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Port of Spain Needs A Cleanup!

Port of Spain cleanup

I went to Port of Spain today. Port of Spain, Trinidad is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. This place is the seat of government, the main hub of industry, and commerce. Why even the very laws of this nation are formed here.

Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago Abandoned?

In Port of Spain you will see many tall buildings and attempts at making the place both modernized and eco-friendly. However, all this is greatly diminished by the overwhelming stench and filth at almost every street corner.

I am not exaggerating when I say the strong scent of human pee, poo and trash overwhelms your nostrils. Sad to say when you are in Port of Spain on almost all the pavements / sidewalks there is a vagrant, a homeless person and a pile of trash.

It is almost as though the capital is abandoned. You might say this is because of the pandemic – NO, this has been going on for years.

Even the business owners in Port of Spain and the very customers that used to come here complain about the same thing.

Sadly, the only reason to go to Port of Spain is out of necessity because this is where the government buildings are located. Other than that it is not a welcoming place anymore and with the borders opening again I hope some TLC can be urgently administered here.

This article goes in line with what has been mentioned about neglect and the speed at which things are handled in Trinidad and Tobago. If you want to comment on this article feel free to add it below or on YouTube please go here.

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