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Sri Lanka Dance

So let’s look at the country of Sri Lanka it’s a country full of a lot of heritage and tradition such as dance and celebrations surrounding religious practice history and so forth.

SRI LANKA Dancing Celebratory Dances 4K
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For instance the kandyan dance which is sort of a classical dance now when you see dances like this performing you might think well they’re just trying to be in sync with their movements and while they are in sync they are really telling a story with movements the gestures the way they do what they do all tells a story now the stories they tell can be based on something from religion Hinduism Buddhism or just a story about something from Sri Lanka it all depends there are so many celebrations talents music they celebrated instruments dance and perform various movements that you know also act as eye candy as well as as I said tell a story now in case you don’t know Sri Lanka is mainly a Buddhist-based religious country there are of course other religions but mainly Buddhism right now the country is going through a lot of difficulty I don’t know how much of a celebratory mindset the people are in right now because you know they’re worrying about food the basic necessities of life there’s a lot of civil unrest but I suppose for some people even in those times you know dance and reminiscing in tradition and culture is a way of release for stress what are your thoughts about some of the celebrations and dances that are in Sri Lanka have you been there before have you seen them feel free to let me know in the comments area of my YouTube channel on JB’s Man Cave thank you so much for watching.

The above text was extracted from this YouTube video.

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