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Unsafe Burglar Proofing in Trini Homes

Trinidad Burglar Proofing

When I used to live in the USA one of the first things I noticed was how easy an assailant could gain entry to a home through the windows or the doors.

Trini Burglar Proofing in Trinidad and Tobago can Kill - Safety at Home | by

That is because most of the windows or doors in North American homes are structured with large plain glass, hard plastic or wood.

In Trinidad and Tobago the typical houses and apartments have burglar proofing on it.

For those of you not familiar, burglar proofing is made of thick custom fabricated metal.

Burglar proofing stops unwanted persons from gaining easy access to your home via the windows or the doors.

Most of the time it makes your home look like a prison so people come up with fancy designs to make it look desirable.

However, I kid you not about the prison aspect.

Yesterday, a family found they were unable to save their three children from perishing in a fire in their own home because of what…

Burglar proofing. Sadly, the criminal element has made us invest thousands in trying to secure our home without consideration of how we get out of it in the advent of a fire.

The local chief fire officer seemed to indicate that it is not uncommon for fire officers to turn up to the scene of a fire only to either be barred from entry or the victim finding it hard to escape because of what…

Burglar proofing. We definitely will not get rid of burglar proofing in Trinidad and Tobago, however the consideration of design and function needs to change.

Burglar proofing needs to be designed with the ability for the person within the home to exit while keeping intruders out.

This can be done using a padlock or bolt system only accessible to the person within the home.

I implore you to check your home’s burglar proofing and ask your self if you or your children would be able to escape a fire if you could not use the exit doors.

Here are some designs to consider.

Feel free to comment in the comment section of my YouTube channel about what kind of fire escape plan your family has in the event of a fire.

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