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Leaving Horse Poo on the Beach

Horse Poo

Hey so we on Maracas beach here in the Caribbean and I just came back from recording some of the beach and I came across this you know what that is that is horse dung or horse poo or some other people have names for it like horse buns road apples horse bucky horse chips horse hui and horse apples we’ll just call it horse poo for this video but it is an unsightly sight it’s a bad sight when you have to be with that right in front of you and you’re on the beach but why is it there we have to wonder let’s do some investigating in order to find out why it is there

HORSE POO Police Horses Horsing Around in 5.3K

Oh some horses police on horses well you know first of all as a vegan I’m not too crazy about people using horses in 2022 there are many other things you can use with modern technology to get around other than horses

But besides that I don’t know during these horses go anywhere they do their stuff and that’s a natural thing but then they do it right in front of people so I went away to record some more I came back I saw them they’re all lined up looking at the beach looking good but if you notice what happened all the people are gone and the poo their horse dung is still there now they do the same thing on a road sir and I’m not making this video to blame police or anything like that I know they have their job to do but I don’t know something has to be done where if a horse is going in an area especially an area where people are sitting down and your horse defecates right in front of you shouldn’t there be something be done by the police person who’s riding horse or anybody else to pick up that I mean is it right that the horse can just do it stuff right there and leave the same is done when they are go to other areas in any city center or in a path or whatever no I guess they have a legal right to do that and that they can defecate anywhere because you know it’s an animal however in the you know if this is just an idea and I’m just speaking openly from the top of my head and you all could chime in but basically if a horse is going on a certain path there should be somebody are wrong to say you know what I’m going to follow the horse because it’s likely this will happen and they pick up after the horse oh you know if the horse does that right in front of people you know that’s to me is a health hazard the next thing is going to come as flies you’re breathing in the scent and for me personally I would have picked it up I would have a bag a little shovel or something to just pick it up and say you know sorry mom whatever but to just leave it there I don’t know about that what do you think tell me any comments area how you feel about it.

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