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Covid-19 Vaccine in Trinidad and Tobago

COVID-19 Trinidad and Tobago

Saturday, my family and I went to NAPA to take the COVID-19 Vaccine.

We waited until now so we could choose from a variety rather than be limited to one or two choices.

Now, I like to follow the science and since I am a realist I am not into superstitions, controversy or myths.

I did my own research and in the end felt I had little to lose and lots to gain by being immunized against COVID-19.

The process was very fast but mostly because I chose to take the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Let me explain, it seemed like most of the people there wanted the Pzier vaccine or surprisingly, the Signopharm vaccine.

In fact, during the registration process the lady that interviewed me said most of the forms she was filing in were for Signopharm.

Which Vaccine to take?

In my theory, not proven, that those who chose Signopharm probably said, “I’m here for the vaccine” rather than making a specific choice.

Or maybe they simply didn’t care.

Anyway, the Johnson and Johnson line was short… as in just three people, including myself.

A medical doctor administered the vaccine into my shoulder.

I hardly felt anything when the injection was given and on the way out a local company gave away some snacks to thank me for taking the vaccine.

I should mention, that unlike most services in T&T this process was very organized, full of helpful friendly people at every turn who actually smiled.

Maybe your experience was different, you can tell me later in the Youtube comments.

After taking the vaccine

Now, how did I feel for the rest of the day?

Well, right after I drove a long distance, walked around a mile or more, made some repairs at home and then lifted weights.

So yeah, I was pretty normal but then again I live a relatively healthy lifestyle so I was not expecting much.

Do note, I did feel to rest a bit more than usual, which is a good thing – something I need to do more of in any case.

Keep in mind, that the vaccine does not stop you from getting COVID-19, what it does is lessen the effects the virus can do when it does attack.

I am not a medical doctor so my opinion is in addition to the vaccine ensure you eat right, exercise and get adequate rest because you can die from so many things besides COVID-19 like heart disease.

Now, this isn’t me advertising for the COVID-19 vaccine, I’m just relaying how it was for me. I believe it is up to everyone to make up their own mind and have the choice about what they will do.

So do share, did you take the vaccine? Please share in the comments how it was for you.

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