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Speeding in Trinidad and Tobago

Speeding in Trinidad and Tobago

This morning I was driving on the Morne Coco Rd., a main road in the Petit Valley area here in Trinidad, an island in the Caribbean.

Despite most of the road passing through what is mostly quiet residential areas, Morne Coco Rd. is one of the most dangerous roads in Trinidad.

Why do I say that? Some of the largest and worst pot hole ridden roads you can find are right here on the Morne Coco Rd. It is so bad that I have made videos about.

But its not just about the road… the drivers fly through here as if their cars are using jet fuel propulsion.

However, of recent they have begun to pave the road or should I say patch it here and there.

But what surprised me the most this morning was to see speed humps to slow down drivers.

What do you think… should more speed bumps be placed on major and main roads as a way to ensure drivers slow down?

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