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Wild Flower Park Trinidad

Hello friends we are in Port of Spain Trinidad an island in the Caribbean and we’re going to look at Wildflower Park. There’s a sign on the park says no sporting events no training of dogs no driving and parking and no public gathering so that excludes me it’s just me alone. I have my camera with me it’s a early morning it’s around maybe 7 to 7 30.

WILD FLOWER PARK Port of Spain TRINIDAD and Tobago Walk Through Caribbean in 5.3K
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That’s The Hollows and the Savannah opposite and this is just a plan to give you an idea of where we are and that is one flower park now growing up from a youngster this park has always been here and the thing I remember most about it um seeing it as a teenager growing up through my manhattan is that people used it for mostly two things one they used to do a lot of security dog training down there in that hollow area so I used to see a lot of dogs and people training these dogs a lot of them trained to be attack dogs and stuff the other thing I used to see a lot was people when they finished having their wedding or whatever they would get gathered there for photos other than that I don’t really I can’t remember really seeing people use it that often because the odd thing about it has this big drain in the middle of it that kind of cuts off the use of the clock plus you know there aren’t many benches or anything anyway we’re gonna walk around the park today and have a look no of course you always hear these beautiful birds singing and that’s the nice thing about the green areas in photo however what I really like too is the use of these trees do you see all the trees blanket both sides of the road I wish you could see more of that and more of our streets on roads I mean this is after all the Caribbean it should be more green than concrete the area is seen clear it’s the more well to do of the country there’s a mango that fell I don’t see a mango tree or wrong I don’t know how it got there this is the mobile to do there a lot of um commissions embassies consulates ministries and residential areas there’s even united nations here too in this area this area is kind of like a gathering of houses and buildings somehow connected with the world the Caribbean the region the commonwealth and there’s even a small part of the park called the commonwealth park just as a stone that we will check out later you can see all the wildlife that gathers here the birds the butterflies the bees

so like I said there’s nobody really here right now it’s early in the morning and there isn’t much of a gathering or use of this park however this park has been surrounded in some controversy of of late um most of the people that try to use the park it seems it has been alleged that they have been chased off by a private security company I haven’t seen that for myself but a popular political activist um had written up for a for information to be given for through the freedom of information act asking certain questions about the signage for instance about the pesticides that are being used and that that is interesting why are there so many signs uh repeating the same thing about the use of the park the other thing that um is curious uh the cameras in here no I do know because the areas well to do I expect to see cameras but it is a public park

I just let me just pause for more I love the how these palms here these trees are on the side of the road I wish again we could see more of that in the country these ponds have been here since I was a kid but these lights have not that seems to be a newer thing together with the use of the cameras the signs and whatnot

now I did see a few people walking around here getting the exercise and whatnot I don’t know if they’re directly connected to the area but there is a path here for walking this is after all a sidewalk I don’t think it is that nobody can actually come here this is I believe public property but I believe if you decided oh let me have an event any park somehow people would be constrained and why I don’t know there isn’t a sign saying that you can’t pass through the park but it does say something about public gatherings but I don’t recall seeing any signage about public gatherings in other parks so I don’t know what is the problem with this specific part now they may say that it is to do with using pesticides but then again if using pesticides in this park why would it not be used in other parts I mean what is special about this park that needs to be sprayed that often isn’t a clue but some of the questions is popular politician Michael Alexander I have no connection to him

asked was why is the public park owned by taxpayers this country being treated with pesticides which can harm be harmful to animals and citizens using epoch and he also asked um you know what is it about these pesticides that are toxic that could affect people why aren’t they being used in the queen’s box of well and that’s a question I have to because you don’t see the signage the signage any hollows or on the Queen’s Park Savannah now according to Alexander the the security cameras are being powered by somebody from one of the houses in the area and I don’t know that I haven’t seen did you see that um pesticide guy come in on your right it’s funny how I was here and um it just so happened that he is getting ready to spray so maybe it’s an active thing or maybe just because they saw me come and I don’t know I didn’t see security on this day

so I don’t know but I have seen it when I when I driven past I’ve seen security vehicles blocked here

again look at this the beauty of this area the trees they are very old they have been here for a while and it really makes for a nice tropical layout nice high economy let’s see one person walk in there there are a few other people passing through the park and there’s a guinea sign at every turn

claiming what you can and can’t do in the park

can you hear the birds


Interesting trees here not being a botanist horticulturist I don’t know the names if you know the names of these trees feel free to comment about it and make sure to put the um video time so you can know which tree you’re talking about you can tell us they need now you can see this has been built in a shape of a of a Trinidad and a Tobago but it doesn’t seem to be well kept so it’s very hard to tell but this is the stone block that they put saying they come in commonwealth gardens by a fall apart some sort of commemoration

and remember states involved

I believe this was put here in 2021

and the British ambassador spoke and

but um apart from that

It’s funny that the name is Wildflower Park but there aren’t actually a lot of wild flowers just a few flowers planted here and that’s about it all the rest is really green the amazing thing about this particular park is actually grand old trees

that’s done

here you see that part in the middle the you know river or whatever


that feeds to a river um

I guess that takes away a lot of your water from the Savannah and the park itself that kind of hinders um the ability to move from one end of the park to the next so it’s not really a place that you would come fast but an event for instance I mean you can’t really have a ball game here if you wanted to unless it was very small but it could be a good place to sit down and talk or have a few pictures for a wedding although in my opinion I think there are a lot of better areas to do that

but apparently according to the current controversy it’s not allowed you can’t do it

so I’m I’m walking through the park right now

nobody’s stopping me but then I’m just one person I’m not a gathering that’s a dream I was talking about so if you were to kick a ball and the ball went on the other side there aren’t enough crossings and that may be purposeful but it’s always been that way in my opinion um

that you really can’t connect to the other side there’s one or two but it’s not many so once you’re on one side that’s it unless you’re willing to climb down into the drain and cross there’s one crossing there

now this rising thing to me is that despite all the signage there is no the size the the park doesn’t seem to be well maintained and when I see it doesn’t seem to work because the the grass looks like it could do without cut um there’s some trash around there’s these stumps here the wood cottons left the tree has fallen nobody has removed it so you know it’s like a bit of an eye candy and then a bit of [..] as well to go along with it

and in fact those dreams should have some either some sort of covering or some sort of reel to prevent people from falling and it shouldn’t be so exposed especially because it’s right in the middle of the park

If you were to follow this it would go right back to the um hollows of the Savannah

those little boxes I don’t know what they’re about they don’t seem to be functional

they used to be have a light in them

they don’t really pass through here at night so I can’t tell you they do work

you can hear the pirates in the background very noisy they love to um gather here I’ve been here in the past where I’ve caught some unique birds some woodpeckers and other unusual birds that you don’t see very often as well

that’s Stollmeyer’s Castle in the background

so if you if you have not heard of Wild Flower Park but you can see why you may have missed it as it’s not as popular as the Savannah which is next it or The Hollows area which is within the um

the Queen’s Park Savannah and in my opinion the hollows is a is more eye candy than here this is more like if you like big trees really the botanical garden botanic gardens will also rival here as well

but to me there’s lots more that can can be done at the park lots more flowers past the walk but probably there isn’t a need or want for people to walk through here but it has always been like this huh this is not a new thing or anything surrounded by the controversy this is this park has always been like this

the only difference for me is that they fixed the drain a bit and the use of the park when people’s wanting to use the park maybe has changed

and this bamboo that is here is the only ones in the park which is unusual but it provides like a cover or shade that I’m surprised is you know it’s still utilized here because when I did come here I did catch the vagrant or two

making use of the area so if there was some interest in keeping people out there would need to be a closer look at that little piece of air there

so tell me what do you think about wildfowl park and the use of public spaces I do have another video about the way things seem to be cordoned off wall gated restricted and social attention about things that used to be you know you simply go there and have fun seem to be always have some kind of restriction to it

tell me what you think about five o’clock in the comments area thanks for watching

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