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Fort Abercromby Trinidad

Fort Abercromby Trinidad

Hello friends, today we are going to cover Las Cuevas village a beautiful beach and mostly Fort Abercromby. That’s the Las Cuevas beach facility and that’s the fort and this is Las Cuevas beach it’s a rainy day the best day to come and record and why is that because nobody’s here if a lot of people was here I wouldn’t been able to give you the shot you know for the sake of people’s privacy this is what loves reverse looks like when it’s already it’s clay the downfall is there are lots of sand flies but I come prepared for that I’m wearing boots jeans fully clothed of my rain jacket on

LAS CUEVAS VILLAGE Fort Abercromby TRINIDAD and Tobago Caribbean 5.3K Road Trip by

unlike other beaches in Trinidad um this beach is right on the side of a mountain Las Cuevas is very long I think probably it’s one of the longest beaches for bathing not the longest beaches longest beaches for bathing because there are longer beaches for instance like in the Manzanilla but really they can’t beat up there anyway with Las Cuevas you can come and the waters are fairly calm you can see how calm they are and they don’t no we there’s a small wave that crashes there but generally it’s calm so it’s good for people who can’t swim as well anyway my interest was not to really show you the beach another day when it’s sunny and you know I can come early and whatnot I will come here and record more of Las Cuevas today we want to focus on a bit of the village and the Abercromby Fort so this is the north coast road I am heading east I am coming out of the Las Cuevas beach facility parking lot so that’s where we start in I just passed the Las Cuevas fishing road there that’s where they sell the fish and whatnot um I’m not into buying fish nor do I eat fish as I’m vegan but just letting you know the location of that um so when you drive up this road basically the first road on your left would take you to Fort Abercromby

It’s gonna come up here in a bit and it’s a bit of a pending coup

so you know you’ll have to look out for it or your message see there it is

mystics enter the village now this is if one of the roads that

basically is part of the artery that leads to the other veins in the in a village but I couldn’t go into all the other veins because simply the the roads are very small a lot of cars are parked there and it’s down into our valley um I did attempt on the way back but there were cars blocking but you know basically I wouldn’t be intruding on those areas maybe another time right now you’ll see the main part of the village anyway because this is more or less the one of the main roads

and at least in this way you can see how to get to the fourth and some other interesting parts within the area again because it’s raining yes it’s gray you don’t see things as colorful but where we are going nobody will be there I think I met one person but generally nobody was there and that enabled me again to record everything for you

but anyway as we go through here you’re seeing what Las Cuevas villages like

and from here we can get various angles very shots of Las Cuevas so if you enter photography videography or just simply like sightseeing at different angles being up here will allow you to see Las Cuevas the beach front from an angle that you wouldn’t thought possible so basically around here is where you would park

and for their head is the trail that or path that leads towards the fourth or where the fourth used to be because really there isn’t much of a fort there is some stonework and two cannons that show you where

the fourth may have been established but probably it was a much bigger so we move on to um 5.3 key here and we’re going on this path

and there is this little sign here that gives you some history about it

the media should be better displayed

no you do the thing that I really know those were supposed to be toilets but they look like they went through world war two the thing I really liked about this place as you see how it’s all earth there’s no grass or anything to me that gave that feeling like you know hey this is a fort this is a war time place people are moving up and down you know there isn’t isn’t flowery grassy it had other feel I don’t know if that was on purpose or if it just happens to be like that but I just like that film so you know you just have the you wrote it and trees it’s passed out now those steps lead up to a lookout and we are going to come back later in this video and have a look at that

and up ahead on the left there is where the canons are I’m switching to natural songs now so that you can hear what I hear and at some point I will talk a bit live from the recording

It’s interesting how it was a bit frothy here I think maybe frog eggs what do you think

see nobody’s here very serene just as I like it I’m able to record everything those are the canons and they would have been pointed towards the sea you see Las Cuevas goes all the way to the other side there where you see that green hill or mountain any distance that stretches all the way and I do have a 360 video that’s gonna come out showing this this area better so you can look all for that so you can look at it from any angle

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so I can continue making these great things for you so all of this is part of the area that would have been effort and it’s unfortunate that nothing more was here now as I understand it this fourth was to prevent any enemies of the British because this was a British fort from [..] at Las Cuevas I guess they were more worried about the French landing because they did land there before and it was also to be a second fourth in case Fort George or Port of Spain or any of those areas fell to the enemy they would have some place to

come and return or move back or retreat

now these steps go down to what looks like a local I don’t know if I would swim here it’s a it seems a bit rough but I’m going to go down here so you can look and you’ll see any kind of steps these steps are a bit steep a bit rough apparently a bit slippery so if you’re gonna come down here um you need to be a bit agile at my age just put a lot of wear and tear on my knees and hold any camera at the same time wasn’t um helping any but the one good thing is it is really beautiful

I can see spending all day here recording

there’s Las Cuevas over there and you can see how the water is where the sea is hitting against the rocks it’s definitely not a place in my opinion for swimming I guess if you went closer there to the cove and you did some kind of scuba diving maybe but still

there’s just it’s just beautiful it’s just iconic that’s beautiful really nice

and normally of course there would be people here checking things out because you know when you come to this fort it’s not just about those two cannons all of this is included and because there’s nobody here I have to pull in with my camera that’s just fantastic

so even though the seas are grey the sky is grey

It still looks really good

so I’m climbing back up now you can see the height of those steps huh some of them are a foot or more foot and a half

these ones are a bit smaller so again I would not go down there if you are not agile you have problems with your knees or anything like that

you can also if you if you don’t want to go down any steps you can also come to this point but you have to be careful because there’s no barrier

and you can look down of course the view is not as great as if you went down there but again if you if you have trouble with your knees you don’t want to hurt yourself you can go down that way

now leaving the area over the cannons if we proceed back to where I came from this will take you to the steps and that part there on the right there’s another place you can sit down and look at Las Cuevas beach as a beach in the background just to show you how long it is

It’s definitely bigger than maracas

so these steps are quite a workout and you may hear me huffing and puffing

I’m actually skipping steps as I’m going up

so I’m not going up one step at a time but skipping steps and in a way that I might be making it work out a bit harder too but there’s so many steps so I wanted to get over with as quick as possible

but the whole journey is just simply icon there love it

and of course as you go up you can keep looking around now the trees are very tall so they kind of cover or hide everything in the background but occasionally there are little bricks where you can look you can stop on and stop unrest as well

now I’m thinking that probably a group of people came up here and cleaned everything how clean it was was really impressive for me I mean despite the one of you bottles bare bottles are wrong this place was really clean that was really nice

I just like that you know did look

and you can see how the trees tower above you

now this day I had my family with me

again this is not a part of the four type of climb that I would recommend if you aren’t agile if you can’t climb because this is all steep on all uphill there isn’t a break really at any point unless you just simply stop you can see this slant you also have to be careful because there aren’t railings above at this point so if you make a slip you would fall it would be actually better for you to fall on this side on your right of your screen down the left because the left is actually a cliff falling into the ocean so you want to stay away from there

you can see how far down or drop it is I mean if you were to drop down there I’ll show you your chances of survival to be honest so be very careful if you’re coming up here you can see those um

two chairs or what used to be two chairs would have been a nice place to sit down and look out but that’s not the case anymore

they’re just they’re like so if if you’re working on your own seat good but you know you can just stand and look to me there should be some kind of barrier there

now to me it ends more or less there keeps it goes back down and back up but I like to keep exploring and I kept exploring a bit mostly because it seemed to have

not concrete steps but cut in areas where you could see people made it to keep on going up to a certain point and because I had my family with me this day I could not go all the way because they couldn’t handle that but um normally I would just keep going and keep going and keep going checking out things this is something I used to do a lot in my younger days usually I would lead a group of young men or scouts and we would go in these areas on camp and stuff

so this kind of thing I like

but um usually I would just stop and look and keep going stop unlock keep going taking in everything

again I have boots with a lot of traction on it I wouldn’t recommend anybody coming up here with you know just your slippers or even got sneakers and stuff and it’s raining like this it’s going to get all muddy so you can see here where somebody made some kind of steps

and these are just two terms this is not rock or cement or anything this is just done by did

so I just wanted to follow it a bit and see what it takes me to

and one thing that you really can’t tell very well from

looking at a two-dimensional video recordings is depth or height or anything like that this this is very steep looks like flat doesn’t it but it’s not you can see this slant when I tilt a bit

and every now and again I need to take a breath because I haven’t done this kind of thing for a long time

so those cloud steps seem to stop there and I could have gone more but like I said I couldn’t because of my family they were still further back but if you notice you can look at the Las Cuevas there’s sandy beach from here and then look at the north coast from the other side where the steps and there you could stop there

all right see

now they’re too steep for them

sleep for me too also breath but I have the right

I don’t think going up is hard but for me going down it’s harder lots of chances to slip on fall always put your feet

perpendicular to the slant

there’s no friction for you going now you point your feet the same direction as this loop then you’re making yourself right fallen

this is a good example it was not the way anyway

and then he thought he was just going to teach

I thought I was just going to the beach too but sometimes I’m going to take these side roads

It leads you to other places

foreign on a map but but um I feel a horse looks like

I saw the uh i’ve become very fortunate in the map but I thought that would be a special day but as it’s raining and there were too many sun flies on my Las Cuevas we decided to keep walking driving checking out other stuff I’m probably heading back to maracas

that’s a huge two-minute mess

now I started sitting a bit because I’m speaking with my family we’re gonna go back down the hill mountain about the comrade fort worth lookout is and I’ll be assisting my sons to go down so if you hear me talking slowly live mike that’s the reason why

you all could tell me

this is an interesting part here where you can actually see the

cold it looks like a nice place to be swim but you wouldn’t you would risk trying to get to from here right but there’s actually an easier path that you’ll see it a little later how to get to there

so all of this is sponsored before time if again if people yeah I would have been able to show you this

check this mushroom

camera spawn around a bit there

I don’t know my mushrooms is that poisonous or not

you all could tell me so hitting the truck again you see that part that I just told you that you might have to risk the swim test but I’m going to show you where you can actually get it easily now when you’re leaving the road splits in two as you see here on the left will take you back where you came from the right just takes you to houses so you don’t want to take that part on your right here just before this wall I’m going to reverse a bit is where you can go to that little cove that I should I showed you just a moment ago I’m gonna pull my camera here again I can hear the noise of that truck engine

and I’m gonna go down there

again because it’s raining nobody’s here but I’m sure if it was nice and sunny somebody would be occupying this and we wouldn’t have been able to do this

uh not recommended for if you’re not agile there’s not you know nicely paid steps it’s just roots tires and stuff that is making up these steps to go wrong here but you know this is a nice little bathing area

today because of the arena it’s a bit dirty the water but um besides that it looks like a nice place to hang out the people here in Las Cuevas are really lucky to have this right there on the roadster

I’m not too sure what that plastic tank was about it was used for something or just washed up on sure

but again another area really nice to come and take pictures and whatnot

the fishermen are there at sea cast and nuts

and you can see the clouds just cover the mountains in the background

so again we are heading out to um the north coast road and we’re still in Las Cuevas village I’m heading out back the way we came

but it’s not over yet because this area again like I said has a lot of picturesque places that you can take pictures I just passed on a ride there uh driveway and we are going to go there that would be the place where they would land their boats basically if you had a trail or whatever and you wanted to take a boat to sea this would be the place to do it besides the other fishing road

that I showed you earlier here again is another really nice picturesque place for you to come and view and this is actually Las Cuevas beach that you’re looking at that little tent funny corner in the center sorry of your screen is where you would actually come down to

bathe and swim this is another angle

many fishermen only you know keep their boats and nuts in this area so so amazon these don’t know me come to this end so this might all be new for you

I can only imagine how it is on a nice sunny day so we go back on the road trip after finding that gem out of Las Cuevas village.

now you see I could have taken out road there I might have taken me to my inner parts of the village that I haven’t seen before but you know that could be another day what happens is my family wanted to go back to maracas because they didn’t like this beach because of the sun flies and stuff but um so I couldn’t stay as long so we head back to maracas and while in markers I did do a lot of recording as well because that beach was empty so look out for those videos as they come out some in 360 as well see I wanted to turn here right but there was a truck block in the road so again I couldn’t access the rest of the village

so what do you think about Fort Abercromby on a square village the place you’d like to come and see

out a bit but if you do please do not leave your trash all over I mean it’s really you know that area is quite clean except for a few bare but I just can’t understand why people can’t you know if you drink a beer or whatever why can’t you just simply take it with you you know don’t leave it there just put it in your vehicle when you reach our chat on area with a trash bin or whatever you can dump it

part of being and for me patriotic is done you know learning to keep your place clean appreciate in your country so this is the north coast road

we’re heading back west and as we head back west

we will pass um the Las Cuevas speech facility and I’ll point that out to you so you get an idea of where we are

and how close it is to that road for Fort Abercromby

that’s your road for the fishermen to sell their fish and stuff and this coming up right here on the right that’s the Las Cuevas beach facility so you get an idea of the distance if you wanted to go on city fort after spending a day at the beach or on the city ford first and then a beach or whatever have you you can also park there on your right and you can also walk down to the beach so it’s whatever your fancy so please do subscribe for free like let your friends know about JB’s Man Cave thanks for watching so much

NOTE: The above text was extracted from the video. Therefore, it may not be accurate. Other tours: Walking Around Arima, Trinidad, Caribbean