have to start guessing where it could be what about you tell me in the comments area if you feel that same way.

It was just unique to me, and you can see how the place is huh it looks really nice this part of it looks kept. The one we are reversing from could do some sprucing up but still all of it fairly good.

Clean streets, lots of flowering plants, there’s a coconut tree in the background, and again again I just of cascade from this angle again showing you the uniqueness of Cascade that you don’t see another parts of Trinidad.

A lot of multi-purpose properties here too, people you know there wasn’t all this push for condos and stuff, Apartments I mean they existed but now it’s like a thing you know people take a house or what would be a house for one family and divide it up and make it into apartments for four families.

So you get these expensive places with really small rooms, tell me if I’m not right in comments area.

Because in the old days you would either rent a house let’s say you’re renting a house you don’t rent a house then they would go from renting just upstairs or just downstairs but now it’s like you’re renting upstairs the right half or renting upstairs the left half, the downstairs the left and so forth. So you know it’s like a house divided up and he seems by his family that would have had to rent the entire place would not have to be involved in just quarter of it or a third of it because apartment on renting is really expensive.

So this kind of brings and to Day 3 where I covered that area and I said okay that’s enough for today and wanted a head back so this is not the end of the video I know we still have moore to cover. Day 4 is coming up and on day four you will meet some very interesting parts of cascade, Cascade with some history and places I’ve been when I was a kid and also some tough mountains to go up they feel like challenges again. It wasn’t just some Mount Hololo there are some smaller ones baby ones that you can try if you plan to test out your vehicle, so stick around weeks you’re just gonna go back here to the exit because this is where I like to pan out for days that I’ve been and start a new day I always like to start a new day coming from Queen’s Hall. So don’t go anywhere yeah so let me take a moment to say that you know if you enjoy these videos you enjoy the time that it takes for me to record it feel free to go to or and give a monetary contribution that really helps me out with fuel with my time with the expenses that goes into maintaining a site like this with your production and stuff. I know for many of you might think that YouTube is this miracle worker where it pays millions to people who create videos, but it’s not like that. So your support helps until I become a million subscriber and then I could pay back you all in some other way so do become a patron go to JB man and you can contribute there. There are contribution buttons and support buttons here that you can use to contribute the only thing with those I find is that YouTube takes a huge chunk of the money that you choose to donate so it’s better if you do it on my site that’s you know that way I could get at least most of it PayPal and the merchant Banks they do take all their fees but not as much as YouTube does. So we’re going on day four here and therefore is more or less to wrap up this Cascade road trip it’s been pretty long I’m sure that unless you are a superhero video viewer you did not watch this whole thing from starting if you did feel free to comment in the comments here I’d like to know who you people are that have such strength and Gusto because even for me I had to take breaks recording this but I know some of you are dedicated and I thank you for that for watching on JB’s man cave.

So we’re going up Cascade Road here and the objective here today is to finish off all the roads that I didn’t see as yet now when I say all the roads I know there will be some road I will miss I’m talking about the major ones right? Ones that most popular because there are a lot of side roads but they are short and don’t really have anything significant and you know I don’t have time if I if I take up all the little roads I will end up not showing any major ones. And sometimes when it deals like this sunny even though it’s a bit cloudy I try to take advantage of it because you know I’m so glad that in recording the whole of this and each day I came it was more or less the same as the last day, I didn’t encounter a day with rain and and the next day was sunny and so there was that contrast no it’s more less the same. Now I don’t know if you remember when I was commenting about it had that European style. Here’s a better example of that and evenly houses on the left and right is also strange and not we saw the built up right to the road very close together? Huh that was something you just don’t see in Trinidad see what I’m talking about just close together built up it’s gonna kinda European feel to it, empty stuff up above any mountain and stuff I don’t know you tell me what you think.

Of course the windows are all typical Caribbean I mean you can’t get away from that, but other than that the the feel of it these like little Cottages together. Again the road here is so difficult, I kind of had a turn in to somebody’s gateway that was open there to turn around otherwise I definitely couldn’t turn around here,

I don’t know how other people do it, but I just had to show you this route.

A lot of towers here I’m not sure how I would feel about living just under a tower for cellular communication. How I mean there was a lot of stuff on this before the radiation and stuff what are your thoughts on it?

Would you mind living in a place where there was a Cellular Tower right above you?

Now some of these roads on drives if you took them you could actually experience what it’s like to get up Mount Hololo again you know for instance this one is a good example of it. See that road there? I mean you could kind of tell that it’s going really steep up and it is, look at it in contrast to the apartment on your right and you’ll see how steep it is.

While I’m already in the incline going up there’s a part I say you know what I’m not going up anymore. Because I don’t see a place particularly to turn around up there and I don’t want to be reversing down as steep hill or mountain in Reverse. That’s kind of dangerous you have less control of the vehicle I mean nice thing about having gears is you could use the gears but still it’s very hard to see and especially on my van I have a canopy make it around a little harder to see too but until then around here you could see so many flats, apartments, condos or whatever you call it up ahead.

Some of the architecture and designs, people use on put up.

So you know like I said really any video too, a lot of the architecture here was during the colonial period early days, in renovating at this kind of try to modernize it but still keep that Colonial local Caribbean some of them is total renovation and others is just totally as it was back in the day just didn’t do anything other than maintain it.

I mean if you can maintain the Old Colonial look, good hats off to you but it’s just really hard to do that because things deteriorate over time you know.

Not to mention you want more security for against thieves and stuff, you know the old Colonial houses was I thought would work and stuff and another incentive to keep for another barrier I should say people to keep away.

Acts more like a drive, anyway they don’t build houses like that anymore.

So again it’s not as a steep incline, it’s a shift gears here.

But more or less it ends in a dead end and I said okay time to turn around.

Ah there’s some coconut trees, imagine in a Caribbean Island you have to actually be excited when you see a coconut tree, it used to have so many of them around.

By the way for those of you who like just watching these long videos please consider my shorter videos as well.

A lot of the short videos cover issues in the world and stuff and a lot of you may not realize how much else is going on in Trinidad or around the world if you only watch the long ones. Because the long videos you know just road trips talking about the area man I want more or less sometimes I will cover an issue but the issue surrounds the environment and the way structures are and stuff but more specific issues are covered in my shorter videos. And I would like to hear your comments there too because if you in if you are so well-minded to comment in the long videos just imagine how much you can add to my shorter ones about specific issues.

Now in this road is a good example of what I told you about people building on these massive columns and I can’t imagine all the people below them must feel I know I would be kind of scared to see a massive column being built. Now here’s really stupid I take my 4×4 off and on when you’re driving a 4×4 yeah after drives a little slower, so that’s why sometimes you disengage it, re-engage it only when they really need it. And that is there case here you can see how steep it is here and what answer that was the sharp bends huh it’s a sharp Bend here.

And the engine is working hard to take the weight of the truck up and I don’t know what the building on the left is the apartment or a house or what but that is really something else do you get to see some of these designs now I see that design on the left there that’s my kind of house. Modern, no word and stuff, just you know block, cement, glass, metal that’s it no word no insects are wrong and stuff. Yep that’s right that’s the only reason I don’t know like what they just they’re just attract insects.

And the other thing that I don’t like about wood is that wood expands. Especially with temperature or moisture and you can see evidence of that when you try to if you have a wooden door especially how our door that is a window that is external, like it goes outside sometimes it will close properly one day or it is it will not close properly right you know what I’m talking about? That’s the change in temperature and moisture because then it wouldn’t expands it.

You could overcome that by shiv any diving on you but I mean really? One day I might wake up you see termites eating a lot of stuff

I that’s why I don’t like wood people tend to gravitate towards it because it’s cheaper of course it’s easier to manipulate, you know but in the long run I don’t know tell me what you think any comments.

Again notice how everything is clean, well kept in the area you do see trash as trash in bags and no trash all over.

The only thing I could see is they need to fix the roads.

The main road is not bad but the the arteries, these roads not suitable for the kind of areas being presented.

Gaated community on the right there that’s fairly new hmm just imagine all here was green I was young, didn’t see hoses everywhere and houses on the mountains and stuff that’s that’s fairly new. That house on the right I really nice I like the design I like how they made it up.

Again establishing the green, plants, imagine if you take out all this green how it would look wouldn’t look too good would it green just enhances anything.

This is Cascade road we continue and to go deeper into Cascade.

This is a community center you would have seen that from my couple of runs up here. Now way I’m going to know is Nice Bridge I believe and then Mon Repos or whatever they call it and those are mountainous drives and that’s on on those is where I will end the video. Because then I would I could see honestly that I covered most of cascade and at least the most familiar parts of Cascade because there are places that you can go but,

You know I don’t want to go there it’s just too hard to turn around and all that Jamboree.

It’s a nice looking Jeep coming down it’s kind of a vehicle you would need for up here.

This little piece of road here is terrible it really needs to be fixed and then when people have the area like this kind of like well shacked up and stuff it’s just not appealing it kind of really runs down the area.

And whenever you see a house like that, they tend to see things around it that matches it as well. You know somebody taking a time to build up a nice part of the area put flowers planting, there’s this shack and galvanize and whatnot.

Somebody came to my channel recently about another video and said that should be outlawed I agree I have as much as mentioned not that there needs to be some sort of law policy about the way keep your property, that that you can’t just do whatever you wanted your property and just leave it like a derelict because that’s hurting other property owners that are around you unfairly. Whereas you know for instance if they wanted to get a value on the property of their house they now have to devalue because your property is not maintained that’s that’s really unfair.

Now if you saw a yellow building on top of the mountain from some of my other shots well that’s it coming up there this looks like some kind of I don’t know if it’s apartment or what I didn’t go in because it’s gated but it’s an interesting,

Thing turnabout I couldn’t even turn around here, it was really hard is it is Buena Vista I’m seeing there?

I’m not sure what is advertising us but hmm.

In turning around you got to see what so many Mountainside is like.

The root is a little bigger so if I take baby steps and turning around my vehicle I could wing it, unlike the other streets.

Some of these areas are very quiet so when they say a vehicle that they are not accustomed to seeing they tend to you know keep an eye out what’s going on who’s this, that’s how quiet it is up here there’s another thing about Cascade I like very quiet, not a set of limers and whatnot at least this part of cascade huh. We already talked about the Cascade where you go all the way up.

The lower part of Cascades can be like that too there’s a lot of influence from the Saint Anns’ hospital which is a mental Health institution and asylum in some cases and when they release patients sometimes the patients don’t have anywhere to go so what they do is they wander the area. Now very rare today I wander all the way up to Cascade but I mean the lower part of cascade they do walk around a lot.

And you’ll see them walking around.

And I mean I don’t want to point them out but in this video I can actually remember some of them from when I was a kid, and they’re still walking around and that really is a sad State of Affairs really I’ve used you would have seen if you’re a dedicated viewer to JB’s man cave but not just you know just passing through or just looking at one video that you’re interested in I’m going if you are dedicated viewer we would have seen videos I made about mental health in Trinidad and the gross lack of services and resources.

And it’s such a, I would call it a pandemic of the mind here, I know I promised myself I’ll make a video on it I know we did when we used our NGO for Autism about how those I think the the statistic was like up to a hundred thousand people in Trinidad that needed serious mental health Services that’s right almost 10 percent of the population. And, really there’s nothing in it you know as always talk about what we’re doing as we’re doing but really in the end the day there’s nothing. Everything is just grossly inadequate anyway let me not go there because then I will trip off and start making some sort of video about another subject that I don’t want to anyway. So this is the final road that will end this video. When I say end, once I’ve come down it and we go then I’ll be the end of it but I wanted this was yeah one of the major roads that you need to see because in this road is both nice houses but also it reminds me the old days. When I used to have a pickup truck it was just a 4×2 and it was a long car it’s a good only the tray was long so the seating was just the driver and two passengers and in that day, I used to bring the vehicle up here for repairs and you might be thinking well what? Repairs in this area? Well yeah because you see you’re looking at it now and you’re thinking wow this looks really nice and upscale but back in the day? This was all grass and Bush it wasn’t all this roads and big houses and stuff. So let me show you where I used to go and repair my vehicle by a guy called Michael, he used to have his place up here and I understand that he doesn’t do that kind of work anymore but he was a really good mechanic. A really honest fella and they don’t make mechanics like him again, very few. Only one similar to him that I know is our next guy called Shiva that I go to in Felicity. Now that’s about I really can’t think of others. Anyway you can see these state of the place still looking like a garage,

well this is how do you see how looking though is how I remember it when I used to bring my van up here. Still looking the same, so the same works that they do the other sectional of Cascade looks like they need bring it about here.

And the funny thing about living up in a mountain place like this, you know you may start up living here thinking okay well it’s all green I’m isolated what not but given time, people will start building around you and actually increase the value of your area.

So as you know, I’m sure if you will have an opinion you thought wow would all these big gigantic houses start be building around me well you may not think so but that’s exactly what happened.

This is a part of the road that I didn’t was not here before so this is new, this is recent.

Just checking it out.

I thought that the road was going to bear left and that I would be able to go up and see what’s around the corner but I hit a dead end and it was kind of weird seeing that police post and I said okay how am I gonna turn around here and then I realized I couldn’t turn around so I simply had to reverse.

Man real cameras on that thing now,

they’re picking up JB’s mind cave and that looks like what a United Nations Flag? I’m not sure what that’s about.

Anyway interesting area, interesting houses.

And in turning around here,

it’s a nice butterfly that has passed, and turning around here I will give you a shot of what it would be like going up the other Hill of this. I’m I’m not going up that hill because that are that’s really steep and driving on steep places is not has its own energy to it huh look at this one see how steep that is so I’m just giving you a look at it.

You can see the angle this is the house right to tell you what I’m talking about anyway this is a nice part of cascade and we are seeing the last of it.

Wow I can’t believe I talked to you for so long.

I can’t believe you were listening for so long.

Look at my Mountain across there I’m just noticing that they’ve pretty much taken away all the trees from it it almost looks likes something you would see in Wales or England, a lot of mountains on hills with no trees on it.

I wonder if that was a-


Just thinking about that building me past there earlier, anyway.

So we are going on Cascade Road here, and exiting this part of Trinidad.

Giving you the view I’m surprised his speed limited is 50. That’s pretty high for these roads

I can’t I mean I wasn’t going 50 on this drive, too many blind Corners blind spots to be on holes in this particular Road to be going at 50 kilometers.

So what did you think about the road trip today? Was it worth the view, worth the weight? I always appreciate to hear your feedback let me know what you think. There’s a what they call they loosely call here the gas truck

They take cylinders of gas, cooking gas to people the houses those are the 100 pound ones I believe. They last quite a while the more current the more common one that they bring is the 20 pound.

Something also that I wish they would change about areas too is all these lines overhead, it didn’t bother to me too much in this video but exiting I can see a lot of it.

Again if you haven’t seen my St.Ann’s, Lady Chancellor video. That’s an area close to here, connected it with a uniqueness of its own as well.

You know you would just know you’re in that area if you went there.

Also behind that Brix hotel is the Hilton Hotel.

The Brix wasn’t in there when I was younger that’s also a fairly new development.

There used to be a place called The Pelican Inn and in that Inn had a sort of like a bar, at the school the Pelican thing they used to call it and that used to occupy that spot where the Brix is now.

Remember those days? How many of you remember that? You can tell many comments area, I hope you appreciate this view make sure to contribute if you can if you can’t just subscribe like and share. Look at how much that Poui has bloomed on your right, the yellow one. Thanks so much for watching really appreciate it.

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