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Couva Trinidad

Couva Trinidad

Hello friends we are in the island of Trinidad which is part of Trinidad and Tobago the country but we’re just focusing on Trinidad today in a place called Couva which is central Trinidad west central Trinidad that is and that’s the main roads of Couva.

COUVA Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Walk Through covering major Streets by

We’re going to be walking in Couva proper meaning the commercial side of Couva the main roads where most people are familiar with with google I will pass through some of the residential areas but not much in this video I do have a road trip video where I drive around more and cooler however today it’s just the main roads walking that way will give you a better idea and you’ll be able to slowly see everything now if you’re from cover and haven’t been here for a long time this will be a treat for you because you will now see what Couva is like today I’ll go as far as Carli Bay Road to the west and the cover main road to the east and this is Couva we’re looking east that’s

and now we’re looking west that’s the southern nail to the southern mineral comes from the north and it turns going west we are going up the southern mainland we’re heading north now by heading north I’m actually going to the less busier side of however there are a couple of significant buildings that cannot be missed in covering Couva the Couva area is a big political area for a local political party called the UNC which means the United National Congress it would be a bit odd of me to you know go up and down the commercial side of Couva and not cover places like JTA complex so we’re walking towards it in doing so you can have a look at the area see what new shops that you haven’t seen before buildings and so forth now I have been in the cover area for over around 30 years when I say I’ve been in here I haven’t lived in here but I used to wake up the National Gas Company… NGC and then working there in my young days I will be driving up and down these streets for me there has been a lot of progress in Couva as far as structural school a lot more buildings and so forth when I was here 30 years ago most of this was green there weren’t so many buildings maybe a house or two here and there there’s a lot of keen fields and another dream since that time it has been built up a lot as you can see

Now according to old British maps there used to be a big river. No one knows exactly where that is now.

cover is actually one of the fastest growing places in Trinidad and Tobago that might be largely due to its close proximity to the highways gas and oil production it used to be a sugar cane production community you have a lot of sugar cane fields here

that’s the new UNC headquarters the same political party that I was talking about we’re going to building Rienzi complex which was their former headquarters but it’s now taken over to by um

I’m not sure these kids are kind of strange

maybe puppies

the pond that we are passing here is kind of like a residential area and it’s a kind of because sometimes a residence especially in a place like Trinidad has jewel papers sometimes people will be living above and below is the business or it could be that yes there may be residential places houses people’s homes and then right next to it is a business this is a good example that’s a tacky place and a place where they sell cars or fix cars

and that’s kind of how it is in the Caribbean the

planning community planning is a bit erratic because if you want to have a better view or randomize

you might see one structure and the other structure look next it looks totally different there isn’t a uniform that’s watering is the best we don’t use so how things are built here everybody has a different look here nothing


um you know as things get built up the sad thing is they don’t need any green no trees no shrubs no flowers it’s just like they can only think about concrete and did you see that big hole wow somebody could die and if they slipped on you might laugh but there’s really no laughing matter because if you slip and your head or your neck hits the concrete in an awkward position you can break your neck and it could kill you that’s the other thing that needs to be done infrastructure why isn’t that is

the North Americans sidewalks people use those words interchangeably here some will say pavements almost a sidewalk but really sometimes it could be just an arcade game where you have to watch out for holes watch out for uneven pieces or things that could trip you

that’s all over the country and last night you need to give up now how about this and that’s have you seen a mango tree with so many mangoes all over us just falling and watering

that was would have crucial it already but it’s seemingly left untouched here in Couva

it’s a big residential area any background

and we’re continuing north this is the southern main road by the way

and we’re going towards what really what really is an iconic place for the error for Rienzi complex

and and the reason I’m taking this path because I know for those of you who are not familiar with very nervous what’s a big deal well I’m sure if I made this video and I just stuck with cougar proper and all the commercial buildings people said that you didn’t cover your nz complex so to avoid that I’m making sure to do that first

whether you’re a UNC supporter or hater you like it you don’t like it doesn’t matter it still remains as an iconic place to the area and well known in Trinidad and Tobago

you just passed a piece of that sidewalk people in their big wooden plants covering them and while that might cover the hole you could actually trip on those things I can’t imagine somebody that’s blind walking in a wall

or even having to use a wheelchair

and that’s the building coming up on the left there the red one not this gray one that’s a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom hall and this one this is the

ultra in that general request

it used to be all yellow and you can see her perfect I’m not sure if you can see

probably has some arrangement I use it for meetings or whatever big conferences but it has been changed

and that guy who’s working and he’s talking to me it’s very common for trainees to always have comments to give you when you’re passing by especially if you’re doing something I’m not sure about

the meanwhile so if you have somebody thinking don’t think they are hungry mostly time trim is just like engaging people not all but some

so this is yeah what used to be the UNC headquarters oriented complex those are some police bikers just picking them up for you so you can see what our patrols look like

if I was to continue on this road going north I’ll see more of the same these are the some green grounds here

looks like it can use a cut and we’re gonna head back down to Couva papa and I’m not gonna go at the same speed because we’ve already been here so let’s speed it up

that’s the nice thing about when you have a video

kind of move past everything that you don’t want to get providing

only right is a residential area

anyway sometimes you know this this video will be you know we’re beyond an hour hour and a half or something like that so if I pause or suddenly go silent you know why now this video does have natural sound so you will hit in the distance in the background I should see

does the JTA supermarket compound where you see that pizza hut and these other places back in my day it was just the supermarket and sort of like a warehouse to sell books I don’t know how many of you from that you just saw a lot of books in there um but now there’s a lot of food places in it um you’ll see nearer the end of this walk through when I pass on this side for now I’m going to be turning right

so that you can see people proper and a lot of the commercial buildings

it’s supposed to be an ice cream place that has been there forever

this place

and while this business usage might have changed the actual structure has remained light up well ever since I was here 30 years ago it’s kind of surprising to still see it like that

this is the southern amino this would take you all the way to San Fernando

see that metal on the ground it’s not good for somebody that’s blind or has a wheelchair but again there isn’t a standard or infrastructures and that I’m sure there is on paper but the implementation really needs to be an improvement with infrastructure and something that is common you can see on the left there is all the electricity holes I need enormous amount of wires

in the old days you just see a few lines and

it generally really make a difference it was also noticeable but now there are hundreds of different lines on each pole and you really cannot

get them out of your vision they’re just there and they’re blocking especially when you you know like me have a camera you really notice how much of those wires and holes there this is one of the iconic churches

another view of it with a bell

that bling on the left there center screen is another church here that has been there for 30 years also too it’s a more modern building

called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or people may know them as Mormons

this road I believe is one way but takes you sir to some other iconic buildings or structures in the area

it’s cool as well

of course I could spend time going walking each of these streets you know I would take an immense amount of time and this video might be 10 hours so I’m just going to cover the main streets the main places so this is um exchange prosperitarian school

if you’ve gone here attended here at one time feel free to tell us any comments area of what your time was like here at the school do you enjoy it did you have good teachers

tell us in the comments area now this little section here and that house has also been here forever as you can tell

this is the worst I’ve ever seen in a house store and when I say worse the fact that they’re allowing trees to grow and take over the house it used to be that they would have at least maintain it and even have some usage for it 30 years ago but apparently not however the reason I like this house is it maintains that Caribbean colonial look that’s how a lot of our buildings were many years ago look just like that

it’s too bad that it’s being taken over by green and grass and and this is you know if this was the UK in England or wales or wherever they would have done a lot to protect that and make it a historical landmark but in Trinidad there is not fuver not zeal for those things a lot of our historical sites are often neglected and I’m sure nobody would even see that old wooden structure as a historical cycle just let it perish which for me is sad because I just love seeing those kinds of things and it

you know if somebody would preserve it put historical items in it make it like a little museum

it becomes a tourist attraction and a learning place for people school children right opposite can make use of it there’s a structure similar to all of any background that does seem to be in use

but doesn’t have that nice detail like one that I’m talking about guys

and of course you know we must have our trash disposal something I’ve spoken about many times in many interviews it’s just trash everywhere

the dreams to a clog maintained like this grass go in here that would prevent water from flowing easily and if there was trash that good grass would would capture the trash and then cause the drains to get clogged

now locally there is a program called the uh unemployed relief program

oh and they’re supposed to come around and do things like this but obviously it’s not as active in this area treatment and should be a good way of providing employment

so much opportunities for people to do stuff here young people could get themselves occupied

until they get better jobs or whatever

so there are a lot of impromptu buildings for instance that’s a county health office another public building there but they are obviously renting not building
I am panning both left and right and by the way normally when I create these walk throughs at least in the past I’ve used a lower resolution this time from here on out I’m just using the best resolution possible I use my extension rod which give me slightly better angles but not this time

but in panning left to right you can get a better idea of what’s around

if there are a lot of people in a shop outside I tend not to show them so I actually try to avoid people as much as possible you know people walk into my viewer then I there’s nothing I could do about that but say I’m gonna focus on people I don’t do that

lots of bank

Rattans that’s pretty popular but the names for our times we sell cheap clothing they have branches everywhere
I have my own opinions on my face sometimes you may have a good deal on other times you might get the worst ideas it’s kind of rolling your dice there
I don’t know how you feel about it

something that people do here a lot with which for me is incorrect is with their signage they put too much information so that’s that guy has doctor’s office clear that makes a lot of sense you could actually see that and know where it’s about but here they try just so much information in a small sign you don’t really even know what the building is about

this particular junction is also very busy again look at all sidewalks see like traps

this particular intersection is always very busy a lot of banks say a lot of businesses easier

and I’m gonna pan around here a bit too so that you can have a look

some of these buildings are bigger taller newer than what was here before

so that would be new for you it’s also somewhat new for me as well although I have been here before the creation of this video in recent times

now despite its enormous size what that is

the shopping is not as

diverse and grand as let’s say Chaguanas or San Fernando or Port of Spain I guess because of the size everything just passed out so much that you know from one place you would have to do a lot of walking to get to the next place because it’s all centered around this main road rather than you know within the amount of blocks so it makes shopping a bit difficult it’s not a place I i personally normally come and shop if you do you can let me know any comments it was interesting and it sparked how many pigeons there were and the fact that they didn’t want to move I guess they’re so comfortable

with people around


this is another place that has been developed a bit it’s unfortunate that I am capturing a few and it looks like it could do some with some maintenance but that’s just how it is in JB’s Man Cave if I don’t wait for everything to be perfect and you know jv’s man cave is all about keeping it real

you know the idea here is

for you to feel as though you were here with me right here in Couva so you can see what it’s like

unless I guess it’s supposed to be a ninja

that they kept from Christmas and I guess decided you know let’s just keep it up for next Christmas

so just from looking you can see the maintenance that needs to be done the cutting walkway grass pruning the shrubs and so forth another vagrant on stuff as well sleeping around

so sad part of neglect and society

you see these very big tall bombs it’s something very unique you don’t see as many as they should right now but um 30 years ago 40 years ago there was a lot of these problems growing in Couva but the sugarcane fields

this building is also another old building I i want to believe it was a train station it has that general look however I’m not sure and so to correct me feel free to comment on it

again this is another place that could be used as a historical site um if it was mentioned

it’s a pine yard

now one of the interesting things about that I about especially what I mentioned before but how things just was passed out and this little block here they tried to put as much um government these buildings as they could find when this is the police which is kind of obvious and looks like a police building that hasn’t been finished and then on the other side is the regional corporation and there are also some other government buildings right there within space so you kind of get everything that you need in one group rather than having to jump on now they said this is um a clear park but I was trying to figure out what is the clear park because it means just places to sit down in a small grassy area

very strange

that building it distance there with the red roof

that is the Couva library

it’s a cooperation I was talking about

we’re gonna go back to the promenade

back to where we came

in case you’re wondering I’m holding the camera in my hand so sometimes it’s chest level sometimes I might hold it above my head it all depends on my energy every time but generally it’s below my head I’m kind of like holding it in my hand with my hands close to my chest that makes sense that’s the community pool by the way

some of these trees have been here forever it seems like and I really hope they do not take it down

see how this green area just automatically uplifts and defies the area

green just does that rather than you know chopping on everything and putting up a concrete structure of course they can always do better with trash trash collections

a very strange phenomenon in this country I just I don’t know they don’t collect it on time or is it that people are putting at any rate please I don’t know but it should be done more often

and way more often

a little bit of what was written on my plaque

also it was opened by Basdeo Panday I guess at the time he was the prime minister I’m not sure [..] was the one who founded the

and is well known in this area Couva I used to be the uh prime minister at one time as well somewhat of a controversial figure

he’s a lawyer be on hard lots of lots of things to see never let anything hide away in his mind
I don’t know that part there because the guy coming out of the vehicle is crucial that’s the police for the another police station this is the one the main road and if you notice it’s using partially that colonial or colonial look mixed in with some additional absorbs this is the [..]

uh company scenario electricity training to big electricity commissioner with the capture down there one night school they are the ones coming out to fix it this little section here is another develop section

it has the businesses just off of the road this church here is also another iconic place Saint Paul’s Roman Catholic church

and you can see the very old structure there maybe that is the priest’s quarters I don’t know

but you could see that all colonial look

probably still has the same galvanized that was there forever we could use some maintenance

it’s a bank we public bank it’s one of our local banks well-known

they also have a grocery other stores some of them are closed when they find them I hit a lot of stores closing and things are only now starting to sort of open back that’s a school in the background
I love these areas change gradually over time um but not in such a big way that you you know if you’ve been here if you last time you said let’s say it’s 10 years everything I guess more or less seen the same 20 years and I see more I think a few changes here and their 30 years they might say well okay that’s a significant build up and probably 40 or 50 as they say wow we don’t recognize anything so progress is a bit slow but nevertheless happens on the right is another school we’re gonna cross quickly just to take it in

they repeat convent

and like convent not necessarily that’s just nuns there but the nuns run the screen so they probably also have their quarters on premises

of course this is up to debate but it’s the general thinking that some of the best schools in Trinidad are usually won by the Catholics

they tend to be in their well-known schools schools that will try to get their children in that’s not to see other denominations don’t have

uh good schools as well like Lakshmi Girls which

general most people try to get their children into a catholic-based school so continuing down the surroundings

now in walking this way before the quest will go the more quiet it gets and that isn’t as much commerce again because all the commerce is spread out on a long road rather than bunch together like

um business is passed out and you can see by this sidewalk here it’s not my
I don’t team if you can pick that up if you’re watching this on a you know a big screen TV you’ll be able to pick up a lot more details on if you’re looking at this on your phone

so even if you’re looking at this on your phone try it out also when you go home at your home you know by watching it on your TV if you have a smart television you can pick it up and just check out how big and detailed it is it’s really good you’re good to see things that you just can’t see in a phone a phone is so small and I actually generally do not like who’s influence for that same reason so let’s cover some other things about the people of Couva they are some of the friendliest nicest people you can meet

similar to most southern folk and I have said this before in my other videos people in the south are very different to the people yes they are similar you know [..] are more similar however the temperament of the people in the south just more friendly more well becoming more humble than people anymore in my opinion learning north a bit more rough more growth more

not as I don’t want to say friendly but not as welcoming I find people in the south central more open-hearted most my you know more friendly smiles you want so far I just I don’t I i think that’s just that empowerment and that’s one of the reasons that I like to come to the south and sunshine so cool is no different for the people in Couva are

I’m going to circle and come on without building any distance there that is I think she was soft secondary

although I came in here um I end up passing two or three times trying to make the front loops but we’re gonna check it out now

it’s a little white structure not building that usually means the person is a Hindu that’s like the worship area the shrine

they’re doing construction on it right making a building and sometimes when I pass with my camera people you know kind of stop and stay I want to know what’s going on
I don’t know if they’re in trouble some people think I look like the police with my blue outfit I don’t really see it that way but you know I guess if for some people to do something kind of shady they might that’s the first thing that’ll come into their mind because the way my camera looks it looks like if it’s um

some kind of unit that you would use for either picking up information or speeding or whatever just has that look doesn’t look like the typical camera

so this is the school and if you attended here

do let us know any comments area how it was you know did you enjoy it

teachers was everything as it should be as far as infrastructure I mean looking at it but it is Couva West Secondary looking at it I mean the grounds and everything you park in the trees the outer structure looks good looks like a nice building but you know I have never been in there so I can’t see how the classrooms are but to me most of our schools should be as big and should be as laid out like this in my opinion because sometimes I go to a lot of schools and it’s like wow you can’t even believe it’s so school

but you know this is one of the newest schools so when I say as compared to a lot of cool structures are still silver schools in Trinidad so you know they I guess they had the better option for more modern design and facilities I also like the the fact that they kept green and a lot of it too and the green sort of gives the school privacy and mitigates against in my opinion distractions so here they’re studying outside

we have to do it outside um destruction so we’re gonna go back again to this room and I end up making a loop on this road coming up from where the camera is pointing

by the way are you from Couva once lived in Couva family friends in Couva

tell me what you think

funny when people say I don’t want to be on camera but then they look straight at the camera

you know if you don’t want to be on camera just turn your head I guess look at this walls really really high let’s see how that guy is next to me it’s like twice his height and more

it’s a Chinese restaurant
I was lucky to have this semi-clear partly cloudy day… there is a lot of Saharan dust here

but not as much as it has been and because we are currently anyway this isn’t anytime there’s a deal with a bit of sun I try to get out there and record because most of the time the rest of these will just be very cloudy or green into now this is another iconic building this is called

confectionery this is a factory where they make all the candies that you may have known as a child

and I used to come here often when I worked at NGC and I never forgot the only ladies that used to collect documents from me they were down always give me some free candy to take again hospitality so this is church of the nazarene and we’re gonna see another iconic church later

it’s entire


that’s a small supermarket

a lot of these shops tend to be selling meats

auto parts this one’s a bar

and they each have a different look different design but there’s like I said with these signs they try to put them so much information that you could hardly actually know what it is and if you’re driving fast you you really don’t know what it is unless you slow down take time

you could do a bit better you know sign signage here

that’s amazing your body they clearly mark out what pieces

by the way we are heading west right now

still in Couva

that has

in my opinion all the beards should be like these birds here just free romance they want fly as they want not in my cage

and can you see those palms in the background

you kind of the center right of your screen

it’s ready to juice

and it’s also kind of a marking of the [..] just before

industrial activity

no I don’t know how you feel that much but in my opinion a lot of places in china rather have that kind of drab look and it’s only if one proprietor already maintains his building well it’s not battle

no paint

it’s sort of like a one-long look I don’t know if you know what I mean
I think we could do a lot of improvement enough for the society

things falling apart

they’re not interested in making things really look good and I believe a lot of that is because the infrastructure itself is not good like the same thing man sidewalk

here’s another great example of a proprietary place

guess this uh it’s a restaurant I like I like the design of how they keep the place

they use that for colloquial look mixed in with I want to see an American north American western


I’m just talking about the building


see the palms I’m kind of acting as the marker as to where the church is

one thing we have a lot to turn out is pet shops


the inside walks with no uniformity or piece of wood water trash everywhere

anyway we have reached this iconic juices church acts

like a good marker of
I think separating or is it orange village

science is coming in just now

yeah android cardigan

I’ll explain it you see we just came from the east and straight ahead that would take us to south part now

into the Southern Main Road continues other road I think is Carli Bay Road

this church has always looked the same the grounds everything is loud it’s almost like it’s frozen in time the way it looks now is the way it looks that it looked totally years okay


and this is going west
I do have the drive-through version of this video where I’m driving and I took it on the road and other roads you know it’s impossible for me to keep doing this walking so and driving I can pick up more streets pick up so many residential areas make sure I’m looking up in the switch area for my channel the way YouTube has it there are two such areas one is to search YouTube in general and yeah this is just it’s my channel so if you wanna just search my channel for that video make sure to search within the search for my channel because it’s below the means

now in coming all the way down here this is like sort of the southern border

all hair used to be green

my time in the area they used to still have the residential places but not so built up

you see that really big building the construction on the left I’ll show what I was

if you know that many comments area

now that’s an example of progression if I was to follow this road it would take me to a roundabout and that roundabout would act sort of a divide in line because after the roundabout if I continued i would enter an area called California, that’s right like the state of California in the states so technically or if I turn right it would take me to a place called Point Lisa where there’s a lot of plants gas um ammonia methanol plants and so forth we’re not going down there so I’m tuning around here

my interest is to just show you some of the popular parts

not sure what fruit that is

you know let me know any commentary look at that dude on the branch

he’s watching me I’m watching him and he’s going to take off eventually

by tuning in here I’m actually going into the residential side of and although I say residential just like you see that barbershop there there are a lot of commercial buildings people tend to you know make their property geographers partially residents partially commercial it’s not UNCommon to see that


so if you’re walking through as I’m walking through here you can see this place look developed is it the same as it was it has always been

what do you think

it’s another mango tree

one thing with Trinidad you could never go hungry it’s always a fruit tree somewhere

some of these big warehouses and bigger structures I did not see them here 30 years ago so many flat houses yes and even so they weren’t so jam-packed almost passed out because I think in the easier to expand the houses end up making the houses look like apartments all together

coming up on the left here you’re gonna see again another reason why people can’t go hungry here look at this

if you know that this but there’s any comments area something you can

and look how they just grow in there just so that I could actually walk past and pick it

now although they make all these different areas this this is all cooler still

that building on the left I believe is a privately owned building

very interesting how this prison what they decided to do the front day I guess I’m too sure if it was the idea was to stop people from parking by mounting all those

concrete blocks stones out there what do you think
I like the hibiscus

another plan that you don’t see very often

and of course trash

mainly we can I just cannot escape that torment

someone there

new place of worship it’s close so I’m just giving you a feel for it

if we were to follow this road it would take us back up to

the school that we visited early

west secondary

check on the um the way that person

did the landscaping I like it this is what I’m talking about as far as maintenance no look no no no sorry I’ve got that same pattern but you know if you could just maintain all green mentee in your area you know really make the place look good make people feel more welcome make people feel like they want to beautify their place treated better so forth something I would like to see

another government building on the right

nice to see all these trees tall and maintain I hope they never taken away

some sort of ministry of education place here

and I believe somewhere along here I’m going to speed it up a bit because this is the place that I said that took me back to where I was um before let me speed it up at some point

this is more or less a residential road holder there are some commercial aspects to

it’s not it as you can see because hardly anybody’s around it’s not on your main road and school is not in session this video was taken in July school is already closed so

when there’s something to

to show that’s not um within a public activity like school or pull out and vote and really there’s nothing happening

that’s this is cool on the same school

so I’m gonna speed it up

the same road I said we would come when they were doing construction

and this puts us back on

and now we’re proceeding east

we’re going to go back up to where JTA supermarket is there but also gets give you an angle of how cool is going from this this direction because we came along here already but facing the other way

together another place you have to go both ways

not just one

across the street and to kill them from a different angle

in a little while we will pass holy face convent on the left

this area thing is actually one of the greenest areas that you’ll see in cool greeners and these big trees but yeah maintenance again lots of bush and even pavement side wall you know again it makes you wonder where is where is everybody that’s supposed to take care of these things

and like I always say you know maintenance should be something all the time not just on some special occasion because you know something’s gonna happen

so I think we are short of um [..] but it’s all locked up


there it is from a better angle did you go to the school feel free to comment in the comments let us know how it was get good teachers did like attending there and so forth now somewhere along here the after all the inaudible

just after I passed this jumping gentleman and that’s why I came with booster block and then you’ll see me you start again right here

welcome to my son with me my sidekick always goes where I go

likes to go on these long walks as good as good health too but their mental and physical health


this I like the aspect of how they did this little party it’s kind of a side road next to the manual and what it does is it allows the businesses here to provide parking for the customers and clients

so you know they’re not blocking anymore

it would be nice if a lot more stores could do this rather than you know blocking the pavement sidewalk blocking errors or when that customer comes the block or the parking is what they meant

and seems like the police is also using it for their own purposes to wrecked vehicles

Y. De Lima


it’s a police station
I seek [ __ ] on the right that we just came from


and I’m actually going to go any market because it’s not my quick us to be recording people but I will give you the gist of it

this particular structure is new when I say new it wasn’t here years ago when I used to be up and down

and they didn’t have the structure it’s nice and airy and provides a place of vendors to sell their produce among other things

right next to on the left which is our residential area

classy market
I just visited it so continue recording right here

we’re gonna go back on to the

so have you been able to walk with me in this walk have you stayed for the whole video did you jump around in parts are you even actually able to walk this distance and for so long and the Caribbean sun tell me about it in the comments area is that something you could do

the promenade that we visited earlier so we’re proceeding on the southern main road heading east we’re gonna go back to the g80 supermarket outlet vicinity that is actually on the corner of the sunroom and the cooler menu

again like I’ve said in other videos look at this guy he could have waited for me to pass there’s no pedestrians office and just cut across

so as you know JB’s Man Cave we I like to promote the wall giving you this footage as though you were there with me

so if you found it was a bit tedious that is what walking this long distance and for such a long time may feel like

you just have to add the element of the sun and maybe this to the whole picture right however the whole idea here is that if you drop into world familiar cooler wanted to know more about Couva all these little intricate details and walk in this floor would actually appeal to you that’s me who I’m targeting because you know if if this was a promotional video I was just talking about who right now I wouldn’t take this long within five minutes I could make a proportion promotional video in cougar just highlighting specific areas but in this video I want to capture everything about Couva

that is

and in so doing

you’ll be able to get a better idea on this you know this video also acts as a historical value because you know 10 years from now 20 years from people will be looking at this and saying oh so that’s what looked like back then oh I remember this place back


the room is too short and so the car ends up blocking pavement walkway sidewall and as you saw we have to go on the road look at that

all of these things are infrastructure planning and mystical details that should be addressed at some point taken care of you know the road for instance should be higher than

for multiple reasons

so I would have to actually go to the other side of the road but in the interest of just maintaining this walk

they have branches all over the country it’s one of the more expensive cookies you know if our bread is let’s say 14 or 15 dollars and you go sweet limit you’ll have this for 18 or 20. so yeah I get the price
I am not much of a bread eater by the way I think floss slows you down a lot so I try to stay within

see rather than having an exposed drain here this should be a walkway

especially with the growth snow plantings

in case you don’t know I have other videos of different areas that are more popular in Trinidad make sure to look for them for instance I have a video on photosphine downtown then I have another one on the screen uptown

then I may have one on for spin driving through all the different streets I have a video on san fernando

is this one and then I have you know drive-through videos and all the other places in china you can all check them or you can check them all out in my YouTube channel

or if you’re not sure how to find it or can’t find it just ask any comments section or send me an email

you can go to to find my a contact form the contact button you can use our phone to contact me when the YouTube section will be about twitch has the um way to check my email however if you do not make sure to feel about what it is you’re asking me because some people write but they’re so vague and what they see and I really don’t know what it is they want or what they’re dressing and what they say
I see southern minority continuing the north but we are heading east

that super farm it’s a pharmacy slash 7-eleven so the outfit

while they do sell drugs um medicine one month also sell food drinks sandwiches like a mix of things

those town houses on the right have also been there forever

and this combo has been here forever they didn’t have all those fast food places the the there used to be more of a car park at that time

and jt supermarket has been there forever

this road here this is

this road will take you all the way to the highway

and across the high we enter grand cover which I also have another video for

you can check that on my

YouTube channel

coming up on this side we’re not going to explore it too much but just warp a bit so that you can see what’s in there a lot of this area here used to be just bush green nothing built up so this part here has over recent decades
I like how this house

has greens these ponds

I’m not too sure about what it is

and I like the coconut trees in the back something that you just don’t see very often but in my opinion we should see a lot the one the Caribbean

no no no no

so up ahead after these vendors is actually a hospital / health center

those bottles that you see on the right that’s disinfectant, dishwashing liquid, sanitizer and so forth you see a lot of that being sold outside you know those things when if you buy them within the supermarket they can be really expensive

so you save money with those bottles

can be quite a price reduction I’m not too sure they’re composing they come home 100 or not

some are produced locally when you buy them in that five liter bottles it’s a huge savings so this district area here has a lot of stuff here that’s government related

and some of those buildings of course they are just dark part of it

and I didn’t go up to the health center recorded for obvious reasons that’s not something I would do and that’s the price of that guy selling melon across to you 299 which would be about 40 cents u.s

a pound that is the average size of one of those mounds could be anywhere from like 10 pounds to 15 pounds

so I’ll give you an idea of the price

so this is a small melon you’re talking about 4.50

there’s our house again it’s sticky

animation now look at this here it you see that bush it almost looks artificial doesn’t it but looking closer you can see that it’s actually some sort of room with flowers interesting

so tell me how did you enjoy this walk I know it was long I know some of you couldn’t handle it but if you enjoyed it please do become a patreon you can go to JB’s Man Cave and there is a donation link where I’m talking about JB that’s my actual site um there’s a donation button you can feel free to give whatever donation you like make sure to subscribe like and thanks for watching really appreciate it

The above text was taken from the audio of this video and may therefore being inaccurate.

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