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Homeless in Trinidad and Tobago Ignored

When people hear about the Caribbean they think of beautiful beaches, coconut trees and easy living.

They may also think about the slow pace at which everything is done.

Delays, postponement, and neglect is not uncommon in Trinidad and Tobago.

Except for driving every aspect of life in this country is done without any urgency at all.

In this video, I will show you a classic of example of this.

HOMELESS in Trinidad and Tobago NEGLECT Why things are Slow to Progress

Now, many may say that as a collective body of citizens we each have to do our part and that is true.

However, there are specific things that only the authorities can handle.

Let’s take the example of this sad case… a man who has given his life to cleaning the weeds on the road.

He used to be in Maraval, but now I have seen him set up a ‘shop’ for want to better word here on the Western Main Road right by the Cocorite flyover.

Look at the irony of that big flag flying in the background and just under it is a citizen left to his own demise.

This man has been allowed to dwell here month… after month… after month… after month… after month.

This is a hazard… I have seen some of his items jotting out into the road or even his own person swaying.

I stopped this morning for a closer look and to inquire from people in the area about him.

They referred to him as ‘the cleaner’ because he picks weeds from the road.

You can see him drifting where cars are passing and all the items he has collected.

I did not want to approach as I am not sure of his stability which is another issue of having someone be at this location.

If he were to be hit be any one of us we would be looked at as the one in the wrong.

However, just as I have passed this make shift address day after day

I can assure you that people from health, the regional corporation, police, licensing authority and others have also passed

here month after month… after month… after month… after month… after month and done nothing about it.

Thus you can see in this short video why many may feel neglected, disenfranchised or unsatisfied…

If the simplest of matters cannot be dealt with and the needs of the vulnerable cannot be addressed then how can bigger things?

Time to Leave Trinidad

A worrying trend of talented people leaving Trinidad and Tobago. So I came across this picture of a guy known to organize athletic races in Trinidad.

LEAVING Trinidad and Tobago Good-Bye I am Leaving Don't Cry For Me I'm Non-Essential

In the selfie he took, it was a picture of him – of course – and a plane in the background getting ready to be boarded.

He took this on the same day he was leaving Trinidad.

He lamented that he did not want to leave Trinidad but over the past 15 months he was not able to earn an income because he was not allowed to organize any races.

He further regretted the fact that he could not even conduct repairs at home because construction stopped.

But what was worst is the thing he truly had a passion for which was outdoor exercising he could not do because that was not allowed either.

He blamed the lack of discipline by citizens and government policy which made him feel like he was serving time for a crime he did not commit.

So here he was leaving Trinidad going to another country where he was not looked on as non-essential and that considered the well being of the people first.

Leaving Trinidad
Why do I have to leave the country I love?

In his words, he wanted to be in a place where he could actual work, gain and income and was not constantly shut down by reactionary measures.

I asked him if he had space for me in his suitcase but he didn’t, oh well.

People I am concerned that we are losing a lot of our talent.

There was another gifted guy who is well known in the Mixed Martial Arts world that left this country a couple of years ago because after coming close to a near death experience with bandits he felt the country was too unsafe.

We can easily say to them well go then… but that is putting blame on them for something they have no control over.

The rest of us that are here… we need to make this place better… each individual doing their part so the country can reach a stage where people feel like they want to return home or not even leave in the first place.

It is up to us.

Feel free to give your thoughts in the comments.

Vegan vs Vegetarian vs Plant Based Diet.

This is all about Vegan vs Vegetarian vs Plant Based Diet as well as the myths about health and ridiculing people about their food choices. Today, I want to cover two things: My review of some imitation bacon I cooked as well as something I see done often online by fellow vegans who should know better.

In case you don’t know I have been vegan for almost a decade and let me explain what that means.

First off I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about the differences between being a vegan and being a plant based eater.

Vegans: What it means to be Vegan versus Vegetarian and a delicious Bacon Review | by

Vegan diet means health or not?

Definitely there is also some confusion surrounding eating a vegan diet equals health.

Basically, someone that is a vegan does not want to see animals hurt or tortured.

Therefore, vegans do not use any products or foods made from any animal.

Don’t confuse that with vegetarian because they still consume milk and cheese from cows and eggs from chickens.

Because vegans do not use animal products many believe that a vegan diet is automatically healthy because all they eat is… salad and fruits.

Truth is a lot of processed sugar filled fat laden foods are in fact vegan.

For example french fries and soda pop is vegan.

So to equate being vegan with health is wrong.

Let me give you an example.

Shaming what people eat

One day while checking some comments online I saw someone proudly showing off a vegan bacon sandwich.

Even though it looked good a supposed vegan trolled the post asking why the original poster would want to eat something that had the taste and shape of an animal.

Vegan vs Vegetarian vs Plant Based Diet.

This showed the person does not understand what being vegan means.

What being vegan really means

Being vegan is about saving animals… if that person’s vegan bacon did not hurt any animals then they should be free to eat as they please.

Not everyone that becomes vegan did it because they did not like the taste of bacon anymore.

They became vegan because they did not want any pigs killed in order for anyone to eat bacon.

So if there is a recipe or company willing to use plant based substitutes to make an imitation bacon then why not.

Now, if we are talking health… then that is a different story because many processed products may not be all that healthy.

However, as I said before… being vegan is about saving animals not your personal health.

Your choice to eat healthy or not is not related to being vegan.

For me, I try to eat the actual food not the processed version of food.

I generally stay away from junk, but again that is my personal choice.

It does not make the next vegan who enjoys junk and processed foods any less vegan.

Now that I’ve cleared that up let’s look at this vegan bacon made by Lightlife they call it Smart Bacon. Note, this is not sponsored nor am I endorsing this product just merely sharing.

It is my first time trying this version, in another video I showed the tempeh which is thicker.

My family loves this sort of thing so every blue moon we will buy it as a treat, it is not something we eat all the time.

We keep it in the freezer until we are ready, just put it in some water to get it soft.

You can peel off each slice and cook it in a frying pan.

The cooking time is not long maybe 3-4 minutes

Some people like their bacon burnt so here I am showing bacon cooked at 3 different stages so you can see the consistency.

I am going to break a piece off and let me tell you it tastes just like bacon. The only thing it does not give you is that fatty taste

So it is more like a lean bacon which for me is better.

I hope this video cleared up some misconceptions about being vegan

And at the same time you get to see how vegan bacon looks.

ZD30 VP44 Pump Problems

This video is specifically about the ZD30 engine and in my case I will be showing it in my D22 Nissan Frontier which is also known as the Nissan Navara in some countries.

ZD30 Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Failure VP44 D22 Nissan Frontier Navara Solution | by

You probably came here because you can’t get your engine to start or maybe it starts but does not go beyond 1000-2000 RPMs.

By now you’ve probably tried a number of things and you’re wondering if it is the diesel fuel injection pump.

I’ve been there and in this video I’m going to tell you all that I went through with this issue and how I solved it.

In this way, you can make a decision about your next way forward because believe me, if it is your ZD30 fuel injection pump you will want to know what I am about to say.

First, I’m just a regular guy making videos about real life issues. I do this for you and for my sons with special needs. Please show your appreciation by subscribing, liking and recommending my content to others.

I would also appreciate comments after you watch this video… let me know if it helped you make a decision or you can even tell me what you did when you found out your ZD30 diesel fuel injection pump wasn’t working.

Ok, so let’s get into it.

Near the end of 2020 just before Christmas I started to get a hard start on my ZD30. One of the things I did was to get up in the morning and prime it at the diesel fuel filter.

I would then leave my glow plugs on a little longer at the ignition and cross my fingers.

Most times it started well but then the hard starts became more frequent.

ZD30 VP44 Pump Problems
Bosch VP44 Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

Then one day it just refused to start.

Now, first of all, I should tell you that I am the kind of guy that ensures to change the oil and fuel filter often.

In fact, I have a video about how to change your D22 Fuel Filter and one about how to change your Air Filter if you need those.

So the issue with hard starts could not be about me not changing my fuel, air or oil filters.

My first resolve was to ensure my battery was good. In my case I changed my battery and ensured to put a good heavy duty one in.

My second check was to look under the bonnet and check that all the wires were connected properly and by that I mean they were also grounded properly.

Fuses can also be an issue.

ZD30 engine and pump are Computerized

I can tell you that the ZD30 is a computerized engine and if one wire or fuse is out of play as in slack, burned or corroded that can be a factor for not starting.

I should mention here that if you have an alarm, GPS or other security device you should check those… we’ll assume the cause for the hard starts is not related to that.

I am not going to go into detail about how to conduct every check otherwise this video will be hours long so please see for my other videos about that.

The next thing was to check that the glow plugs was actually getting current.

Know What You Are Doing

Now, here is my disclaimer… your first action should always be to let an experienced Nissan trained mechanic work on your vehicle.

However, not all of us have that luxury so I am just telling you what I did… I am not saying you should do any of these things…

It is up to you if you want to do all the tests I am going to share…

So after making sure the fuses are good and all the wires are grounded and clean I would take a wire from the positive battery terminal and gently touch the head of the first glow plug.

I am assuming you have good glow plugs.

You should get a spark. If you don’t that means your glow plugs are not getting juice from the battery so you should go back to re-checking your wires.

If you get a spark then your glow plugs is not the issue. The next could be that there is an air lock or block in the fuel line.

You should be able to pump the fuel filter until you cannot pump it anymore and then tumble.

If you still cannot tumble then you need to see if fuel is actually getting to the engine.

The ZD30 Inlet Spray Test

To do this, you would test by taking a can of bug spray and while someone starts the vehicle you spray into the intake.

Move this rubber and spray in this direction.

If while spraying the vehicle tries to start or does start then there is an issue with the fuel system.

For me, my vehicle started this way a few times until the method simply did not work.

Take all these as warning signs that your diesel fuel pump is on the way out.

Another way you can know that your diesel fuel pump is not working as it should is very poor mileage per gallon or liter as the case may be.

Previous to this I was getting far less miles from a full tank of fuel than I normally would – as much as 100km less.

At first I thought it was poor quality fuel but now I know it was more than that.

So back, to my ZD30 not starting.

When I did get my ZD30 to start using the spray can method I noticed that it would not go beyond 1500 RPMs it would idle fine but anytime I tried to rev it would simply stay at 1500RPMS.

Checking Error Codes Without A Scanner

At this point, I had one last check to make. Of course this could be the first check you make which is to scan your vehicle but I did not have access to a scanner and most people don’t

However, I learned this trick online that allows you to check the error codes without a scanner. A shout out goes out to those good people on Nissan for the steps. Look out for how to do to read the error codes in my next video.

Again, i can’t show you all that here otherwise we will never finish.

So after reading the error code I got the message that it was the fuel pump in the form of what is called a spill valve error.

Now, this is where you have to make some tough choices.

The diesel fuel injection pump on a ZD30 engine is made by Bosch and is computerized not just mechanical, so basically you either replace it or repair it at a Bosch authorized dealer.

In looking at the design I wondered why they would build all that circuitry so close to the immense heat of the engine, but that is another video.

Buying A Used VP44 Pump

Another alternative is to buy a used fuel injection pump off of a working engine.

Now here is the thing. The location of the pump and getting it out requires a partial scrap of the front of your vehicle – it is not an easy task to get it out or put it back in.

You will be looking at a considerable cost to do that so if you put in a used pump and it gives you a short lifespan then you will have to go through the process of taking out the pump again and buying another to replace it.

At the time, I did not want to deal with an awesome cost so I first tried a used fuel injection pump but there was an electronic failure on the unit so I returned it and got a refund.

Ideally, you could buy a new fuel injection pump but the cost of it is like buying an engine.

Getting Original Pump Serviced

My resolve was to take my original pump to a local authorized Bosch dealer who had all the heavy machinery necessary to replace the parts and test it.

It cost a pretty penny but not as much as if I had to buy a new one and still pay a mechanic to fit it in.

I don’t know how much things cost in your area so i will break it down this way as an example:

If a new pump cost US$2,500 then repairing it would be around US$1,200 and a used one would cost you around US$800

None of these costs include the mechanic’s fee for putting it in so you also have to consider that.

That can be a lot of money, especially if you weren’t expecting it. Some of the other decisions people decided to make was to convert the ZD30 engine to work with a mechanical pump.

The issue with that is that your mechanic would have to already be doing this as a specialty because it will take fabrication, engineering and alteration.

According to those who said they did this there is no power loss but given the fact that the fuel will no loner have an interface with the brain of your vehicle it is hard to figure how well it will work.

Then the cost factor of that conversion is another issue.

What About Changing Out The ZD30?

The other resolve for some people is to change the engine! I know it seems extreme but some people do not want to worry about computerized parts so they change the whole ZD30 out and go for something like a QD32 which is all mechanical.

When I heard the cost of fixing the Bosch pump I inquired about this too but the main issue is conversion to get it to fit my gear box, rewiring the vehicle and all that.

So, if you are in this position I feel for you. I hope my own story of what I did helped you to make your own decision. Please tell me what you did in the comments and please make sure to subscribe.

Caribbean Genealogy & DNA

What race am I? I have read comments like “human race”, but let’s be realistic, when you fill in a form that asks for your race you do not put “human” so there needs an answer.

Have you ever wondered about your origin or do you just accept what your parents told you? Have you ever done a DNA test? I did and I will show you the results along with some of my genealogical research. While I am in Trinidad, I have a line going through Barbados and a ‘couple’ places as you will see:

What is my Race? Caribbean DNA Genealogy Research Trinidad and Tobago Ancestry

You may say… JB who cares, I know who I am…

But do you? Do you really know your origins or are you just going on what you’ve been told?

There have been so many people who have done what I am about to show you and discovered they aren’t who they taught they were.

Not to be controversial, but others have also discovered their father wasn’t really their father and so on.

Why You Should Know Your Origins

At the same time, knowing your ancestry gives you a sense of identity and if nothing else it is a good talking point for when you meet your friends.

As an example, imagine people not perceiving you as looking Asian at all and yet you discover, that some of your ancestry is from China!

Have you ever wondered about where your ancestors came from and what really makes you… you?

If you saw me, what would you say is my race or ethnicity?

Before there was a large influx of Venezuelans in Trinidad people would sometimes ask me where I was from.

Now that the Venezuelans are here in large numbers Trinis will assume that I am Venezuelan until I started talking.

For me, I see myself as simply mixed and just how mixed you are going to learn from this video.

In fact, you surprisingly learn all the countries involved in making me what I am today.

Not only that, but I will be able to give you the percentages of just how mixed I am so you can see the more dominant and recessive blood in my veins.

Science of DNA Testing

This will be based on science and not just what dad or granny said.

So how did I get this information?

It is called DNA test which is the science into one’s genealogy.

You know that test that couples take when they think someone’s been cheating and they want to figure out who the real father is?

Yeah something like that.

How did I go about getting into doing that… I will show you.

First, let’s reverse a little.

From a young age, my father… yeah that’s him, told me many stories about what he knew of his own father and grandfather.

A lot of this intrigued me because it had direct links into the making of what Trinidad and Tobago is today.

The Love of Genealogical Research

So, around the age of 16 I started to keep something called a “Book of Remembrance”.

This book is like a folder of pages that you can add of pedigree charts and ancestral information.

It allows you to track your genealogy and the offspring of descendants.

Today there are a lot of programs that do this so there is no need for an actual book.

But that was the driving force behind me doing this.

DNA Test Kits

Now there are DNA test kits that you can order and take the test.

In my case, I ordered the Ancestry DNA test kit.

It comes like what you see here. Inside it a…

Back in 2019, I got the test and both my wife and myself tried it.

Doing the test is easy. You simply…

After sending it I waited for around 3 weeks and then checked online for the results.

Now here is the interesting part… Ancestry is able to target the origin of your DNA through a huge database of DNA records from around the world.

Their database is not stagnant and is updated every now and again.

This means that there might be slight alterations in your results as time goes by but not so much as to leave you puzzled as to your major origin.

The Origin of JB

Anyway, back to my origin.

So, usually, when you ask your parents about your origin they may say something like…

Your grand father came from X and his father, which is your great grand father came from here and yet they have nothing on paper to show that.

That was partially my case to… I was left to wonder about the real origins of my ancestors…

Well here it all broken down for you…

Get ready… drum roll please and get read this is a long list…

I am…

You will need to look at the video to see the countries as I am not going to spoil it by listing that here.

Now another way to know that they got my information correct is they can show you others who have also had their DNA tested and your connection to them

Sure enough, it picked up my half brother, first cousins and so forth and showed me how I was connected to them.

The system also tells me the kind of traits I have based on genetic dispositions – for instance I have the sprinter’s gene but I wont go into that.