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West Trinidad Westmoorings

Westmoorings Trinidad

Friends we are in Westmoorings. This is the Western Main Road. I’m facing west this is West Mall and we are going towards the Westmoorings walk over.

WESTMOORINGS Walkover Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean by West Mall

That’s those blue steps that you see go up and go across the Western Main Road. Now, you might be thinking what’s so special about this walk over well this walk over allows you to see a lot of west mourns and we’re gonna point out a few buildings and a few places and maybe I’ll give you some details in case you haven’t been to the area for a long while when I was a kid this walk over wasn’t here but small didn’t look that fancy and there weren’t so many buildings around there’s a lot of open land and uh basically it could roam all this area without hindrance now as you can see there’s a lot of stuff going on there apartments seaside apartments in the background and it’s being built up now this is a dated or I should say a time stamped video and the reason I’m saying that is because there’s a lot of development going on in this area right now so you know months or years from now these things would have changed so let’s have a look at this side we’re facing west on the western main road and that is only left there that’s super farm it’s a pharmacy that’s of course that junk food outlet where they eat a lot of birds then there’s Spanish court there’s the international school of Port of Spain, Regents Towers, Goodwood Park, Westmoorings by the Sea and on the right there’s a construction place we’re going to look at that closer just now.

One of the nice things about this walk over is how it’s enclosed good for safety good for people who thinking um let me take a jump or do something silly

However it’s not well used you can see people still trying to cross the road down there even though there’s this walk over I never understand that what’s the point of having a million dollar walk over and then you know you try to cross the road at the risk of your life so now we are facing east

uh so of course that’s what small then next it you have um Massey Stores which was once known as “Hi-Lo” there are some apartments in the back there’s that building there some um condos as well that’s Cocorite and that’s the Adventist hospital

on this side this is Diego Martin and to the right is Powder Magazine and those are some fancy apartments that the government initially built up and then sold privately that’s powder magazine this is um on the left is where they’re doing the construction they’re supposed to be building a octopus or interconnecting roads interchange all it used to be green when I was a kid and just open but of late there’s a lot of buildings being built up here this particular one I believe is temporary I’m not sure it has all that Chinese writing because it’s Junior Sammy in conjunction with um a Chinese construction company are building up the area and so this is the uh all the construction and metal and what

now you’re looking west… this would be considered the the more affluent side of Trinidad one of them — Westmoorings it’s called

a lot of foreigners live here too especially in the seaside apartments diplomats and so forth from abroad you can see that guy down there see how he’s crossing the road instead of taking these um steps this walk over he’s running quickly across the road to get to the other side and they do it so often that there’s actually a path there uh in the middle for people to get to the other side you know I don’t know why Trinis just don’t like utilizing these things they want the easy way

so we’re viewing east again and uh this road is the one we in and out of west the west of Trinidad it will take you to Carenage, Chaguramas so and so forth or back to Port of Spain.

That’s Fort George in the distance there it’s another place I have to show you so this is what Westmoorings is like now at a distance from the angle of the walkover what do you think about it if you haven’t been to this area for a long time what do you think it’s been built up a lot do you recognize anything I know when I first came from abroad it was really new to me.

So I hope you enjoyed this short walk and if this is your first visit to JB’s Man Cave please do subscribe it’s free all you need is a Gmail account you can like share and let your friends know about it thanks so much.

NOTE: The above text was taken from this video and may not be fully accurate.

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