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Trini trying to see Tokyo 2020 Olympics on TV

Despite the pandemic Japan has chosen to move forward with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics being held in 2021.

Can a Trini watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Trinidad and Tobago in 2021? | by

This is the time when you want to see your favorite sports and national teams try for gold.

I can see everyone around the world glued to their TV trying to get coverage.

However, for me, here in little Trinidad… it has proven to be a chore and frustration.

On my cable menu there is an option to see the Olympics on a channel I am accustomed to watching, but when I turn to it now I see it is blocked.

It seems a local broadcaster, here in Trinidad, got exclusive rights to show the Olympics.

Ok, fine, so I turn to the local channel to see it and what happens next really annoys me.

Let me give you some examples.

I am about to see a match and then suddenly, with no explanation they change to a next match.

Then a game will be over and just when you wait to see how the judges scored it what happens?

Yes, they put on an ad or change to something else.

And do you think they give you the results later or maybe even an update — no, not at all.

The worst is when an upcoming game is about to start, you get all excited and then they put on local programming.

Fine, local stuff is important but you have stopped my ability to turn to my alternative channel to continue to see WHAT I WANT.

Why oh why do some Trinis have to spoil a good thing?

All I want to do is see the Olympics.

Now I understand how licenses work but if you are going to take over exclusiveness please do not hinder my ability to chose to watch the Olympics when I want to.

Why do I now have to see and remember the Olympics based on the sports chosen and the kind of broadcast a local channel chooses for me to see.

sigh Well, at least there is the internet, hopefully no one has blocked that, YET.

Unsafe Burglar Proofing in Trini Homes

When I used to live in the USA one of the first things I noticed was how easy an assailant could gain entry to a home through the windows or the doors.

Trini Burglar Proofing in Trinidad and Tobago can Kill - Safety at Home | by

That is because most of the windows or doors in North American homes are structured with large plain glass, hard plastic or wood.

In Trinidad and Tobago the typical houses and apartments have burglar proofing on it.

For those of you not familiar, burglar proofing is made of thick custom fabricated metal.

Burglar proofing stops unwanted persons from gaining easy access to your home via the windows or the doors.

Most of the time it makes your home look like a prison so people come up with fancy designs to make it look desirable.

However, I kid you not about the prison aspect.

Yesterday, a family found they were unable to save their three children from perishing in a fire in their own home because of what…

Burglar proofing. Sadly, the criminal element has made us invest thousands in trying to secure our home without consideration of how we get out of it in the advent of a fire.

The local chief fire officer seemed to indicate that it is not uncommon for fire officers to turn up to the scene of a fire only to either be barred from entry or the victim finding it hard to escape because of what…

Burglar proofing. We definitely will not get rid of burglar proofing in Trinidad and Tobago, however the consideration of design and function needs to change.

Burglar proofing needs to be designed with the ability for the person within the home to exit while keeping intruders out.

This can be done using a padlock or bolt system only accessible to the person within the home.

I implore you to check your home’s burglar proofing and ask your self if you or your children would be able to escape a fire if you could not use the exit doors.

Here are some designs to consider.

Feel free to comment in the comment section of my YouTube channel about what kind of fire escape plan your family has in the event of a fire.

Scan Codes For D22 Nissan Navara Frontier

Hello all. You are probably here because something is wrong with your D22 Frontier also known as the Nissan Navara in some countries.

FREE D22 Frontier Error Codes without an OBD Scanner Troubleshoot Nissan Navara | by

Your vehicle has a ‘brain’, which means it has a computer processor, as a coder we refer to this as the CPU.

The brain can read the sensors on your vehicle and give you a hint about what it wrong.

Unlike a laptop or a phone your D22 has a port to connect to what is called an on-board diagnostics or OBD scanner.

That is a small pricey unit that reads the codes from your vehicle’s brain.

Now, as I have said in other videos, your first move is usually to go to a trained Nissan mechanic after all, they are the ones that usually have the OBD scanner.

However to be realistic that is not always possible and those scanners can be pricey.

It could also be that you like doing your own thing.

I am going to show you how you can read the codes on your own and figure out what is wrong with your vehicle if you do not have the scanner.

This method MAY also work for older model Nissan vehicles but I do not think it will work with the D40 or newer vehicles as they have their own method.

In fact, previous to this I saw a lot of wrong information about using newer vehicle methods for the D22 that had me spinning.

Thanks to my friends over at I was able to get this tip.

Anyway, so something is wrong with your D22 so the first thing you need is a paperclip.

If it has plastic around the paperclip then cut small pieces of it off on the ends so the metal is exposed.

Now, you are going to the driver’s seat of your D22 and put the key in the ignition.

Turn your vehicle on but do not start.

This is where you are going to take your paper clip and make into an arc so it can go into port 1 and 8 as I show you in the video.

Once it is fitted their securely count a couple of seconds and take out the paperclip.

You should now see your engine light on your dash begin to blink.

The blink codes tell you the codes.

I know, at first it looks weird but do not worry.

The first blinks are slow and give you the first part of the code.

The fast blinks give you the second part of the code.

So first slow blinks a pause and then fast blinks.

In this case… it gives one slow blink so we read that as “01”

Then three fast blinks we can read as “03”

Combined it is “0103”.

Now, here is the part where you will need the interpretation of those codes.

I am going to look at my chart for the code “0103” and it says “Coolant Temp Sensor”.

I have another video coming out soon about that.

There you have it, I will show some codes here but also will put a link in the description so you can access it.

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Judgemental Trinidadians

Greets all. As you may know, I like to share some views on real life happenings from a perspective you may not have thought about.

Do Trinis Judge Too Harshly? Case of POLICE Inspector Doubles Vendor Trinidad and Tobago

Just recently, an inspector of police and a female doubles vendor appeared before a judge in Trinidad.

In case my foreign friends don’t know, “doubles” is a tasty fast food made from curried chick peas and fried flour that is sold locally.

According to the police media release it was Sunday, 11th April, 2021 when the inspector allegedly allowed his weapon, a gun, to be used and fired by the female doubles vendor.

Now all of this became public knowledge because it was recorded on video and uploaded to social media.

So the inspector was charged with transferring a firearm and ammunition.

While the woman was charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Now some questions remain of which you can comment.

What influenced this?

Were they drunken on doubles? Maybe she made some doubles earlier that day and it was either too hot or too spicy and affected their judgment?

Maybe it was the charm or beauty of the woman fogging up the mind of the inspector and he let his guard down?

Or maybe the inspector simply made a mistake and now he has to pay the price of having his picture publicly revealed by the same police service he represents.

I was reading some of the associated comments about this case and found the people dealing harsh judgment on them.

One would swear they had committed grad theft or even murder.

Yes, they broke the law, and made some unfortunate decisions, however does that discount all the good they may have done in life?

Besides this error of action was he a good inspector… keeping us safe from the criminal element?

Was she a good doubles vendor and probably worked hard to feed her family day to day?

All I am saying is before we judge we need to consider if all our actions in a day were recorded and placed on social media what do you think people would say about us?

I doubt we would be free from social, ethical or even the law books since, speeding, J-walking, disorderly conduct, larceny, no vehicle inspection, no insurance, drinking and driving, texting while driving and even eating while driving are also all against the law.

I could go on and on.

This is not to say that the inspector and the doubles vendor should not be held accountable for their actions.

It is actually good to know that no one is above the law and that the police were willing to charge one of their own.

However, what I am saying is that as a society we need to look beyond our own judgmental attitude towards others and check ourselves.

Because right now I am seeing a worrying direction Trinidad and Tobago is heading and the only change of course is us, society as a whole.

Grasshopper in our Caribbean home

Caribbean Grasshopper in my Kitchen in Trinidad and Tobago | by

In the Caribbean all kinds of insects and creatures including some nosy neighbors might find themselves in your home.

Grasshoppers are one of those insects that has a tendency to come into your home every now and again.

They have an ancient origin of 250 million years on this planet, even before the time of dinosaurs.

Yet, sometimes they seem to get stuck on the ceiling or a wall and do not know how to get out.

This was our case, one stayed on the ceiling of our kitchen and we thought it would figure out how to get out because we left the windows open.

Next day, it was still there!

Grasshoppers need water just like we do but they get it from the plants.

So if it was going to stay in the kitchen it would die especially because that is where it gets hot from cooking.

Some people know grasshoppers for jumping which they can, but they can also fly so this one is probably weak or it would have been gone already.

I put a broom about an inch a way from it and it did not hop away instead it slowly walked on to it like those slow people maxi taxis stop for and think they have all the time in the world.

Anyway, the grasshopper probably saw the broom as hope so I took it all the way outside, let it crawl on to my hand and then rested it on a small sweet pepper plant I had outside.

By the way, grasshoppers do not attack humans or animals, they only eat plants.

Can you see it? They use camouflage as part of their defense against predators.

You will notice how slowly she moves.

It will go to a leaf and build up the strength to eat.

You will see a hole appear in the leaf and then that seemed to have done it.

The grasshopper moves quickly to the next leaf and takes its leave.

I know some people do not like grasshoppers because they are the tender form of locusts.

However, this little buddy is harmless and I am happy to seem him survive our hot kitchen and get back to nature.

Original video: Caribbean Grasshopper in my Kitchen in Trinidad and Tobago | by

Port of Spain Needs A Cleanup!

I went to Port of Spain today. Port of Spain, Trinidad is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. This place is the seat of government, the main hub of industry, and commerce. Why even the very laws of this nation are formed here.

Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago Abandoned?

In Port of Spain you will see many tall buildings and attempts at making the place both modernized and eco-friendly. However, all this is greatly diminished by the overwhelming stench and filth at almost every street corner.

I am not exaggerating when I say the strong scent of human pee, poo and trash overwhelms your nostrils. Sad to say when you are in Port of Spain on almost all the pavements / sidewalks there is a vagrant, a homeless person and a pile of trash.

It is almost as though the capital is abandoned. You might say this is because of the pandemic – NO, this has been going on for years.

Even the business owners in Port of Spain and the very customers that used to come here complain about the same thing.

Sadly, the only reason to go to Port of Spain is out of necessity because this is where the government buildings are located. Other than that it is not a welcoming place anymore and with the borders opening again I hope some TLC can be urgently administered here.

This article goes in line with what has been mentioned about neglect and the speed at which things are handled in Trinidad and Tobago. If you want to comment on this article feel free to add it below or on YouTube please go here.

Trinis Love Their Food

One thing you must never ever come between is a Trini and their outside food.

The reason I say outside food is because most Trinis are really good cooks, both the men and the women.

Even so, Trinis seem to be drawn to food made by people in restaurants, food trucks and even on the street.

Trini Restaurants Food Outlets and Food Vendors In Trinidad and Tobago | by

Because of the melting pot of cultures in Trinidad and Tobago the food choices are many.

You can easily sample Indian, Chinese, Thai, Syrian, Creole, North American, and other exotic foods within a short radius.

However, ever since this pandemic, the access to these outside foods have become limited to bakery treats and prepackaged meals.

Even curb side pickup and delivery, which in my layman’s opinion no greater a risk than going into a bakery or a grocery, was shut down for months.

This has caused many restaurants to permanently shut down their operations or downsize.

For us, it may appear as one less restaurant closed where hundreds of others will fill the space but a restaurant closing is a loss of jobs for many people.

As an example, let’s take the Passage to Asia Restaurant,

I am not associated with this establishment or their owners but I was reading a recent article about the amount of money it takes to service these places.

In this footage, from back in February, 2021 we were looking for a restaurant that could cater for vegans and they stepped up to the plate (pun intended).

The waiter was very friendly and the chef did his best to alter the menu so we could eat their set dishes according to our desires.

The food had so many flavors from the Eastern world it felt like we took a plane to Asia.

That is the great thing about dining out in this country… there is always a food, a dish and a chef who can cater for everyone.

Sad to say, save for outdoor activities, and maybe an occasional movie, there aren’t a whole bunch of things to do on this island hence outside food is central to Trini entertainment.

When you take that away you take away life itself.

Here is to all those who look forward to opening back their restaurants, food trucks and food stalls.

May you bring back some joy to all the Trinis that are longing to get away, if just for a moment, from the current stress they are under.

Feel free to state in the comments which food places you are looking forward to see open again in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinis Can’t Be Told Nothing?

“Wrong and strong” that is what we say in Trinidad and Tobago when someone does something that is not correct, discourteous, or even not lawful.

BULLYING Trinidad and Tobago Wrong and Strong angry people Crime staying Safe bully

Yet the wrong and strong individual wants to be taken as though they are right in what they said or did.

In other words, they cannot be told anything and they expect to continue in their wrong doing without any ramification.

Sometimes, when you tell a wrong and strong individual about their error they will reply with something like “Do something about it nah”

They may get loud or they may start using the most vulgar language as a tactic to keep you quiet.

Being loud and even louder than someone else is often used here to shut down others.

However, some may not even verbally reply… these can be the most deadly ones. You will see an example of that in this video.

Some have been known to return 5 minutes later or even the next day with vengeance in their eyes.

Today, I was reading a report about a wrong and strong individual who was shooting his gun into the air in a St. James neighborhood.

A man was with his family on his property when it was happening.

He chose to approach the man about what he was doing.

The response of the wrong doer was to shoot him multiple times in front of his family.

He later died.

Sometimes you do not know the mental or moral state of individuals in this country.

Please stay safe everyone. Feel free to share any experiences you had with wrong and strong Trinis in the comment area of my Youtube channel.

We live in a digital age, it is better to record occurrences or call the police rather than try and reason with the unreasonable.

Greedy Trinidadians?

Are Trinidadians really a greedy people? I hear and see this word use often by some Trinis to describe other Trinis but let’s define the word.

The first definition of greedy from Oxford is an “excessive desire or appetite for food”

However, it can also be “an intense and selfish desire for wealth or power”

So are there people in Trinidad and Tobago that fit that description?

GREEDY Trinidad and Tobago? Trinis are being Characterized as Greedy for wanting Food

Before we can answer that we often have to examine the people accusing others of being greedy.

Sometimes Trinis don’t have the best of decorum in the way they communicate as they often just share what they are thinking without any reservations.

If you haven’t seen my video called, “Lil’boy vs Single Mothers” make sure to look for it as I go deeper into this, however, to stay here let me give a simple example.

Someone might be struggling with their weight but when they are greeted by a fellow Trini the opener is…

“Aye fat boy how you looking plump so…” while this language might be considered colorful pecong it could actually be hurting the person’s self-esteem.

The irony of this is if you look at the person that is body shaming… they are also out of shape.

Sometimes people like to put down others in the hope of elevating themselves and that is not unique to Trinis, it is a bad human trait.

When I was a missionary in England we were often told to be humble because pride could easily set in.

To conquer the pride and become humble we were often told to go to what are known as council estates and clean all the garbage on the roads and in people’s yards.

That’s right. Just picture… we are dressed in suits with a black bag in hand and would go from house to house and street to street picking up garbage.

We did this as a regular thing and it humbled me quite a bit.

It showed me that I am no better than my fellow man.

It was not for me to judge why someone would keep their yard dirty it was just my job to help make it better.

So when I see someone trying to distribute food to those in need that is a good thing.

And when I see people lining up to collect that food it is not for me to say they are greedy because they are lining up to get that food.

If I were to do that then I would find myself on the side of pride, judgmental and it could just mean I am one of those who doesn’t give food from my personal supply to help others.

You see, it is so easy to say words when you are not in a situation… when you are not in the hot sun lining up to collect food.

Someone once told me if you see someone out there begging then do not think they are faking it, no one would subject themselves to being a beggar unless there was something needed or missing in their lives.

And if you think someone has no challenges or sorrow you don’t know them very well.

So back to the original question are Trinis really a greedy people?

While there may be one or two who may take advantage I can tell you that for the most part Trinis are the most giving people around.

I have seen first hand where people did not have much and would still give to others they felt needed it.

I have also seen where people have suffered a lot before coming out to ask. It is not for me to judge who needs and who doesn’t.

Like my picking up garbage scenario, I was there serve… to make it better… not characterize the people who left their garbage.

Right now we are in a pandemic… people are without work, little to no income and in desperate need of a way to pay their bills. These are times for sensitivity and understanding not put downs.

We are better than that.

Being Religious vs Actually Doing Good

We are going through some tough times so I thought I would share a short true story that happened to me, a thought for the day as it were…

TRUE STORY Religious Men vs My Trini Brothers Who is more helpful?

One day on a cold Sunday morning, while living in the USA my vehicle broke down and I could find no way to get it started especially because it was an automatic.

At the time we were on our way to church and my wife and child, just a toddler, were in the car.

Not one person stopped to assist.

It was more, the church we were going to was about 2 miles from where I stalled so I asked my wife to stay with our son until I got help.

I walked to the church and upon entering I could never forget… I saw three men.

They were in their well dressed suits and they were familiar to me because they were part of the hierarchy of the church.

At the time, I mentioned what happened and it brought on a few odd chuckles but not one of them offered to help.

So here I was… in a church and walked back out to the cold and back 2 miles to the car.

I told my wife what happened and then pushed the car into what was a nearby garage.

We then all walked back home, luckily it was not too far away.

Almost two decades later, a similar situation but this time in Trinidad and the middle of a local plaza and in front of a busy shopping area the diesel fuel pump on my truck died.

It is a computerized pump so at the time there was nothing visible to see or fix to get the truck started.

So there I was trying everything I knew to get the truck moving and it would not budge.

What do you think happened next?

That is right… my Trini brothers of all walks and backgrounds came to my aide.

One even brought a can of spray and assisted me in blowing it through the inlet to get it started.

He noticed I had gloves on was telling me that he is just like me… he does not like grease on his hands

But when he was in school he liked a girl in the mechanics class so much that he joined the class just to be around here.

He said one day his teacher noticed his nonchalant demeanor about the subject and asked him…

Why are you really in this class? He named the girl.

We bought laugh at what women can make us do and then proceeded to get the truck moving.

What a contrast of stories. One in the USA of church people who were no help, and one in Trinidad where I got all hands on board from strangers plus made a friend.