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Natural Peanut Butter in Trinidad and Tobago

Natural Peanut Butter

Hello everyone. As you may know I tend to eat all things natural or in other words I eat the food rather an artificial version of food.

At the same time, I like to buy local as much as possible because for one I’m supporting my fellowman as well as I can be more assured of the freshness of the product.

Buying local also tends to be cheaper… now I say “tends” because it is not always the case.

Today, I am reviewing two of the only natural nut butters I know that are produced locally.

If someone else does this locally and they would like me to review it then feel free to give me a shout out.

By the way, when I say “natural”, I am talking about nothing additional being added to it – just the nut whether it be peanut or almond is blended at high speeds to make a butter.

I will admit that I love any nut butter, but only when it is natural.

The regular peanut butter that you buy in the grocery will likely have sugar, emulsifiers, preservative and hydrogenated oils added to it and it does not taste the same.

This is just a review and neither company that produces these butters know that I am going to review it.

Sweet Beet Peanut Butter

So first let’s look at the Sweet Beet.

They serve their nut butters in glass bottles with plastic covers that are air tight.

These bottles come in handy for seasonings after you are done with the contents of the butter.

The size they have labeled as 12 oz which works out to be around 340 grams. This peanut butter costs TT$45 (around US$6.40)

The almond version costs TT$120 (around US$17).

Now my favourite thing about the Sweet Beet version of their nut butters is the taste and availability.

When they roast their peanuts you get that roasted earthy taste that is missed in the mass commercial nut butters.

Also, you can usually count on Sweet Beet to have it in stock at one of their locations.

The spread tends to be nice and thick and you can be assured that it has either been freshly made or not sitting around too long.

The nice thing is you also have a choice of different nut butters as opposed to just peanuts as they carry cashew as well although I have never tasted it.

Swiss Peanut Butter

Now, let’s look at the Swiss made natural peanut butter.

When they first brought it on the market they gave it a dark brown cover that distinguished it from their other peanut butters.

However, I noticed they went with the red for the natural peanut butter as well which makes it a little harder to distinguish so you will need to ensure you see the 100% natural label to the front.

The bottle is not as fancy as Sweet Beet but if you don’t care about cosmetics and just want the butter then it doesn’t matter.

The biggest benefit of buying this brand is the size and price. Here you get 500g for around TT$30 (around US$4.30).

The consistency is a bit more oily but do not be afraid, peanuts naturally produce oil.

The oil is also a good thing because as it sits on the shelf it will slowly solidify and that oil will be needed to make it soft again as you mix it.

The taste is really good.

My main hangup with Swiss 100% Natural Peanut Butter is the availability of the product. Sometimes you go to the supermarket and it is there and another time it may not be.

It seems that they produce it in batches so if a batch runs out you may have to wait for weeks before they have again.

The other thing is they only one type of nut butter which is just peanut.

Peanut Butter Ratings

So, I am going to rate these two brands out of 1-5 with 1 being it sucks bad and 5 being it is excellent

Now this will be based on:

Presentation, size, price, availability and taste.

First for Sweet Beet.

I’m rating their nut butters in general.

Presentation is a 5 for sure, the size is 3 its a bit small, the price 3 its a bit pricey, the availability a 5 for sure you can always count on them to have and the taste a 5 its the best.

Now for the Swiss 100% Natural

Presentation 3 you know putting it in a plastic bottle does not do much for cosmetics but I do not really care because I buy for size and price and content, so the size 5 for sure its a pretty good size, price 5, availability 2 simply because a lot of times I’m trying to get and I can’t get it and for the taste I’m going to give that a 4. I would have given it a 5 but I will give Sweet Beet the 5 because when you taste the Sweet Beet you get that earthy taste that you don’t get with Swiss.

Have you tried these local nut butters before? What did you think. Please comment in Youtube Channel at JB’s Man Cave and of course subscribe like and share.

Thanks so much.

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