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Walking Around the Queen’s Park Savannah Trinidad

Hello friends, I’m here at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain I’m telling my boys who I’m with let’s go I’m walking in front of them so they are not in the camera. Look at those white lines on the ground you know what that’s for? That’s because the roots of the tree that’s breaking up the sidewalk and so somebody’s walking or running they could stumble over that.

QUEEN'S PARK SAVANNAH Port of Spain fast walk counterclockwise Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean
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Now I have been walking on a coin spot Savannah since I was a teenager I used to regularly run around it usually I run twice then do my other exercise routine I was beginning to exercise in my id now I’m going around it because the pandemic has killed my midsection it has slowed me down I used to run five miles every other day now I’m lucky if I run one mile in months so I have started back walking and I’m kind of a fast walk right now my boys are accustomed walking around in Savannah but today we tried to walk around fast now I’m wearing the camera on my chest which is a bit different to other times where I hold the camera or I put it on the extension rod or other things so in my videos i’d like to give you all different angles so you see what I see and experience what I experience that’s the idea of JB’s Man Cave so you get a raw look and feel so this is what it would feel like if you were walking around Savannah and of course you’re seeing my hand because like I said the camera is mounted to my chest now in my good days I could run around the Savannah maybe

less than 16 minutes or so not sure and walking around should be about twice that if you’re walking fast uh if you walk in slow probably around 45 minutes you’ve seen some of my other walk around with Savannah videos that casual walking it’s around 45 minutes somewhere around there

However, the Savannah is a good peace thing it’s not anybody [ __ ] or anything like that and it’s of course free to the public one of the few areas you can simply come and enjoy nobody has to learn me the only parts that you cannot go really is to the um center the Savannah with your vehicle or anything like that but once you’re walking you know you’re cool to go anywhere you like there’s also a sand truck in the middle of the Savannah they used to do horse racing in this Savannah and there’s a lot of uh soundtrack there where they used to train in horses uh I probably need to do a video of that as well some more experienced runners like the soundtrack because it’s more of a challenge but then again you get sun in your shoe so it all depends on what you want

as you can see the d is rather hazy you may think this is a rainy day but it’s not if you look at it ground it’s more or less dry and I’ll sprinkle here and there but what’s causing all that haze is the Saharan dust that I’ve talked about in my other videos you need to look out for that

I’m heading south right now on the Savannah where I started out was by Queen’s Royal College

as far as safety goes a lot of you from abroad write me about safety and ask me where to go and not to go and so forth and you know I don’t like giving specifics about where is safe is not safe because I might say you know go hey it’s safe and then you get robbed and then you’ll say oh JB’s Man Cave I should have gone here and that I got robbed so I don’t want to tell you here and here see the point is anywhere can be a hazard of course there are places obvious places I’m not going to name any places but there are obvious places that you should stay away from um and you should go with somebody who’s already familiar with the area and can guide you properly you know a friend a family member another stranger but they can also lead you down the wrong path so where’s somebody you know to any place however with the Savannah it’s more it’s generally safe but like anything else I wouldn’t be going here late at night to walk along I also find that the east side of the Savannah is a little more precarious than the west side so all these things you can take in consideration as you walk you know do things any daytime as the sun goes down and night falls things are a bit easier for those who have bad intentions on the right is the us embassy the angry king church right after because the Savannah continues on the left

and he recently keeps in my hands because I’m walking on the fast pace and you’re not seeing my right hand is because I have a bag um a tactical bag I used to keep my hands stuck I’m not I’m using a handful in the background that guy just had a four but I’m going to blow his face because while I may be funny for you all or some of you all I i really don’t find out very typically funny he could have fallen hit himself but that’s just my mindset some people laugh about others oh I i don’t like to embarrass anybody that’s not what JB’s Man Cave is about so I blew his face for that could happen anybody could trip I’ve experienced that before and as I showed you earlier in a video the roots of those trees um and cracks and water breaking up the asphalt can cause um people to trip and fall so it’s kind of a hazard in fact I don’t ever remember anybody coming to pee around the green spot Savannah this this walk park they do patchwork here and they’re like you could see that little patch there but I don’t see them

you know making a full pave and I think it’s due for that because for me personally in my opinion this walk path should be much higher than the grass shouldn’t be at the same level that’s what’s causing it to get water long it should be in such a way that it can the water can run off easily in fact there are some parts of here when it rains really bad you literally cannot pass because it’s flooded with water

now while the queen’s mark Savannah is more or less maintained you can see there are some areas that could do with some more maintenance you know maintenance should be more forthcoming

as I’ve said in my other videos you know when you keep an area upscale looking well eye candy you know the people want to do the right thing they want to feel good it cheers up your spirit and so forth so I think you know I don’t think a lot of employment for people they have people’s specifically employed you know just maintain this rather than sets up different workers or whatever you know people can have constant employment and once there’s accountability to make sure that it’s done everything should go good people get work things look nice tourists are happy people are happy and so forth on the left is the grandstand and this little green box I don’t know if it’s really used anymore it used to be a place for taxi drivers to come on home anytime I see it open on a job I don’t actually use it or at least I don’t see taxi drivers stay in there

when I was younger building any kind of structure on the Savannah was unheard of but as time passes I finally tend to do more and more structure so you see something going on kind of take away from the feel of the survival

buildings are wrongly Savannah pretty nice this video will not show you those buildings really it’s because this is a different video if you want videos of me planning along looking at the buildings while I’m walking around the Savannah. I have videos for that sometimes new visitors will come to JB’s Man Cave and just you know immediately start complaining and I can always tell they really don’t know nothing about my channel because they will start saying you should have done this… you should have done that… I wanted to see the building too fast you know people new people please go on my Youtube channel when a search or just simply ask you know do you have a video where you show any bills or someone I’ll give you a link to the video uh or have a look around you’ll be able to find it every video about JB’s Man Cave is supposed to be unique and different I might show you the same area but as the same area in a different way so for instance I might have five videos about the queen spark Savannah one video is like this one for instance just walking with the camera on my chest pointing to the path another video will be more or less through any buildings another video will be just focusing on a point another video might be just focusing on in nature you see there’s so many aspects to a place when you’re both suited visited and and you can’t capture that all in one video so sometimes you have to make return visits to show you different aspects of it so that you get the full um comprehension or the full view or understand fully what entails this antenna a certain place because you can’t see that with just one video focusing on a few things and the Queen’s Park Savannah after all is very big it would take several visits to really take in all of it and as you pass by there’s so many for instance where um this tree this kind of moal tree I’m passing on the left I made a whole video on that for instance if we stopped right now you and looked at it and took time you would see squirrels on your trees you would see the actual fruit you see the flowers the bees but of course that’s a fear into that type of thing because not everybody is into the aspect of nature I get people coming on the channel on my channel telling me I should be focusing on a woman and how they look things like that and you know to me that’s just sillier or sorry to say but a bit immature you know this chance I would say is for a more mature minded audience one that wants to look at things as they are nature people around them and so well I’m not here to cover vice body shame make fun of people some of you have asked for that type of thing and I just don’t understand that you know this is about positivity family friendly yes I do cover social issues but it’s not with politically it’s with a better month everything is about without that summer

so we’re continuing walking here on the Queen’s Park Savannah

now this is a great place to

If you want to um bring us a group of people and

have a what we call hairline which is just hanging out you see that place those little tents and stuff on the left that used to be an actual entrance into the Savannah excuse me

all this talking is choking me up I used to be our actual entrance to Savannah it still isn’t only but now they’ve blocked it off put those tents and people come there and sell food no when I was younger at different points are wrongly Savannah just like you have those coconut cards like for instance like that coconut cotton right there you can actually stop and buy things like boiled corn roasted corn pholourie which is a a flower fried we usually put a mango sauce on it for whatever anyway basically you could buy snack foods at different points we’re in all around the Savannah and at some point the government just didn’t like that they didn’t like the fact that a lot of people started to crawl the Savannah and they decided to move everybody to the left there to sell it and the irony is instead of the people opening up those same little snack food um treats they have decided to instead cool meals so really most of these things they are about cooking you know a lot of food and containers and stuff for people but I miss those days where you could just go on any part of the cervani you like choose the person that you like to buy from and you could buy you know your pholourie your boy corn or whatever it is and you sit down and you talk with your friends and stuff I understand the reasons for moving it but you know sometimes the good old days are the good old days the new ways of doing things just won’t replace it and unfortunately the younger people would not know about those good old days you know and would not know how to appreciate outdoor stuff because a lot of it is just simply taken away

how many of you remember those days when you could go around the Savannah and you know sample pholourie or whatever

as you can see there’s a trash problem I didn’t mention it before some of you don’t like for me to talk about trash but I how can I not if it’s always in my face I’m always around people just don’t um pick up after themselves they ain’t not garbage bins or only Savannah that if you just hold it for a couple minutes you’ll meet one and you could dump it there but people just trash wherever and I just don’t get it I’m heading back north now or only Savannah

still going at a pretty fast pace my boys are able to keep keep up one of my boys is um very physical he can pretty much keep up with me other one less agile and so at some point he would kind of break and you will know when that is at that point now here’s this school boy in front of me it’s kind of [tall and thin] and um as I was getting closer to him because as you can see he’s doing a casual walk but as I’m getting closer to him because you know once somebody’s walking in front of me that kind of gets into the whole shop I always try to pass them as quick as possible when he saw me passing him I don’t know what fired in his mind but he felt well this is good competition and I don’t know why he thought it was a race because you know he’s on his way to school and going at the pace I’m going in at right now you’re gonna really break out on a sweat no matter how fit you are and uh you can see oh I’m catching up to him and I’m gonna pass him and then he decides you know what hey let me pick up the piece a little bit and at some point I told them you know hey I got you in the front of my camera and I was just making hand signals but he didn’t he thought hey time to race

so I passed him there and I’m continuing you’ll see where he tries to catch up with me I guess I was good entertainment for him

so if you ever come back to Trinidad yes you can feel safe and secure walking around in Savannah and uh

you could bring some friends it’s a good place to walk and talk but if you do please don’t take up the whole path make a line that nobody can get like wrong sometimes you’re always looking at people are coming in front of you but sometimes there are runners any and behind you that are coming up and you always have to be aware of that so you know try to stay to one side um and be aware of your surroundings because for me personally when I used to run I’m gonna get back into running soon and so you’ll see more videos to the point where I can get back running and start running around this Savannah you know it’s really hard when you you’re running and you’re coming up upon a group of people and they just won’t move you have to end up going on the road in the grass all over and it’s really tough that can cause an accident

you could also walk in a grass tour but the problem is it would really need to be dry I mean you’d have to have a few days of sun to make sure that that ground is dry otherwise you’ll just get a certain mud around you

so you see him in this cool boy there he has finally caught up to put on the speed to turbo looking back checking to make sure it’s well ahead

excuse me and uh he has powered on

but then again he’s in my shot so now I have to power on

I get even push them and make a signal to him hey I don’t know what fast don’t stay right in front of me blocking my shot I’m telling him that he acknowledges yeah okay cool

hey so you see those little big bottle plastic bottle things the new thing they introduced for people to put their plastic bottles in I don’t know how effective they are because to me I still see plastic bottles all over and you notice those were three the um garbage bins we pasta one was a regular one was plastic bottles and another was a fancy stainless steel one

I don’t know probably like we need to have them at every 10 feet in order for people to make sure they don’t dump stuff all over

see and even though even though you have that there’s that big object there

the hair looks relatively key maybe it works more you have them how clean it is

the area on the right there that’s taking into the young road which takes you to the east and centers cascade area

see that’s my school friend there he said you know what

In case of you I’m putting on some speed to show you I can pass you anytime I want

click on them he’s going to turn right so he wanted to finish that but I’m sure he’s really sweating because he’s really going to be there

he looks like a good kid all right so one of the nice things to do around this Savannah is to actually um take a look at the nature flowers the trees a lot of flower entries around in Savannah but especially birds always singing I don’t know if you can hear them any background but it’s really beautiful to hear these birds singing

you get a lot of parrots too they often fly in piers

and while they’re flying

they make this screeching song can be irritating it’s nice to hear [..]

that’s them there you can hit him in the background if you have good speakers it’s your home some people will hear this on their phone

Speaking about crime because you know a lot of you like to email me privately and and truly I don’t you know I don’t mind

um answering an initial email but sometimes if I’m you know I would rather you keep your questions on your stuff to the channel under the videos that you’re talking about especially because you see sometimes I’m a special need I’m a part of special needs children you know time is really constrained for me most of these things activities and videos that you see I’m actually with my children so it’s not like I’m going specifically to to record this it’s mostly I am happened to be the area I have my children with me and we are recording at the same time so it’s kind of like I’m multitasking but when you comment you know on your comment publicly on your channel what happens is other people are able to also pitch in and help answer you know I am not the guru of all things this is I cannot stop here because one of my sons was like okay you guys are going too fast you need to slow down I need to catch my breath so we said okay we will start going a bit slower that’s why we stopped there yeah so if you if you come in publicly other people can pitch in and give their response because sometimes I will say something and I’m not correct on other so come and correct me and that’s great because I like to learn too sometimes there are people who know way more about an area than me or I might even um say something wrong and they correct whatever I said wrong or add it if there needed to be more explanation so all these things help build this community and keep the intelligence flow going because it’s really not just about me this is JB’s Man Cave and all those who visited um so when you you know you write privately uh you know it kind of constrains me to know focus on you individually and take time to write and all that time really that I don’t have as a as a father especially children my time is with them all the time I do home school I have to work and all that stuff circuit public is great now I know some of you have private issues you don’t want to make it public and so forth remember that the intense anonymous goal is right stuff anonymously and um you know if I can’t answer all your detailed questions now you understand why but with regards to crime like I said I do have videos that’s specifically outlined different kinds of crime and Trinidad and what to do to prevent yourself from being a victim or a target it’s not full too it’s not bulletproof I’m not coming from the order or mind of a policeman but I’m just giving tips that should work in general for anybody so you may feel well you know answer me just ask me that a lot of times I have a video for that and if I don’t have a video for that when I do get a chance I do write I do create a video for it in fact a lot of these videos are kind of like a backlog in that I have so many videos that I need to put up and that’s when I get rid of these videos I’m gonna secure it up edit publish and stuff then I could go on to other things I do have an aim to get into more social issues I do have a lot of social these videos on my channel but I need to do it and I want to do that soon I’m trying to also phase out my lower resolution videos

I have content that I need to put up and as soon as I do I can concentrate on my other videos my 360 and so forth

on the right there that’s the botanical gardens the royal botanic gardens

It’s another nice place here to visit you can also walk there I do have a full walk-through video of that again you can also look for that on my Youtube channel you can also hear all the boots in the background

this is the northern part of the Queen’s Park Savannah and I am heading west

towards marvel

at this stage we are both three quarters I would say around

maybe a little less

on the left there that’s the hollows again I also have a video for that a few of them as well

I even have a video for that bench on the left so you see at every step of the way I try to create videos the specific things that countries live by past and I try to make it as detailed and informative as possible you’ll notice that my videos are not just ones of just throwing up the video after I record it and that’s it but I actually do try to put some gas 2 into it and that you know I put maps I put a description I put stuff to let you know you know somebody took the time to edit this and put it up

our structure on the right is the emperor valley zoo which I call animal prison I don’t believe in zeus I can understand the relevance of animal sanctuaries and others proper animal sanctuaries not just putting I don’t know animals in a cage to me and animals sanctuary needs to be large enough that you can have the animals run around not just be caged up in small cages some of those animals are in very tight cages and I can’t see that as being a healthy thing

If any of you are empaths and empathetic just consider yourself how would you feel if you were in a 10 by 10 page for the rest of your life and people just came to look at you

believe you me I have been on a time when I did go to things like that zoos I did eat meat I did you know keep animals in cages like like everything else because you grew up being taught that this is normal and normal practice but then there comes a time in life where you learn something you become aware and then you you make a change sometimes you decide well you know what I was doing all the time is wrong and you’ll be mad about it and make that change so I’m a vegan in case you don’t know and I believe animals should be just as free as we are when we share this planet this planet is not dominated by us

so as we bend along this angle here this corner huge corner we’re heading back south I believe the road on your right is the current number because my railroad actually extends here um that is Queen’s Park West

The Hollows is on the left

and you can see Stollmeyer’s Castle on the right we’re actually passing Wild Flower Park also another video for

the noisy songs you’re gonna hear just now are the grass cutters which I wish they would do a little bit better of thinking about safety you know they have one that goggles their clothes their robes or whatever to protect them but they see people come in and they don’t stop they just keep going on all that grass spoon anything can hit you

they hit cars and whatnot you know I don’t understand some trainees can really piss me off sometimes because it’s like they don’t consider anything but themselves even with the URP workers when they are cutting gas and road you’ll always see the the weed cutter grass cutter with the machine and the and two people with like a net standing to block

whatever grass or stones or whatever from hitting anybody or cars or whatever or if they don’t have that there will be somebody else I’ll look out so if they see somebody coming or our vehicle come in they will call her to the grass cutter to stop and that’s the proper way to do it you don’t just keep cutting grass while people are passing but something has to be wrong with you

have you all experienced that let me know in the comments of my Youtube channel when you commented please let me know what you’re commenting about

I get lots of comments but not all of them actually make it to public do because lots of them are just you know like like how I mentioned that those weak cutters somebody will just go off on that and make it some long political post about it and I mean I can’t put that on this video this video is not about politics or anything I’m just talking about you know if you’re cutting grass watch yourself watch what what you doing don’t don’t don’t be crazy and and do things that can hurt other people so you know make your your comments if you do comment simple and effective not going on tangents and you know focusing on you this is not a fictional attack on you if you happen to be cutting grass I don’t know everybody’s like that there are people who are careful

yeah and as you saw in the left some people do use the Savannah they take a run or whatever to take the show or the bus right there that public traffic you know I think that’s the only visibility of the top that I know of on Savannah

these are coconut stores people used to pull up carts and stuff here

pulled by a donkey or whatever now they have these metal structures which to me it started to look nice but now they use them like storage units and they don’t look that nice anymore

a big building only right that’s QRC… Queen’s Royal College one of the really nice architectural designs to look at whenever you come to Trinidad

so what did you think about this past work today there was a view of the Savannah in a way that you may not have seen you got to also besides the brief stop there and I’ll slow down you gotta get an idea of what a past walker only Savannah is like and you also got to hear me ramble on tell me what you think in the comments thanks so much for watching.

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