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Short Hike in Trinidad

Hello friends we are starting right next to my truck we just pulled over on the side of the road that’s the north coast road you just saw there and this is the north coast there’s a little cove here and just to show you you you might just you know pull over to the side of the road the next thing you see is a beautiful part of Trinidad this is areas launching shares I can’t tell you the exact spot but I will plan just now to show you the road so if ever you’re in the area and you want to stop by and see this you can so there’s a little park there’s a path down to the water there but it’s it’s raw I don’t recommend swimming anywhere around here and there’s also another path to the rock all of which I’m going to show you now this video is done in 1080p.

Short Tropical Forest Hike Blanchisseuse North Coast Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean
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it’s one of my older videos that I did with an older Gopro camera and so it’s not as well stabilized it’s not as high resolution as the 4k and 5.3k videos that I do nevertheless you will get the gist of what I’m showing you and that’s the road that I that’s on I was in north coast road if I um stop a bit here and there and pause it’s because I’m actually showing my children how to make it on their first hike especially children so things like this is a big deal for them and they are extra cautious and careful with the world around them so I have to go slow so I’m not gonna play all those natural songs for you and me talking to my children and popping them so I’m just gonna talk to you for a bit but you can have a look so some our surprise there was an actual trail here and it’s a short one and it was just good enough that we said you know what let’s go on this and so you guys can get the idea what it’s like to hike

one of the nice things about the green of Trinidad is it’s so plentiful but there’s always something that could probably feed you I mean I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on trails on tracks like this and there’s a breadfruit tree there’s a coconut tree there’s a mango tree I mean you could be lost in a forest but also find stuff to eat

however whenever you see a trail like this you know it’s pretty traversed so others have come here before and we will see evidence of that later but isn’t that cost beautiful I mean I just love this aspect of Trinidad to the max I mean it’s a tropical paradise the different colors of the ocean here in the ocean waves hit against the rocks
I mean this is the thing that you see on TV but then you’re actually living here but because you you know you have your day-to-day life go to work go to school whatever you don’t really take the time to appreciate that but really you should and you know when if you can’t do it by itself not necessarily as a lime and you know I know people tend to go to the beach or or to nature or whatever when is when they’re with other people and although that’s fine the problem with that is that you don’t actually get to enjoy the nature as much as if you went on your own now you may say that’s kind of dangerous I’m not asking you to pick a dangerous spot but if you can go on your own it will help you to really take in what you are seeing around you your environment be one with nature you know look at all the plants some of these plants here sometimes you would see them and they are actually what you’d call exotic plants people actually take them off and sell them for money anyway so we’re continuing on the path and like I said I’m with my children so we’re going slow and as we’re going slow we’ll investigate some of the flowers and have a look around one thing with this particular camera I use I i notice it doesn’t filter light as well so you may see hues as the sun hits the lens the hue changes a bit and then we’ll go back when shade is restored I don’t have any CLR lens on it or anything like that so it’s it’s raw

and as you’re walking it’s always good to look around make sure you know your rest in your foot sometimes there are leaves on their path and that might look like solid ground but it’s not and also look to your left and your right for instance look at this ledge on the left

see where the path is and you see where that tree is that tree is actually right on a cliff and I’m gonna bend the camera down so you can see you drop just imagine one little wrong step and that’s where you’ll be going

and so I’m keeping my children there all the way up to the other side and telling them to keep back so I stand here to make sure they go around me on the other side I’ve given you a bit of the coast

and you see where that tree was chopped that gives you evidence that hey

people do come here

so we continue again slowly

and for me the speed I’m going here which is not normal the normal speed that I would go at but this speed does allow you to take in everything because it’d be so easy to just keep going and passing everything and not really taking in things as you should

sometimes you may see snakes and whatnot but in this case we don’t see snakes we see coconut shells the husks which means somebody came to this area and used it to get coconuts probably on a regular basis maybe drink and just leave the house there

so I didn’t see any sign to this area so this is particularly someone’s area it doesn’t look like it but I guess people from there use it and it could be that they use it to fish because closer to the end there um there’s a big rock and I could well see people doing fish in there now I don’t eat fish so it’s nothing it’s not something that I do know what I afford to support

in case you don’t know I am vegan which means I don’t harm any animals

now I had paused a bit because sometimes there are drops in these paths but you can’t see too well and in those drops you

find that oh you know it just looks like a photo too but you know for a child it’s it’s it’s a big deal especially with children with special needs so you know you have to go slow like I said

and I’m trying to hold them on the camera at the same time so it’s a bit of a chore a task a challenge

and that’s why so many footage comes out a bit shaky at times

but you get an idea

so this is the point where we reach to the rock and what do we meet oh my goodness like all my other videos trash I mean you have to come all the way out and still see trash whomever was here couldn’t you have taken it with you anyway besides that look at the ocean you see the ocean I don’t know if you can tell but the that that those weaves are coming with gusto with power it’s not a place that you would want to play around or fall down because you would like to be hit against the rocks

so I went there and I came down because you know again I have to have my kids but oh gosh man you know you you you you take all the time to come to this nature it’s a special piece of nature and still see plastics juicy you know bags can’t you I’ll take a nap with you man

or maybe you thought nobody would notice well you know the whole everyone that watches this video will notice it it just upsets me sometimes to see this how people don’t care for our surroundings

look at that flower is not interesting who can tell me what that

is you just gotta love this the sea breeze the salt from the sea hitting your face now you see where you can actually go down there you can’t tell that very well on um a camera recording but that’s a big drop there and while you could challenge yourself and go down there if you want to put yourself at risk then you could do it if you want to save your life then don’t do it just watch so this is where we um clean we left that rock and we’re continuing or we’re going back rather

back on the trail back to the truck and taking time to look at things as we do if you do plan to come to Trinidad on some sort of hike or trail or whatever this is the kind of vegetation and look you you can expect sometimes the path is not so clear as this it could be a lot more bushy

and not so well defined some paths could be really narrow or not there at all um sometimes if a path is not has not been traversed for a long time you would really need to go with that guide you should always go with a guide anyway because um even in the news some some weeks back uh a hiking crew went and one person got left behind and they just couldn’t find their way out and I think it was one of the hunter association or some other group of people had to go and look for the person when they stayed by a waterfall or something like that does the story goes but it is easy to get lost and this is just a short eye coming it’s pretty straight forward from the road to the rock and back but in other parts of Trinidad the jungle can be thick and notice I said thick and not thick like they like to see here they don’t pronounce the “th” so the jungle could be thick and you would find yourself lost quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t want to be lost in these jungles sometimes you don’t even if you add yourself when you may not have coverage and you may not be able to communicate

this is the kind of vegetation you can look forward to

so I hope you enjoyed our little hike today it’s a welcome change from my video of yesterday which was about the writing in for the spin by a few people

and I I’d like to thank all your comments all the people that commented very good points both for and again stability in general whether it turned out is stable or unstable thing is when I came out of here I saw the police turning around I thought they were probably checking my truck but they were just turning around.

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