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Virtual Reality around Fort Abercromby

This is a 360 video it means that you can look in any direction by moving your finger on your phone or your mouse or your VR unit and you will see what I saw in any direction usually with any camera you would have to look in the same direction that I’m pointing but with 360 you can look in any direction try it on your phone your computer or with your VR and look in any direction to see what I am seeing. You may have to look at this video several times to pick up because when you’re looking in one direction you’re missing stuff in another direction… enjoy.

FORT ABERCROMBRY Las Cuevas Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean 360° VR 5.6K

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As you’ll probably have noticed with 360 videos they always start in a midpoint which is not the best point so the best thing to do is zoom out you may have to use the plus or minus sign or widen your fingers on your phone or tablet I don’t know what device you’re using so whatever you use to zoom out and then you will get the sharpest view possible you’ll build a pan better and then you can always zoom in as necessary anyway so we are on the Caribbean island of Trinidad it’s the southernmost island in the Caribbean and we are looking at the Las Cuevas / Fort Abercromby area. In fact, you are standing right now on Fort Abercromby. There are two cannons below you if you look down you’ll be able to see it and if you look in a certain direction you will see a beachfront with a long beach. Nobody is on it because it’s a rainy day and then you also see the Caribbean sea to the north which is the open ocean so we’re right on a cliff really and the trees and the ground below all the dirt… this would have been where the British once had a fort no Trinidad is a independent republic country but we were once a British colony and so at the time when the British had their establishment here and they were still fighting off the French and the Spanish and pirates they had this fort built as a backup fort for other forts they may have had and it was also a fort intended to prevent an invasion so this is why these fort was here and all that’s really left are the two cannons and that stone wall below although you can look in any direction and see what you see you may see me somewhere around this video last around five minutes so this you can this was simply a natural sound zoom in and zoom out you know just have fun looking at Fort Abercromby and as usual you know if you like these videos make sure to SUBSCRIBE, if you haven’t, it’s free and like SHARE and let your friends know about it thank you so much!

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