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Waffles Vegan Ingredients

So this is my meal of the day we have lovely oats waffles that my wife made usually on my waffles I use um some natural peanut butter so we’re gonna put on some of that today

VEGAN MEAL: Oat Waffles health food 5.3K
See it on YouTube.

I like to keep it natural

but a set of artificial stuff

I just dump stuff on however so natural peanut butter something I i don’t normally use this but sometimes I will use it this is a cherry preserve

I think this one comes from France

It’s a little bit because it can be kind of sweet

then I have

some almond pancake syrup all of these things are vegan by the way

and if you look at it has the natural consistency like if it was honey it’s made from almonds and cane sugar… no high fructose syrup

and this is made um right here in Trinidad and Tobago here in the Caribbean and to finish it off I use um flaxseed which is

omega three

those of you who like want to get away from cod liver oil that’s a good substitute omega-3 vegan protein that’s my meal up to do really good

The above text was extracted from the YouTube video. Other topics: Trinis Love Their Food

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