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Paramin Drive Through Part 2

Hello friends we’re gonna look at the island of Trinidad which is part of the country Trinidad and Tobago and we’re going to look at the Northwestern part which has a village in the mountains known as Paramin. Now, I created a video about this before part one this is going to be part two where I enter from a different angle this road here going north all the way up to a lookout the La Vigie look out and then we’re gonna make a loop around Paramin onto what is known as the North Coast Road and then in North Coast road which could either take it there to Maracas but what we are going to do is come back into Saddle road and into Maraval that’s where we’re going to end the parts.

PARAMIN TRINIDAD and Tobago Part 2 Road Trip Caribbean
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Maraval is really a bonus this video is ready to show you a Paramin now we’re gonna start out this journey here on morne coco road and before you do anything else if you haven’t subscribed make sure to subscribe it’s free many times I ask people to subscribe and they ask me what do I have to pay and you don’t have to pay anything to subscribe it is free you just have to click the Subscribe button and if it asks you to log in that means you don’t have a Gmail account what’s a Gmail account it’s an email account with Google and uh it’s free too so you just sign up for that Gmail account and you will be able to subscribe on my YouTube channel if you have the if you use your phone to watch my videos you would be able to download the YouTube app and you can sign in that way as well

so we’re on Morne Coco Road and the reason I’m starting you here in Morne coco road road is because this is one way to get to Paramin the other way is through Maraval uh this way is scenic more Scenic for me because it starts out on a mountain already the other way through Marvel is going through a busy business section and some residential areas and it’s kind of boring although when I make the loop I will show you the entrance to get to Paramin from the Maraval way which is from Saddle Road now going up here I believe I showed you this a few times if you if you’re a constant viewer of JB’s man cave although I have hundreds and hundreds of videos um you would have seen this at one point or the other sometimes I’ll make this Loop to go to all the way to Chaguanas or Felicity or this Loop to go to Lady Young or this Loop to go to Port of Spain or whatever have you a lot of people don’t like driving on mountains because well it takes a lot of fuel it’s winding it’s harder to drive puts more strain on your vehicle whatever Some people prefer flat but you know I find Mountain Drive is rather interesting except for these Corners where you know you have crazy drivers they may be flying around there care nothing for themselves nor you so in that regard you have to be careful of course you need good breaks and this is some people ask me what I like driving with manual or automatic Vehicles well from for Mountain driving I always prefer manual although going up you have to shift a lot of gears the good thing about it is coming down if something happens to your brakes you have the manual transmission to slow you down if you have an automatic you’re dead ready there’s nothing you can do uh to slow you down other than

hope and pray crash your car into the side of the mountain I don’t know what you would do in that instance but with the manual you can adjust your engine to come down and take it and slow it down anyway so going up here we will eventually hit Paramin now in the first video I took an offshoot road which hopefully I’ll pick up and show you again to get to Paramin that’s one way the other way is the more common we were if you if you came up let’s say by taxi or by a car and you didn’t want to actually drive up you can park your vehicle off of Morne Coco Road somewhere there safely I don’t know where exactly you would be safe but you could park your vehicle or if you took taxi you could walk up there and

get a Jeep their 4×4 Jeeps that go up there for higher now I have always wanted to stop here and get a bit of footage and this is the video to see that footage if you didn’t see it basically I took that footage and once I took it I kept on my way

um if you’re not familiar JB’s Market what I do is I record videos from the mounted camera in my truck and I call that a road trip because we’re literally on a road taking a trip to a destination now whenever I stop I use another camera to take footage of the actual area whereever I stopped that usually is a separate video and that’s done in a higher resolution

so that’s the way I format my videos so if you wanted to see where I stopped there you would look on my channel for that video usually in the description of these videos I will put a link to whatever I’m referencing in the video itself so if you wanted to see that video for instance just look in the description of this video and you’ll see the linked to it

now as you can see this monacoco road is very winding as is most roads that pass through mountains here in Trinidad

lots of trash there on the left I’ve talked about that many times I think I could do something better there or done

anyway so we only descend Once I pass that Plateau de if you want to call it that that peak of the road from here on on down is downhill

and then at some point we will need to turn left and that will take us uphill

but I’m just doing this in case you wanted to see what this particular Road and what not is like um usually a long video like this I will feature as a Premiere which on YouTube terms means it allows people to see it at a I think 1080p HD resolution a little higher full HD and um they are able to chat with me as we watch the video together however because it’s streaming live in that regard um you can’t jump back around the video but once that Premiere is done basically what I’m going to do by the way let me just stop here you could turn left here and that would take you to Paramin and in the first video that’s what I did but we’re not going that way today today in part two taking another way so yeah so after the premiere is done you will be able to Jump Around because links to the video will start to work before the video starts you can’t jump around you have to wait till the premiere is finished so I will provide links to the first part of the Paramin video and other parts of things that I recorded here that you won’t see on this trip there’s a uh Catholic Church up there the Lookouts various other things that when I’m up in Paramin I use a separate camera to record and make videos of

now if this is your first time if you’re interested in that this is what the Caribbean actually looks like at least Trinidad it is I shouldn’t say the Caribbean because I Gotta Give so many other Islands do a little bit better and maintaining the surroundings because they count on tourism but since that’s not a big deal in Trinidad people don’t care as much there’s not Pride anyway so it’s gonna turn left here if we turn right that will continue towards morne coco Road and the road actually does sway right huh it looks like a t-junction but it’s not this road is the original road to take you to paramin when I say the original the one that people most know the most than the other roads when I used to come up here Paramin all of this and I mean all was green this road here was like a dirt road that’s how far back I’m talking about and you would not see a house in sight until you went all the way up Paramin and of course it’s no longer the case and in case you’re wondering why I stopped here because usually maybe I’m adjusting the camera I’m preparing for the trip or something or the other things like that you know things to get you ready for what’s ahead maybe I mean also adjusting your 4×4 I’m not sure but anyway while we wait in here JB’s man cave is more than just you know road trips or Trinidad and Tobago you could see a lot more on JB’s man cave with regards to Crime social issues other countries the war in Ukraine or Poland or maybe I might be covering India or some other place it I mean I have a bit of everything it’s sort of a

real Channel as opposed to just a YouTube channel I mean like a TV channel you know when you turn on you see the front programs and whatnot a little bit of this a little bit of that my channel is a bit light up a couple of sports to cover different things it may see a little bit of emphasis on Trinidad because I’m what is known as a trini or Trinidadian and so I tend to play a little emphasis there Let’s just stay as soon I might go to another country and I start to emphasize there and I hope when I do that you don’t say oh well he’s not covering Trinidad anymore so let me go no no I will continue covering everything but you know I give more due diligence to wherever I’m located at the time

so as you can tell this road is small narrow has a potholes here and there and is largely uphill and I can tell you from my experience driving this truck if I didn’t have 4×4 and some of these turns I would be in a lot of trouble you you would need it believe me especially if you have a truck or your carrying people you will need to engage your 4×4 otherwise you will be find yourself rolling back or stuck now you see those Jeeps going up there they have tourists in them now I want you to look at this video and tell me if you think if you’re a tourist if you would be delighted in this trip

that’s the whole reason we drive in slower they probably have their 4×4 engage and once you have your 4×4 engage you can’t really drive fast so maybe it is that somebody ahead of them is driving really slow I don’t know but we go and crawl speed Demian to me when you go too slow we’re Another Mountain that

I don’t know makes the trip a little more exhausting especially for the engine more strained

whereas you could use a little Higher gear again you have to stay in the low gear constantly anyway so tell me do you would you be interested imagine if you’re a tourist sitting in that Jeep ahead would your surroundings interest you what would you what would be your thoughts about the country but you see it as well they really need development oh this is beautiful or what would your thoughts be let me know in the comments area of this video some sometimes you may you may get mixed up with the video and that’s easy especially if you’re using a phone make sure that you’re responding in Your Right video um whenever you commenting or whatever otherwise it could be confusing what you’re answering

don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t like hit the notification Bell that’s really appreciated

so I don’t normally go this slow but I guess you get to see the Jeeps and action those are old Jeeps

still doing a thing though your courses

Safari Jeeps

I think some of these roads too could use some real and safety reels okay if you lost control you’ll literally be going on somebody’s house

and that’s really bad

and this part of the journey I mean as you notice it’s constantly steep you could see how that truck the angle it’s in the angle we are in that we are really steep going up steep now look at me look at the stuff on the left does it not make for a good tourist presentation?

I think you know I I understand you can’t make everywhere beautiful yes you can but I know practically you can’t so but you know knowing that this is a tourist route those things should be moved all of the parts here should be clean well kept well maintained I can’t imagine bringing people up here and you know as part of the tour quote-unquote they see in trash everywhere and whatnot

I think every area rather than telling people dump your stuff on a street or the side of the street there should be these big see look on the right again there should be these big dumpsters or similar that it could go in there so everybody could put their stuff in there that way it is not seen by the public and it trucks have to come and pick it up or dump it into their truck and that’s it what do you think about us every area should have it shouldn’t be like this special thing for certain areas I want every area should have a gigantic dumpster anyways so if you turn right there where those Jeeps are going you could see a bit of the Catholic Church there Our Lady of Guadalupe I believe it’s called and we are not going on there I have a video on that as well make sure to look for it

some people often say oh you should create a video for this or that and most times I would say 80 or 90 percent of the time I have a video for it now if you search I mean I have to admit I don’t really like the YouTube search um and I’ve explained this many times on my videos it just searches titles and sometimes it doesn’t search properly so if you’re searching on my channel particularly for something and you can’t find it let me know in the comments I will try and Link you up this is what I would call Paramin proper if I could call it that if we went straight that would take us well it could potentially take us back to Morne coco road depending on the roads we take it could take us um I believe Simeon and other places of Paramin however this part here were returned right this will take us to the lookout

that’s another road you could take there residential areas so we can keep an only mean Road here that’s the Paramin RC Primary School on the left now these roads here are really steep

you you can get an idea of the building on your left and these roads slanted

it’s like a 45 degree angle or more now there are roads here where I swear it’s like 60 degrees that’s right

you really have to crumb some revs to get up here

now if you have a light motor vehicle and it’s just you maybe somebody else maybe it wouldn’t be so bad but if you can a whole bunch of people nah my truck is pretty heavy so going anywhere with it is a struggle I mean when I say I struggle I do have to engage the 4×4 and I do have to Rev to get up there it’s not as simple you know bright um Breeze to go through I guess if you have a lighter vehicle maybe you could always let me know in the comments or if you went up with a what vehicle you had and how you thought the trip was a lot of you may be any Southern parts of Trinidad may not have experienced this road trip before you know the you don’t have that huge those huge mountains there same with Tobago way you don’t have those you know very steep places to visit I mean some of these things might be new and it’s definitely something that you should try to see at some point

and I know some of you come to JB’s man cave to see it without actually going im sure you can do that but you know the real life experience so different huh

this part here was ridiculous and then when you see a vehicle coming on it’s even more ridiculous now who has the right away me going up or them coming down

but there’s any comments here if you feel you know the answer however it’s good when drivers going either we kind of give you a bligh make space or whatever because everybody have to be understand it’s not easy to drive up here you can notice as you notice there’s no railings on in all the on the right huh inside the mountain at me that should be a

what you think an obvious thing a normal thing it shouldn’t be something special it should be everywhere on this road especially when there’s so many people living up here

now my engine isn’t overheating or anything like that but I’m just telling you that if you need to come up here you need to know how to drive and you need to be ready

this is not for the novice driver

like I said those Jeeps are taxis if you have uh if you’re afraid of heights or you think you might lose your nerves when you’re coming up here don’t push yourself just take the taxi or organize with somebody who isn’t um or who’s familiar who isn’t afraid of driving on roads like this and let them do the driving for you

so you’ll notice that here in Paramin no matter how far up you’re going to see in houses right that’s just how it is I don’t know if how I’d feel living up here having to make this journey every day I guess you get used to it after a while

but up here you know having a weekend vehicle is really not an optional thing you really need it and you can see the mountains continuing ahead and you can see houses there right there are a lot of offshoot roads that are not taken in this video I’m sticking me into the main Road

and you you will notice that even though I’m only on the main road or the offshoot roads that take you to some steep really steep places and I have taken them before I don’t have video footage on that because when I made those trips I didn’t start recording yet for my channel I was just taking it for the heck of it and uh

wow I mean I already had to do some maneuvering maybe another day I’ll do that you know just take an offshoot Road and show you what you would have to go through now don’t be fooled that we’re going back down again that’s how it is here in Paramin in how close we are look at the house right there if I lost control I could be going into those posts I could be going into somebody’s house below anyway don’t us going down descending fool you I mean you could see yourself going down but then suddenly you’re going right back up and maybe even steeper than before

so never feel that once you’re coming up here and you started descending you feel okay well that’s it no more no you start to go back up again

now one of the things that just mix Trinidad a really nice place is the plants the trees the nature itself to me the concrete the hoses and stuff just don’t do it ticks away from it I know people ought to live and whatnot but I I just feel you know we could do a little bit better and how we keep our places

now if you’re wondering why I’m cropping out here is because I probably didn’t have the 4×4 engage and I um engage in it now

actually not sure why I did that maybe I stopped to see something I don’t know

that’s the kind of thing they encounter going up here

but at least you get a shorter this house on this place anyway so we have that engaged and we’re continuing

yeah this little piece here wow I think it’s like a 60 degree right there that was massive in part one of the same Paramin video and a different Road go close these vehicles parked there wow again pass them ridiculous there was a road in the part one that was wow that was ridiculous I don’t even know how I went up there

sometimes I wonder if these roads are simply put by villagers at these angles or if Engineers really came up here and thought Oh I believe most drivers could come up this road I I have to wonder about that

because I can’t imagine putting on a road at an angle like that

yep more steep roads

and when you feel is over you get more and more and more

it’s a family coming on here

now the road to the right I believe is what you would take or I’m not sure if I reached there but I would take you to another area we are continuing straight

I’m not sure where that road straight will take you because we have to turn here and as you can tell it’s a sharp turn I can’t make it from that angle because this will because this vehicle is a bit long

and this is where driving up here is a challenge because you sort of had a more um deal with fuel breaks Vehicles come in

um handbrakes foot brakes whatever have you whether your engine handling it or not in general in it or not overheating all kinds of things all kinds of factors have to go on and they said it was really nice that this vehicle pull back but then you know if he didn’t do that I would have put me in a real jam to come out of there

and you can see how slow I’m creeping up here is because

it’s not easy

I see some driveways boy wow go and enter people’s houses below and I could swear that looks like an 80 degree angle

my little more Wanna Be 90. that’s how to drop straight down

I don’t know how they do that

so what do you think you think you could drive up here

let me tell you there is a real Adventure I mean this drive alone is the adventure even if you didn’t see anything you just turn around you want to say wow I went to Paramin and that was something else

okay so when you see the road rib like this you know we can close to the La Vijie look out and when I used to come on this road all here was green I want to see green you see it’s kind of cut kind of cleared but it used to be a lot of green here and they didn’t have all this tourist development that you have if you saw the video you’ll know what I’m talking about didn’t have all that development so here would have been just a patch patches of trees Bush and stuff and you there was a track going down to the coast which was fine but there wasn’t a lookout per se you could see the coast but no any Grand way that they have done it now

you can tell by the towers on ahead and on the right that you are getting close

now I don’t know how it is for other vehicles but once you um engage 4×4 on a d22 frontier you sort of how to roll back to disengage it which I find very irritating I don’t know how it is if you’re a four by four you can let me know how you disengage it if you decide to press a button or whatever on Modern vehicles because I have to actually roll back to disengage that’s for me kind of silly anyway this is the lookout here

this is a security guard, a friendly guy telling me I didn’t catch that he told me go to the right and then swing back

I wasn’t paying much attention to him I was just into the new area so you know in a second or two you’ll see me reverse out again and turn around but in doing that you will see me

um or you’ll see that I give you a look of what the area is like

does the entrance to the lookout which I cover in my other video

specifically for that make sure to look for it now this is one of the things that is a bit uh scary about here you have to come up early if you want to get a parking space because you could see all the vehicles only left there they had to um park on the side of the road and again this would mean that you need good handbrakes whatever chuck your vehicle if you know that’s not too well and but it’s always best to come over here because one complete Lita and where is it lead 10 o’clock 11 o’clock you’re gonna have a lot of people here and they are going to interfere with your view

some of you might like a lot of people around but when when it comes to recording and I don’t care for a lot of people around they just block um what I’m trying to pick up I like to enjoy things more peaceably you know some people are just into crowds not me

talking about that I I haven’t mine to create some videos about that because it’s so funny sometimes you for instance going to a cinema the cinema is empty right so you going sit on let’s say the middle row

but trini’s I don’t know they’re like magnets so they feel that they see somebody there in the middle of the cinema and what do they do they’re gonna sit right next to them or near to them it’s just something I do not understand why Trinis do that I mean they have the whole Cinema they could pick somewhere far away or whatever but Trinis love to congregate I just don’t know why so many comments are if you know

so continuing this road trip you’ll see that I’m going back down and I could honestly say from this point on yeah it’ll be pretty much down maybe a bit up again but not much once you conquer that first part that you saw my vehicle kept stopping and going slow and engaging four by four and so on then you know those parts are really ridiculous but we’re just going on the left here

I’m going on the left here it takes us on a different road

and this road will take us all the way to the North Coast Road and from there you have the choice of going to either to the Maracas Beach or back into Maraval, Saddle Road

see how i’m rolling back that’s the disengage 4×4 that’s how it is on these d22 Frontiers

by the way at some point I’m going to have to sell this vehicle as a family you know getting bigger my son’s again bigger than is and they’ve kind of outlived this vehicle so I’m gonna be putting up putting it up for sale

the JB mobile if any of you are interested you could always let me know you want to make your own adventures and stuff comes equipped with of course space to mount your camera I have external mics setup the canopy for carrying equipment it’s all um gated on stuff with locks and stuff so you know you don’t have to worry about somebody breaking and or stealing anything you can always let me know if you’re interested I plan to become a really popular here on YouTube so you could always have the seeing that you actually bought the first vehicle JB man cave had on his road trips

who knows I might even ask you to borrow it again rent it from you to do my own stuff

so once again sometimes if I encounter this I might say all right let me put any 4×4 because the engine struggling usually I would take the first gear on uh two by four or four by two and

it will go up it’ll go up and it’ll just strain a bit so to take away that strain I engage the four by four and then it zips up the the incline like nothing

I see big difference with four by four it really takes away the strain of the engine struggling using just the two wheels to push you up when you when you have all four wheels engaged with the engine you will be amazed at the difference the only power goes into the all the four wheels now there must be some fantastic lookouts on those side streets I will have to capture that another time not today

I know there’s a lookout somewhere along here but we’re not covering that here today either look at how high up you are you can see the clouds into the mountain resting into the mountain ahead seeing that?

some of you often ask me well when you record this so this is 2023 footage January


sometimes I will have footage that I create for you guys months back and didn’t get a chance to do it because editing long videos takes an immense amount of time sometimes just doing a short video could take a lot of time so doing a video this long real time

I recently made a trip to um Couva video on Couva and in that video I used it to talk about a lot of the frequently asked questions that people ask me and I’m not gonna cover that here but if you’re interested in that particularly you can always watch that Couva video

now on a trip down you will see some houses here and there but it is not as built up as the first part when you enter in Paramin

however I can say that given time all here will be full of places unfortunately and I would take away from The Greenery and the look of the place

because like I said all this used to be just green a lot of these things are new developments because you you know you might see a little shack here in a house in there but look at look at the um the structures on the right these are enormous

enormous buildings are going up here

the air up here is really nice a fresh Breeze no pollutants you know that smell when you’re in the city especially Port of Spain has been wow the whole of Port Of Spain could use a bush bath

interesting structures here on the left maximizing every inch of whatever land they have

the road seems to be based on concrete I like it actually because they put ribs in it so you can’t skid

to me the whole road coming up here should be like that

must be an effort by the past Community I I don’t know if the government would have played a role in this

once again engage any 4×4 is probably why I stopped there unless I wanted to look at something sometimes I will do that if I’m seeing something nice left or right

when you see this part here this is where we start to get green lots of green and once we start to descend a lot you know that we are going down to the North Coast Road see those that purple plant on your right there on the ground I just love those especially when it covers a wide area I don’t know any name of it but if you know you can always let me know in the comments area make sure to put the the uh timeline and your comments so I know where what you’re referring to

just now I’ll have I mean I’m quite a ways from there but just now I have 2 000 videos up and so I could say thousands of videos

right now I’m wrong well I think 1300 something like that so I have hundreds of videos and I can’t keep track of of all of them on what I said or what I looked at so I need your help when you comment and to let me know what you’re referring to I like this gate I like the greenery on the left that’s really nice I like when people do those things because what it does is it maintains as close as possible the nature the natural look

now this Jeep had um some tourists in it but I don’t know I really don’t know what they stopped here to see maybe I was missing something now please on the left there look welcoming I’m not sure what it is about

oh I think that’s a lookout area there you know but that’s private property so is these roads going up here to also look Majestic but that’s also private

and down here is all green

I think I would we will encounter any houses on your way here we do encounter a truck coming up

and he’s carrying water so I’m sure he has a really engages his


and as you can see there’s no barrier on the right so if you’re coming on here be careful if you’re coming from the North Coast Road like you’re on your way to Maracas and you see let me stop and take a look you can come up this road

but it’s easy to miss eh so

you’ll have to look for design I think there is a road sign that you’ll see at the end of this road exactly what I mean but the greenery here is really nice it’s not as built up as other the other entrance to Paramin so

it’s as natural as possible

see that’s the um the road sign there this is the North Coast Road and if I were to turn left I would go on to Maracas Valley Village rather sorry and Maracus Beach and going this way would take me to Saddle Road so as you know JB’s man cave as I mentioned before we cover other things not just road trips sometimes things our motivation sometimes what veganism I’m I’m still surprised when people do not realize or do not know that I’m a vegan and what’s a vegan is a person that does not use eat drink or participate in the harming of animals so I don’t eat any animal animal foods that means no Dairy no cheese no no meat of any kind that includes fish some people like to separate fish as like a non-meat but this is a meat it’s a living creature so I don’t eat any of those things and and sometimes people will ask well what do you eat well food I eat food s veggies peas rice you know in fact if you go and buy a meal usually any meal is meat is just one item all the rest are different things

and I’m not the kind of vegan that looks for substitutes so um so I could get meat you know there are for instance vegan versions of chicken and beef of various things but and and they they taste like meat I mean they would fool even a meat eater but I’m not the kind of person oh you know I want to get these things because I miss me too much no when I see somebody eating a chicken I literally in my mind see somebody eating that same chicken alive same with with beef as a cow and various things because that’s really what it is huh sometimes people give alter names for things like they say pork but it’s really a pig that you eating well they’re eating beef but it’s a cow you are eating anyway my idea is not to preach to you I believe everybody has to make up their mind what is their aim in life what they believe in life same goes with religion or politics I don’t get into that because those things are very close to people’s hearts and to me if somebody wants a change they will be right to the right time to change and they will inquire so I don’t force veganism on anybody if they come to me and they ask I will tell them about it but I don’t go wrong slapping you know somebody eating a drumstick gonna slap it out of their hand and say you shouldn’t eating up no that’s not how I operate there are people who do that huh but to me that’s not the right way you’re not gonna get people

more interested in your philosophy by have an aggressive attack if anything they may just think you’re crazy and your ideas are even more crazy

but the reason I mentioned all of this is because um people will come and tell me things in comments about meats or birds or animals and I’m thinking but I’m vegan why are they telling me this and any poster above in my channel I make sure to mention that I’m vegan but some people I guess miss that especially if you’re watching these videos on your phone like I said to me I’m missing so much detail ask anybody who’s watching these videos on a large TV screen and you’ll they can tell you it’s ah night and day experience so if you’ve been watching this on your phone try switching to your TV and you’ll see the difference especially if it’s a good large screen 4K quality TV that can pick up all the detail

so this road here is taking us back to so I shouldn’t say back to because we didn’t start here but it’s taking us to Saddle road and on our way to Maraval and this is just extra we already left Parliament but I know some of you just love to see this extra footage and at the end of this road I am going to show you the other entrance to get the Paramin so if you were coming through Maraval on that side which is the most likely side if you’re coming from other areas in Trinidad if you if you’re coming from the West you would take the same road I just took at the beginning of this video on Morne Coco Road but if you’re coming from other areas like the east or whatever most times um people will use the Maraval Road this this Saddle Road route so I’ll show you how to get to Paramin from that way

now when you see these two columns there you know you have finished the North Coast Road these columns have been here forever

and on the left there you see how right the road is that used to be a small tunnel

so now we are on Saddle Road

and I can’t believe that I talked for the last 50 something minutes I am larger conservative person so this much talking is just beyond me things I do for you guys huh I need to take a water break

I want to see a water break I don’t mean it one way to go to the restroom I mean I’m drinking a little water

I haven’t heard all that ching ching song you won’t believe what I use to drink my water I use a stainless steel what looks to be a like a small ice bucket but it’s all stainless steel and the reason I use that is because well if one it keeps the water cool and um I like to drink a lot of water I I think I would drink maybe two to three liters a day that’s right so you know I don’t just put in a cup of water that that’s like nothing for me and I would have to keep going up and down to the fridge so I just have this big oh kind of style ice bucket whatever you want to call it thing just right by my desk and I drink from that probably keeping myself so well hydrated is what enables me to talk for so long

now on the right uh since the right here now here now but if you could see beyond these trees on the right and these houses and whatever is blocking you

they will call that Moka and I actually have a video for that

the entrance of that I will show you just now

it’s a big golf course there

it’s a beautiful area very expensive area to live in

you can see the kind of houses the kind of walls I can tell you you turn right there that’s how you would get to it

but we’re not doing now we’re going on we continue in here on Saddle Road and now we officially only flat so everything from here on out will be flat no more inclines or declines

my main purpose here where the individual ends shortly is to show you the main entrance to get to Paramin from Saddle Road

now one thing I’m driving on Saddle Road here in Marvel there’s one way in and one way out if the vehicle ahead is slow or taking long or whatever everybody pays the price who has no way to really overtake or anything like that to me the entrance here boy or you should really have two entrances

I mean just this one way in and out is really a hassle

I mean for instance if you’re living in this part of Maraval or living in here Moka did journey just to reacd to the Savannah it could be as long as if you went from Port of Spain to let’s say to Tunapuna

because it just takes so long if you enjoyed what I do make sure to support me on JB’s if you can afford it monetarily I have an option to make a donation there of any amount is a selection box you can select the amount you want or you can simply subscribe and like you can’t afford to support in that way no problem either way I’m just glad you’re here and watching now the road coming up on the right there that is actually Morne Coco Road and that’s the way you would normally go to get to Paramin thanks so much for watching today I really appreciate it

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