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Trinis Can’t Be Told Nothing?

Wrong and Strong

“Wrong and strong” that is what we say in Trinidad and Tobago when someone does something that is not correct, discourteous, or even not lawful.

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Yet the wrong and strong individual wants to be taken as though they are right in what they said or did.

In other words, they cannot be told anything and they expect to continue in their wrong doing without any ramification.

Sometimes, when you tell a wrong and strong individual about their error they will reply with something like “Do something about it nah”

They may get loud or they may start using the most vulgar language as a tactic to keep you quiet.

Being loud and even louder than someone else is often used here to shut down others.

However, some may not even verbally reply… these can be the most deadly ones. You will see an example of that in this video.

Some have been known to return 5 minutes later or even the next day with vengeance in their eyes.

Today, I was reading a report about a wrong and strong individual who was shooting his gun into the air in a St. James neighborhood.

A man was with his family on his property when it was happening.

He chose to approach the man about what he was doing.

The response of the wrong doer was to shoot him multiple times in front of his family.

He later died.

Sometimes you do not know the mental or moral state of individuals in this country.

Please stay safe everyone. Feel free to share any experiences you had with wrong and strong Trinis in the comment area of my Youtube channel.

We live in a digital age, it is better to record occurrences or call the police rather than try and reason with the unreasonable.

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