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Paramin Lookout La Vigie in Trinidad

Hello friends we are going to look the island of Trinidad that’s the island there and in the northern part More Northwest that is there’s a place called Paramin and within Paramin is the La Vigie Lookout that’s it right there it’s any mountains Paramin is a village in the mountains and this part of it is a good Lookout where you can see the northern coast

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that’s the roadway you would normally come down of La Vigie

and this is it here you can see where the vehicles are parked when we used to come here this was all green bush trees and grass there was not all of this this is a new development done by the government

and this is the guard post I like the entrance I like what they have done with the place is very nice well kept I just hope it can maintain this look feel and everything about it to me all tourist areas should be well kept like this now interestingly enough today we came there were a lot of tourist buses coming up here when I say buses I really mean the Jeeps because they use Jeeps 4×4 Jeeps to come up here these are the restrooms I didn’t go in there they have nice flowers in the garden

as you can see everything is maintained well kept and whatnot

now this is their view various viewing decks this is one of them and unfortunately when I arrived here this was the state of the day but don’t worry by the end of this video I will capture the same scene with a lot of sun so you’re gonna get this View and two versions first we’re starting with this so you can see the rain coming up ahead and it’s Gonna Catch Us in fact you can see the raindrops already

from here you can catch a lot of Maraval, Paramin the coast and whatnot I’m also panning up so you can see the woodwork what went into the building of this place

and you can see the continuation of the road there that road will go all the way to the Saddle road which will continue on to Maracas there’s a place called I believe the North Deck further up the two that you can see

now you can see the coasts from the these various little huts I don’t know if I should call them huts, Lookout areas

so there’s space enough for everybody

you can choose your own space so enough a lot of people come up here which they do you will be able to see um from various angles

so they built this kind of jutting out

if you’re afraid of heights it could feel a bit scary too but you know I didn’t get that impression you can see how it distills up the from that one

it’s pretty good pretty solid wasn’t like I was shaking or anything like that

I’m leaving natural songs by the way faintly in the background so you can hear all that’s around me which isn’t much this place here is for cooking now I don’t know what the regulations are but they have a thing there and I guess in some way you can cook

you’ll have to contact whomever I don’t know who’s in charge of this place I guess the Ministry of Tourism

one of the interesting things about Trinidad is its natural beauty

one person recently said in one of my videos that it’s underappreciated by

the locals and I very much agree

one thing I have found is that projects like this they will start off good just like you see how this is it’s really good condition really welcoming and nice but then as time goes by it’s not maintained to me it’s the I don’t know what what’s any budget for these things but to me it should be just automatic that these things are maintained constantly especially if we want the further the development of Tourism

a lot of trees these trees still block some of the view it all depends on which deck you use

even the Pathways have a decorative design on it which is nice

as you know all may not know if you’re new to JB’s mancave I always show things in the raw so I try to show it from the perspective as if you were there how you would see it not not just focusing on just the niceties or just giving you one shot but taking you as it were on a journey with any place showing your both good Bad and The Ugly and in this case the beauty

isn’t it curious what here might be like at night although I pretty much doubts here would be open at night I see they do have lights there

now down this way there’s a path to hike going down you can see our pathway down there right it goes all the way as I understand it to the coast and I’m gonna do all that today but I will give you by the end of this video a hint of what the hike is like now if you’re thinking of coming up here when it’s raining this is what it’s going to be like and this is just a drizzle but you will not be able to see the coast so it’s imperative that once you come up here you’re coming up here on a rainy day

there’s a light Breeze and it does get a bit cool up here I mean not cold you could see some of the tourists coming in there tourists tend to stand out don’t they

and what makes them stand although a lot is the way they dress they don’t dress like typical trinis those come with their shorts and their hats and their colorful clothes

as it appeared to me it seemed like they whoever the tour guides are they have the Paramin taxis bring them up here give them tours to like the church I think it’s The Old Lady of Guadalupe which have another video for you can check that out

and then they bring them up here and then they take them to I lived in North deck which is further down and then even further onto Maracas now I don’t have to go all the way to Maracas but I would imagine in conjunction with other people that might be part of the tourists day

I’m kind of Sheltering here and while Sheltering giving you some pictures now look sun is out and this is only after I would say half an hour so sometimes you might see it really rainy but don’t worry it might be sun ahead and as you can see it’s just beautiful

even the clouds are really nice to look at sort of majestic

this is beauty of Trinidad

that is often taken for granted

I just wish we could keep all of it clean and do less development you see how nice and green down there is I Can Only Imagine that in 10 years time that will be a whole complex of buildings and houses that really in my opinion just take away from the beauty of the nature so now that there’s sun I’m gonna Sunny I’m going to cool down the same path I did originally and give it the same tour but this time with sun

and you can see all the tourists

and I’m because there’s so many I’m going to use my extension Rod this time kind of tower over everybody ‘s trying to get their best shot

I like how the clouds come up

as they hit the mountains it almost looks like if the trees are smoking but that’s just clouds and it’s really nice to look at

that tree ahead looks like it’s kind of had better days straight up I’m just blowing in One Direction so you can tell which way you wind is

and somewhere over there until the distance I would Tobago would be out there

and you can see the Rains going in that direction you see how to turns to gray as I pan this way I’m facing west now

so this is a good little spot for you to come up um however coming up here is not an easy thing if you haven’t seen my videos on Paramin you should I have a part one and this video actually proceeds part two in case you don’t know on JB’s man cave I usually record specific places in 5.3k as a single separate video and then the actual road trip to get there as another video so I’m showing you the the Final Destination before I showed you how I got there but how you get here is actually a whole adventure of itself it’s not easy you need a good vehicle to come up here I can tell you that right away it’s not easy

trying to get past those tourists there to the other deck this is the other place I was showing you where you go Sheltering from the rain and I was saying how nice it is

and I was saying oh I can imagine all that being built up I kept coming back it because it just looks so nice now years ago when I came here didn’t have all this structural development I know you might think that’s not much but it is compared to what I saw before which was nothing maybe one Shack or two but now I’m seeing a lot of movement down there like I said kind of scary as far as keeping things natural and while we were here we saw the friendly neighborhood cat

and a lot of tourist areas I noticed they have cats I guess to keep the rats away sometimes cats are scared but this one was very friendly very tame not feral as you would expect and he was delighted to see my camera He or She I didn’t check the gender

I wish I had something to give him or her

so that is what that area is like no the Jeeps are all parked here because of all the tourists but like I said there’s a place where you can’t go down and there’s a hike that’s it there it’s right next to the lookout and as I said this part here from what I understand is a fairly steep hike and it will take you a while to get down to the coast I was waiting for that jeep to move up a bit so I could get around now in the beginning of it it’s like this but as you go down further it becomes uh uh like a track well I wouldn’t say a track there are funny enough houses down here you wouldn’t think so but there are and so the rest of it is a lot of dirt the cement or stonework right there that ends there so another place here I’m not sure what that is about on your right

you can continue here and you can see the houses that I was talking about you can see all the rain that was on us to the left that would be West and now we’re panning North and our apartment North East

and we were up there on top of there

so now we’re going down and like I said I’m not going all the way but I’m just giving you a taste of what it might be like

kind of slippery today is a bit wet as you see and if you come in here you’ll have to have good shoes don’t come with slippers or anything like that generally I just tend to either have boots hiking boots or if I don’t plan to hike I would have on my sneakers but these my sneakers I always make sure to have rubber traction the sneakers they make today have a lot of this foam which to me is ridiculous because that foam is very slippery no matter how much traction it looks like it has it doesn’t adhere to the terrain so you go on anything that’s wet and you’ll be falling make sure your shoes actually use rubber anyway so as you go down here you’ll see notice that it’s winding and it’s not even it’s not a proper path or anything so you need to be fairly agile I believe to come down here you know if a person not has trouble with some ailment at a risk of falling or hip had hip surgery or whatever I don’t recommend coming on here it’s hard to tell depth height and what not from a camera but I can tell you it’s realistic I mean I have to take my time coming on here

there’s also another path here I don’t know what it goes to might be just just might be just private property but again spectacular views all the way down

and as you can see it continues but you know my journey here today was not to go on this hike that’s something I would normally do is just simply to show you what the area is like not only just the lookout but the hiking areas

as part of the beauty of Trinidad I mean as far as I’m concerned we could do a lot of improvements with regards to

entertainment that isn’t part of nature there’s not a lot to do here but as far as nature goes we have lots to do here plenty on a lot of it is neglected

some interesting house notice the tilts it’s built on I believe that’s also private property but

I’m not too sure how secure that is I was trying to get closer to it but um from above but only security guards told me his private property and it’s um not accessible really so I didn’t bother that but I did get a chance to see it

this is what the terrain is like going up so make sure to look for my actual Paramin part 2 video to see what your road trip is like to come up here and if you didn’t see the road trip part one of Paramin make sure to look for that because Paramin is a big place but the funny thing about it unlike the rest of Trinidad it all exists in the mountains so unlike parts of Trinidad where you go up and down mountains and you would see any of the Valley’s villages this Village is in the mountains and the mountains heights the mountain peaks so it’s a unique experience that every Trinidadian every Tobagonian should experience at some point in time make sure to look for it thanks so much for watching today make sure to subscribe like and hit the notification Bell.

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