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Suriname Dutch Speaking South American Country

So let’s look at the country of Suriname which is located in south American. We’re going to zoom in thank you google maps that’s Surname… it was formerly known as Dutch Guyana and that’s the capital Paramaribo most of the occupants are to the north of Suriname a lot of jungle and green to the south and if it is zoom out you really don’t see a lot of you know city spots you just see green they have Guyana to the uh west French Guiana that’s the right and that picture is a good example for people who keep saying referring to south American as just Latin American countries or just Spanish-speaking countries in Guyana they speak English, Surinameā€¦ Dutch, French Guiana in a French and you have the largest country in south American which is Brazil speaking Portuguese so all those languages are in south American it’s not just Spanish.

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now I give you a hint there it’s Suriname used to be called Dutch khan and that’s because the Netherlands made a colony he ends surname and they had control of the whole land until surname got its independence but surname is largely still dependent on the European community as an associate country they have a lot of natural resources such as oil bauxite which is aluminum, gold, minerals, and I guess they can use a lot of the land too for farmland but yet still the country is considered one of the poorer nations in the south I did meet uh a couple of people from Suriname who came to Trinidad they were for me they were very humble very welcoming I don’t know if they were representative of all the people or that was just their own characteristic if you know you can tell me any comments area but the interesting thing about Suriname is although it’s so far south in um south American it’s still part of Caricom which is the Caribbean community and market so the part and parcel of the Caribbean if you want to put it that way what do you think about Suriname?

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