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Halloween in Trinidad and Tobago Vegan Style

Halloween Trinidad

When I was a child living in the USA we went out trick or treating. Halloween was lots of fun because you got to dress up in a character you liked and receive free candy.

When we came back to Trinidad I missed it as it wasn’t celebrated here. However, about 15-20 years ago I noticed Halloween started to become more popular locally.

Halloween is good business and I’m surprised it did not catch on faster given the culture of costumes for Carnival.

In fact, I recently went into a government building in Port of Spain and was surprised to see it decorated with a Halloween theme.

Only certain designated places or neighborhoods in Trinidad celebrate Halloween or may have special Halloween themed events.

I’m not sure what happens in Tobago.

When my boys were younger we went trick or treating in the West and it was well received.

After the COVID-19 outbreak we decided to leave Halloween out but it just so happened that they were hitting that age where it was time to phase out the candy grabbing.

Today, my wife wanted to make it special for my boys and created an all vegan (plant based) dinner.

Everything you see here has no traditional milk, cheese or meats all plant based foods.

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