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Flooding in Trinidad and Tobago

Flooding Trinidad and Tobago

It is so sad to see people walking in knee high water around their home after heavy rains.

People have lost their valuables and are now at risk of disease and more economic frustration with this pandemic.

Of course we could look at lack of maintenance of community water pumps but while I am there imagine delinquent Trinis have either stolen or burnt those in the past leaving people who are in flood plain areas to suffer.

We could also look at the people who build on hills without permits, or even developers who have permits or that the local government is not doing enough dredging of water courses.

Some of that is true. However, I can give you the number ONE reason for a lot of this flooding in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinis STOP throwing your trash in the drains, rivers and water ways.

You all know I take a lot of footage of Trinidad as I drive around and it is frankly embarrassing to show a beautiful scene of vegetation followed by a heap a trash.

In most of the green related places I have visited there is always a set of empty soft drink bottles, plastics of different shapes and sizes, cans, old beds and even retired appliances as large as a fridge.

STOP dumping your trash on the road it is clogging the drains and other places where the water has to pass in order to get to the ocean.

Be responsible man… people are suffering.

Watch on Youtube.

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