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Montrose Chaguanas Trinidad

Montrose Chaguanas

Hello friends this is JB from JB’s Man Cave and today we will be walking towards the east on the Southern Main Road to Montrose a area within Chaguanas if you haven’t seen it I did a bonus proper video where we are walking in the opposite direction heading west on Chaguanas Main Road into Chaguanas proper where the shopping is the market and so forth if you haven’t seen it you can always check it after this video you could watch it first all those videos are located on JB’s Man Cave YouTube channel and you can view them all I’ve covered most areas within the country

MONTROSE Chaguanas Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Walk Through Southern Main Rd by

now please excuse if you had a lot of background noise it would be nice to have um a song proof room but song is something very hard to control external song letters so you may hear a dog block you may hear my boys running around or making noise in the background excuse me for that that’s a bit unpreventable in this video you also hear the natural songs as I walk on the sidewalk pavement you’ll hear people talking the vehicles the engines and so forth

now as we pass that river pass which is the highway going from north Trinidad to south we are now in Montrose you’ll see I’m the map sometime within the video known again and you will see the grey outline which shows you the area of Montrose and sugarless

just like Chaguanas proper Montrose is pretty busy this is a Saturday afternoon so some of the shops closed early but some of them are also closed because of the pandemic or even permanently closed as they and they went out of business because of the pandemic

but if you haven’t been to Montrose in a while this will give you a good idea of what it’s like now in march 2022

if you never came to Trinidad and you’re just interested in the Caribbean this is what island life looks like in that this is a busy business area of a locality within Trinidad which is an island in the Caribbean it’s in the southernmost part of the Caribbean and Trinidad does not focus as much on tourism as the other islands like maybe Barbados, Saint Lucia and others would

so these areas are not necessarily meant for tourists they’re just people living having their business and so forth

in other words you won’t see beaches and coconut trees and the typical things that they show you on these brochures has been part of the Caribbean actually this is a good example of what most of the countries like you know lots of built up areas lots of traffic lots of cars and so forth

now this is this part of um

mantras like Chaguanas proper itself allows you to get a lot of services um products that you can’t get elsewhere now many times I’ve come to Montrose for that very purpose to shop and get stuff the only thing I don’t like about shopping here in Montrose itself is two two things in particular one first of all is the traffic you can see here it’s a Saturday afternoon but this is actually light traffic for the Southern Main Road in Montrose I mean normally it’s worse than this and the parking that’s the next thing it’s really hard to get a box because some of these businesses yes they do have parking for their customers their customers are already using the park so if you come you you can’t find a park and that makes it tough because you want to stop and picture something or get a service done or whatever it is but you just can’t find a place to park and it’s not like you can leave and look because in order to leave and look you will need to enter this traffic

now as I have said in many other videos about the central area the traffic system is a bit strange for me a lot of one ways a lot of tunes on

what in my opinion has a lot of extra driving to reach from point A to point B

uh and and because of that I think it it’s a bit of a tune for people who don’t live within here who may want to come in the area to shop that’s something for local government or the ministry of works or whomever takes care of roads on infrastructure they really need to see about that

besides that this is a great area for service for products the people are very friendly very helpful

it just needs to be um have enough infrastructure out of good for people to actually come and you know purchase stuff and get over whatever service they need for their vehicle themselves whatever have you

it’s almost like that vehicle didn’t want to stop for me to pass by

in case you don’t know these sightseeing videos is not what JB’s Man Cave is totally about I mean yes I have many of them but I do make videos on lots of other stuff lots of other countries um issues crime trivia I mean there’s a lot of other stuff on JB’s Man Cave maybe you just came here because you’re just curious about you know somewhere that you lived or you want to see what it looks like now but if you truly want to take in what JB’s Man Cave is about it’s more than just hey let’s look around

so I invite you to actually look at the main page of my YouTube channel I will give you a lot of videos on various things related to society problems crime

even videos on how well you know training culture and training history

this is a fruit and vegetable stall

all the good stuff I like to eat being a vegan I don’t eat meat or any animal products

so I devour a lot of vegetables fruits peas beans

and I’m very healthy for it where people whereas people around me get sick they feel aches and beings I feel good I keep running I keep going

and at the same time I’m saving animals livestock

one thing that you know normally I make videos where I’m driving and I put the camera on a wide view so you could pick up both both sides of the uh road left and right but of course walking has the advantage or although it’s a bit slow you know I can turn and turn the camera so you can get a good view of each street and that’s what I’m doing here as I walk you know I’m trying to pick up all the side streets how many businesses are wrong especially if you maybe had a business here before or lived in the area and because I’m using an extension rod I’m able to give angles that you just can’t get

from a vehicle

and I know some of you just love this new um I don’t want to call it a fad or phase but aerial shots are nice drones are nice but you know a drone cannot pick up what you’re seeing here and it’s nice to get an idea of what the area looks like but looking from above you just cannot get the gist of the ground level view the roots level view of an area at the same time you don’t want to be totally at eyesight level meaning you know the normal height of a person because then you can’t pick up other stuff and that’s why I have the best of the both wheels by using an extension and a lens that can go 360. I can give you various heights on levels of what the area looks like and the stabilizer on this

extension rod is really good

helps you to focus more on the background and the stuff around

you know jittering or shaking and if you like what I do you can always become a patron you can always feel free to donate just go to or and hit the donation link make sure to read what you are doing and making a donation donations are just because you like to support what I’m doing you like work of what I’m doing it’s not to influence me to go to any particular angle be it a space particular area or a political view or so forth it’s just because you like what I’m doing and you want to support it and for that I’m grateful

one thing I love about so many places in this area and for the city to level foreign

technical ability of the mechanics electricians and so forth they really know what they’re doing I actually leave north to come in central to get you know aiming service on my truck and so forth and they charge reasonable as well no not I don’t know where I you know up north I find everything is about the big dollar sign rather than concentrating on doing a good job so I tend to come along here to get my truck service and get a few other things even buying groceries or whatever if you’re here in a rooster any background it’s really annoying for me for some reason my neighbors decided that they would have chickens as pets and I’m not joking I mean they don’t thank goodness they don’t choose to eat them but I don’t know about how they know roosters are pet I mean that that was just such an annoying noise for me to head up we’re still going off just any time especially when I’m recording and I’m not uh focusing on just roosters uh dogs too the hair dog barking constantly for no reason I mean if there’s somebody any kid or somebody jumping over the wall yes you can bark but when you have a dog just yapping constantly barking at every little thing that passes by that’s a level of distress and when you’re recording a video like this even more so


now you see that covering on that pavement that we just went over that is a hazard and it does not reflect just Montrose it reflects most of the country

this goes along the lines of infrastructure you could see all the weeds on these on the pavement the road and each covering we pass you notice it’s different some have concrete some have metal some are broken some are uneven some are not even there at all so you know if you’re a blind person you have

some sort of challenge or even a wheelchair you could you could not pass it you would not be able to pass on this sidewalk pavement to get from point a to point b

and probably you know you may say oh well you know probably the country doesn’t have money or this is just a third-world country a banana republic let me tell you this country makes a lot of money the management of it is questionable how it is spent is questionable but I i don’t think money is the issue there’s just a drive a cultural drive to get things done and get it done properly that has always bothered me about things in Trinidad and Tobago I know I will not be pointing fingers at any particular party or person I am not about that especially here on

but for me yeah after year it’s more or less the same no matter who is in power

I think we can do better

by the way some of you may ask repetitive questions like why do I blue some places or some people and you know you can check the description sometimes I will answer these questions in the description because some people ask the same question over and over but just to answer you quick here now I blur videos because sometimes I want to protect the person especially if it’s a child I don’t want to show their face it’s actually quite convenient for me right now that everybody more or less wears their masks because of pandemic that’s sort of like a blue automatically for me I don’t have to worry about people being sent of the video now based on my understanding of the laws with regards to photography videography locally you can basically take pictures of anything in public you know as long as you’re not making you know x person the center of your your video or your um picture uh you know you need to ask for their permission but in a public setting like this where I’m just moving and I’m really taking a general picture of everything that’s all good

however I like to keep children out so if I happen to get a picture of a child on their face that

I I rather remove them sometimes people are in some awkward position too and I also do that

so we’re standing here this is a t-junction and that where we’re facing now that that sort of ends the Southern Main Road the other main road turns left in this case and goes back north whereas where we are facing now that’s the Caparo Valley Brasso Road and that will take us into Londenville

which I have been to before I’ve passed through there if you haven’t seen those videos I don’t know if I leave labeled it long then well maybe it’s just that I passed through there on my way to palmers or some other place but um I have been in those areas before so if you’re looking for video on those areas you can always just check it out like I said jv’s man cave as many videos on various parts of your life people often say well why don’t you why don’t you record this why don’t you go to this place and many times I’ve already been there you know you just use within YouTube there is a search now you have to be careful which search you use you’re not searching all of YouTube you just want to search my channel and if you search my channel that’s in the next search option below the original YouTube search bar if you use that to search my channel you’ll find or a list of all the videos or you could go to the playlist of my driving videos if you really can’t find it just put in the comments you would like to see assassin’s creed area and I will link the video to it for you or if I haven’t really been there because some of you may list some very specific areas you want me to visit if I haven’t been there yet well then I would say so

but for me I use my PC (personal computer) for all interaction with videos social media and so forth I just I don’t know if you’re like me but I just do not like using phones

I just don’t get the air the

the idea of why I should use this small screen on my finger I like a lot of accuracy I like a lot of power and

using digital media and phones generally don’t have that no matter okay

so we’re going on the Southern Main Road now and we are going to make a sh loop at some point we will turn left onto John Street that’s where the yellow car just came out on the left that’s a doubles vendor they sell a snack food made of bara which is flour and channa which is chickpeas in a curry

and it can taste quite good but for me I um I don’t really eat a lot of outside food and if I do I’m very very particular about where I eat things like that

everybody locally tends to have their person that they go to for things like doubles

if you have a particular person that you think is really good they’re hygienic their flavors are really flavor season their food is good and that they are consistent feel free to tell me any comments area about them so we just passed that um part of the pavement that was literally a hole had no covering that’s what I was talking about

now years ago all these areas could have been just a lot of grassland

or not much going on but as time passes by a lot of me roads tend to become congested with buildings concrete and as I have said in many other videos if you looked at this would you know it’s a Caribbean island

you wouldn’t know where this is we have all our natural flora and from our trees and just replaced it with concrete and asphalt and a lot of pools electrical pools electricity pools and wires running here and there and it’s nothing beautiful I wish we could do more to keep trees and and plants and stuff around you know people may do it for the individual houses but I mean to just generally beautify the place we could have more than unless of the concrete

by the way another thing that um some people I realize um are confused about when you see that subscribe button or you hear me asked for you to subscribe I’m not asking for money you know subscriptions are free you just have to click the button and if it asks you to log in it’s because it wants you to log in with your so in order to subscribe you must have a gmail account

it’s free just the subscription just let you keep in touch with JB, that’s me, JB there and lets you know about new videos now I release videos every day sometimes twice or three times a day every day so really you can check me every day but just so you know the moment I release a video you can subscribe and you’ll get that

prompt from YouTube or the YouTube app if you use your phone but really if you want a full max experience with some of these sightseeing trips the really the best way is to go home turn on your big screen if you have a big screen TV or your computer monitor and watch from there because you really can’t get the gist of this from

trust what I’m saying try it if you haven’t

the screen of the phone just too small you’ll get little bits here and there but you won’t get the full detail of these trips

this is drawn straight to the travel we’re walking down there’s a more or less a residential area you will not get a lot of shops here although they are like for instance we just passed our bar there not something that’s I don’t know I guess it depends on here at the area but people in Trinidad are allowed to have bars in residential areas and for some of you abroad that may seem strange for me that is right living right here it’s strange I just don’t understand

they need to have a bar next to residential houses but that’s just how it is in Caribbean life island life

what do you think do you have a bar located where you live I mean like a few houses away or right there in your residential area how do you feel about you okay with that you think they’re just trying to make money or do you think these places should be more in commercial places on main roads and so forth tell me what you think in my YouTube channel

so we’re heading back to the Southern Main Road in Montrose and we are going to be tuning right

I’m heading west


now the sun is in front of us a little bit to the top of your screen and when light shines towards the camera it tends to make a lot of shades and darken the colors so it’s a bit different to how it is compared to when we were going east you know I know

by the way doing this for me is fun because it allows me to get my exercise a lot of time I’m cooped up at home and don’t get a chance to get out enough especially with the pandemic and this allows me to go out and get a good few miles of walk in it because that’s what we have done here by

walking on the Southern Main Road in Montrose and making this loop I’m sure I’ve covered maybe uh two or three miles at least now sometimes if you see me um gold camera like that just to show you just how this sidewalks are uneven

again if you had a wheelchair or you had some challenge

going up and down this would be a nightmare and of course you have people that park on the pavement too which doesn’t help but just imagine a wheelchair and you have this obstacle

I mean you just won’t be able to do it

it’s just not made with people of all challenges in mind

and it’s even unsafe for anybody who does not have a challenge because they’re often broken up or whatever and a lot of times it’s because

people are given different little jobs to fix in there but there isn’t a standard like something to follow that says every time you walk on a pavement a sidewalk it needs to be done this way not just a patch here a little bit there a fix here no you can only use these materials you have to use this to these specifications and so forth

standards I think are very important and clearly missing with regards to infrastructure

and very hard to reverse to get people to do it too because now you have to go through years of people just putting up whatever buildings or doing whatever stuff are wrong and to upload it and fix it and do it over properly is gonna cost a lot of money and manpower

we’re gonna pan a bit it’s probably an excuse for me to take a little rest

that’s east


this guy in front of us was talking about he seemed to be rather happy

so if we passed by him and he had many karma well he was pretty much doing all the talking by himself


some of you have asked me what a trinity woman like what a trained man like and so forth and that is to me

a question that that you know you really can’t answer as saying Trinis or this or that and if I went to the u.s or UK and I said what are what are people from the UK like or us you know it really depends on who you meet in general in general I would say Chinese are more or less friendly um they’re willing to accommodate you to an extent trainees love to talk talk about anything even if they not don’t necessarily know what they’re talking about I mean for instance they would get into something like let’s say the war in Ukraine right now in Russia but they would just speak about it loosely and probably most of it is based on something they saw on the news rather than do their research about you know what the Ukraine is about why Russia is even attacking it and I’m saying this in general of course there are trainees who are very studious academic will do their research and stuff but in general most trainees just you know talk loosely about things and that’s anything even problems in the country crime or whatever they will speak… speak loosely about it all the time in a rum shop talk manner and what I mean by that is that we have something here called rum shop talk which means you know you kind of talk your hair when you go to drink with your pals or whatever well trainees like to talk like that make you know make humor and jokes about basically anything and that’s how Caribbean life is island life but at some time sometimes for me it can be distressing because sometimes serious issues mean seriousness but everything is a joke or whatever

so just like any place or any group of people you have your good persons your not so good persons you’re friendly you’re not so friendly and so forth however I do plan to make a video about men and women in Trinidad I’m sure you would like to see that but I also made a video some time ago if you haven’t seen it about faithfulness in relationships with regards to men and women that’s a topic that

is on the minds of people here but sometimes it’s taboo to talk about it nobody likes to be as they call it here honed

which means somebody was who is your partner your spouse whatever it was unfaithful and I bet you didn’t know I have videos like that on JB’s Man Cave but I do like I said you know JB’s Man Cave is not just about sightseeing make sure to check out all these videos I would love to see your comments in them

so we’re continuing on Montrose and then back to Chaguanas proper

panning again showing any progress we’ve made that’s east

and that’s west and somebody made a comment on one of my videos you know sometimes you get so used to something that you don’t realize it but in addition to for instance how bad the pavements are here we have mental sidewalks by the way depending where you’re from there are no street markets so you don’t see the dashes or the line on the roads or if they are there they are really faded

funny enough this particular pigment sidewalk has a white marking on it on the road itself doesn’t yeah we should

and that’s an infrastructural problem again

you know what’s really good about um this area and Montrose as well there’s a lot of places to learn

you know you know academics your books from school whatever you need extra help tutoring etc a lot of places also some I believe after school horses

some of you who may have done accounting and stuff in the past would probably remember that

and lots of stuff for vehicles

now the temperature here it’s a pretty cool day it’s sunny

I was actually in the beginning of this video if you notice any background there was a a big thick grey sky I don’t know if you noticed you know I was worried that this would end up being one of those videos where it was everything was just gray and gloomy but it turned out to be pretty good

and um I like to drink a lot of water and not have to stay cool so for me it was relatively cool although there wasn’t any breeze or other people they may have been feeling really hot and if you eat a lot of um flour milk meats those things heat up your body and can make you perspire

I don’t eat any of that stuff and drink a lot of water so I remain cool

allows me to keep going

does the highway the overpass those vehicles are heading further into central or south

this road will take you to bahadur and sings which is a hardware program on other places within Montrose and we are continuing here on the Southern Main Road heading west

some people get curious so excited when they see this camera extension

somebody was just asking if I was going to the capitol which I’m not

this is where a lot of people would have spent their days waiting for a taxi or the bus or maxi


there seems to be some kind of religious

I don’t know what to call it excitement every time I come to Chaguanas I see all these people passing all blue booklets talking about religion and so forth what’s going on with that

I don’t see that much in Port of Spain but every time I come to Chaguanas there are people handing out things

talking about religions shouting

if you know what that’s about feel free to comment in my YouTube channel

all right so we are going to this this is actually all part of my chosen left according to the map um the center mall also falls within that boundary as well as massey the other side is siobhan is proper anyway we are going to head here and then on to ramsar on street

I’m heading back to price club which is one of my favorite places to

come and shop get all the stuff we need

and that’s not not that any way affiliated with price code but I do find this is good and

when we had leaflets or anything to do with autism and embarrass things and helping special needs persons they were always very accommodating so we have never forgotten that

that Massey stores in case you don’t know is what used to be known as Hi-Lo they changed the name a few years back in order to I don’t know if it’s the correct word is monopolize a lot of their

services on products they know handle vehicles mechanic jobs to win food pharmacy and I think at one point real estate although that closed down I believe I can’t remember

so folks I hope that you enjoyed

this walkthrough

Montrose and Chaguanas make sure to subscribe like I said it’s free donate if you want to you’re under no obligation but I don’t refuse help either mid center mall

this place on the right they sell lights and various other things it’s like a haberdashery but the building’s shape and look is very unique to me it reminds me of Morecambe, a place called Morecambe in England that is

on a seafront it has it has a lot of buildings that looks like that at least when I was there and always reminds me of that

so I’m gonna walk a little bit forward here on to the left so you can see a bit in to where then center more

and then turn around

so you can get a bit of rams around street and I hope you enjoyed it you can keep on watching but JB here is out with his commentary thanks for watching

NOTE: The above came from Youtube voice recognition and may not be accurate to what is actually said in the video: