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French Guyana or French Guiana

Friends let’s look at French Guyana. And it’s called French Guyana actually because it’s a territory of France. And it’s located in south American so again as I said in the surname video people often associate south American with Spanish-speaking countries and Latin countries but really south American is made up of countries that speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and of course French.

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And in French Guyana they also have French creole and as I understand it some of the states within French gang also have their various dialects now the interesting thing about French gang is that for such a vast amount of land the population the size of it is very low they’re not even around 300 000 maybe people for all that land and the land is largely underdeveloped now you would think as a French territory they use the the uh the euros by the way and they also are part of the European community uh you would think that France would have delved into developing it more but really they haven’t and it has led to some instability in the past where people protested and got angry because they felt France should invest more in the people of French Guiana.

Well one way that France has invested is there is an actual space port in French Guiana in that the create and test and and blast off rockets that go into space from French Guyana so it acts as a spaceport and that’s where a lot of the income from the country comes and a lot of employment comes from now as well so this is French Guyana there’s a lot it it has you know that Caribbean look but it also has monsoon weather as well so you know you get to the north uh east on the shoreline you know that Caribbean field and they I they did once want to apply for Caricom membership as an associate state but I’m not sure if they got through with that or not which is strange being that they are also part of the um European union anyway that um yellow green and red star that you see on your screen onto the left lower left that is the departmental flag of French Guyana the actual flag of French Guyana is of course the French flag so have you been to French Guiana what did you think please let me know in the comments area and please do like subscribe and share with your friends thanks so much.

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