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Sans Souci Beach Trinidad

Hello friends we are on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean and we are in the north east of Trinidad and we are going to look at a beach called Sans Souci

SANS SOUCI BEACH Trinidad and Tobago from Paria Main Rd. Trini Surfing Caribbean 5.3K
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that’s it there and the characteristics of the beach surround something that you wouldn’t see on a lot of other beaches but it is available here this is the beach itself you can see the waters are a bit rough and like other beaches in the area the sand is not similar that’s that’s the main beach there the sound is not similar to maracas and this is what this beach is really good for surfing so if you like surfing I will see people coming to Sans Souci and Big Ben and others to suit

the ways aren’t very huge but I guess you could get something out of it now the beach is right next to the village of Sans Souci and I’m recording this from my truck that didn’t come out because we were on our way to Matelot and you know there’s so many places you can stop here and look but it would take you forever to reach so I just pull out my camera and have a look from here on my way back from the Matelot trip I probably take some more footage and you will see that in a longer video so have you been to Sans Souci and did you come here to be to sue what did you come here to do just line feel free to tell me any comments area make sure to like and share thanks so much.

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