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Brian Lara Promenade

Brian Lara Promenade

Hello friends we are covering the Brian Lara Promenade and Port of Spain Trinidad an island in the Caribbean so right now we are on the independence square road it’s a road that goes has a northern on the southern side and it sort of goes around the promenade and we’re gonna head to the promenade it’s a Saturday morning so you’re not gonna see a lot of people on this side which is the commercial business side of Port of Spain and when I say commercial business I’m really referring to like banking and stuff the this side of paul’s bin covers that central bank treasury what not taxes so there aren’t many people are wrong we will get to the other side of the promenade which is small traders merchants people on the street.


you know that guy is not a statue he is unfortunately homeless there’s a lot of homelessness and for the spin area you see a lot of people around it’s really unfortunate i’ve spoken about that in my other videos that big those big twin towers was designed by anthony c lewis and associates I knew anthony c lewis as a child had some good fond memories of him good guy

and he showed me how he designed and he came up with a structure that building actually can take a lot of earthquake a lot of rumble the diamond shaped metal that crisscrosses on the um columns of that financial complex they actually move

so we’re on a promenade

and sometimes the promenade is used for art displays as you can see here on the left and the right

today they’re catering for children but I’m not really going to stop to pick that up too much

that building is the unit trust building it’s sort of a government bank for shares

i don’t invest there but from what I heard the return is not that kind of deal I guess it works for some people never interested me

if you invested in units feel free to talk about it in the comment section of my Youtube channel. Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad and this what they call the waterfront is where we’re going to the sea is not very far from where we are

and a lot of these are the financial institutions ministries and so on car parks

so that’s a waterfront straight ahead

maybe 300 400 feet you would actually encounter the ocean on the port that statue right in front of us is the Brian Lara statue

and these things you know like you write in there should be more well maintained use better materials but it’s feeding also you can’t really read anything but Brian Lara is a great cricketer

held some little records he’s retired from it now

it’s a monument to him

this um

stair rail… rail… leveling up that takes you across the road… there are some elevators in there

it’s one of the few places where looks like the elevator is not working but anyway just one of the few places that they have security I guess to prevent people from returning on it that’s the HYATT building

the ministry uses so the government uses some of it and the other is purely a hotel

that place across there that’s the food court

so now we’re facing east and we’re gonna go right across the uh promenade like I said it’s a Saturday morning so there are many people around one or two

but as we get closer to the east side of Portugal you’re gonna see a lot of people

he knows any background is somebody playing the music the radio

trainees have a love a love for loud and loud music

this promenade has been closed for a long time because of the pandemic over 19. they they coordinate off so nobody was really allowed to go into it they took it off only recently and so only recently I had a chance to walk up and down and it’s a really nice place it’s one of the few places that’s well maintained now some brief history when I was a kid this area where they promenade was just sharks and i’ll get back to you I just wanted to tell you that this is the TSTT or the telecommunications building it used to be used to some telegraphs there I used to look a little different they um sort of spruced it up anyway so this promenade in the middle here used to have shacks where people would um repair shoes sell snacks different things and maxi taxis also used to park in the middle here to transport people and then some years ago they removed them all and built this promenade and that’s a good thing because it wasn’t a good sight to see all those sharks and stuff in the in the center of uh what is supposed to be a vibrant city

and just think when they when they uh first built this promenade all these trees were in here so they put all these trees they planted them so I can tell you how long ago that was

funny enough why not feel something people complain because now they had to walk to city gate which is another part of photos paint in order to get taxis and they had to go further to Henry and Charlotte street to buy stuff that they would otherwise get right on independence square but you know progress sometimes means a little sacrifice just walk a block or two more plus this is way better for the city I mean it’s great for tourism as well people come they have this nice promenade to walk on

however as you get closer to the east side of Port of Spain it doesn’t look as good and you’ll see why

so if you ever wanted to get a little time by yourself to think to just sit down and relax a Saturday morning here would be good even during the week this part of Port of Spain is not too bad for taking a rest there aren’t as many people around

you can hear all the boots again like most of my videos of this country it’s just lovely to hear all the birds

that blue building any background is a commercial building a private building other than the use of downstairs which has a few shops I don’t know how much of the actual buildings actually is used

that republic bank on the left they recently said that they were going to close it down so soon that will no longer be there

the buildings on the left you can see how they maintain that all colonials town I mean they have modern shops and whatnot below but you can see it’s quite um you know that old look now that building only left used to be um I think cool china clipper a Chinese restaurant used to be upstairs there and I remember as a kid we would go up there to look at carnival

no I don’t know what to use up says for downstairs I believe is a pharmacy and a souvenir place

that’s a bank

other building on the left there is also a bank

the banks um take up quite a lot of property in Port of Spain be it government or private banks

so as as we approach the center of Port of Spain which is um independent square

you can start to see more people this roundabout is the center of independence square center of the city

and here pretty much is active 24 7. there’s always something going on somebody walking somebody doing something even though it of course quiet gets quiet during the early morning period there’s still people are wrong and I would know that because of um when I used to work very late hours I’d still see people here

the statue in the middle

represents the center and this is um Captain Cipriani

sportsman soldier statesman patriot

and I’m gonna pan around the area so you get a full view that’s Frederick Street ahead probably the most popular street in Port of Spain

and that’s Broadway below leading to the lighthouse

so we’re gonna continue east again

one which means he’s going to Diego Martin this is a place west of Port of Spain and he needs one passenger so that’s what they go one means

the WOW is a fashion place they have Mario’s it’s that’s the local junk food they sell pizzas and different things like that the the links to the left and right are supposed to be restrooms and you could start to see people just you know hanging around basically

and you can see that these this side of folks don’t have that more of that rock look not as kept as the west side

nevertheless still maintained though

even the pigeons like the light lime here but of course there is trash on the floor and whatnot people just don’t take time to put the trash away

and on the east side of Port of Spain is a little more um commercial for small traders so you’ll see a lot of people on this street and stuff I have other walk through support explain where I go through all those streets both driving and walking if you haven’t seen it make sure to look for it in on my channel Youtube channel JB’s Man Cave

make sure to subscribe and be a part of this grand community this is Charlotte Street now known as Chinatown you can see the Chinese lions on entrance there I’ll show that elite I have other videos on that too that’s express house where they have the look one a local chance called tv6 and the express newspaper

ahead is the cathedral now essentially there isn’t a way to go from here through the church and to the other side of the promenade which continues in the back of the church I do have other videos for that but I’m not going to do that because really I would have to go around onto the street onto the pavement and to get to the other side the other side does not have

anything um

eye appealing except maybe for a couple of trees and whatnot there’s lots of vagrancy on this side and then a lot of people use the promenade on the other side to sleep on whatnot but I will I have videos on that but I will catch it catch it at a higher resolution sometime later

one thing about JB’s Man Cave is when I got an error I do it in different formats so one would be with a long extension rod where I tower over everybody one would be another resolution the other would be 360 and different areas of the same place and different angles so you get a feeling like if you are there and that’s the whole idea about it I hope you enjoyed today’s um video please do make sure to subscribe like and share with your friends please let them know what JB’s Man Cave we need to get these subscribers up to at least 10 000 which is the goal that I have for this channel this is Chinatown just give me a brief shot there thanks so much for watching.

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